Patience With The Offensive Line

March 28th, 2015

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Bucs fans freak out about the offensive line, desperately latching on to any familiar name to be a plug-and-pray solution to the sieve.

Yes, Joe knows the offensive line was terrible, but these fans seem to have seen something worse than Joe. Perhaps Joe was distracted while rubber-necking the five-car pileup that was turnover-prone Josh McCown. has been looking at how the Bucs can improve this season and, naturally, the offensive offensive line came up.

The Bucs overhauled their offensive line, replacing everybody except right tackle Demar Dotson. The hope was that bringing in playoff-tested veterans like Logan Mankins and Evan Dietrich-Smith would give the Bucs an edge. It didn’t. Across the board, Tampa Bay’s offensive line has been a massive disappointment. The group has allowed 39 sacks and is a big reason why the Bucs ranked 31st in rushing [last] season. There is bound to be improvement if the unit is given another offseason to gel. Plus, there will be opportunities to plug holes through the draft and free agency.

Joe isn’t panicking but must admit to lying prone in a fetal position when he learned Father Dungy is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, trying to Pearl Harbor the Bucs. Hey Dungy, thought Team Glazer fired you 13 years ago? Go away!

As for the offensive line, Joe isn’t panicking, no. Joe would be shocked if the Bucs don’t draft two offensive linemen in May, if not more. And surely there will be a team shedding a player as a cap causality.

No need to race to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge — yet.

24 Responses to “Patience With The Offensive Line”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Please tell me how an offensive line is supposed to gel when 2 or 3 players are no longer there & one that is left has moved positions?

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    Patience that’s all we hear. It’s the bucs one constant.

    Patience in an outdated passive scheme run by a fool

    Patience with a stubborn foolish head coach

    Patience with ownership for consistently make horrible coaching hires.

    Patience with poor draft picks.

    Patience with injury prone players

    Patience with horrendous free agent signings

    Patience with Dotson changing position

    Patience with Carter changing position

    Patience dough Martin will stop running scared.

    Patience with a future radio host who has 13 loses. Who will fetch only a 6th Rd pick by the way.

    I’m with Joe. go away dungy. He is the last person in the world who should be giving personnel advice to anyone much less a failure like Lovie.


  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    Go away Dungy. Priceless!

  4. 87LikesFreeJerseys Says:

    Said woman take it slow, and it’ll work itself out fine
    All we need is just a little patience
    Said sugar make it slow and we’ll come together fine
    All we need is just a little patience (Patience)
    Mm, yeah – Guns N Roses

  5. drdneast Says:

    Tmaxcon, you don’t even go to the games and spend any money on the team so why do you even talk about patience. With out any of your own money invested in how the team develops, you are the last person who needs to be talking about having run out of patience.
    I do, however, agree with your feelings about Dungy giving advice.

  6. tmaxcon Says:


    Get your facts right dumb arse. I’ve missed5 games in 13 years. Once again you spout off with the keyboard tough guy act when you absolutely have no idea of what you speak of. Grow up loser.

  7. Mike10 Says:

    Tmax, agree with everything but the scheme and comments on Martin. I’d run scared too if I was running myself out of football with a horrible excuse of a line.

    This patience and confidence with the OL was heard last year at about the same point and all the way through training camp. Licht and Lovie have shown me ZERO to make me believe that care to or know how to address the serious issue at OL.

    Bringing in a rookie QB, and hoping to have success with the running game next year, would have required us to sign at least one offensive lineman in FA. When do you find a quality Left Tackle after waiver cuts? Thats just stupid. And you’re not going to start a rookie (most likely 3rd rd or later) at LT, or RG…

    Smart decisions are not being made right now at the top… again

  8. J Says:

    We were patient last year. How’d that work out?

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    Mike 10

    Dough was a typo not a shot. I don’t think he has ran with same confidence since injury. Agreed lines is to blame but Martin has changed too.

    I would accept the scheme if Lovie was more aggressive and played to win a game versus not trying to lose games. It’s more his interpretation and execution of scheme versus the scheme itself

  10. Mike10 Says:

    Ok, ya I agree on that (the scheme). I hate seeing guys come in here and force a scheme regardless of the personnel

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    Mike I agree. My biggest fear and it’s slowly being realized is that Lovie will fill the roster with system specific prove it deal – has beens which will set us back even further. Glazers giving him full control was asinine

  12. classyfreddyblassy Says:

    But the burning question everyone wants to know is did that new Weber grill show up at Mankins house? Or are they waiting for Jameis to get his first cheque? Buying that barbecue and a pile of baby-back ribs for the Bucs o-line could save his ass this season.

  13. 87LikesFreeJerseys Says:

    “We don’t expect our fans to be patient” – Jason Licht 2014

  14. tickrdr Says:


    I have always agreed with many of your concerns re: Coach Smith, especially your arguments re: stubbornness and poor talent evaluation. Specifically, he seems “loyal to a fault”, and keeps coaches who have been ineffective, and obviously likes players from his past, and has jettisoned serviceable players from past regimes. Therefore, since you dislike Glennon so much, did you think that Lovie playing McCown all year was the only decision he got right? It must then be somewhat of a quandary for you, because if Lovie picks Winston as you hope, will that change your opinion of him? If Lovie is so terrible at talent evaluation, and I agree, it frightens me that he is about to make the Big JabooBoo, however I am becoming resigned to that likelihood.


  15. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Hey if they keep trotting out lines like last year we’ll be picking 1st again, so we got that to look forward to.

  16. Bucfan4life Says:

    Hey tickrdr while he set this team back 3 – 4 years with last years moves, he did get the 1st round pick right with Evans. He may screw up rounds 2-7 this year, but when he hands in the card with Winston’s name he will be 2 for 2 with first round selections here in Tampa.

  17. Pete 422 Says:

    Whoever they have going into training camp, they have to figure out who is going to start on the offensive line by the first preseason game, so they can play together as much as possible.

  18. tickrdr Says:

    Bucfan4life Says:
    March 28th, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    Hey tickrdr while he set this team back 3 – 4 years with last years moves, he did get the 1st round pick right with Evans. He may screw up rounds 2-7 this year, but when he hands in the card with Winston’s name he will be 2 for 2 with first round selections here in Tampa.
    Well, I’ve already renewed my season tickets, so I’ll be there rooting and hoping, whomever is the pick. Lovie and Licht certainly got the 1st round pick right last year, but I will wait and see how right they may be this year.


  19. Tom Edrington Says:


    You have low standards…..first round picks are supposed to succeed if you have any sense in the front office…….getting the first round pick right isn’t holding anyone to a very high standard.

  20. buddha Says:

    No Joe, if I have to judge between your expertise and Dungy’s, guess where I would stand. With Dungy!!!

  21. tickrdr Says:

    @Tom Edrington:
    Not low standards, just low expectations. I’m just grateful they took Mike Evans and NOT Johnny Manziel. Now I’m worried they are about to make the Big JabooBoo. Still a member of the trade down crowd—-I know….. pitiful.


  22. MadMax Says:

    When it comes to patience, Lovie and O lines, thats like asking me to be patient in an out of control car, pedal to the floor and no steering wheel!!

  23. Dr T Says:

    Tony Dungy would not have won a Super Bowl if he had not inherited the best NFL offense in Indianapolis. Sorry, Father Dungy, just how I see it.

  24. Teacherman777 Says:

    Dungy is the man!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!