Jameis Watch: “A Pretty Good Choice”

March 20th, 2015

JameisCrab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, former national champion Jameis Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback ever to wear No. 5 in the state of Florida.

Jameis Winston has said he wants to be the “face of the franchise,” the Buccaneers franchise. Actually, Winston has said it many times. Young Jameis likes that phrase.

However, a BSPN report this week, backed up by the Tallahassee Democrat, claims Winston prefers to stay home on draft night in Alabama with family and friends. He doesn’t want to hold up a Bucs jersey before millions of American viewers.

Joe has no problem with that. A hug from Roger Goodell, a wave and a jersey photo op is overrated. But many people think Winston’s decision showcases a me-first, screw-you attitude.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is firmly backing Winston and thinks his choice shows character.

“To me, it shows you a lot because he isn’t dissing anything. He’s trying to be with the people who love him and supported him all the way up, and were his heroes.”

“… Not saying I (don’t) think it’s great to go to the draft if your families can go, but that’s also a pretty good choice there,” Fisher said of Winston. “It shows you a little bit about himself.”

Yes, Winston’s decision to stay home — if he sticks with that call — will rankle hateful Bucs fans, especially Mike Glennon Mob members and the Marcus Mariota Gang.

The funny thing is, now that Winston’s stay-at-home plan is out there, if he changes his mind, he’ll be villainized.

No, Winston can’t win.

62 Responses to “Jameis Watch: “A Pretty Good Choice””

  1. Bucnut2 Says:

    Doesn’t matter. I think he should go to further bond with roger. I have a feeling they will be seeing lots of each other.

  2. MadMax Says:

    Im 100% with him on his decision, and anyone else who doesnt want to go to Chicago. Lots of running and gunning up there.

  3. WS99 Says:

    “No, Winston can’t win.”

    I think you meant to say Winston can’t lose. #29-1

  4. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Doesn’t matter at all, but what I am not really buying into right now is that the NFL were the ones to ask him to stay.

    Think about this…what could possibly be better for ratings in this draft than Jameis Winston? What entity has ever been a bigger ratings whore than the NFL? They also want to start having cities make bids to host the draft like they do with the Super Bowl and they’re telling the biggest storyline out there to stay home? I don’t think I can buy it

    I admit that I’m as big of a Jameis honk that’s out there…but I’m wondering if the NFL is trying to save face or get brownie points with a certain demographic by making it seem like it was their decision and not Jameis’?

  5. ADown88 Says:

    We might have to switch it to “Mike Glennon Gang” and “Marcus Mariota Mob”

  6. ADown88 Says:


    The initial report was that Jameis told the league office that he does not plan to attend the draft. I’m sure the bozos out there twisted it to make Jameis look bad. I’m sure of it.

  7. Smells like Barry's thong Says:

    Jameis doesn’t need to be in Chicago to hug Goodell.
    Let him enjoy the moment with his family.
    This is one smart kid. Can’t wait to see him as a Buccaneer.

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    Sure that’s the reason. Yeah right!

  9. jfat Says:

    Jameis just needs to tell his dad to keep his mouth shut. If the plan didn’t get put out there so damn far ahead of the draft it wouldn’t be getting scrutinized so heavily…Talking heads are grasping for speculation fodder. Either Jameis really likes being in the news or pops does, don’t act like Jameis is a victim here.

    BTW, Are you at all surprised that Jimbo was supportive of Jameis’ decision? Non-story.

  10. iamkingsu Says:

    Like I said when the story first came out it wasn’t his decision

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    That kind of takes the excitement out of being there and fans watching to celebrate your selection as the overall number one pick in the draft. What is this, hide Winston for his own good. Maybe he knows he is not the first pick.

  12. iamkingsu Says:


    Its more of the spectacle that would happen outside of the draft than inside

  13. Bill Says:

    Who cares? I’m sure he’ll do an interview with whatever press hunts him down in Alabama. Any Bucs fan who travels to Chicago for the draft should have their head examined.

  14. The original "Kevin" Says:

    He’s gonna pitch for the Boston Red Sox in 2016

  15. Rrsrq Says:

    Go Bucs

  16. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    I really couldn’t care less about him being there or not, but the interesting thing is, your family and friends are allowed to be with you on draft night, not in a booth or in the crowd, but actually there right beside you. All Winston has to do is wait for his name to be called (which shouldn’t be long), go up to the stage for all of 30-45 seconds and sit back down or go celebrate.

    If he doesn’t want to do that fine by me.

  17. Underdog Says:

    There are several reports out there from reliable sources that suggest Winston was told by the league to stay home because ESPN and the NFL don’t want the national TV audience to see all of the demonstrations that will be held there by the women’s domestic violence groups and the Rape demonstrators, plus hear who may be the #1 pick and face of the draft get heavily booed when his name is called. Apparently that’s what the meeting with Uncle Roger was really about. How wonderful it would be to hear “No Means No” chants from the idiots in attendance there instead of applause when his name is called. Jason Cole and CBS Sports are considered to be reliable sources

  18. buddha Says:

    That’s right, Joe, Winston always is the Victim. Poor boy, always being picked on.

  19. J Says:

    WS99 he’s 0-0 in the big boy league. He will lose early and often if he goes to us or any other early drafting team. The one time he did lose in college he made an ass of himself. I’m not sure how he will handle it. We will see.

  20. BoJim Says:

    Want him in a Bucs jersey but I kinda think the projected number one should be there.

  21. ben Says:

    bucs don’t need a thief as face of our team

  22. Barry Bryan Joel all agree Says:

    No Team is trying to get to #TheCreepyCrab for a reason. Teams want Mariota. Glazers want Mariota.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #MushBrainRetard

  23. BucTrooper Says:

    It sucks that as Bucs fans, we won’t get to see a year of commercials of Winston holding up that “1” jersey on national television.

  24. milenko Says:

    He will hold up a jersey at one buc place.

  25. Joe Loves Jameis Says:

    [Deleted for lies] –Joe

  26. Bucgatr Says:

    Hopefully we all have another chance

  27. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I gotta say I’d be a little disappointed if Winston (or Mariota for that matter) was the first overall choice and wasn’t there on the stage shaking the commissioners hand and being interviewed by Deion or whoever. I can understand wanting to have your family with you, but unless there’s a reason you all can’t go together, than he should be there. It’s not only a moment for the player, but it’s also a big moment for us fans too. He’s soon going to be a very wealthy young man, if he truly wants to be the face of the franchise, then I think being at the Draft for the fans (onTV and in person) is the right place to start! Hope he changes his mind.

  28. Bucgaotr Says:


  29. Bucgaotr Says:

    Joe still has Even part of my old name banned. How cute.

  30. ChessMaster Says:

    Google this discussion on Winston, it is by far the best I have heard. Please don’t censor this Joe as I think it is important, no links here:

    Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremia Jameis Winston 360

  31. jfat Says:

    So the NFL in general is so nervous about this guy and the negative PR they don’t even want him in the building? The 2nd biggest event of the NFL season and they would rather have him sit at home than kick off the draft with the traditional handshake? Yep, there’s no way drafting him would be a distraction at all… Looking more like Mariota will be the pick by the day, I don’t see the Bucs wanting to deal with a headache like that..can’t shield this guy from the public forever.

  32. tval Says:

    Great listen, chess..he did a great job

  33. Bucgator Says:

    Just so senseless Joe. I talk with the same people I have been talking with for years in a rational manner whether you want me here or not. Why do you try to keep me banned?

  34. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    What’s next the Jameis breaks wind thread? Can we really carry this another five weeks. We’re going to know every time Jameis takes a dump.

    I find it hard to believe there is anything important in Jameis decision.

    He obviously has enough money to fly in dozens and dozens of relatives. So the excuse seems a big thin but I don’t believe he needs an excuse.

    After the Brady Quinn torture why would anybody head to Chicago unless they were certain of being picked high?

    Seriously what’s in it for Fameis. Only downside. It’s not like he’s getting paid.

    Bottom line…who freaking cares. This is getting as ridiculous as our politics.

  35. tval Says:

    Lets not jump to conclusions, jfat..pretty ridiculous

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW I consider “reliable sources” an oxymoron. If they were reliable they wouldn’t have hide behind anonymity.

  37. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Jamesis will shut all the demonstrators up by throwing td’s. this will all die down once the season starts.

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I actually do have a problem with it…unless he isn’t the Bucs pick.

    And after hearing some things today, I think the chances for Mariota have increased.

  39. grafikdetail Says:

    same ppl that are talking crap about winston would be applauding Mariota if he decided to stay home with his family

  40. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I also do not believe the NFL advised him to stay away. They’ll deny it at some point, watch and see.

  41. Bucgator Says:

    Let us all hope that you are right Dewey. I watched you in your rookie yr

  42. loggedontosay Says:

    Bucnut2 Says:
    March 20th, 2015 at 7:02 pm
    Doesn’t matter. I think he should go to further bond with roger. I have a feeling they will be seeing lots of each other.

    Do you feel it in your butt hole?

  43. Celly Says:

    Raymond Jameis Stadium

  44. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Brandon

    Didnt get to respond back to earlier, but yes I think Eric Kendricks is overrated. Believe it or not sometimes the top rated LBs turn out to be busts and not all of them turn out to be Kuechly. Call me crazy, but I am of the opinion that he stands a greater chance at being a bust than turning out to be as good as Kuechly. PLUS theres no way in hell we pass on an o lineman or d lineman in the second round to get him, so he’s pretty much irrelevant when it comes to the bucs anyway. But as far as offensive lineman go, you got me there, don’t pay nearly as much attention to o lineman as most of you guys do, so yes the only one I really know is Scherff. I know enough of him to know he’ll be a good one though, whether he plays guard or tackle.

  45. Bert Says:

    In the 2007 draft Joe Thomas skipped the draft to go fishing with his dad and spend time with his dad before he began his career. Here’s a quote from Thomas:
    “I was invited to the draft in New York,” said Thomas, drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2007. “But I’m not into wearing a suit, plus I wanted to spend time with my dad fishing. There was a lot of publicity behind that, but I didn’t do it for publicity. I did it because I wanted to spend time with my dad.”

    I remember hearing the media preach and portray how impressive that act was as a potential number one pick. To me it seems similar to Jameis wanting to spend and celebrate this moment with his family. Funny how the moment Jameis does anything it is instantly portrayed as some slefish/horrible/etc act.

  46. Andrew 1 Says:

    And as far as whether Winston will be at the draft or at home, who gives a sh!t really?

  47. Frank Says:

    I’m so tired of hearing about Winston! Just another jamarcus russall

  48. danati74 Says:

    whether or not if he’s there at the draft, I hope he is picked #1. We need a franchise QB and he is our ticket. 2-14 means Jameis like a few years ago what A. Luck meant to The Colts. Lets draft him and get ready to start winning. Once we start winning that will shut everyone up and jump on board. I am tired of losing and MG8 and MM won’t be the answer. Only L&L can mess this one up.

  49. Babaloo Says:

    No he can’t win….. Until he gets under center for us that is.

  50. Pickgrin Says:

    My understanding is that only immediate family (and girlfriend) can be in the green room with a player while they wait to be picked.

    Jameis has a bunch more friends and family than that he wants to be with when his name is called and celebrate his big day with.

    LOL at anyone who thinks the NFL told him to stay home.

  51. Brandon Says:

    Barry Bryan Joel all agree Says:
    March 20th, 2015 at 9:25 pm
    No Team is trying to get to #TheCreepyCrab for a reason. Teams want Mariota. Glazers want Mariota.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #MushBrainRetard


    This is great, the same guy riding Winston for his character uses a sociably unacceptable and completely insensitive term to describe him. Thanks a ton, Berry, for getting the R word out of moth balls.

    Sorry to tell you, fella. Winston is the catch, the Bucs know it, Joel and Bryan know it, the NFL knows it, one of the few people that don’t know it, is the one slinging the R word around at other people when he needs to be applying to himself.

  52. Brandon Says:

    Andrew 1 Says:
    March 20th, 2015 at 10:46 pm
    @ Brandon

    Didnt get to respond back to earlier, but yes I think Eric Kendricks is overrated. Believe it or not sometimes the top rated LBs turn out to be busts and not all of them turn out to be Kuechly. Call me crazy, but I am of the opinion that he stands a greater chance at being a bust than turning out to be as good as Kuechly. PLUS theres no way in hell we pass on an o lineman or d lineman in the second round to get him, so he’s pretty much irrelevant when it comes to the bucs anyway. But as far as offensive lineman go, you got me there, don’t pay nearly as much attention to o lineman as most of you guys do, so yes the only one I really know is Scherff. I know enough of him to know he’ll be a good one though, whether he plays guard or tackle.


    That’s cool. It was quite by accident I stumbled upon this. I don’t think that Kendricks is by any way as good as Keuchly. For the record, I was a huge proponent of the Bucs taking Keuchly from their original draft position a few years back and then when we moved back I was all but ecstatic that I thought that meant he would be our guy… and then we took a decent safety prospect…. which leaves me still shaking my head.

    Kendricks is a perfect fit schematically for our D… Keuchly could play in any D and be successful. When we signed Carter, that pretty much guaranteed that MLB is no longer a priority…though I’m not convinced it is no longer a need. I loved Carter coming out of college and his first two seasons in the NFL, but since the Cowboys switched to a D that seemed tailor made for Carter, he hasn’t been nearly as good.

    As for OLine…. Scherff is okay… but there are a lot okay OLine out there, this draft is not very top heavy in Oline… but the depth is very good. There are guys with much better NFL potential than Scherff that could be had in rounds 2 and 3. There is no need to reach there.

  53. Barry Says:

    Ex-Temple RB Matt Brown, who was with Bucs briefly in summer 2013, arrested on human trafficking charge in Baltimore.

    Some players are just #SexualDeviants #RapistWit #TheCreepyCrab

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard

  54. Bruno Says:

    First Joe Thomas played Tackle and wasn’t projected to go 1st overall. That said, as a Bucs fan who is in the JW crowd, this is a bit off. I get the whole JW can’t win arguement, but to be fair he doesn’t lose much on this website. In a vacuum the perceived benefits of showing up to be taken number one is unquestionable. The photo op. alone should have his agent buzzing, and it’s obviously important to/for the fan base. Yes we will get interviews regardless, but the WTH factor is strong with this. The NFL asking him to stay home actually makes since on some level. However, it’s not like the chants and boos still won’t come. If true)

    Keep in mind this is an “exceptionally” competitive and eccentric leader of men who relishes the role of ‘face of franchise, and he’s staying away from the biggest day of is life – in which he’s likely to get drafted number 1 overall. Whatever happens happens, I’m just hoping he’s not staying home bc going 1st overall isn’t a sure thing. Dante Fowler Jr. ? Lol

  55. Bucfan4life Says:

    It amazes me that people that are on this site often still talk about Mariota being the 1st pick. How poor is your reading comprehension. Almost all mock drafts have Winston going number one and zero have Mariota in that spot anymore. The consensus seems to be that he will either go 6th to the Jets or 10th to the Rams. You can hate Winston all you want but Mariota sure as hell won’t be the pick. The ones that say it with confidence just crack me up but I truly wonder if they have a learning disability. If you want to debate Williams or Fowler as the possible first pick at least then you would have a slim chance of being correct.

  56. jfat Says:

    @tval- Not jumping to conclusions. I said he or his dad were basically doing this for the publicity and was told by a Winston disciple that he was likely being pushed by the NFL to stay home. So which is it? Personally, I think his dad just wants some of the spotlight and kinda threw Jameis under the bus but if the NFL is asking him to stay home…it raises a few questions for me.

    Look, I don’t care if Winston is the choice but, you have to admit this is an odd scenario. The “wants to be with family” argument is weak, all of these players have families. If he is going to be the face of the franchise, the draft is where it starts. He needs to get on stage, like every other 1st overall pick in the last 20 years, shake the devil’s hand and let the haters hate. He can see the rest of his family and celebrate later, I’m sure they would understand.

  57. jfat Says:

    @bucfan4life – Last I checked, mock drafters aren’t the people cutting checks. Those mock drafts have no weight in the decision. I prefer Mariota, I think the NFL is evolving and I want the QB that I think is better equipped for the future. I’m not going to change my opinion just because it isn’t popular. Make your own opinion, don’t use the opinions of others as your argument.

  58. Bucfan4life Says:

    Lol, they all agree because Winston is by far the better prospect. I agree with the experts because Winston has everything it takes to be great. It’s not Mariota’s fault he played in a gimmicky system but, because of that nobody knows if he can do what it takes to be an NFL QB for anyone other than Chip Kelly. Go listen to Daniel Jeremiah’s hour long podcast on Winston. He has done a lot of research and interviews and everyone that knows Winston views him as a great player and leader.

  59. Bucfan4life Says:

    For what it’s worth jfat I have to assume that those who still think Mariota is the guy are either casual fans or just uninformed. I am not trying to bash his supporters but I truly believe that.

    The character concerns about Winston have been analyzed over and over and the majority now feel that he has just been immature at times. Overall he is considered to be a great teammate and a charismatic leader with the will to win. He is a student of the game and has a very high football IQ. While he may not be a track star he can be elusive and has a great arm.

    Mariota is viewed as more of a project and big gamble. The NFL is littered with spread QBs who couldn’t transition to the NFL. I think Mariota may be the exception but it is basically a guess for anyone at this point.

  60. feelthepewterpower Says:

    more like the Mariota Mob now and Glennon Gang…

  61. AussieBucco Says:

    Your man-crush on Winston is truly cringeworthy.

  62. grafikdetail Says:

    @Bruno Joe Thomas actually was a potential #1 pick and went third overall… tackles can skip the draft but QBs can’t LOL just ridiculous like i said if Mariotta would’ve made the same decision everyone would’ve respected his decision and applauded him for it #DoubleStandards