Names Identified For Winston Or Mariota Support

February 28th, 2015

sean payton 1224You want names?

You want to know exactly who NFL coaches and general managers prefer when it comes to Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston?

Joe’s got names.

Former Titans and Browns personnel man Chris Landry sits down for a weekly Friday chat with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620. He also sells his knowledge and perspective on

Landry says he is on the NFL Scouting Combine committee and currently works as a draft consultant for various NFL teams.

Landry claimed he was in three team meetings in Indianapolis with Winston, and three with Mariota. And he documented his chats with various team officials on which quarterback “they prefer” in the draft.

Below is Landry’s list, as he told Duemig:

Landry insisted his list only includes coaches and GMs who have studied loads of tape on Winston and Mariota, and doesn’t represent a list of executives who have interviewed the quarterbacks.

Edge Winston:

Mike Shula, Joe Philbin, Marty Mornhinweg, Hue Jackson, Jedd Fisch, Frank Reich, Doug Whaley, Ryan Grigson, Dave Caldwell, Scot McCloughan.

Edge Mariota:

Sean Payton, Darrell Bevell, Gary Kubiak, Bill O’Brien, Pep Hamilton, Doug Pederson, Andy Reid, Bill Lazor, Tom Clements, Mike McCarthy, Norv Turner, Josh McDaniels, Bruce Arians, Jeff Fisher, Les Snead, John Schneider, Trent Baalke, Steve Keim, Ted Thompson, Jerry Reese, Ozzie Newsome, Kevin Colbert, Tom Telesco.

From Joe’s experience, it sure is rare to see all these names attached — on the record — to clear preferences on a player.

Landry went on to say all of these guys might “flip their preference” once they spend more 1-on-1 time with the prospects.

You can listen to all of Landry’s intriguing audio below, via the player.

206 Responses to “Names Identified For Winston Or Mariota Support”

  1. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:


  2. kaput Says:

    Yeah, I don’t buy it. I’ve listened to him for a couple of years now and almost always come away with the opinion that he’s full of $h!t and that he speaks to eat up air space.

    NFL guys NEVER go on record as to their preferences on draft prospects because the draft hasn’t happened and they don’t want to tip their hands.

    And didn’t he bet busted for plagiarism a year or so ago? He talks football, and sometimes with clarity and intelligence, but often it seems to be just radio filler.

  3. The Only Other Buc Fan in Montana Says:

    Arians himself said the spread option offense “ain’t quarterbacking”, so not sure I buy it.

    Nice Derek Zoolander pose by Sean Payton.

  4. ndog Says:

    I know this comes across as just backing Winston but just hearing this guy’s voice screams liar and biased. I love how yesterday Dumeig is defending him when he is the one that called him or before foe stealing someone else’s work. This fur is full of it and if some team is employing him to help them I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a fan of theirs.

  5. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    WOW….Mariota by a landslide.

  6. Josh P. Says:

    And none of those names are Bucs personnel… I guess Landry is keeping those names under tight rap… you know for the suspense of everything..

    Landry is also the only one to report about Winstons 266lbs.. apparently this guy has more inside information than J. Edgar Hoover could ever dream of.

    i find it funny that so many other people were in these interviews and nothing has been released..And Landry saved it for his friday good ol boy chat with Steven. I mean for someone with all his connection in the NFL world. The Big Dog is Landry’s go to market when it comes to breaking news…

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    Baby Shula likes Winston? Uhh, thats a bad sign for Winston backers, almost as bad as Marc Dominik throwing support behind someone…..

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    Did Landry do the work for this? or did he copy another website and use it as his Info again???

  9. Josh P. Says:

    My favorite part of the interview with Landy and Steve was when Landry stated don’t believe any of the reports that are coming out, most of it only stuff people want you to hear.. except his of course.

    Thanks Chris, so ill take that knowledge you gave me and just ignore it like you said.

  10. Barry Says:

    #TheCreepyCrab Mob Memo: Viciously attact Landry’s credibility and character.

    Joe, how many teams, if you’ve heard, are trying to make deals or will be attempting to move up to draft the 3rd best QB prospect ever? The QB who’s half P.Manning and half Joe Montana? I just find it odd that there’s no buzz from teams about having to get this guy at all costs. Thank you #ItsCurious

  11. Josh P. Says:


    Of course Steve is going to back him now.. it supports his agenda.. If Landry came out in support of JW you think Steve would spend an hour talking to Landry about the Bucs drafting Winston… i think not.

  12. ndog Says:

    Landry and Dumeig are one in the same. Dumeig says he doesn’t care who they draft but every caller that has anything good to say about jameis is sensitive, or a fsu homer. He doesn’t accept facts he just agrees what all his insiders say, when have the time they are dead wrong. Remember when the glazers were for sure going to sell the bucs back in 1999? Or how great of a player Josh Freeman is and how the Bucs would regret letting him go. And know people don’t hear what they want to hear they hear the bs that comes out of his mouth daily and know how full of it. I also love it when he makes fun of all the callers incorrect pronunciation of a players name yet he sits on the air and says Mariotta’s name incorrectly daily.

  13. ndog Says:

    Simple Barry those teams know the Bucs would be fools not to draft Jameis so are moving on to the 2nd best option.

  14. Josh P. Says:


    This players haven’t even had their one on one interviews nor their pro days… R.E.L.A.X…The process has just begun.


  15. Josh P. Says:

    And like @ndog said, the bucs could have very well told teams they are not interested in trading at this time..

  16. Barry Says:

    Landry said if you’re sick you go to the doctor. If you need tax help you go to a CPA. If you need to evaluate a QB(s) you seek out coaches and GMs who have studied loads of tape.

    Big Tom Callahan: Of course, I can get a hell of a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.

  17. JFF Says:

    Makes sense. The more incompetent and conservative football people that want a traditional pocket QB like Winston while the rest prefer Mariota.

    It’s pretty flipping obvious Mariota is the superior prospect but don’t listen to me, I’ve only been right about the Bucs’ draft mistakes every year since we drafted Aqib the trainwreck Talib over an ideal scheme fit by the name of Brandon Flowers.

  18. ndog Says:

    Or in Landrys case you could just not ask them and steal their work.

  19. rayjay1122 Says:

    I agree with the question as to why no Bucs personnel are listed. If I am to give any credibility to this list it HAS to include the personnel from the teams that are in the drafting position to actually select one of the two QB’s. I dont give a crap what someone who is not at least in the top 6 has to say. They do not have any stakes in the matter. I am 50/50 on the Mariota or Winston debate. I love both of their potential and just want one of the two. This is the time of the year for fires, smoke and last but not least hot air!!!

  20. rayjay1122 Says:

    @ Barry

    Though your post about the T bone is funny, it is not very true. If you stick your head up a steers ass, you will never see a T-Bone but just a bunch of bull sh*t! No, I do not know from experience!! LOL

  21. The Buc Realist Says:

    I thought the little puppy was never going to have Chris Landry on the show after he caught for plagerizm from Mike Lombardi and Andrew Brandt.

  22. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Arians under Mariota?

    Poppycock, I say

  23. ndog Says:

    JFF what exactly makes Mariota superior? Let me guess is it his ability to fold like a cheap tent when his team is behind or is it his ability to fumble the ball (on average) once every other game? Oh oh I know it is how softly he whispers the plays to himself because has never called them in an actual huddle. Man you are right all those things do make him superior.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This really doesn’t mean anything even if true…..”leaning”…’s still too far out. If true, it doesn’t surprise me that more lean toward Mariota at this time….the Winston off-field questions are concerning to many teams.
    Many of these teams don’t need QBs and aren’t in a position to draft one of the two anyway… you wonder how much attantion they are really focusing here.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  26. Jim Says:

    Jameis = shame us (Bucs). How many games did the Bucs lose because of turnovers? I am not concerned with the ‘off field’ issues. I am concerned with the picks and high risk throws.

  27. Josh P. Says:

    Listen people @Barry, Radio host and networks have agendas just like most networks. Why do you think Steve has yet to bring on a guest that supports Winston the way he supports Mariota. He doesn’t want anyone with knowledge to the inside rumblings to discredit what he says.

  28. Nybucsfan Says:

    Hey any new reviews from the hunting ground last night

  29. JVNootz Says:

    Landry HAS spoken to the Bucs and said that he would not mention who they (or Tennessee) favored because it was unfair to them. Didn’t want the tip either hands. That being said, you think he would name names like this and lie? As though ANY of these guys wouldn’t cone out and flat out call him a liar? We’ll see what the repurcussions are in the next few days. Local writers for said teams will surely report this and we’ll see where it goes from there.

    And BTW, Landry prepped thisbby saying ” this is not mixing in the off field part of it. I asked them strictly about ON FIELD play/tape”.

    Certainly makes me think the Bucs would be leaning a similar direction. “Leaning”, because he said the Bucs do not yet have their mind made up.

  30. Josh P. Says:

    Bruce Arians on the Winston vs Mariota debate:

    “Playing quarterback in a Spread system ain’t playing quarterback at all.”

    Bruce was Mannings QB coach for his first 3 years in the NFL
    Big Ben’s OC for 5 years( Took them to 2 super Bowls)
    Luck OC for 1 year
    Palmer HC/OC for the past 2 seasons. 21-11 record

    None of these guys listed above play in a spread system. So im going to say Arians name being in the Mariota list is BS. IMO

  31. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I can’t imagine any if these guys are going to bee all that thrilled w Landry naming names

  32. Josh P. Says:


    But he was willing to tip other teams hands that may be interested in trading up…or could they be blowing smoke up Landry’s butt to put false information out there..

    In Landry’s own words…Don’t believe what you read or hear when it gets around draft time..

  33. Pickgrin Says:

    Right. Because Landry and the big poodle are both such pillars of non-biased objectivity regarding these 2 QBs. LOL

    The Phoenix has arisen from the ashes of plagiarism purgatory.

  34. knuckledragger Says:

    You winstonites are pretty pathetic.

  35. knuckledragger Says:

    Im a UF grad and couldn’t stand Tebowites. Some of you guys make them look cool.

  36. Barrys Lawyer Says:

    Welcome to Tampa Mr Mariota.

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Landry is lying about this…he would be finished… sources would ever trust him…..he’s probably correct…but it still doesn’t mean a lot at this time.

  38. Josh P. Says:


    If you listen to Steve, besides Joe and Brooks who has he brought on the show with real NFL insider knowledge that supports Winston… please enlighten me… i listen to the show on my way home from work everyday and have yet..has nothing to do with being pathetic, it has to do with listening to the information that’s put out there.

  39. buccinfan Says:

    Where the heck is lovie smiths and jason lichts name!?! Lol

  40. Josh P. Says:


    “Im a UF grad and couldn’t stand Tebowites. Some of you guys make them look cool.”

    JW can actually play “QB” at the next level..Tebow got through college using his athleticism and throwing jump balls to a serial killer and a bunch of track stars.

  41. knuckledragger Says:

    I LOVED Tim Tebow!!! That did not change the fact that he couldn’t throw an intermediate pass, get past his second read, or read defenses. Therefore I never became a Tebowite. Just food for thought.

  42. JVNootz Says:

    The Winston supporters have climbed MOUNTAINS of overlooking. They can overlook rape allegations, overlook theft, overlook bb guns, overlook the obscenities in the spotlight. They can overlook poor athleticism, they can overlook weight issues. Should Winston actually murder someone, they could likely overlook that too. Should Winston take their daughter and pimp her out to the streets, they could overlook that too. It’s comical, really. And sad how many of these 30,40, and 50 year old men LOOK UP TO this kid. Jameis for President! LOL

    “He’s gonna grow up guys. It’s just immaturity. We were all college kids once. Hell I did ALL of these in college and look at me now! Obviously, once he is drafted, a switch will be flipped and Jameis will stay out of trouble. Money changes people, clearly, it will change him into a responsible adult. He’ll be perfectly fine. Lovie and Derrick Brooks will move in with him and he will personally lead Bible studies whenever he is not studying game tape. He won’t even have TIME for anything else, bit he will male time for football, he always has.” – Winston supporters

  43. Josh P. Says:


    ssshhhhh……that’s G14 classified.

  44. knuckledragger Says:

    @JoshP……..This doesn’t change the fact that Winston has Numerous red flags.
    To see the way some of you guys completely write it off to Immaturity and vehemently attack anything that even Questions Winston is insane.

  45. JVNootz Says:

    Tebow had mechanical flaws in his throwing motion. Too open of a windup. Also had poor footwork at times. Sound familiar?

  46. JVNootz Says:

    For a kid whoncouldbt stay out of trouble in 3 years of college, I’d like to see him stay out of trouble 15+ years as the “FACE OF A FRANCHISE” .

    Ain’t happenin’.

  47. knuckledragger Says:

    @JVNootz…………..LOL I won’t even compare the two on the field. Winston is clearly the better QB. Im not a hater.
    Though if Winston can’t win 9 of his first 16 starts in the NFL like Tebow did then…………………………………………………………………………

  48. Vico Says:

    J McDaniels likes him, then we’re drafting him.

  49. Pawel Says:

    (Think about this) Teams who pick above 3rd round will be saying they are in favor of opposite what they really like. I think they want to hype up a name like Mariota and then hope Winston falls in their lap or a chance to move to 2nd or 3 round if Winston drops.

  50. ndog Says:

    Anyone comparing Tebow and Winston should never comment on this site again.

  51. Marcus83 Says:

    Seriously we have the chance to draft a franchise QB and we’re arguing about whether or not Mr. Landry is telling the truth? I thought we we’re all BUCS fans first without any bias to any of these QB’s. Truth is whoever they draft we’re going to have to get behind because that’s what true fans do. Sound like a bunch of children in this thread.

  52. JVNootz Says:

    My favorite argument is “I trust reporters who don’t name names. They are more trustworthy than a writer who actually names his source.”

    Clearly, much more accountability by an unnamed source. Lol

  53. R.O. Says:

    I don’t put any credence in that list. As a couple people pointed out Bruce Arian’s has already gone on record that he as would have zero patience trying to start from scratch and teach someone how to play QB. Maybe they like MM as a nice guy. But I’m not buying that they like him as a QB right now. Maybe in 5 years… Maybe. I’m not waiting 5 years either. Shouldnt have to pay somone millions on a guaranteed contract to learn things he should have learned in High School and College.

  54. JVNootz Says:

    Wait …I never even said Tebow and Winston in the same sentence (oops just did) where were you guys drawing the inclusion I said Winston had poor footwork and a elongated windup???

  55. knuckledragger Says:

    I saw Barry hanging out with Tim Tebow

  56. JVNootz Says:

    There once was a QB who ran a triple option offense in college. Similar to what you see today with Georgia Tech. Why would ANYONE take a QB who didn’t even throw the ball in college?

    Then there was another guy who EVEN in the NFL was a run first QB, throw second. After years in the league and overseas he was taken by a team who was able to correct some of his flaws.

    Hose two guys were Joe Montana and Steve Young. The man who took a a chance on them was some dude named Bill Walsh. Five Super Bowl rings later, all three are Hall of Famers.

  57. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Interesting! I think a lot of people are beginning to realize that Mariota has the physical attributes and skills to be an elite NFL QB. Will it take a little time for him to adjust to the pro game? Sure! But ideally, he would sit this year and learn behind Glennon, while the Bucs rebuild their porous offensive line, and tweak the defense. Then in 2016, turn him loose! I think a lot of NFL types see the red flags and distractions that come with Winston and ask themselves “what’s the bigger risk? That Mariota WONT be able to learn the pro game? OR that Winstons character and behavior WILL CONTINUE a to make him a detriment to a team?” It’s a simple matter of risk vs. reward for many.

  58. knuckledragger Says:

    Well fellas I have to point my crews in the right direction for the day. I hate working on Saturdays.
    Carry on the Buc Fight guys

  59. Erik with Says:

    Mariota by a landslide is exactly what I would expect….. And you notice that the most experienced, successful coaches favor Mariota…. All those people who think the Mariota Mob is unintelligent or whatever might want to look in the mirror and re-think their life…. (87, Luther, Lurker, CreamsickleBananaHammock, etc).


  60. Chef Paul Says:

    Wow. Gotta admit, that’s a pretty impressive list under Mariota. Not the quantity of the guys, but the quality. Those are some pretty smart and successful names.

    And I cant bash Landry. Listening to him last year during the season, he was pretty spot on on almost everything he said.

  61. Erik with Says:

    And I seriously don’t think Mariota will need to sit behind anyone for any amount of time. I think he’ll be our starter by Week 1 and he will execute the offense quite efficiently… Keep in mind that any QB on our roster will be learning a new offense and I think Mariota will definitely win the QB competition during training camp and preseason.

  62. JVNootz Says:

    There once was a guy who was a SUREFIRE #1 and received the best draft grades ever by the talking heads and mock pros. There were a few “overlooked” red flags, like weight issues, but he was a can’t miss pick. A few years later he was out of the NFL. JaWalrus Russell.

    Big Ben, Brady, Dilfer, Wilson, and Flacco put up rather pedestrian numbers in their first SB rings (through the season) and were carried by big defenses most either top tanked or top 5 ranked. They were NOT doing ridiculous passing numbers or throwing for 40 TDs. Ben was known for creating time in the pocket Wilson was known for making big plays with his legs out of the pocket.

    All of them protected the ball and took few chances. They made the smart throws and relied on a strong run game.

  63. ndog Says:

    Again what does Mariota do better than Winston that translates to the pro game? Non of you Mariota lovers ever answers that question.

  64. Josh P. Says:

    J McDaniels is on the Mariota side…this list must be legit… Since he’s the king evaluator of QB talent…wait didn’t he draft Tebow witch ultimately got him fired so he ran back to Tom Brady??

  65. Not ...... "The Kevin" Says:

    Sounds to me like th elist of Names under Mariotta are a little better than those supporting Winston…


  66. Josh P. Says:


    He runs in a straight line really fast and can jump pretty high in spandex..

    Better Question, going by on field play(because Winston hates only bring up RED FLAGS)… down by 4, 2:00 left in the 4th Q which QB do you want to have the ball?? to me that really what it comes down to when evaluating both these guys..What adversity has this kid had to overcome on the field?? Not saying he wont be able to down the road..but we’re talking right now..

  67. Couch Fan Says:

    #TheCreepyCrab Mob Memo: Viciously attact Landry’s credibility and character.


    Now that is just comical considering the source. LOL

  68. Josh P. Says:

    @Not …… “The Kevin”

    and you went for it…. hook, line, and sinker…

    Like i said, the guy reporting this information has said heself and i quote “don’t believe anything you read or hear around draft time, the majority is smoke screen”

    but you go ahead and keep on keeping on..

  69. ADown88 Says:

    I’ve always thought Landry was a jackass.

    Why does he keep saying “I KNOW the Bucs have not made up their mind yet”? I mean, sure, they haven’t turned in the card, but Jason Licht himself said that it would be an insult to say that they don’t have a favorite at this point. They are letting the process play out, but they know who they want. So barring any major findings or changes, they already know who their guy is.

    I take this information with a grain of salt. Why in the HELL would ANY, let alone all, of these guys share inside draft information with this Chris Landry? Even if they are guys that aren’t thought to be taking one of these QB’s, there are still trade implications on draft day. If I were a team and this dumb @ss was asking me who was higher on my draft board, I would tell him the exact opposite of what I thought, or nothing at all.

    Then he tells you that the one guy prefers Petty over both of them, like that guy wasn’t blowing smoke up his butthole… and this guy actually believed him.

  70. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    It’s also interesting that Landry is absolutely adamant when he says the Bucs aren’t leaning one way or the other when we have Licht on record not only saying the draft board has been set for awhile but that they have a favorite out of the QBs…either Landry is wrong or Licht has been lying for months

  71. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK…I went back and listened to the entire 47 min….I was listening for bias from Landry…..he went out of his way to point out Winston’s positives and qualified most of his remarks….I didn’t hear it.
    I am quite convinced that his list is accurate….he was even asked why Chip Kelly wasn’t on there and he stated he thought Kelly was a forgone conclusion and didn’t need to be on the list….

    Now…we have some evidence that there are many “Football” experts that support Mariota (at this point}from an on-field standpoint. That’s right….this list was asked about Mariota/Winston on-field….on-tape…not off-field concerns.

  72. P'cola Buc Says:

    Yet all this being said…this week’s (February 21st-February 27th inclusive) drafts as reported on Dcprosportsreport show a total of 59 different mock drafts. The results for #1 pick are as follows:

    Winston: 54
    Mariota : 03
    Williams: 02

    ….but where does the smokescreen truly exist?

  73. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Again what does Mariota do better than Winston that translates to the pro game?

    Perhaps you need to identify which “pro game” you are talking about! The game of the past…Peyton Manning…Tom Brady…or the game of the future..Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson.

    They both have terrific arms but I can easily give the strongest arm award to Fameis….EVERYTHING after that goes to Marcus. Better athlete, clearly smarter and able to make better decisions both on and off the field, and CLEARLY much more ready to assume the “face of the franchise” mantle.

    Jameis played last year with FOUR projected first round NFL picks..and three second rounders…almost half of FSU’s team was first or second round NFL material. Football IS still a team sport! Fameis did not win all those games by himself. If he had not had such a huge sophomore slump last year all those second half theatrics would not have been necessary minus his first half ints.

  74. CC Says:

    Duemeg is the guy who said at the start of the freshman year for Winston that he was overrated and not that good.

  75. Josh P. Says:


    The best part about this… it has zero to do with the Bucs amd their pick…

    And i’m sure all those teams are thrilled with Landry releasing this and showing their position if in deed this is accurate.

  76. ADown88 Says:


    You think he went out of his way to point out Winston’s positives!?!? I thought the exact opposite. When he is talking about how smart Mariota is on the grease board and really impressed everyone with his football knowledge, then sayd about Winston “ehh, he wasn’t as great with some of the concepts on the grease board. Seemed a little nervous and didn’t wanna answer some of the questions they were asking him.”

    I find this hard to believe considering there are multiple NFL types that have come out and raved about Winston’s football knowledge. Yes, even comparing him to Peyton Manning. These were not the Mike Mayocks either, these were ex NFL coaches and QB’s.

  77. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I have clearly identified that I’m neither a Gator or a Nole but root for whichever team is doing best in a given year. Just want to see the Sunshine state represented as well as possible.

    Here is a question aimed at both Nole and Gator supporters. IMO Muschamp never found a QB. He had decent defenses.

    And so if Jameis had gone to Gainesville instead of Tallahassee would the Gators have only lost ONE game in the past two years? Could strength of schedule have any impact? How about the rest of the talent.

    Just curious. Since folks here have all but guaranteed a run of SB’s if we draft Fameis and give him all the credit for FSU’s success just wondering if he would have been just as successful in Gainesville?

  78. Josh P. Says:


    You do realize only 2 “Mobile QB’s”(Rodgers&Wilson) have won the Super Bowl since Steve Young Won it in 1995.

    Who won it last year???? oh yeah, the game of the past Tom Brady won it, thats right.

  79. ADown88 Says:

    I thought the entire interview had a pro-Mariota feel and anti-Winston feel. And that is fine if that is his view. Sure as heck didnt think it was pro Winston though.

    Also, can he say the damn name right!?!?! It’s pronounced, Mare-EE-oh-tah, or even Mahr-EE-oh-tah, but not what you are saying..

  80. JVNootz Says:

    I’m really proud of you guys today. Seriously, little name calling and more football talk. We’ve really made some progress here today. Well done, gents. Well done.

  81. Josh P. Says:


    And the answer to the second Question, no he probably doesn’t go 26-1…Not because of Winston but because of the rest of the crappy talent Mushchamp recruited on UF’s offense.

  82. Macabee Says:

    Judge a man by his actions, not by what he says!

    I went through all 32 teams at WalterFootball and currently here are the scheduled visits re Mariota v. Winston.




    Observation: No Titans or Eagles for either. Too early to imply, however, you may infer what this means if you wish!

  83. JVNootz Says:

    @josh P

    How many mobile QBs have been given the chance in the last 10 years. And Rodgers qualifies as a mobile QB. So does Kaepernick, who has gotten his team to the championship game twice now. I’d like to point out DEFENSE is the real mainstay in SB winning teams. Or even those that came close.

    I was NOT a supporter of the new “run QB” style. I had low expectations for Wilson, RG3, and Kaep. They have impressed because they also possess good to elite passing abilities. In systems tailored to their strengths, their teams did well and they themselves did pretty good. It’s when the coaches changed their system to make them do more what the coaches asked, that they faultered. RG3 and Kaep had the system changed and got away from their strengths. Wilson was built around and tailored to.

  84. Macabee Says:

    If I recall correctly, Sean Payton is coach of the Saints. Seems like he wants to talk to Winston up close!

  85. Supersam Says:

    Wow! Id say edge Mariota, hands down.

  86. JVNootz Says:

    @josh P

    How many mobile QBs have been given the chance in the last 10 years. And Rodgers qualifies as a mobile QB. So does Kaepernick, who has gotten his team to the championship game twice now. I’d like to point out DEFENSE is the real mainstay in SB winning teams. Or even those that came close.

    I was NOT a supporter of the “run QB” style. I had low expectations for Wilson, RG3, and Kaep. They have impressed because they also possess good to elite passing abilities. In systems tailored to their strengths, their teams did well and they themselves did pretty good. It’s when the coaches changed their system to make them do more what the coaches asked, that they faultered. RG3 and Kaep had the system changed and got away from their strengths. Wilson was built around and tailored to.

  87. JVNootz Says:

    Sorry about that, Joe. You can delete the previous comment. That was embarrassing. Joe applied your correction. –Joe

  88. JVNootz Says:

    Macabre, I think it means Winston has a whole lotta explaining to do. Mariota, not so much. Many already know and like (or don’t) what they see. No doubt about some of Winston passing abilities. What they want is answers from the guy himself.

  89. carlstoe Says:

    After the Publix theft Winston’s own father Lameis said his son needs to be watched 24/7. If teams know that he’s dropping!

  90. john mason Says:

    Everyone seems to forget Tally is not that far…Winston with all his money will have his young thug friends down all the time….what new problems will he get into….he will not be living at D. Brooks house.

  91. Bill Says:


    That’s a tough question. I think it comes down to coaching. I’m a Nole, so I’m biased, but Jimbo gave Winston a lot of freedom and trust with the offense. If Muschamp were to give Winston the same confidence Jimbo did, then you’re probably looking at similar results.

    Winston came into his first game, on the road, at night, in Pittsburg and went 25 of 27. He prepares, he motivates….he’s very good.

  92. ADown88 Says:

    @john mason

    Impressive that you can sound that ignorant in such a small paragraph.

  93. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    kaput Says
    “Yeah, I don’t buy it.”

    He put names to it. If he were lying, ANY of those people would speak up and call him a liar. See, that’s the difference between named sources and made up “unnamed” sources.

    There is accountability.

  94. Josh P. Says:


    Agreed…. and as much as we all have our favorites for what ever the reason is, the most will be right on board with whoever the Bucs draft about 10 seconds after the name is said…no matter what side your on, you’ll need those 10 seconds to get it out of your system…

    ^this does not apply to @robert9 and @Barry, they will probably go root for the Jags if Winston is drafted.

  95. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    And why is it that when a guy does it right, and names his sources, you have to denounce him because he doesn’t agree with you?

    Admit it, if he was pro Winston, you would be cheering for him. It just bugs you that he was up front and honest, and that more people prefer Mariota.

    Landry gave us a rare gift yesterday. He called out his peers and showed them how to do it right.

    And as far as plagiarism, 80% of today’s media is guilty of it…especially many newspaper and tv guys.

    With Joe, he at least names his sources and even links to them 98% of the time. I’ve never seen Joe stoop to the levels of some of his peers.

  96. Bill Says:


    There’s no accountability. Who do you think these sources are accountable to?

  97. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    You people are complete hypocrites, lol.

  98. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    That’s not the point. Landry did what his job is supposed to be. He reported what he has learned from NAMED SOURCES. Whether those persons lied or not doesn’t matter.

    He even made a disclaimer at the beginning that they might intentionally be misleading him because that’s how things are going into the draft.

    Regardless, he put the names to it, and that’s responsible journalism.

    And take a good look at those names. Those are not the names of talk show hosts who never played or worked in the NFL. They are not guys who coached unrelated positions. They are the names of guys who would actually know what they are talking about.

    Any of those guys can call him out if he mislead listeners. Any of those guys. He did it right, and people refuse to believe him because he isn’t pro Winston?

    I especially liked the morality topic that Steve covered afterward.

  99. Bill Says:

    I see where you are coming from. The analysts have no reason to lie. NFL teams do.

  100. Josh P. Says:


    First off if he was Pro Winston he wouldn’t have even been on Steve’s show..

    And like i’ve said multiple times… Landry himself said DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU READ OR HEAR AROUND DRAFT TIME. THE MAJORITY OF IT IS SMOKE SCREEN. i guess this excludes his words of course.

    So Licht says their board is set and they do have a favorite, Landry says they are not even close to a favorite…

    Im not believing anything anyone says until April 30th or if they sign the pick early…

  101. ADown88 Says:


    Fine, we will say that all of these people told him this and gave their graces for him to release it to the public. Now answer the question, why in the world would any of these guys do this and give away draft information!? Could it possibly be because they have alternative motives for doing so? Or do you think that teams just run around and release true and honest information about their draft boards for other teams to know?

  102. Bill Says:


    So the disclaimer at the beginning of the piece basically nullifies the article, right?

    LOL, There’s a good chance everybody is lying to me, but here’s what they said….

    Come on man. I’ll agree this is the same crap that has promoted Winston in the previous 4 days. It means nothing, you know that too.

  103. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I disagree that analysts have no reason to lie. It’s called “ratings”. ESPN has been caught in several lies in the last 30 days alone.

    But even if they are being honest, what do they actually know if they never played or coached or GMed? For example, what does an ex-linebacker know about quarterbacking? What does a reporter who never played sports really know?

    Yes, they can watch tons of tape…but in truth, do they really, really know what to look for?

    The same goes for fans. I never played (something I regret now, given my speed in high school). So all I can do is watch tape and try to guess and watch for the things others suggest to look for.

    I’m no expert. And neither is a player who played an unrelated position. Neither is an analyst who what’s 3-4 games and decided.

    I myself have watched 18 games each of both QBs, and I prefer Mariota, but I still have lingering doubts.

  104. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Josh P. Says
    “First off if he was Pro Winston he wouldn’t have even been on Steve’s show…”

    That’s idiotic. Joe is on the show every week, and we ALL know where he stands.

  105. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    To reveal that you are “leaning” this far away from the draft on a player you are not likely going to draft or even have a chance of drafting does not need an ulterior motive.
    As I said….this doesn’t mean much…

    Also….again the difference in this info vs Mock drafts… that the Mocks predict who the Bucs may take….not who they think the Bucs should take….a completely different opinion.

  106. Josh P. Says:


    “Jameis played last year with FOUR projected first round NFL picks..and three second rounders…almost half of FSU’s team was first or second round NFL material.”

    So your saying Winston played with a lot of NFL talent in 2013 and thats the reason he threw for 40 TD’s 10 INT’s and 4,000 yards and won a National Championship????

    So if he’s drafted by the Bucs, an NFL team with NFL talent on it there’s no way he succeeds?? Yeah Winston throwing to Evans and Jackson would just turn out to be a disaster.

  107. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @Josh P

    “Who won it last year???? oh yeah, the game of the past Tom Brady won it, thats right.”

    Tom Brady did not win that game. Pete Carroll gave it to him on a silver platter.
    IF Carroll had stuck to the formula that got them there and let Wilson fake the handoff to Lynch, the play EVERYBODY in the stadium was looking for, he lets his ultra talented mobile QB roll right and waltz into the end zone, the football play of the future, not the play out of the pocket which was easily intercepted!!!!

    Are you honestly suggesting you think Brady or a Brady type QB will be winning more SB’s than a Wilson or Rodgers type QB that operates a LOT out of the gun and spreads the field? Which way are the rules going? Which way will concussions drive the game?

  108. Josh P. Says:


    Joe’s on the show because of mutual sponsorship… Name a NFL insider guest he has had on the show that supports Winston?? I listen to the show everyday..

    ill be waiting.. and no Derrick Brooks doesn’t count. He’s a regular on the show for years now.

  109. Barry Says:

    Sean Payton wanted to draft MG8, right? Likes Mariota. Interesting.

  110. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Who cares?

    Jameis Winston is still coming to Tampa!

    Be happy.

  111. Josh P. Says:


    Your right im wrong. 37/50 328yds 4 TD 2 INT 81.1 QBR 101.1 Rating
    Brady clearly had nothing to do with the Pats Winning…

  112. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    How soon will it be, before Barry buys a Winston jersey?

  113. ADown88 Says:

    First of all, there are some names on here that are associated with teams that could potentially select a QB. Second of all, whether a team needs a QB or not, they still wouldn’t want to realease information about their draft board, even if just for trade purposes. I have yet to hear anyone give a reason why teams would want to share this information with Chris Landry, any reason at all. Especially knowing the intent that he would release this information to the public.

  114. Barrys Lawyer Says:

    Duemig is another issue.
    If Winston do much as sneezes then we’ll have to listen to hours
    and hours of nonstop Winston diatribes. When the media is on a
    witch-hunt it’s nothing but counter-productive.

  115. ADown88 Says:

    I by “this information”, I mean assuming that it’s what the team honestly thinks. Like… The truth.

  116. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    After weeks of non stop Jameis/Marcus debate which traversed the sleazy to what takes place on the football field with both sides full of hyperbole concerning activities both on and off the field the battle lines are clearly drawn.

    The one thing I do not get is how upset both sides can become and how they view proponents of one player or another as biased. Duh! Yeah if somebody supports a choice then they would be biased to that decision.

    But when it comes to this debate and Big Dog or Joe it’s clear which player they each prefer. But I have to say that BOTH have made sure that both sides got some coverage. Did they make it absolutely clear which player they preferred? Yes! That’s what they;re paid to do.

    The ONE thing I think I can say about the entire Fameis/Marcus debate is that I’ve heard it all!!! Every angle. Both sides best shots. Both sides are getting a fair hearing and so it’s going to require a sales job by the Bucs PR team to mend the wounds of the debate.

  117. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Clearly those STATS determined the game not the call which should have been a slam dunk at the end of the game. Seattle LOST that SB NE did not WIN it.

  118. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    “I have yet to hear anyone give a reason why teams would want to share this information with Chris Landry, any reason at all.”

    I guess because opinions at this point don’t mean much….and when asked don’t mind providing theirs…..

    Is it your conclusion then then that Landry fabricated most of this publicly?

    Or, is it that you so much don’t like the information that you must believe something sinister is going on….

  119. Josh P. Says:


    those stats put the Seahawks in a situation where they had to make a tough call..And if you’re one of the guys that thinks “Beast Mode” was a slam dunk to get in. You might want to go back and look at his success rate during the game on down and 1 yard to go carries.. It wasn’t in his favor.. Which is why Carroll went with a pass play..Don’t take credit away from the hell of a play that Butler made on the ball.

  120. robert 9 Says:

    pretty funny to see the winston nut huggers implode. everyone is a liar, the girl, the coaches, the analysts, fellow buc fans.

    all those but their beloved winston who has zero credibility based on his actions.

    pathetic. go root for the raiders.

  121. ADown88 Says:

    Also, why would someone like Sean Peyton, an in division rival to the Bucs (who are taking one of these players at hand) offer up free scouting to the Bucs as to who they think is better?? Same goes for Josh McDaniels and the Jets. Just makes absolutely no sense from any standpoint.

  122. Josh P. Says:


    “Is it your conclusion then then that Landry fabricated most of this publicly?”

    No, Its the fact that in the same breath he’s telling us not to believe anything we hear of read, he’s throwing out names of coaches that prefer a certain QB. So does he believe everything he hears and reads? You don’t think these coaches know he goes on sports radio shows and his website putting out information?? He’s a perfect person to feed false information to.

  123. ADown88 Says:

    No, I’m saying that even if all of these people told him this information, why would anyone actually believe it… From a draft and scouting standpoint, there is no benefits to a team telling the truth.

    He also mentioned that he had the information on the Bucs and Titans too, but didn’t want to release it for their sakes. Come on now, why would we tell CHRIS LANDRY who we like? Lol

  124. ADown88 Says:

    The only people that have seen out draft board is L&L and the Glazers. Our own coaches and scouts don’t even know out draft board, but we are running around telling information to Chris Landry? Yeah, ok.

  125. Barry Says:

    Kiss of death? Mike Shula likes #TheCreepyCrab

  126. ADown88 Says:

    our* our*

  127. Josh P. Says:

    This is what this websites about…debating and talking Bucs ball without name calling or what ever else some people do. Cause in the end its all about the Bucs and that it.

    This is the most I’ve post on here before, because usually everyone calling each other ridiculous names and throwing the word Rapist around like its a damn adjective or something. Good BSing with everyone. gotta run.

  128. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Whoa…it’s raining again…

  129. Skyline Crew Says:

    Saw a nice article on bucsnation about the two best QBs. Mariota was called Iceman and Winston was Maverick. Probably the best assessment I’ve seen of the two. I think we will be fine with either QB, but as stated before I prefer Mariota.

  130. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Payton made comments about his high opinions of Glennon….why would he have any problems with an opinion on a player not even drafted yet…

    So…I guess here are the possibilities

    Landry is lying
    All of these NFL officials are lying….or throwning out smokescreens
    Landry is telling the truth
    All of thse NFL officials are actually OK with providing their opinions

    I would predict that if Landry is lying….Joe will provide us with info shortly regarding that…..

  131. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    Joe, if Winston has character concerns so does Chris Landry.

  132. ADown88 Says:


    Let me ask you… Do you believe the Bucs told Chris Landry who they like between the two?

    And yeah, people speak highly of every player in the NFL and draft, but speaking highly of someone and saying that they are better than someone else, are 2 completely different things. If Peyton said, I would take Glennon over Luke McCown, that is what this is like. They aren’t just saying “I like Mariota”, they are saying “I like Mariota MORE than Jameis”.

  133. ADown88 Says:

    That is draft information, and teams don’t just throw this around. At least not truthfully, if willingly.

  134. ndog Says:

    I love when people put Wilson and Rodgers in the same style. It just displays how little they know about football. Yeah I’m talking about you st pete bucs fan! Rodgers might be one of the best passing qb of all time and while I like Wilson he has had the best defense in the NFL on his side and a great runningback. Without those things he probably wouldn’t have even had his team in the playoffs. Even worse is you are trying to put Mariota in their category. The guy cannot throw into tight windows and HAS NEVER brought his team back from behind. If you see him being anything like a NFL player your beat bet is Alex Smith and that is not a compliment.

  135. Erik with Says:

    87, Winston will not be coming to Tampa. Especially considering the whirlwind of negative publicity that is going to actually be increasing between now and the draft bcuz of that girl….. Time to get over it and embrace Mariota.

  136. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I don’t believe they said they liked one over the other….they were described as “leaning”…..what, 2 months before the draft to be leaning..

    As far as what the Bucs/Titans…..told Landry…I have no idea, I wasn’t there….

    Either he is lying or not….and if he is lying…it will be revealed…..and soon…

  137. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Why is it that most fans (regardless of their favorite) will instantly believe an anonymous source….rather than accept comments from someone who reveals….not one but 23 sources….publicly…..I tend to believe the latter.

    Remember the Charlie Campbell story about the Glazers…..OK with Winston…..Campbell provided no source….and, that report has not been confirmed by any other writer since….

    Again, there is no reason to disbelieve Landry…you might not like him…..but he is absolutely finished if he is lying.

  138. ADown88 Says:

    To me, leaning means prefers, even if only at the moment. Guess it’s a matter of perspective.

  139. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Landry had revealed that 23 leaned Winston & 10 leaned Mariota would he be more believable…..perhaps, to Winston supporters…..the fact that the majority of Mocks have Winston going to the Bucs actually give more credibility to Landry because his information is so contrary to the popular opinion that it would be highly questioned…..

  140. ndog Says:

    Erik there will be no embracing Mariota because if he comes here we will suck and he will get blamed. It won’t be all his fault of course but he is not going to improve those around him or be able to adjust his game to the NFL soon enough to help us. At best he will suck here then go somewhere else and finally become decent. So AGAIN IF he gets drafted here we are all going to be very unhappy regardless what you think you know now. Face it he is not a alpha male and grown ass men aren’t going to listen to some meek whispers in the huddle.

  141. ADown88 Says:

    Could be… Or he just just be a pawn they are using to push bs into other teams minds.

    And yes, honestly, to me, it would be more believable if it were the other way around. I say this because when talking about strictly a football and qb’ing standpoint, I find it hard to believe that so many people would think Mariota is better. The overwhelming majority favors Winston (from a football standpoint) on everything I have read and heard from trained professionals, ex NFL players, coaches and media types, which have no reason to lie. Now all of a sudden a report comes out that teams are willingly offering up their preferenced player, and it’s pretty much the exact opposite of what everyone else thinks. Like it or not, the people on this list have a reason to lie. The trained ex coaches, players, scouts and media professionals do not.

  142. chris k Says:

    @ndog. Your whole “we’re dumb” or anyone including NFL coaches being stupid because Mariota is our preference really shows your immaturity (explains why you’re infatuated with Winston) is sooooo played out. Stick with standing up for the strengths you like in Winston and less on what you consider (your opinion means shit to Nfl types) to be weaknesses in Mariota’s game. I’m gonna squash a few of the most ignorant of all the reason why Mariota can’t play at the next level. 1) doesn’t know how to huddle… Do you hear yourselves when you say that? Say it out loud a couple of times so you all can hear how retarded that sounds! 2) can’t take snaps under center and make 3,5,and 7 step drops.. That was put to rest at the combine. My choice is Mariota for reasons of my own that i don’t have the energy to repeat on here anymore, but I’m not so stubborn and ignorant enough to not see how good of a prospect Winston can also be. I don’t need to bash Winston’s game to make Mariota’s game seem better. You ndog and a few others must feel the need to beat Mariota down to help with your case for Winston. It’s not necessary and really discredits you and the ones that do so in the process. Pro’s and cons for both players and nothing is guaranteed. I just have a preference for my own reasons and others do as well for theirs. The silly “you know nothing about football” are making others wonder what is it that you actually know yourself.

  143. flhillbilly Says:

    Of course Sean Payton would say Mariota, he doesn’t want to play against Winston!

  144. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    So….your conclusion is that Landry fabricated his story….in other words publicly on on air….lied?

  145. ADown88 Says:

    Never said that once. If anything, I’m saying the people he got the information lied to protect and preserve their draft board and confuse others if possible.

  146. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So….the majority….or all….not just a couple or few….are admitting that they are leaning toward a QB….just to throw a smokescreen of some sort….and, I guess that would include the 10 that were leaning toward Wlnston….
    So…we have 33 execs that are thrownig out smokescreens on the top 2 QBs..

    Or…..they are telling the truth….or Landry made all this up?

    Those really are the only explanations…..

    That would include the Pats….with the 32nd pick….”trying to protect their board… if they really have Winston there?…….wow…that would really be incredible….

  147. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The bottom line on this is that Landry revealed 23-10 leaning toward Mariota….and Winston fans just simply don’t like it, think its BS, or think massive numbers of teams throw out smokescreens to protect their board….or don’t want Bucs to pick Winston out of fear….

    I’ll leave it at that…

  148. JVNootz Says:

    Truth be told, at this time of year you have to take EVERYTHING said, with a grain of salt. No matter WHO says it and WHO it’s about. It’s part of the business. You can try to read into things and get completely thrown for a loop.

    It’s ALL speculation, even here in Landry’s case. Bit it does FEEL good to hear the things Landry said and the depth behind it.

  149. Skyline Crew Says:

    Probably a lot of it has to do with his off field issues and they don’t want part of that.

  150. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I will say this….I am curious if Landry ran into many that had no preference or weren’t leaning one way or the other……simply just didn’t bring them up….and certainly wasn’t asked about it durning the program.
    One would think there would be several on the fence…..

  151. Bucnut2 Says:

    There is NO way we should do anything other than picking mariota…

  152. SOEbuc Says:

    Im surprised it wasn’t just Winston: Lovie Smith, Mariota: Every other coach that doesn’t have a chance of getting Winston

  153. Pickgrin Says:

    This “list” of Landry’s simply flies in the face of reason – especially considering the qualifier that it is based on strictly on-field play supposedly.

    Even 2 months ago when a majority of analysts and draftnicks were projecting Mariota as the #1 pick – it was almost always with the caveat of saying Winston is the better on-field QB – but his “character issues” were too concerning to overlook. Many – most actually and I will use Kiper as an example because he is well known – have been saying all along that if it were not for the off field “concerns” – that Winston would be the slam dunk no questions asked #1 pick. I’m not a fan of Mel Kiper – but that viewpoint from 2 months ago was VERY common. IE – Winston is the better QB – but Mariota is quite good too and his squeeky clean persona makes him less of a risk so I am gonna project him #1 because Winston’s off field concerns make him too risky.

    Well now that Winston has kept his nose clean for the last 6 months and with everyone digging even further into the tape on both QBs – and especially after an awesome showing at the combine and people seeing via his press conference and interviews etc that Jameis is not some monster – that he handles himself quite well in front of cameras while being questioned etc…
    Almost EVERYONE (including Kiper) have moved Winston to the top of their board and/or are projecting him as the #1 pick. Yes – 90+% of every mock draft out there has Winston as the #1 pick now.

    Yet Landry reveals his list (why on the big poodle’s local small market show I wonder?? – hmmm) and says NFL execs prefer Mariota 3 to 1 over Winston and that it has nothing to do with off field….

    Sorry but that is just not operating in reality and as I said – flies in the face of reality and all other indicators that now say Winston is easily and by far the consensus #1 pick in this draft.

    Almost everyone who is anyone regarding the NFL who has spent extensive time breaking down tape on both QBs says Winston is the obviously better QB on the field – especially when you are projecting for NFL purposes. And most of the few who still prefer Mariota admit that Winston is awesome on tape but they are scared of his supposed character flaws – so they would rather take or project Mariota at #1 because they wouldn’t want to risk Winston being a behavioral problem and Mariota is pretty damn good too so its better to play it “safe”.

  154. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Pickgrin

    So, Landry is a bold-face liar….and we can expect at least one of the 23 to let it be known soon…..I’m sure Joe is hard at work trying to proove this.

  155. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Or….it’s the part about “on field”/”off-field”…….I think he said something like folks are human…..I guess meaning there is no way to truly separate the two when you describe yourself as “leaning”

  156. White Tiger Says:

    I have no doubt that this is snapshot in time. I just think it demonstrates what a lot of coaches say about the last 60 days…and especially as the timeframe compresses to 30 days prior…none of these guys say anything close to the truth.

    …I think that especially applies to Bruce Arians, and especially about his recent remarks regarding spread QB’s. I laughed when I heard it, because I know if he had the opportunity to, he would JUMP at drafting a guy that blew away the combine performances of every spread QB of the past 5 years…

    You see, some of you have to learn that sometimes what these guys are trying to do is pile on with enough crap it causes the guy to get passed over by the teams in front of say…Arizona. Some owners/GM’s go to the great length of employing research on the few teams near them that might want the guy they’re targeting – and they craft specific statements to sew some specific type of doubt…

    …but nothing is as good as character assassination…and Rich McKay was the best at THAT particular form of subterfuge (just ask Warren Sapp).

  157. Pickgrin Says:

    TBBF – I’m not saying Landry is a liar. All I know is that this “list” of 33 NFL execs – 23 of whom supposedly prefer Mariota for on field reasons does not jive AT ALL with the general and overwhelmingly held consensus among those who make a living looking at football tape – that Winston is clearly the better NFL prospect if you are only considering on field play.

    I have no idea what this about and will also add that I have a lot of respect for Landry’s analytic capabilities. His breakdown of games that Joe was offering up during the season seemed largely spot on from my viewpoint. But for whatever reason – Landry is quite obviously anti-Winston and very pro-Mariota – much like the big poodle (whose opinions I don’t value much). I think both of them are needlessly scared that Winston will do something else very bad off field and thus become a bust as a result. So are backing the boyscout as the “safer” pick – which is what many who prefer Mariota are doing whether they are willing to admit that or not.

    I really have no idea what this “list” of Landry’s is about – but am stating simply that it cannot be logically backed up by any other available evidence. So for that reason – I am calling BS.

  158. Josh P Says:

    I’m telling you right now. If it was simply on field play Arians goes with JW. Look at the QB’s he’s coached. All stand up pocket passers. He had Luck for One season and he stayed in the pocket the majority of the time.

  159. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    So when something comes out supporting Mariota, the Jameis Mob brushes it off as “hogwash”. I guarantee you that if this article was flipped in support of Jameis, they wouldn’t be calling it hogwash. Lmao.

    Needless to say, this still isn’t a huge endorsement. Pro days, individual workouts, and much more talking will be done. If the results are the same after all that, then maybe yiu could count this as support for either QB.

  160. ADown88 Says:


    You love to say that people are calling Landry a liar, when in fact, nobody has ever said that.

  161. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Perhaps Landry asked for on-field opinions only…but that’s not really what he got…..the only thing that would explan the overwhelming Mariota leaners..would be the overall opinion of the two at this time (before thorough investigations)

  162. John McKillop Says:

    I am going on record for Marcus Mariota, if the Bucs Draft Jameis I will support him 100%. The bottom line is this, the nfl is going to have to adopt to the spread offense. Whether you believe it to be a gimmick or not it is here to stay. The reason for the large numbers of spread qb’s is that a lot of high school programs are adopting the spread, which means what? I’ll tell you what it means, a lot of college programs run the spread because of what’s happening at H.S level. College programs are going to the spread, because that’s type of qb’s coming out of high school. The same will happen at the pro level very soon, every nfl team will incorporate some elements of the spread into their offenses because they need these qb’s to be successful quicker. Go Bucs, Go Mariota!

  163. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    No….I have asked them if they believe he is lying….and you are correct…nobody has claimed that they believe he is….but…..I have gotten….BS…as an answer…..
    there are not any Winston fans thus far that have accepted his comments as beiing correct….
    So….let me ask you the question differently…..Do you think he was telling the truth?….That’s a yes or no answer…….because his statements were not confusing…they were direct.

  164. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So. we will leave it like this….

    Landry’s comments….Fly in the face of reason and reality….and are BS….but he’s not lying…he’s simply telling the truth that many don’t believe….

  165. Pickgrin Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    February 28th, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Perhaps Landry asked for on-field opinions only…but that’s not really what he got…..the only thing that would explan the overwhelming Mariota leaners..would be the overall opinion of the two at this time (before thorough investigations)


    I may be willing to buy that idea. It is possible that many teams know they have no shot at Winston and have no intention of spending a bunch of picks to try and get him – so they haven’t even bothered that much with investigating him thoroughly.

    Many people who really do their homework on Winston without bias and look very very closely at “all these character” issues come to the conclusion that the accusation of rape was unjust and that the rest is not really a big deal. Then once they meet Winston and see what an engaging and charismatic and smart young man he really is in person – and that his football knowledge is literally off the charts at this age – exactly as Mooch said – the choice becomes a no brainer once the careful study of his 27 games of tape reveal that he is literally the 2nd best QB prospect to have become available in the last 10 years.

    So most teams know he is gonna go #1 or #2 at worst and havent bothered putting any resources towards studying up on him or meeting him. So their opinions about Winston may well still be negatively colored by lack of knowledge and an unwillingness to spend any time gaining that knowledge that will ultimately lead to the conclusion Jameis is the way to go if you had a choice. Reminds me an awful lot of some comments posters here on JBF. You would think they would have an interest in spending some time to properly research though since their favorite team has the #1 pick and may well be drafting him.

  166. Fishfries Says:

    i agree with everything you’ve said pick grin. A lot of Tampa fans basically gave up on him after the tae incident. Why not go in with an open mind and do research on both kids with no bias. It’s what a lot of media members have done to Jameis as well. They’ve basically given up on the kid for being immature. And i don’t want to hear the interception crap anymore. Andrew luck threw a lot of dumb interceptions this year. Just watch the Colts vs Cowboys game this year.

  167. Dave Pear Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Outstanding post.

  168. Dave Pear Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to ask Barry where the heck my car is that he stole from me.
    Give it back Barry!

  169. BuccoDav Says:

    I grew up in CA rooting for Joe Montana and the 49ers. I could have sworn he played at Notr Dame and Steve Young played at BYU…
    Am I confused…

  170. Dave Pear Says:

    You are correct.
    Montana- Notre Dame

  171. Barry Says:

    I forgot all about Pear. Man i’m living in that guys head rent free. But that’s always been a knock on him. #EasyToGetIntoHisHead #WeakMinded

  172. Pickgrin Says:


  173. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Pickgrin

    So all the teams are believing the Mocks and that the Bucs are certain to take Winston so therefore they say they are leaning toward Mariota…and not wasting their time with Winston?

    I guess the debate is finally over…..Winston to the Bucs for sure because that’s what the Mocks say….I can rest easy now until draft night!!!

    Wow!….won’t they be caught off guard if the Bucs draft Mariota…’d think they’d be more professional than that.

  174. Joe Biased Fan Boys Says:

    Mariota in a landslide . U guys mad ?

  175. Seminole Bill Says:

    Seminole Bill says, only one opinion counts: Lovie Smith. Seminole Bill also wonders, what does Mel Kiper think? And, who the he*& is Mel Kiper?

  176. Barry knows all Says:

    I understand #TheCreepyCrab mob. They see It’s all slipping away. It’s all in their posts. Striking out against anything and everything anti rape. It’s heartbreaking to witness, but it’s an implosion they must go through. But I forgive you, I understand your hopelessness state of mind. Reach out to me if you need to talk. But understand this, on that Great Day, I will come at you with total unabated vengeance. #BlessYourHearts

  177. Bucnut2 Says:

    You guys are nuts. No one goes on the record with names like Landry did if it’s not true. And the fact is I trust Sean Peyton, mike McCarthy, Andy Reid and Ozzie Newsome more than all of you guys or joe. We are so biased. If Winston played at Ohio state most of us would be screaming for mariota.

  178. JFat Says:

    I think the Bucs should trade away the next 2 years draft picks for the #2 pick this season. Then we can pick BOTH Mariota and Winston and continue this debate for at least 5 more years, really, I can’t get enough of this…

  179. Jamies I look good 'not fat' Says:

    I think he meant 256 not 266 I never heard him getting that big.

  180. Rob Says:

    Whatever Ted Thompson says should be the end of the conversation. That guy drafts as well as anyone in the NFL.

  181. White Tiger Says:

    @Bucnut2 – Line of the night: “…If Winston played at Ohio state most of us would be screaming for Mariota…”

    They ALL know it’s true. The hype is about Kid Fameis being FSU’s FIRST EVER top ranked QB…

  182. robert 9 Says:

    I do not doubt if it were on skills alone the poll would be flipped in favor of JW.

    but they do not hire skills. they hire the person. especially at QB, face of the franchise, team leader.

    employers look at his combine interview and come away with a cocky, immature, self centered head case. The politically correct thing they would say is he lacks “mental toughness” and “critical decision making skills”

    he blew those interviews with all that keeping it real crap.

  183. Josh P Says:

    @Jamies I look good ‘not fat’

    Landry is the only one reporting that number… Landry said JW told him he played the Rose Bowl at 252, started Working out with Whitfield at 248 and was 231 at combine.. If he got up to 266 that means he would have lost 35 pounds in a month… not buying it. But if he did, it showed that he has the discipline to do what ever he has to, to be ready… People also forget, JW was dealing with an ankle injury for the last half of the season. So im pretty sure he took some time off from working out like he would normally do.

  184. Bucnut2 Says:

    Rob, what you said on Ted Thompson. I’d throw Ozzie Newsome in there as well. It’s amazing to me that someone says take Winston they are a genius. If they say mariota the source is either wrong or lying or the person preferring mariota doesn’t know what they are talking about. It’s amazing to me how much faith people are putting in joe and pewter report and are willing to ignore real football people

  185. Buddha Says:

    If Winston is such a sure bet hof qb, then why hasn’t ‘t a single team signaled an interest in trading up to get him. As for his “charisma” at the combine, he showed himself to be a self- centered, self-indulgent narcisist with a total lack of humility. A person with star quality does not have to broadcast it. As so many commentators have now indicated, he has bust written all over him.

  186. Joseph F. Says:

    Lets just play football.
    And then we will see who is the better Q.B.

  187. lurker Says:

    noone has shown an interest in moving up for mariota, either. and your other comments are just silly buddha.

    he is confident, self-assured, talented man who believes in himself. sorry that your poor self-actualization is affecting your perception. perhaps you are just projecting.

  188. Tiffany Says:

    The teams in the top half of draft are waiting for the Bucs to pass on Winston and will move up to select him if the Bucs don’t. Tennessee is interested in Winston because he can start immediately and will pass on Mariota because he is not ready to start over the current QB they have. Winston is the type of QB that comes every ten years. The teams that need a QB right now will overlook all of his issues because he’s that good. I think that the list of people that is in favor of Mariota are teams that have starters already, have time to develop Mariota for the future and prefer a QB with less issue.

  189. Skyline Crew Says:

    Sorry, I have to go to Bucsnation these days to get any news on the Bucs lately.

    There is a story about the Bucs could trade up to get Ereck Flowers.

    Anyways, they had an article about the interviews that Winston and Mariota went through. Seems that Winston didn’t really talk a lot of football in the 15 minutes and spent more time talking about his allegations and misdeeds while in college. Mariota on the other hand spent the majority of his time on football as expected and killed it.

    Mariota: “The biggest thing I got with [Mariota] was his competitive fire. He was very focused, very intense, you know he listened intently, he knew about the teams’ personnel. I mean you know, in the NFL, the teams that were interviewing. He knew about a lot of their sets, the players that were on it, he knew a lot about their offensive systems.

    “He was extremely good on the grease board. When they put him and put NFL stuff on it it’s a lot more detailed and complex than what you see on some of the TV skits that they do. He was really good with that. He understands the difference, a lot of the differences of the concepts in the college game, was very good at explaining that. And yet you could tell he spent a lot of team studying NFL systems.

    “Wasn’t very interested in talking about what he was good at. That was really intriguing. He talked more about what he needed to improve on. He didn’t think he was good at, you know, experience under center and whatnot, and he showed he even brought in a tape of what he’s been working on and asking some feedback from the coaches. Theis guy really gets it, you can tell he has that gymrat approach to it, the ‘Don’t tell me what I can do good, tell me what I can do better’ type of approach.”

    Winston: “He was you know, uncomfortable discussing some of his past. And let me say this too, there were a few people in that meeting, I think he’s gonna be a little more forthcoming when he meets a one-on-one or a one-on-two-or-three with the Bucs or anyone else that’s gonna meet with him. There’s still too many people in there, it’s not like a media setting of course, but you know some of that stuff was a little bit uncomfortable for him to get into. Yet an interesting answer to the crab legs incident, which I’m not gonna go into details, but I thought it was interesting and a little unusual.

    “But he was not that forthcoming on the sexual assault incident, but I understand that and I understand that there’s a chance of a civil trial possibly coming, so you’ve gotta be real careful about that. Which I’m sure in a private setting maybe again he can have more conversations on that.

    “I thought he was good on the grease board. I thought learning football was never an issue with him, I never thought. He knows his system pretty well, he was not as familiar with what some of the other teams were doing at least in the meetings there but that’s okay. It’s something that I think he’s gonna be able to learn. Whatever you teach him, I think he’ll work at. I think he was more prepared for trying to address the off-the-field stuff than the on-the-field.

  190. Skyline Crew Says:

    I would love to hear what comes out of each ones 30 minute interview with the Bucs.

  191. lurker Says:

    well stay at bucsnation.

  192. Bucko40 Says:

    The one thing I’ve noticed thus far in this process is that Mariota was the consensus #1 QB since last year. Since the season ended the Media has stepped in to promote the NFL DRAFT. What’s the best way to promote the draft? Give them a controversy. Take the QB that no one outside of Tallahassee likes and say he’s the #1 pick. It doesn’t matter that Mariota is the cleaner prospect on and off the field. ESPN and the NFL NETWORK are putting on a show. It’s that simple. The one thing that fans need to realize is Lovie Smith has never employed a QB that a Gunslinger. Jay Cutler was forced upon Lovie by the then GM of the Bears. That choice eventually cost both GM and Coach their jobs. I have a hard time believing that Lovie Smith is going to change his strips at this stage of his career. When the Dust settles on April 30th theBucs will take Marcus Mariota

  193. lurker Says:

    mariota is not as good “on the field” as winston. so you are wrong there, bucko40. also, your last theory on lovie is wrong and makes no sense. choosing mariota would be the different stripes for lovie. smh

  194. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mariota is the best pick. The better athlete with the higher upside.

  195. lurker Says:

    that is your wrong opinion

  196. Five Pro Days the Bucs Shouldn't Miss – RedZone Sport Says:

    […] *620 WDAE (via Veteran NFL scout Chris Landry identified names of prominent league figures who are in Camp Winston and Camp Mariota. […]

  197. tval Says:

    Hilarious reading all these jealous gator fans, who were positive tebow could play, come out in such unified support of gm in their right mind, seeing the last 20 years of professional football, could confidently take marcus over jameis..marcus gets hurt every single time hes does that translate? Lmao!! Hysterical, really…this debate is over

  198. Skyline Crew Says:

    As well as your wrong opinion.

  199. tval Says:

    I won’t pretend to know all of these guys preferences when it comes down to which qb they prefer..what i can tell you, for a fact, is andy reid, sean payton, doug pederson (andy school/holmgren) and ozzie would all, according to their past philosophies, prefer jameis..this is no new tact, muddy the pre-draft waters..i dont believe philly wants marcus, either, but what do I know? I see chip helping his old qb not look like brady quinn on draft day..some teams could have cold feet/hesitance in drafting jameis..i, for one, think theyll regret that decision worse than the 21 teams who passed on rodgers..and as a big cal/pack fan, that should say enough for anyone contemplating that decision..from what ive heard from licht, pre combine and if you read between the lines, hes all winston..i think we know who lovie prefers, the guy he wouldnt want to defend (jameis). But licht, specifically and understandably, seems to have a tone of, ‘we’re doing our due diligence as to not offend any supporters that dont want jameis as their franchise qb’..very respectful but pretty obvious at same time..ive seen some speculate people wanting jameis #1 to “drive ratings”..really? The foregone conclusion of jameis being #1 doesnt drive ratings..but nauseating hate filled coverage that espn used for 2 years being anti-winston everything shows they arent above that type of think its the opposite, people that dont want jameis to go #1 love watching the “scout blasts jameis” only 1, btw.. or “mayock doesnt trust winston” “jameis is fat” or “his hands are too small” What happened to autographs and pt shaving? (inadvertent admission of how great he was)..updates, anyone?? 🙂

  200. Tiffany Says:

    I am rating Jameis and Mariota solely on what happened on the football field in college. The NFL will investigate the background of players solely on facts, not on rumors, and peoples personal a pension. They are both applying for a manager position in the NFL and in order for them to get the job they have to meet the qualifications. They both will need OJT to transition into the NFL. Winston was already working in college as an assistant manager and has prepared himself for the next level. Mariota has the potential to be successful at the position but lack the main qualifications required for the position. A hire is based on an applicant meeting the qualifications listed in application. The Bucs should select Winston or trade down for more picks. Mariota need to work for a team that needs an assistant manager. He can work his way up to manager position in a few years. The Patriots, Saints and Denver are looking for future QB’s

  201. Tiffany Says:

    Mariota is a good kid but I want to win now. You can’t pick a guy #1 who is not ready to start. We have the #1 pick because we had the worst record. WE SUCKED!!! We need a starting QB now! Mariota said that he needed time to develop, all of the pro-style stuff is new to him and that it is going to be hard. The teams that need a starting QB will pass on Mariota. Watch the film of both player and stop kidding yourselves. Who here is without sin, cast the first stone. We all did stupid stuff more than once. I WANT THE GUY WHO WANTS TO BE COMPARED TO THE GREATS AND WHO WANT TO GO TO THE SUPERBOWL NEXT SEASON.

  202. Skyline Crew Says:

    Actually, Mariota said he would be ready Day 1 to start.

  203. Tiffany Says:

    Check his first interview at the combine with the media . He lacked confidence and was always second guesting himself. There is too much for him to learn before he can start. If he was pro ready, I would have no issue with the Bucs selecting him. I want to win now!

  204. BORN AND RAISED Says:

    I don’t know about the interview because I don’t listen to him anymore. Waste of time. Bucs should take Jameis and everyone with any football sense at all knows it. period end of story.

    Like or hate, he is better than Mariotta and will put more people in the stands for the same reasons.

    that crap about all the Gm’s is bull. No one in that position gives out that kind of info.

  205. Keith alberson Says:

    Last season, they preferred Johnie “All World Football,” over Teddy Bridge Water. Johnie Football was suppose to take the NFL by storm, and change the game, they felt so good about the young man. How’s that working for you. Johnie “Football,” got knocked out, trying to run, played like crap, and in rehab now. On the other hand, Bridge Water took over the reign from Matt Cassel, and never looked back, and went on to put up numbers. So how do that work out for you. Not saying Mariota is going to be Johnie Football, but i will go on record, and say he will not be a better QB then Winston, by far. I will also say, he will not be a top tier QB in the NFL.

  206. tval Says:

    Tiffany gets it! Go bucs w/winston..if you draft marcus you deserve another 10 years of irrelevance. If people like marcus, and knew football, they wouldnt wish dirk koetter on him..but dirk and jameis will be thick as…hell with you guys