Bullish On Dirk Koetter

February 3rd, 2015
Bucs OC Dirk Koetter.

Bucs OC Dirk Koetter

Though NFL drama pushed the transaction off the front page of Bucs news, Tampa Bay fans should be excited about new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

With Jameis Winston on board, Koetter can mold him the way molded Matty Ice. Joe knows Bucs fans grumble that Matty Ice is overrated, but compared to Josh McCown, Matty Ice is Dan Marino.

One man who covers the Bucs is very bullish on Koetter, and that is Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. In fact, Cummings believes the Koetter hire may be a historic one, as he told Olivia Stacey in a TBO.com video.

“I think he will create in Tampa exactly what he did in Atlanta and [also] in Jacksonville,” Cummings said. “It is a scheme that obviously has worked very well. He had a top-10 offense in Jacksonville with David Garrard as his quarterback. He has worked with young quarterbacks. He had top-10 offenses in Atlanta. This is a guy Bucs fans have been waiting — this guy may be the best offensive coordinator the Bucs have ever had.”

Better than Chucky? That could be a tall order, but Joe understands the point.

Koetter has a solid resumé. And if he is able to develop Winston, Koetter may just be a short-time employee. Another successful notch on his belt could make Koetter a head coaching candidate again.

64 Responses to “Bullish On Dirk Koetter”

  1. Eric Says:

    Perfect guy to coach Jameis up.

  2. @eric Says:

    Glennon will love this guy.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    The question should be, is Koetter good enough to overcome Lovie???

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont think Ryan is over rated. He’s not elite but he’s very good. I would kill for very good right now from our QB.

  5. Nick2 Says:

    Joe your making me nervous with all of the Jameis talk. I want him as bad as you do but my fears are that the Glazers gunshy from the Josh Freeman debacle will go with choirboy Marcus Mariota to be the face of Bucs mediocrity for years to come.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie has full roster control. He’s doing whatever he wants, not what the Glazers want. If the Glazers want to fire him, then they can decide the pick. Otherwise it’s the Leonard Williams/Marcus Mariota showdown.

  7. Tom Edrington Says:


    Did you miss Joe(s) post on the Glazers and the decision-making process?

  8. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Tom …that doesn’t matter. He’s got it in his mind as if he’s a fly on the wall at One Buc.

  9. Supersam Says:

    Sapp getting picked up for soliciting sex isn’t helping Winston much, in fact it may be the tipping stone on them not picking him. Tampa is trying to clean up there image not make it worse. Mariota is someone who can be the face of our franchise, without the negative attention Jameis will bring, we don’t need Jamarcus Russell 2.0

  10. WS99 Says:

    ” I think he will create in Tampa exactly what he did in Atlanta”

    Riddle me this Batmen, why do people think Koetter is going to do anything of significance in Tampa when he’s only won 10 games in ATL in 2 years with Ryan, Jones, White, fckn tony Gonzales, Jackson – all of which are probowlers?

    Somehow he’s going to turn a rookie qb, ASJ lol, and crew into a 9 win team?

    Come on man!!! Get a grip. Man I miss schiano at least you knew he wanted to win but he had too possy leaders on his team who complained all the way to the bank. Now everybody in love with flip flop lovie and his 2 wins. #icecream



  12. Ray Rice Says:


    I understand soliciting but you don’t have to assault them. Dam! Now look at you. Unemployed and posting on JBF. SMH LOL

  13. Nick2 Says:

    The Glazers are not involved in the draft UNLESS its the number one overall pick people. Anyone who thinks the Glazers will not have to sign off on who we get with this pic is not thinking right.

  14. Couch Fan Says:

    Given we dont have all the playmaking pieces he had in Atl, but let’s be real here. Atl didnt lose games because of their offense.

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Yeah, and Joe’s article clearly spells out the Glazers will not be making the decision, Lovie will be. Did you guys actually read it? Joe hopes the Glazers will decide the pick; the facts though state say it’s on Lovie to choose.

    The Glazers gave Lovie full roster control, something Lovie demanded to be coach. He can pick whoever he wants, and if he wants Mariota or Williams, that will be that. He can pretty much dare them to fire him, which by the way would mean Koetter is the coach next year because no one’s taking the job at that point.

  16. WS99 Says:

    Ray rice my man. You know I’m from the slapahoe tribe. Btch better have my money cuz I’m broke.

    Btw I changed my name from DB55. I thought WS99 was more appropriate for me cuz I’m a penishead.

  17. OB Says:

    I guess people don’t recognize that there has been a sea change in sports. Be accused and/or arrested for abusive actions involving women and you are suspended and/or fired that day. Since the NFL is a business, no one is going to risk major money on this with very little return when looking at repeat offenders. The number one pick is major money.

    Having said that, I am sure that Koetter will pick who he thinks is the best for the job. Lovie has clearly proven Joe knows more about QBs than he does and I am sure he has been muzzled on this.

    Also of interest is the OL coach, does he stay or not tells us about the line and Koetter also.

  18. Mr. Patrick Says:

    At least next year Bucs will have an OC unlike last year when they were the only team in the league without one. I wish him much luck and success

  19. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Bucrightoff…no need to skip the page I repost it for you. It could’nt be more clear for you, but.

    “To hear the words from the “Custodian of Canton,” eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, Team Glazer is on board with the rest of society. They want a quarterback.”

    Kaufman: Lovie can give them all the objections he wants. They better be good. They want a quarterback.

    Russo: So who has the final call then, the Glazer brothers or Lovie?

    Kaufman: Well, if Lovie and Jason Licht don’t make one heck of a compelling case that neither of these guys are worth that first overall pick, they are going to be told, “We want a quarterback. You get to pick him, but we want a quarterback.”

  20. WS99 Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    February 3rd, 2015 at 12:36 pm
    Atl didnt lose games because of their offense.


    Funny thing is I feel the same way about TB when Glennon was playing. Our Defense lost those games but that’s blasphamy around here cuz “after week 9 lovie took the def to a top 25 def” – bullchit possy ass def with the exception of


  21. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Ray Rice Says:
    February 3rd, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    I understand soliciting but you don’t have to assault them. Dam! Now look at you. Unemployed and posting on JBF. SMH LOL
    LOL……………..Just LOL!!!
    I stopped reading the articles here a couple days ago. THIS is what I come to see.

  22. Pat Says:

    Let’s say Joe is spot on with this QB fixation with the Glazers. And scouring the 2015 QB UFAs, none looks attractive to me. There seems to be a lot of has been1st rounders that’s being nonchalantly being tossed in the trash, lol. Just to add on then, can Koetter work with Foles? I think he’s the most pro ready NOW. Just as MG is mentioned as a trade Chip….I love smoke screens!

  23. Mr. Patrick Says:

    When has Ira ever been right about anything? lol

  24. chickster Says:

    Winston wont be a buc

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    Funny thing is I feel the same way about TB when Glennon was playing.

    With the exception of the cleveland game. I would agree with you.

  26. kevin Says:

    If he had a top ten offense with david garrard….then why take a chance on winston….draft marriota or trade philly for our piick and foles and let him mold foles or glennon and get a bunch of picks.

  27. Ray Rice Says:


    Lmfao. Well played.

  28. bucrightoff Says:

    “We want a quarterback. You get to pick him, but we want a quarterback.”

    Thanks for making my point there 87. Appreciate it. Again, Lovie has $20 million no matter what. If he wants Leonard Williams, he’s either getting fired (and $20 million) or he’s getting Leonard Williams. And if Lovie is fired after being given full control only to have it revoked, we’ll be hiring the Mike Pettines of the world because no one other than bottom level coaches will be coming here to work for meddlesome owners.

    Besides, he conned them into getting full control to begin with. He can easily talk them into Williams.

  29. Ray Rice Says:


    We got to have fun somehow. Lol

  30. Ray Rice Says:


    Slapahoe tribe lmfao

  31. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Here’s what Charlie Campbell of Walter Football said about the Bucs drafting Winston. He actually has him mocked to the Bucs but doesn’t agree with the selection:
    “I think they’re crazy. But the Buccaneers apparently aren’t worried about Winston going nuts in Ybor or at Mons Venus, the latter would have to rename itself Mons Jameis after Winston puts the owners’ kids through college.”

    Not exactly a ringing endorsement

  32. Couch Fan Says:

    Thats because its a ridiculous statement. Winston has no issues going to strip clubs or partying or any of that. It’s senseless and stupid. Might as well call Winston a murderer an astronaut and a surfer. Considering they all have about the same amount in common with Winston. But aye, as long as it if fill your hate-o-meter right?

  33. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    Can one of Winston Jameis’ fan already booked a “treatment facility” for next year please ?

    Look at what happen with Johnny Football in Cleveland and you will have an idea of what will happen in Tampa next year.

  34. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Couch
    Sorry if his statement goes against your Winston love-o-meter, but he is a very respected voice in pro football scouting

  35. Couch Fan Says:


    Thats nice but can he talk about actual facts? not made up statements that have nothing to do with Winston. Thank you.

  36. WS99 Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    February 3rd, 2015 at 12:58 pm
    Funny thing is I feel the same way about TB when Glennon was playing.

    With the exception of the cleveland game. I would agree with you.


    Fair enough! That 4 out of 5 games.

  37. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Couch
    You mean actual facts like Winston has a history of bad behavior, character issues and was accused of Rape? Those kind of actual facts?
    Campbells statement was based on actual facts

  38. Couch Fan Says:

    Ok then go head and show me any stories about Winston partying or going to strip clubs. Go head I’ll wait. According to you those are facts right? I’ll be waiting for you to spin it and not show me anything.

  39. BrianDorry55 Says:


    You really think Lovie is getting complete control when almost all of his big money free agents were flops…and his choice at quarterback was a complete trainwreck? Guarantee you he doesn’t have complete control…nor should he expect to.

  40. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie already has complete control. Did you guys not pay attention to his contract? He has complete, 100% control of all personnel decisions. One of the few coaches in the league who does. How did he get it? Couldn’t tell you, but he’s got it. Hence why Licht was hired after Lovie. That alone should tell you who’s running the show

  41. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Couch
    Campbell also said that one of his scouting directors told him that Winston’s off-field bad behavior was much more than advertised so I’m sure that he knows more than we do and has heard things that we haven’t

  42. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Lovie definitely has 100% control, that’s why it’s ignorant to bash Licht. We have no idea what he actually wants.

  43. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    Adam SchefterVerified account ‏@AdamSchefter

    Lovie Smith’s contract contains the clause that gives him final say over all personnel matters on the Buccaneers’ final 53-man roster.

    7:45 AM – 5 Jan 2014


  44. Couch Fan Says:

    Still waiting for these facts you say exhist. Other than “sources” of sources.

  45. WS99 Says:

    Gil Arcia @GilArcia
    Cris Mortensen on ESPN Radio suggests keeping on eye on #Bucs Mike Glennon being moved to the AFC North.
    8:47 AM – 3 Feb 2015

  46. Eric Hernandez Says:

    Hey joe I didn’t know we drafted and signed Jamies Winston. Man you just schooled ESPN. Breaking a story like that is amazing. I swear the Glazers, Licht and Lovie can say point blank we are drafting Marcus Maroita and you will still say let’s not connect the dots. Just ridiculous man.

    Now that being said the more type I watch the more I see why Winston would make sense. He is a combination of big Ben and Eli manning. Not too bad but he will throw int’s. Just like Eli. The truth about his off field issues lie between the nut-huggers and haters. He is not Manziel. There wasn’t a party issue with him. But he is immature, will money, and free time make that worse? I do not know. Just remember you don’t have to even be charged to be suspended. He seems to have that wrong place wrong time issue.

    If he is the pick lets home he gets that corrected.

  47. Joe Says:

    The question should be, is Koetter good enough to overcome Lovie???

    Fair point.

  48. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If anyone thinks the Glazers went on the record and told Kauffman that they want a QB and Lovie can pick which one is an absolute fool. This is simply Kauffman’s opinion based on his knowledge of how the Glazers have operated in the past…..but…..this is the #1 overall pick….the most valuable pick since their ownership…..and the reason why they have it is their coach went 2-14…..
    If I were betting…..I’d bet that they will have the final say.

  49. bucrightoff Says:

    If the Glazers have finally say over the pick, we’re totally screwed as a franchise. The only franchises where the owners meddle are the disaster, dysfunctional teams. Though I suppose that almost accurately sums up the Bucs.

  50. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ bucrightoff

    I don’t disagree with you on that….after all….they hired the coach you love…

  51. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Chucky is not a good coach, except when compared to the ones we’ve had since he was sent packing.

    He really doesn’t deserve the praise he gets as a coach. As Madden’s replacement? He does.

  52. buddah Says:

    If L&L are dumb enough to draft Jameis then they deserve what they get. These guys do not “mature” when the green stuff fills their pockets and all their college buddies who protected and lied for them come a calling. And don’t give me the example of Cam Newton who has proved only that he has proved that he is not a leader, is not accurate, and has been carried by a stellar defense. Sapp, Peterson, Hernandez, and the beat goes on and on and on.

  53. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    It’s clear that I’m less than a rabid supporter of Jameis. I do not believe either QB merits the very top pick in the draft. But I can easily imagine both being successful and will cheer for either if they become Bucs.

    But let’s stop calling Jameis Jamarcus. Jamarcus was a lazy dude who took the money and ran. Jameis work ethic is NOT the problem. Forgetting the off field problems on the field Jameis reminds me more of Leftwich. Long throwing motion but very powerful and a hard competitor. I think Jameis is also quicker than Leftwich and more athletic. But leftwich cobbled together a decent career and Jameis should do as well or even btter

  54. Jerseybuc Says:

    Deal the pick to Cleveland for their two first rounders and a second and fourth rounder. Draft a Tackle, DE, Guard and MLB with the first 4 picks and let Dirk work with MG8. Go hard after McCourty if he hits free agency. Pick up a veteran Guard in free agency, hopefully from SF.
    Neither of these QBs are slam dunks. Bucs have a lot of needs.

  55. Lovethepewter Says:

    I always have the same reaction when I go through these posts. Idiot, idiot, idiot, good point, idiot, idiot, idiot. Where’s the off switch on these morons? We don’t need Leonard Williams, let someone else make Glennon their franchise QB, Winston is the pick, and Koetter didn’t have control of ATL’s horrendous defense. Additionally, Charlie Campbell also said Winston will grow out of his “character issues.” If you want to leave as a Bucs fan, there’s the door. Bye Felecia.

  56. lurker Says:

    “Did you guys not pay attention to his contract? ”

    nope, i missed it. can you post the contract as i couldn’t find it online. and the “inside info” from schefter is not the contract. there are usually many outs in a contract. i would like to know.

    the glazers can always give an extra year or 2 of bad records for a rookie qb vs a short leash in 2015. yes, lovie might get his money, but he might not get another head coaching gig.

  57. Warthog Says:

    If Koetter had a top-10 offense with Garrard… Is he still in the league? I’d take him over McCown as the veteran mentor/backup qb…

  58. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Will Winston be accused of rape in the future? That remains to be seen and anything else is just speculation.

    With millions of dollars will Winston steal anymore crab legs from Publix? Probably not.

    Will he have time to shoot BB guns at squirrels anymore? Probably not.

    Draft Jameis Winston and don’t look back.

  59. Cobraboy Says:

    If he can coach up Winston, he can coach up Mariota…

  60. FortMyersDave Says:

    Joe stated: “Better than Chucky? That could be a tall order, but Joe understands the point.”

    Joe, I think most Buc fans will be happy with an offense that can average 21 points a game and actually make some TDs in the redzone instead of the frustrating turnovers that McNown was infamous for this past season. Koetter probably could have gotten the Bucs somewhere from 6 to 8 wins this past season with the current talent as it is likely that a competent OC would have found a way to win games like the Rams, Vikes, Bengals and both Saints matchups along with one of the 2 Carolina matchups and that is with the OL the Bucs currently have which has to be one of the bottom 5 in the league despite all the rankings that say otherwise. Koetter actually made the Falcons respectable on offense and if you look at the talent on the ATL offensive roster one will really that the most glaring difference was qb (Yeah Jones is better than Evans and Roddy White when healthy is probably comparable to V-Jack but the biggest difference is comparing Matty Ice to McNown or Napolean Dynamite). Given a new qb and an upgrade or 2 on OL and I believe the Bucs can be respectable as the defense was decent down the stretch. But the Bucs need a qb! Yeah they could trade down and strengthen the trenches but without a good qb the Bucs can only aspire to be a team like the Rams with a great D but still going 6-10 due to the lack of a qb…. If the Bucs had drafted a Bridgewater or Carr last spring then trading down would be the move (of course Bridgewater or Carr would have got more than 2 wins IMHO) but right now the Bucs need a face for the franchise and they have to roll the dice and hope Winston/Mariota become more like Luck or even Stafford as opposed to Jamarcus R, Leif, Couch, or Akili Smith…..

  61. mikeh Says:

    matty ice overrated yes but not half as much as bozo Winston.

  62. ufcguy Says:

    I would laugh if winston dropped to the second round and we got him and leonard williams. Id probably pass out from screaming so loud

  63. Barry Says:

    #TheCreepyCrab #FaceOfFranchise #SexualAssaultCivilCase

  64. BoJim Says:

    So Sapp’s problems are now Winston’s? WTF?