Jim Harbaugh Embraces Jameis Winston

February 17th, 2015

Jameis 1107Why would a wise, accomplished man like Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh attach his name to Jameis Winston?

Jiminy Christmas! Joe’s been led to believe this would mean women’s groups will march angrily in protest within hours on the Michigan campus.

Today, Michigan authorities let the world know, via Twitter, that Winston and fellow NFL quarterback prospect Bryce Petty are preparing personally with Harbaugh at the Michigan campus for this week’s NFL Scouting Combine.

Yes, it’s a great recruiting stunt by Harbaugh, but it’s not one a guy with his resumé needed to pull.

Joe sees Michigan’s move as a strong nod to what investigations into Winston have revealed: nothing sinister.

87 Responses to “Jim Harbaugh Embraces Jameis Winston”

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I’ve wanted to make this point for a couple of days now and this seems like as good as anywhere to put it even though it’s a little bit off topic:

    This recent picture of Jameis showing him “out of shape” is exactly the type of Jameis hate that FSU fans have been talking about for the past year. Sure, there’s evidence to the contrary (other pictures showing him in great shape), yea okay, there’s multiple people saying he’s in the best shape of his life, but none of that matters to the haters.

    Yea, Jameis is going to show up at the combine at 10-15 lbs under his playing weight from last year. So now it’s pretty obvious what will happen after that…people will either completely ignore the evidence that Jameis is in great shape and keep making fat jokes, or they will try to twist it into a negative and say that he’s “Josh Freeman 2.0” or is now to frail to play in the league.

    As the great American poet Taylor Swift said: Hater’s gon hate, hate, hate, hate hate

  2. CalBucsFan Says:

    Hmmmm….Harbaugh to Tampa once the Glazer family tires of the Lovie Smith show?

  3. carlstoe Says:

    If they were the owner or manager of the stores Winston stole from, how would they feel? Or the owner of the apartment building with $4000 window damage?

  4. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    When it’s all said and done. Jameis Winston will be a Buccaneer.

    I’ll just say I told you so now, to get it out of the way.

    I told you so.

  5. Celly Says:

    As the great American poet Taylor Swift said: Hater’s gon hate, hate, hate, hate hate

    LMAO…. That’s where i lost it….

    It’ll be interesting to see how people wind up turning this meeting with Harbaugh thing into a negative….

    The Bryce Petty guys are going to go crazy over this.

  6. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Ketchup cups of soda and crab legs…. BFD!

  7. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Celly, look at how fat he looks sitting there like a fatso. Also, is that a gang sign he’s flashing? I think it’s pretty obvious that the answer is yes.

    Also, look at how far apart his legs are spread. Anyone who has been through what he’s been through should just know better. A face of the franchise would certainly no better. He’s a thug and he’s probably just sitting there thinking about all the different ways he’s going to rape harbaugh

  8. tbaybuc Says:

    Creamsicle, i agree with you completely. It really comes with being good and he has been very good overall. I hear a lot of hate toward Brady and he’s clean as a whistle as far as i know (football PSI aside?). Jameis doesn’t do himself any favors wit his maturity but the entire FSU team, Jimbo included faced constant hate. When a team becomes that polarizing they gain as many if not more haters and enemies as supporters. Its why everyone except the fan bases hate the Lakers/Yankee’s/Irish….ect

    Jameis is like politics for me, you really have to weed through the BS and have good football conversation with insight, otherwise its a waste of time.

    There really is no way to know if he will mature, stay out of trouble and become a pro bowler who brings another SB to Tampa, he certainly has the talent and drive, and the only thing you can do is hope that JL/Lovie and crew research the heck out of this and make the best decision at the end of it! If they choose Mariotta the ill support and assume that was the best decision until/if it proves otherwise. We’ll see!

  9. tampa2ali Says:

    I’ve been waiting on the thug comment, and there it goes

    CreamsicleBananaHammock Says: He’s a thug and he’s probably just sitting there thinking about all the different ways he’s going to rape harbaugh…

  10. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    CreamsicleBananaHammock …..actually the people that blow stuff out of proportion don’t bother me anymore. I know who they are and skip over their entire long drawn out posts of nonsense.

    The ones that look truly ignorant to me are the ones that try to say they’ve seen the film and Winston will be a bust. Yet so many people that study prospects for a living say the exact opposite about Jameis.

    I’ve predicted this kid would be #1 overall pick in the draft since 2013. Nothing’s changed my mind since. Except MY team has the first pick in the draft and he’s there for the taking. I just can’t fathom him not being selected by the Bucs.

    So I hope that explains my love for all things Winston. I always thought he would be the #1 pick in the draft and apparently I’m not the only one out there. Of course I was thinking it 2 years ago though and have not wavered.

  11. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Also, notice the thug uniform of a hoodie Winston is wearing in that picture. Where’s George Zimmerman when you need him?

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    87, people who study film also said JaMarcus would be a top 5 QB within a few years of being drafted. These people are frequently wrong, more wrong than they are right. Winston has many, many flaws to his game, no matter how badly people want him to be Andrew Luck, he’s not. He’s another guy with a lot of risk on the field without even considering off the field. He’s no lock to be anything but the most scrutinized player drafted.

  13. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    bucrightoff…everyone uses Jamarcus as an example….give us more.

    We want more examples of how wrong they were.

    It’s very hard for me to read someone’s post when I see the name Jamarcus Russell in the paragraph. It’s been used so many times on these pages over the last month. All one can do is just dismiss it at this point.

    He could be the next Jamarcus or he could be the next Andrew Luck. Time will tell, and I hope that time is spent in Tampa.

  14. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    If he busts…then he busts. I’m used to first round busts, for I’m a Bucs fan.

    Take the chance.

  15. Iknowmorethanlovie Says:

    Should’ve fired loser Lovie and brought Harbaugh in to coach up jameis

  16. Ryan Leaf's Agent Says:

    My people have a contract to coach Mr Winston during the pre-draft
    process so Harbaugh will need to cease and desist immediately.

  17. biff barker Says:

    Next up from the Jamesis Huggers….

    “Leave Brittany Alone!”.

  18. bucs4lyfe Says:

    damn you people don’t realize how pathetic you sound hating on a football players off field issues and assuming he isn’t a winner even though he’s only lost one game in his college career…beyond the crab legs and sexual assault ACCUSATION the other stuff could have a dare being that he’s in college and the leader of the team. If I remember correctly no one talks about Derrick Brooks off field issues at Florida State and problem have no clue about because he wasn’t highly profiled player coming out of the draft but to think a social sciences major with a minor in business isn’t smart enough or couldn’t figure it out I mean come on guys really you sound pathetic putting down a guy more accomplished off the field than 98% of you here posting

  19. Robert 9 Says:

    nothing but a PR piece my MI to say, look what a great coach we have to be mentoring top prospects.

    and what do you expect these QB’s to be doing….sitting on the couch?

    this is there job. still does not mean winston is not a scumbag, thief, rapist, vandalizing egomaniac.

  20. Robert 9 Says:

    harbaugh: “if she struggles, you hold her down like this”

    jaboo: “but what do I do with my purple drank”

  21. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Stop the run and you beat Tampa Bay. That’s what happened to the Bucs running game IMO. No teams fear our QB or passing game.

    It’s time for that to change.

  22. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    bucs4lyfe Says :

    “I mean come on guys really you sound pathetic putting down a guy more accomplished off the field than 98% of you here posting”

    He had a 4.0 in high school a 3.4 in college and got accepted to Stanford.

    I bet most people on here never had anywhere near close to a 4.0 in high school. Certainly not me.

  23. Pickgrin Says:

    Its gonna be a long 10 weeks until draft day.

    I just hope the brain trust at OBP pick the QB who turns out to be the most successful NFL QB in the long run. Winston looks to me like one of the best College QB prospects to come out in many years. But who am I and what do I know? Mariota also looks good so I’m glad that people who supposedly know more than I do about football and get paid for it are the ones making this decision. There’s a lot of pressure. They have to get this right. The short and mid term future of this franchise and its success or failure literally rides primarily on this 1 pick. And unless one of the QBs flames out quickly which is really unlikely IMO – the true answer won’t be known for at least 3-4 years i perhaps even longer than that.

  24. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Stop the run and you beat Tampa Bay. That’s what happened to the Bucs running game IMO. No teams fear our QB or passing game.

    It’s time for that to change.

    100% agree and I don’t care who is that qb to make us a more diverse offense, if mariotta makes defenses fear stacking the box or blitzing cool but he hasn’t shown he’s that guy because we wont run gimmick offense. if it’s Winston then what he did in college will all blow over if he becomes a star or franchise qb and has no other issues like he did in college. he skills make him worth the gamble and drafting daquan bowers who had injury issues, drafting Adrian clayborne who had like erbs palsy or something like that and had a short arm. no one talks about those stupid mistakes Dominick made anymore so im all for this pick

  25. BFFL Says:

    Can one of you FSU fans just answer answer something for me. Why did Winston’s game become worse this last season and why did he let himself turn into Tracy Morgan by seasons end?

  26. Robert 9 Says:

    yeah well, I took a little more than home ek, gym, arts and crafts etc..

  27. biff barker Says:

    February 17th, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    If he busts…then he busts. I’m used to first round busts, for I’m a Bucs fan.

    Take the chance.
    Using that logic, trade down and take Garrett Grayson or Hundley.

  28. Barry Says:

    #DesperationArticles #TheCreepyCrab

  29. MarshallU Says:

    Even though I’m all in for Mariota, If Bucs drafted Petty that would be fine also. Just stay far away from Jamarcus Winston and his crab legs

  30. Luther Says:

    Grayson and Hundley suck balls. Why would you want either of them over Winston.

  31. Luther Says:

    Petty is terrible too.

  32. MarshallU Says:

    Just because Jamarcus Winston is up there with some other young QB’s to be use by Michigan as a recruiting tool does not mean that he’s being “embraced” by Harbaugh. Jim is looking at him in that picture thinking, “Wow, this guy is really a turd”

  33. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Winston is most likely not sinister. But he’s too immature in my opinion to make him the face of the franchise. Other positions on the field maybe can succeed with being somewhat I mmature but QB, nope. That’s why Freeman is unemployed.

  34. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol all the Winston haters what will you do if the bucs draft him? linger around to complain about him being on the team, cry even if we are winning, gloat if we are still losing? what will you do…..I hope joe takes a poll of all the people jump ship and change teams when day one of the draft is in the books because I wanna know what side your own. if he is on the team this petty hate is useless. chances are you pathetic bunch will sit around and wait for a guy to fail but claim your a bucs fan

  35. BK Says:

    “Joe sees Michigan’s move as a strong nod to what investigations into Winston have revealed: nothing sinister.”

    Really Joe???? A twitter picture with no text about the topic told you that? OK-Pinocchio. I am starting to think you are blind and in love with Ja-miss….or is that Johnny Man-bustY.

    The photo was sent by an official university account. That’s an endorsement, versus, say, a player Tweeting it or a reporter.–Joe

    So much for balanced journalism (a positive article on Mariota would speak volumes about your ability to put favorites aside and focus on football)…..it has flown the coop! Joe has shares several pro-Mariota takes. Joe is pro-Mariota, too, but prefers Winston.–Joe

    I cant wait for April 30 so this will be over and we can move on with the best QB and person in the draft- Mariota. Character COUNTS in the NFL!!!

  36. MarshallU Says:

    I really do hope that somebody there told Harbaugh not to moan

  37. Luther Says:

    Joe has always said that his opinion is posted here. If you want “balanced ” reporting, go watch Fox news.

  38. Bucs#1 Says:

    Coach Harbaugh – “Today’s lesson is the meaning of NO MEANS NO”

  39. Eric Says:

    I can’t believe the University of Michigan would let this man on their campus. And promote the fact they are doing so.

    Harbaugh is a great guy to learn from. Sure looks like Jameis is doing his thing, full preparation coupled with great desire and effort.

    Go Jaboo.

  40. Frank Says:

    Talk about a misleading headline. … You might want to look up the definition of embrace. One is “to take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole.” Ex: Harbaugh has embraced Winston in his pre-combine training group.– Joe

  41. Yungry Says:

    Jamarcus says No means Yes!!!!! and how dare you criticize the regression from year 1 to year 2… Jamarcus should be getting better, right?

  42. Phillip Says:


    George Whitefield is friends with Jim Harbaugh and Jed Fisch (Passing game coordinator) at the University of Michigan.. Harbaugh isn’t attaching his name to anyone just doing a favor for a friend… I’d also send them to a friend who has played in the NFL at the QB position(and had success) and developed some QB’s into pro bowl players.. Mlive.com/wolverines has a story up about it..

    Looking too deep into the Jameis love bud..

  43. Phillip Says:


    And this is coming from a die hard Wolverine fan as well.

  44. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I have constantly posted that I thought the pic of Winston looking overweight was bogus…..

    Not diminishing the Harbaugh “embrace” of Winston….but I found this that might explain the connections…

    “Both Petty and Winston are clients of quarterbacks coach George Whitfield, a friend of Harbaugh’s.”

    Of course…there is always more than meets the eye….

  45. Eric Says:

    Nah he isn’t attaching himself to Jameis.

    They put that out on twitter for no reason.

    Is this a big deal in overall scheme of things? Not really, but if I were the bucs I would surely ask Jim what he thinks of Jameis.

    Funny to watch the haters twist themselves into pretzels trying to spin a negative out of it though. Obviously a fair minded group.

    And to take hateful shots, as usual.

    Lovie won’t be fooled. He knows what you people are all about.

  46. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    BFFL…Winston likes to have fun and is a show off around his peers. Immature yes, but on the football field, he is a field general. The players around him feed off of his energy. He’s a gun slinger that will take chances, because at times he is over confident of his abilities. That showed in 2014 when he had less to work with than 2013. He took too many chances. I don’t expect that to be a problem with NFL quality WR’s such as Evans and VJax.

    Fans should do more research about who this kid is, or where he came from.

    I did.

    What does his high school teachers and coach say about him and his reputation?

    What do people that worked with this kid have to say about him and his personality? People that know him.

    There’s this thing called Google. Google is your friend.

    Search : How Do Folks in Jameis Winston’s Hometown See Star QB Now?

  47. Phillip Says:

    Because every article on Google is 100% fact.. SMH

    I’m guessing you were out with him those nights when he just likes to “party” and have “fun”? There is also 3 sides to every story or are your blinders for your love of FSU that bad? I’m not insinuating anything either as I don’t know what he did off the field and neither do any of you.. But to say he’s 100% percent innocent in everything that has been speculated as to have happened is a mighty big stretch.. In the last 12 months mind you as well..

    We get it you’ll buy so many season tickets from now till he doesn’t play here anymore… Congrats no one really cares..

  48. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Jameis Winston Is Ready for His Combine Closeup

    MMQB with Peter King…the scone loathing…

    “About the interceptions, Whitfield said it developed from a “trust issue” with some of his young receivers last year. “After the trust he had with Kelvin Benjamin, and then Kelvin left, he had some trouble developing that with some of the younger guys this last year,” Whitfield said.”

    It’s what I was trying to say. Winston tried to do too much last season with less talent around him than 2013.

    “Whitfield said he used the three weeks he’s spent with Winston since the college football season ended in getting him healthy (he had a high ankle sprain late in the season) and in better shape (he’s dropped 12 pounds), and increasing his urgency in the pocket and in his motion. Whitfield used the eight interns to form the back end of a defense, and to drop and play NFL coverages. “Florida State had a 400-level NFL curriculum,” said Whitfield, “and it was very hard for us to confuse him out there.”

    Winston will be more than prepared for the combine and I THINK he will throw.

    “About the off-field problems and questions he’ll face, Whitfield told Winston to come clean. “We’ve be on that, over and over,” Whitfield said, “and the only way to handle it is to be honest. Admit what happened. Don’t hide from it. Tell them what you were thinking. Discuss everything openly.”

    He’s being coached and is a very bright kid when he wants to be.

  49. Eric Says:

    They aren’t ever going to do that 87. Number one they don’t want to actually think for themselves or discover anything that might be contrary to their point of view.

    Secondly, they are too lazy for such an endeavor.

    But, that’s ok, their words speak loudly as to what they are about.

  50. Yungry Says:

    @87 Winston tried to do too much last season with less talent around him than 2013.
    If you want to use that excuse, then tell me who Mariota had around him? Jameis has 3 other offensive players going high in the 2015 draft! Mariota had nobody and his production never dipped…

  51. crazy Says:

    Once we figure out why L&L passed on Johnny Football we’ll be better able to understand this year’s QB decision. If they passed hoping Winston would fall to them then the only question is did last year’s performance and notoriety affect their desires. We still need to temper expectations, however. There are so many holes and so little depth that any rookie QB is going to disappoint in the near term.

  52. kraymuthaphukinglocz Says:

    Winston 1st round perryman 2nd round

  53. iamkingsu Says:

    Winston at number 1 simple as that. He’s a better qb prospect coming out of college than Andrew Luck was!

  54. Phillip Says:

    iamkingsu Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 3:58 pm
    Winston at number 1 simple as that. He’s a better qb prospect coming out of college than Andrew Luck was!

    LMAO!! Wow

  55. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Winston does not want the off field issues swirling around before draft day because yea it could hurt but it’s better than having on field issues swirling around mariotta, who cares if he’s a nice guy we have enough of those. I want them to draft a guy who has no questions about learning the pro style game, mariotta isn’t the pick if he cant be a day one starter and if your drafted with the number 1 overall pick like Stafford or luck you better be good enough to be a day one starter

  56. BK Says:

    You better bring your BIG boy panties to the Dog show today. lol. He is lighting you up IF…this IF that…

    Dog made a good point….he has 3 trials upcoming…why are you not reporting that with your daily nugget? biased.

    Bonzai–superb comment today…maybe you should take over the writing for this site. lol jk

  57. BK Says:

    The photo was sent by an official university account. That’s an endorsement, versus, say, a player Tweeting it or a reporter.–Joe

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^WRONG^^^^^^^^^YOUR DELUSIONAL.
    A picture does not mean Michigan endorses Winston rather they (UM) wanted to show that PRO prospects were coming to their college coach Harbaugh for NFL prepping…this has more to do with college recruiting. Did you remember to take off your FSU parka before writing last night?

    Joe is pro-Mariota, too, but prefers Winston.–Joe

    ^^^^^^IF YOUR PRO MARIOTA YOU HAVE A FUNNY WAY OF SHOWING IT NEVER ON THIS SITE except once and that semi-positive piece ended with a critique and PRO Winston. You couldnt even get through the article without mentioning Winston.

    You better practice spelling Mariota as you will be typing it a lot in 2015.

  58. Eric Says:

    What three trials?

  59. Robert 9 Says:

    he’s just another chimp football player

  60. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Robert 9 Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    he’s just another chimp football player”


  61. Robert 9 Says:


    chump. typo my friend

  62. Buc1987 Says:

    Yungry Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    @87 Winston tried to do too much last season with less talent around him than 2013.
    “If you want to use that excuse, then tell me who Mariota had around him? Jameis has 3 other offensive players going high in the 2015 draft! Mariota had nobody and his production never dipped…”

    This is why people like YOU don’t get it. YOU have never seen Oregon’s games or you would never make such a foolish statement.

    Oregon lives off of deception and trickery thus throwing off opposing defenses. FSU does not. This is WHY many, and I mean many analysts say Winston is more pro-ready, but apparently to some of you they don’t know wth they are talking about and you do. Then again they actually watched all the Ducks games.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    Mariota’s numbers ARE the product of Oregon’s offense. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  64. JP Says:

    Jameis added some lb’s during the season due to a badly sprained right ankle. He was obviously hampered by it throughout the end of the regular season. It limited his mobility on the field and I’m sure hurt his ability to work out during the week.

    I’m no expert, just a Noles fan and a Bucs fan. I know Jimbo’s offense is complex and he was throwing to young, inexperienced receivers this seaseason. The offense has option routes and the receivers made the wrong reads on many of the INT’s. Not all of them, but enough to inflate the total at the end of the season.

  65. a bucs life Says:

    If Buccaneers draft Winston and he gets in trouble off the field the media will crush Tampa. A parking ticket will grab headlines. This is the distraction Winston comes with, so bucs fans better get use to it

  66. Dave Pear Says:

    You might want to practice spelling you’re and your…
    As in you’re an idiot.

  67. Yungry Says:


    You are way off topic! You said due to lack of talent from 2013 to 2014 thats why he regressed in EVERY aspect of his game. I said Marcus had nobody and played with NO other NFL prospects on offense. Then you start rambling on and on about how I never watch Oregon games. Just admit you really don’t know why he regressed and then watch more film and holler back at me when you can give a real explaination!

  68. Pat Says:

    BP14 was there too. Wuu Huu! I won’t be suprized if we pick him up instead.

  69. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Yungry…I’ve already given you the answer kid.

    Winston’s stats regressed, but I think it made him a better QB having to deal with adversity(some off field) and a less talented team around him. He had to make up for trying too hard in games at times. Yes he will force throws at times, but he make up for on the next 4-5 throws in a row. He can get HOT and when he heats up, Buc fans everywhere will be ecstatic that they have Jameis Winston.

    Winston WAS working with a lot of freshman targets unlike the season before.

    Mariota’s stats never regressed because he relies on trickery and a gimmicky offense. You did mention in your original post something about Mariota’s stats never regressing right? Or do I really need to go back and read that dribble?


  70. Yungry Says:

    @ 87

    Yup look it up best touchdown to interception ratio in college football history! I guess Jameis forgot to heat up against Oregon… I will support Winston but I am not buying the talent around him when he had so much more to work with than Marcus did… I know blame it on the system! What’s he supposed to do transfer to another school? When a GM asks Jameis why he was down in his stats year 1 to 2? Is he going to say the talent around me wasn’t good enough or I forced throws into coverage. If we get the Winston of 2013 I am all in… But the last thing we need another #5 inconsistent quarterback.

  71. Pat Says:

    JF5 regressed too, and I think it made him better for it…

  72. Pat Says:

    Btw, I am allergic to #5. Lol.

  73. Pat Says:

    But if I have to, i’ll take some benadryl if it comes down to it 🙂

  74. Pat Says:

    I feel like Schiano with his Atomic Clock in the Locker room…and it all comes down to this:



  75. BK Says:

    Winston has a few civil trails upcoming related to all the shennigans….


    Dave aka FSU alum… I will take your hate all day for my minor grammatical error. I only hope to be as perfect as a Pear someday. lol

  76. JSmalls Says:

    Yungry, do yourself a favor and review this list. Tell me if Winston or Mariota is more in line with other successful QB’s in the NFL.


    Any other stats you’d like me to discredit?

  77. Yungry Says:

    @ JSmalls,

    Winston supporters don’t like stats because they would no case head to head. Now, let’s talk about the growing trend in the NFL of shotgun snaps. On the radio, they said less than 25% of Super Bowl snaps were from behind center. Do you watch the Seahawks, Patriots, Eagles, Packers or Broncos? They do more shotgun snaps than under center. More teams are switching. Mariota’s style is the future and the Glazers love it! Why do you think they tried to hire Chip Kelly for the Bucs?

  78. Yungry Says:

    JSmalls Says:
    Any other stats you’d like me to discredit?

    How did you discredit the stat I provided? Does Mariota or someone else hold the best touchdown to interception ratio in college football history? Its Mariota dude, you sent a link for an article from a writer about why Marcus may not have success in the NFL….Stats can be proven writer’s opinions cannot be…

  79. Pat Says:

    I think Raiders fans has another choice word for >> ANALYST

    Why don’t you drop into their Blog site and FIND OUT!

    I DARE YOU!!!

    “JaMarcus Russell is going to immediately energize that fanbase, that football team — on the practice field, in that locker room. Three years from now you could be looking at a guy that’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league. …You’re talking about a 2-3 year period once he’s under center. Look out because the skill level that he has is certainly John Elway-like.” — ESPN’s Mel Kiper

    “The workout Russell had was Star Wars. It was unbelievable.” Then-Tampa Bay Bucs coach Jon Gruden

    “If you had to choose a quarterback, who would you pick, JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn? Both have strengths and glaring weaknesses. It goes down to which guy is most coachable. I might take Quinn for that reason. But, pure skill with a ton of work to do, it would be Russell. If you put a gun to my head, I would pick Russell. But he comes with a lot of risk.” — ESPN’s Merril Hoge

    “This year, I can’t get over how good and talented JaMarcus Russell is. It just blew me away. If I had the first, second, third, fourth, fifth pick in that draft, I would be tearing apart his personal life trying to figure out whether or not I could trust this kid with $10-million … From a physical skill set perspective, I’ve never seen a college quarterback with more ability than Russell. You put the tape on and it’s frightening. The only thing that’s going to keep [Russell] from being great is him. What it comes down to is you’ve got to figure out whether or not this kid wants to be the best quarterback in football. If he wants to be the best quarterback in football, he can be.” — NFL Network’s Mike Mayock

    “JaMarcus Russell, my man. The Raiders finally get their big arm. And he’s a good kid, strong kid, smart kid. He’ll be a big-time player. If I’m the Raiders, that’s who I pick. That’s pretty easy.” — FOX’s Terry Bradshaw

  80. JSmalls Says:


    Did you see the list the article referenced? Did you see which QB’s were where on that list? You act like the int/td ratio of collegiate QB’s has bearing on the productivity in the NFL – It does not. Look at Luck and Manning’s int/td ratio as it compares to Winston’s in the college… Pretty Similar. Guess what, Manning threw an average of 20int’s his first five years and Luck is averaging near 15 a year along with Brees. Great QB’s throw INT’s.

    But I digress… Where in the hell did I mention % of shotgun snaps? Winston throws a lot from the pistol and shotgun so I’m not sure of your point unless your goal was to deviate from the fact that I blew up your notion of superior INT/TD ratio having any bearing on good QB play in the NFL.

    But lets discuss the shotgun… Heading into last season 58% of plays were run from that formation. That’s a far cry from 100% in Oregon. What’s interesting is that less than 20% of shotgun formations are run plays, far less than Oregon. To infer that the shotgun formation that Oregon runs is similar to what Denver, New England, New Orleans and Green Bay run is flat our wrong. Did you know that Rodgers completed 83% of his passes when under center and his explosive plays were far greater under center. That’s what we need to be concerned with, the efficiency while in different formations and the confusion that brings to a defense.

    But what I’d like for you to find out, Yungry, is the effectiveness of the shotgun in the redzone or in scoring situations. I believe the last play of the Super Bowl is a perfect example. You must be deadly accurate out of play action to have sustained throwing success in the NFL, weather the action is from under center or the gun. I haven’t seen you post Mariota’s passing efficiency inside the redzone, could you please do that, I’d be interested.

  81. JSmalls Says:

    Never mind Yungry, Mariota completed 41% of his redzone passes…

  82. Yungry Says:

    JSmalls Says: But lets discuss the shotgun… Heading into last season 58% of plays were run from that formation. That’s a far cry from 100% in Oregon. What’s interesting is that less than 20% of shotgun formations are run plays, far less than Oregon.
    Well now you can see that more than 50% of snaps will be to shotgun which favors Marcus and with Sims (RB) catching a lot of balls out of the backfield(best hands)…The Glazers wanted Chip Kelly and Tedford for the Bucs! Get a clue The Glazers write the checks and want a spread offense. Its not not hard to see, actions speak louder than words…The Glazers have spoken

  83. Pat Says:

    And who needs an added INT machine when you have someone like this already:

    Playing well in the red zone? Tossing touchdowns? Glennon does all of that and at a surprisingly high rate.

    In 19 career, games, 18 career starts, Mike Glennon has thrown 20 touchdowns in the red zone to just 1 interception. Is that not exactly what you ask of a young quarterback? How about the fact that Mike has thrown just a 2.4 interception percentage in those 19 games compared to the “elite” average of 2.97 by Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees? What if I told you that Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and the rest of the “top-tier” crowd were worse? That’s saying something.


  84. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Yungry….The Glazers want a spread offense???

    I bet neither of them even know what a spread offense is…

    Go away with your silly antics already. Lovie Smith won’t run no spread offense.

  85. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Pat who cares about Jamarcus Russell or the Raiders btw?

    Oh yeah, I forgot. You.

  86. Stanglassman Says:

    How does Yungry know more than Charlie Campbell on who the Glazers want as their QB?

    I gotta go with Jsmalls and 87 on this one.

  87. Pat Says:

    87, my bad. Pls replace JR2 with JW5, a typo. Very sorry.