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February 17th, 2015

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  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    Trading down is so unlikely, I can only think of it happening twice, and it was with the chargers, they traded with Atlanta and again traded with the Giants a couple of years later. I cannot recall any one else trading down.

  2. Lev in Philly Says:

    Jameis OR BUST

  3. buddhaboy Says:

    what about people that put “Dont know” really?

    its an opinion poll

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Don’t Know, No Opinion are always appropriate categories on any opinion poll…

    It would actually be a less acurate poll without the category.

  5. BuccoDav Says:

    I just want to be the first to get this in…

    If you don’t agree with my opinions, you are:
    A – The biggest moron who ever walked the face of the earth.
    B – Obviously, you know nothing about football.
    C – You’re a hater.
    D – You’re a racist.
    E – You’ll never make it as a GM in this league. (note: the fact that I won’t either has nothing to do with this)
    F – All of the above.
    G – Don’t know.

  6. Bucs#1 Says:

    This is not a message board link parade. –Joe

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking of polls

    Joe….I have been requesting another Lovie Confidence Poll.

    There have been enough things that have happened since your last poll that may have influence on the past results.

    Koetter & Bajakian hiring & McCown release are examples

  8. Pickgrin Says:

    Draft the best QB. Winston is the best QB. Simple as that….

  9. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    And we’re off…..

    He’s coming around the bend….it’s now a dead heat and…and

  10. MarshallU Says:

    On the Buccaneer’s own site (the Important one) they did their own Bucs readers and fan poll last week and the Winner was Draft Mariota

  11. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    MarshallU…I haven’t been to that “important one” in 2 years.

  12. RayRay1 Says:

    Interesting a national ESPN poll asking who you would pick between the two has 71% taking Mariota.

  13. Fishfries Says:

    The more people get to know jameis the more they’ll like him. Mostly everyone’s perception of him is what the medias been feeding us.

  14. Fishfries Says:

    Rayray1, the national perception of Jameis is that he’s a fat immature thuggish rapist who doesn’t care about football. It looks like more and more Bucs fans are starting to educate themselves on famous.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let’s see:

    Weeks of pounding the positives of Winston…

    Articles from Joe today…….Winston/Glazer Approved……Harbaugh Embraces Winston…

    That plus 463 post from 87…..

    Wonder how this poll will turn out….

    I am still waiting to see other reports of the Glazer’s choice….until I see more of them I have to discount Charlie Campbell’s story…..not saying it isn’t true….just saying it isn’t supported…
    The entire sports media world is trying to confirm his report today.

  16. MarshallU Says:

    87, that’s because you don’t want to hear the REALITY of the Bucs. However, that’s the one that the Glazer’s read since they own it

  17. cmurda Says:

    Wow, it looks like the vast majority of fans on this site are getting it right. It’s either draft Winston or trade down if and only if there is a Godfather like package offered.

  18. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


  19. MarshallU Says:

    TampabayBucsFan, It means nothing. At this time last year Campbell’s sources told him the Bucs were taking Johnny Manziel at #7

  20. Eric Says:

    Pretty amazing, Jameis carries the day by an even wider margin than before.

    After the drumbeat of haters.

    I think the racists and haters are hurting their cause. People don’t want to be associated with such vile.

    Go Jaboo.

  21. iamabuc Says:

    This poll reflects that, us, the Tampa Bay fans; are tired of waiting for many years for a good Qb. Draft Winston. After soo many clusterfuck seasons……what could go wrong? If anything goes wrong, then is just another typical Buccaneers season……..so….draft Winston! What do we have to loose?

  22. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    TBBF says :

    “That plus 463 post from 87…..

    Wonder how this poll will turn out….”

    Ha ha ha. You give me too much credit. The credit goes to the kid.

  23. Supersam Says:

    They had a Winston/Mariota poll on pro football talk the other day, and It wasn’t even close. Mariota won hands down.

  24. bucs#1 Says:

    I bet that Lovie, Licht and the Glazers really get a giant laugh out of sites like this one trying to figure out what they are going to do. Probably about as much as they do the mocks

  25. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Here they come mama with all their other polls trying to refute the evidence.

    Here they come. Having not come to grips just yet.

  26. bucs#1 Says:

    SuperSam, I know, right? The only poll that Winston has won and Mariota has not is this one. What’s that tell you? lol

  27. iamabuc Says:

    BTW….talking about “bad guys”…..Incognito was signed by a team already…..I’ll bet he’ll be alright for them…..thanks again Lovie…..pls don’t screw this one up…draft Winston…Mariota seems like a bust…wait for it….you read it here first!

  28. bucs#1 Says:

    SuperSam, I think that 87 has found a way to vote multiple times while sitting there staring at his Winston poster, lol

  29. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    No…I voted Don’t know.

  30. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I will be here and rooting for Mariota if he were picked. I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

    The bigger question for the people spewing the vile, who are you rooting for if/when Jameis is picked #1 to TB?

    You can’t seriously pull for a team when you call the guy a rapist and Jamarcus, etc. So, who’s your new team?

  31. Phillip Says:

    So people couldn’t root for the Bucs when we drafted Freeman or Glennon?

    Makes sense..

  32. Supersam Says:

    Hahaha I agree, every other poll I’ve seen has Mariota killing Winston. Makes me a little suspicious about this poll.

  33. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I am not talking about just anyone who thinks Jameis isn’t the correct pick.

    I am specifically talking about a small subset of those people who post the most vile things, specifically calling him a rapist and a thug (CODE WORD), and criminal destined for prison. And so on.

    I thought Freeman was a bad pick simply because he never very accurate. But, I rooted for him until it was obvious that he wasn’t that good.

    The pure hatred spewed towards Winston by a small amount of people is unlike anything I have ever seen in any draft for the Bucs. Ever.

    I mean those people….

  34. Phillip Says:

    TBBF says:

    That plus 463 post from 87…..

    LMAO! Don’t forget the other fanboys on here as well with their non stop love for all things Jameis… He can do no wrong in their eye’s.. I honestly think he could be caught red handed in ANY one of the off the field incidents and they would be right there with excuses…

  35. Phillip Says:

    Btw again I’m not saying he did any of the stuff that has been reported either.. Just to say he is a 100% innocent in all of the reported incidents is hard to imagine. None of us were out with him when he did or did not do any of this stuff either..

  36. JFat - Just Draft a QB Says:

    I’ll take Mariota still.

    I’ll be interested to hear what Jameis has to say at the combine though. I wouldn’t mind if he was the choice but I think he could do himself a whole lot of good with a lot of people if he comes off as composed, grown-up and truthful during his presser.

  37. Celly Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    I will be here and rooting for Mariota if he were picked. I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

    The bigger question for the people spewing the vile, who are you rooting for if/when Jameis is picked #1 to TB?

    You can’t seriously pull for a team when you call the guy a rapist and Jamarcus, etc. So, who’s your new team?

    If you ever get an answer to this, please let me know. I have yet to hear one.

  38. jb Says:

    It’s nice to see so many coming around, and not listening to the media trying to demonize Winston.

  39. Eric Says:

    Who said he is 100% innocent?

    He got in a BB gun battle with his buds.
    He stole crablegs.
    He repeated obscene lyrics he heard over youtube.

    I believe he is guilty of the above, but don’t see them as disqualifying for playing pro football.

  40. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ Phillip

    I don’t think anyone that supports Winston is saying he is 100% innocent. We are simply saying the soda, yelling curse words, crab legs (which was a hook up) are no big deal. The whole rape accusation is just that, an accusation in which he has been found innocent 3 times. So based on the laws of this country, Winston is innocent until proven guilty.

  41. Skyline Crew Says:

    Besides the FSU homers I think it pretty split on who Bucs fans want. I’d rather take the best QB for our future. Mariota!

  42. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    Skyline..keep telling yourself that right up until the draft. 🙂

  43. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    Mariota is my first choice, but I honestly do not care so long as we get either one. I really don’t think there is an Andrew Luck in this draft. Both QB’s will be a project. One will just be a more on-field one and the other will more of an off-field one.

  44. ADown88 Says:

    I have seen other (national) fan poles where Mariota wins, but if you took an “expert” or media pole of who they think is the better QB, I think it would be overwhelmingly in Winston’s favor. Fans have biases across the board, and I think it’s pretty obvious that Winston has a lot of “haters”, which is a childish word, but there is no denying that it is a real thing.

    In a Tampa Bay Bucs fan pole, I think you are asking directly to people who have done some sort research on the two players, opposed to national fans which probably don’t care enough about someone like Jameis to do their own research. They only hear about all of the “bad” things he’s done.

  45. lord cornelius Says:

    Each poll seems to favor more Winston voters on this site. That means either
    1) There are a significant amount of people that view the site who have changed their minds
    2) The site has attracted more Winston lovers over time and lost Mariota followers.

    It’s likely a combo of both those but based on the comments you pretty much see the same people in here; so a lot of people have changed their minds.

    ESPN / profootball talk and more general media voices have typically the most anti-Winston personalities. Bucsnation / joebucsfan are my main Buc sources of news and seem to lean Winston.

  46. NuckinFutz Says:


    I’m an FSU guy that wants the Bucs to draft Mariota. It amazes me how many of the FSU folks want him here even though they know he is dirty. However, I also know a great deal of FSU folks that do not want him here because they also know he is dirty.
    People have to remember that this is Tampa and not Tallahassee, and for every one FSU person that may buy a ticket because Winston is the Buc QB I
    guarantee that there are 10 regular, respectable Bucs fans that will not renew theirs because they will not spend their hard earned money to watch their team they love force a contrversial, polarizing figure down their throats.
    I’m sure the Buc’s market research people are looking at the demographics of their ticket holders and know that the Franchise’s success does not depend on the people that worship the garnett and gold

  47. NuckinFutz Says:


  48. NuckinFutz Says:

    Also, if the FSU folks get their wish, I can’t wait to see all of the apologies and excuses that they come up with when, not if, Winston does something to humiliate the Bucs franchise

  49. Jerseybuc Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 2:03 pm
    Trading down is so unlikely, I can only think of it happening twice, and it was with the chargers, they traded with Atlanta and again traded with the Giants a couple of years later. I cannot recall any one else trading down.

    You are probably too young to remember it Buc Realist but the Bucs did it in 1978.
    We traded out of the top slot because Earl Campbell was the consensus pick and we had just drafted Ricky Bell the year before. (in the same draft that produced Tony Dorsett). Because we already had a bell cow RB, we traded with the Oilers and got Doug Williams at 17 and lots more.

    It happens when you are convinced that the top pick is either not a fit for your team or you don’t believe they are worthy. I have doubts with both of these QBs. I hope I am wrong.

  50. Skyline Crew Says:


    NFL did a marketability research and Mariota was more marketable than Jameis was.

  51. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “NuckinFutz Says:
    February 17th, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Also, if the FSU folks get their wish, I can’t wait to see all of the apologies and excuses that they come up with when, not if, Winston does something to humiliate the Bucs franchise”

    It’s funny when people guess about something and pretend that it’s a fact.

  52. Nybucsfan Says:

    This is the hunting ground fan club what do you think the results will be

  53. Eric Says:

    The only cure for the bucs current marketability problem is winning football games.

    The vast majority of football people that look at Jameis v. Marcus believe that Jameis is more likely to help the bucs do that.

    Simple decision. Likely already made.

    Go Jaboo.

  54. Nybucsfan Says:

    There is a poll on a major sports site and Mariota has almost 70% like I said this is the hunting ground fan club

  55. Donovan Says:

    Jameis is already looking at homes in Tampa

  56. rayjay1122 Says:

    Interesting. Not like a fan opinion poll is going to hold an ounce of weight but interesting nonetheless. I was a proud Mariota voter since I want to see a winner again and not be set back another 10 years. I will support Winston IF we select him but IF he becomes a franchise QB in Tampa I think I will be more shocked than if I won the lottery and I do not even play the lottery if that shows how much I doubt he will amount to anything in Tampa. I believe if we take him, he will suck out loud, then he will go to another team and then possibly do OK. We are not a rookie QB developing team and I think Mariota would at least be more entertaining to watch play. This is only my opinion and I am not an authority on pro QB talent. I just have seen a few of FSU’s games with Winston but in that short sample size, I was utterly unimpressed.

  57. P'cola Buc Says:

    According to the last 25 mock drafts listed on dcprosports.com they have the Bucs taking with the number one pick…..Winston convincingly……


  58. Bucnjim Says:

    A lot of fans here are the same ones who were screaming for Manzel! I will support whoever they choose, BUT buyer beware when it comes to Winston! He screams of take the bonus check and run. I will bet he already has his Mercedes picked out. Groupies soon to follow……..

  59. P'cola Buc Says:

    Sorry… Make that dcprosportsreport.com

  60. SuperSam Says:

    This is why Marcus Mariota will be our new starting quarterback regardless of what all those useless Mock Drafts say. “You gotta have a guy that can process it at a real fast speed and that’s what Marcus can do better than anyone in the country,” Kelly said. “He knows what to do on every single play. It’s just show me what you’re gonna give us and then he has answer for it. And because, the one aspect that he has that separates him from everybody else, is the answer for a lot people is—well let’s just make the quarterback beat us. If you put it on him and let the quarterback beat you, he’ll drop 50 [point] on you like that.” That was from Chip Kelly. Bajakian: Quick Mind Critical at QB, that was from our new quarterback coach. Connect the dots people.

  61. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is not a scientific poll…..it is an opinion poll that does have some merit….

    By scientific….a poll would have to measure the appropriate percentage of women & men….ages, races etc. Sure the poll should measure results from Buc fans….not necessarily just ticket purchasers….but regular TV viewers also.

    The reason why the non JBF polls are so dominant for Mariota is that they are driven by public opinion of the two QBs….and the public opinion of Mariota is better.

    Joe’s poll is somewhat skewed because the host has bias toward one of the QBs and that bias influences opinion. I do believe many have changed their mind after the National Championship Game….and there also may be some Mariota supporters who have left….but I don’t think many.

    I’m not saying this poll doesn’t mean anything…it does….but what I am saying is that it “is what it is”….It is a poll of JBF readers who post…..and that is a very small sample (no offense Joe) of the universe of total Buc fans…..hundreds of thousands.

  62. Greg Says:

    The funny thing is that I don’t trust Lovie to pick the right players any way they do it.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…let’s also not forget who was asking Joe for a poll for weeks before he finally got one.

    You might know the guy….

  64. Eric Says:

    Winston wins again!!!!!!!!!

    Lovie will make an outstanding selection just like last year.

  65. Buc1987 Says:

    SuperSam..you just keep using words like “regardless of what most people are saying” right up until the draft.

    Keep telling yourself none of that matters.

    Whatever’s going to get you through the misery of draft day.

  66. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    I have not complained about the results one time and I said the poll matters because it is a measurment of JBF posters……I just think it would have been better to start it from the beginning…..I think the results would have perhaps ended up the same.

    You won’t catch me whining!!!!

  67. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    Bucsnation ran a similar poll and the results were quite different…..pretty much neck & neck between the QBs…..

    I realize you don’t have any problems with Joe’s bias toward Winston because you are a Winston fan….but if you are the least bit intelectually honest, you will have to admit that the bias influences the poll somewhat.

  68. Buc1987 Says:

    LOL…I just had to poke a stick at cha…

  69. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I spent some time in marketing research so I am familiar with polling.

    I’m not saying this poll isn’t acurate…it is….but you can’t project its results beyond JBF posters (not even readers)

    Now….here is a question I would like Joe to poll.

    If the Bucs select someone other than your choice for QB, do you support that choice.

    Not At All
    No Opinion

  70. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am surprised as biased as this site is being pro Winston that the poll was not as follows:

    Draft Jameis Winston
    Don’t draft Marcus Mariota
    Draft Leonard Williams
    Trade down and pick an OT

  71. Pat Says:

    Yeah, I agree, I Gez it only happens in F L A….maybe the voting booths are definitely archaic here. Lol

  72. BK Says:

    The Glazers know full well that this draft pick will either bring us back into NFL playoff hunt fray or set us back 5-10 years. I just do not see them willing to bet on a guy who was not savvy enough to realize he was suspended from the Seminole team and he was not to dress in uniform for a game this year and tried anyway. He is either a dunce or naive about his place at FSU. He is high risk and anyone that says he is not is lying to themselves.

  73. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    BK…”I just do not see them willing to bet on a guy”

    Then you need to open your eyes.

  74. mikeh Says:

    87 stuff bozo#5 where the sun don’t shine! your a idiot! you will be the one on here all year sticking up for your boy friend when he s***s and they lose. you act like a little kid just like bozo. that’s if they even pick him. get over yourself!

  75. White Tiger Says:

    I’d love for there to BE an alternative to the QB’s – it’s unfortunate – but NONE of the DE’s fit what this defense needs: a rush end.

    Please don’t start with the Leonard Williams crap – it just shows that you don’t really know what you’re talking about – and you’re not really putting much thought into it if you ask why. Williams is NOT a capable DE in the version of a 4-3 front that Lovie’s trying to build/re-build here in Tampa. Ndomkong Suh would be a MUCH better fit than Leonard Williams…and HE wouldn’t fit as a Rush DE…

    Even though it’s not a scientific poll – the sample size is only the readership of this page…and even in a city with a huge FSU following…Kid Fameis can only garner a little more than 1/2 of the respondents to a question about who to draft…


  76. Eric Says:

    Jumbo said the uniform wearing was not his fault. The equipment guy put out his stuff.

    Not like he tried to play in the game. He just wanted to be on the sideline with his team.

    The fact someone would make something out of that shows the mentality. Just like the “fat” pic. Just like he didnt shake hands (false)

    Point shaving. Autographs. Rift with jimbo. Shoved a ref. Marijuana sign.

    All false. Just shows the extremes people will go to to trash the guy.

    What id like to see in the poll is % of gator fans that voted Mariota.

    A thoroughly classless bunch for sure.

  77. Eric Says:


  78. Bucs#1 Says:

    Eric, looks like Winston is now the Jumbo

  79. Riga Says:

    A poll on this site is tainted due to the Jameis favoritism in just about every article written. It has either driven Mariota fans away from reading this site or the Joe’s have actually persuaded readers to follow their lead and trust in Winston.

    The Tampa Bay Times had a poll last week and it was heavily favored towards Mariota.

    I didn’t post this as a slight to anyone or any way people were leaning, it was just an observation I made.

  80. Another J Says:

    According to this poll, The Marcus Mariota,or Bust crowd seems to have left the building.
    Joe, Please email these Poll results to The Gurus at One Buc Place, Just in case they’re having any doubts on who to pick!

  81. 87ForWinstonNOMariota Says:

    The Tampa Bay Times has a tally going of mock drafters.

    So far Winston is in the lead by a wide margin as of yesterday.

    Like I said when the consensus of mock drafters is heavily leaning one way regarding the first pick in the draft, it usually breaks that way. If the draft were tomorrow Jameis Winston would be a Buc.

    “NFL Mock Draft Monday: Pundits prefer Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota”

    Matt Baker, Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer

    Final tally so far: Winston 9; Mariota 3

  82. White Tiger Says:

    It’s almost sad the way these FSU fans spin reality into lies…

    Really, ALL the stories are false? Do you see how deranged that sounds?

    I mean, to come off as legitimate, while still defend your QB…it would seem some might at least admit the more mundane “problems” actually happened…but to assert that none of them are true? Well, that makes ALL of them plausible to the rest of us.

    That’s why we stopped trying to discover which were true and which weren’t – and decided that Marriota’s probably the better pick. Different skill set, great leader, and no drama…

  83. Anzac buc Says:

    Zero credibility. The official Buccaneers website is running a similar poll that reflects the results of the nation site too. Bollocks

  84. MadMax Says:

    I voted trade down…..Scherff or Collins…..but I know we’re probably going QB,and in that case, Winston.

  85. Buccobruce Says:

    Damn!!! All you toothless ass rednecks hanging out in the old trailer trash end zone. Are a bunch of retards!!!! That’s partly why the bucs have never drafted a good QB… I can still hear the old chants ” put in Casey Weldon! ” it is soooooo ridiculous! Winston is nothing but trouble and quarntee he will be a bust. I will admit he was good at the college level but this is NFL and everyone is great. Look at the tape the kid has a lazy lackadaisical delivery when he throws the ball. The kid is a bust people and 50% of the vote for Winston man Joe, has you people brain washed with his daily Winston BS… Here’s to have another crappy QB and another loosing season. This regime has yet to get anything right. They continue to let players go for a bag of peanuts or cut them all together. Winston sucks and if they draft him he is a bust and Lovie looses his gig. Heard it here first.

  86. Buccobruce Says:

    WaKe up folks!!! http://espn.go.com/espn/fp/flashPollResultsState?sportIndex=nfl&pollId=4702384

  87. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Joe left Draft Leonard Williams off the poll, since he’s a DT/DE I had to go trade down with the assumption of at least getting multiple first round picks. I’m perfectly good with either of the QB’s of they go that route (though Jameis’s immaturity does concern me going to a pro environment), but I’d be cool with drafting Leonard Williams and rolling with the young Matt Ryan…I mean Mike Glennon under Koetter’s play calling. MGM baby! 🙂

  88. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Wow just looked at Bucco’s link to the map….not looking good for 87 and the other Winston/FSU fans if those percentages are correct. Winston can’t even win Florida??? Then again it’s all meaningless, the Bucs will draft who they want (but it may influence ownership’s QB preference…NFL is an entertainment product now, so public perception is important)

  89. Another J Says:

    That ESPN poll doesn’t specify a team…

  90. BamBamBuc Says:

    Never trust opinion polls, especially national ones, to be based on anything of value. They are opinions. National polls aren’t fans of the team that want what’s best for the Bucs, they are simply picking the guy they think is “more exciting” or “more popular”. It’s like the joke we call a Pro Bowl. The only thing that matters is what Lovie, Licht, and the Glazers do on draft day.

    You can trash talk the QB you don’t like all you want, in order to sway other fans to your opinion, but when push comes to shove one of these guys is likely to be our new QB, and we’ll have 100% of the Bucs fans thinking every negative thing they heard all off-season about our new QB and wondering if he will ever succeed before he even takes a snap or throws a pass in OTAs. Both are good QBs and we’ll be lucky to have either one.