Year 2 For The Tight Ends

January 15th, 2015

austin seferian-jenkins 0812aDon’t break up the band!

The Bucs have very high hopes for banged up manbeast tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and tight end Brandon Myers already got a restructured 2015 contract with cash up front.

But what about Luke Stocker?

Well, Joe learned this week that the Bucs are very high on Stocker for a variety of reasons, including grades for standout special teams play.

Joe expects the Bucs to make a play to re-sign Stocker, whose contract is on its final days. Stocker shocked Bucs fans this season by staying healthy, and showing some versatility as a fullback.

Joe doesn’t expect anyone to jump up and down about a No. 3 tight end, but Stocker is solid in his role. Who could forget the forced fumble that got Lovie Smith’s attention? Yes, 2014 was so sad, a Luke Stocker hustle play was a major highlight.

One thing lurking in the back of Joe’s brain is a concern former Bucs tight end Dave Moore expressed about Seferian-Jenkins, who finished the season on injured reserve with a back injury.

Moore spoke on WDAE-AM 620 after the season and talked about how it’s a red flag for a young, big guy like Seferian Jenkins to already have back problems. Throw in surgery on his foot last year, an ankle sprain on opening day, among other ailments, and Joe, too, is a little spooked.  Hopefully, the injury bug will stay away from ASJ, who should make massive strides in his second season.

38 Responses to “Year 2 For The Tight Ends”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    Draft Nick O’Leary, his durability, toughness, great hands and blocking ability will offset the softness of ASJ.

  2. Pewter_Power Says:

    If he can stay healthy he should thrive under Koetter. I look at this Bucs offense and I see very similar personnel to what Koetter had in Atlanta. All we need is a competent quarterback. Go Bucs!

  3. Dick2111 Says:

    Our beloved Bucs have enough needs at various positions right now to fill a bus. Our 3 TE’s played pretty decent this year I thought. I’d lock up Luke Stocker now so that’s one less need we have to worry about filling.

  4. biff barker Says:

    Health, not skill is my only concern. BTW Joe, ST contributions noted, Stocker did some very beastly blocking too.

  5. J Moné Says:

    Hmmmm I’m not sure but I think stocker was the guy who f up his block 2 times and gave up blocked field goal

  6. OB Says:

    I think with Koetter they will be used properly and this should help also and if they have a QB that can throw so they don’t have to twist and turn to get at the ball it will work wonders,

  7. Robert 9 Says:

    how much longer do we have to hear about what ASJ is going to do or is going to be????

    tim wright did more in 3 games than he did all year.

    how about we stop inflating his ego and tell it like it is.

    he aint $hit till he shows it on the field.

  8. Robert 9 Says:

    i hope the TE had some beastly blocks, the OL left guys coming for days.

    c’mon folks. what are we gonna rave about what a good blocker that bust (yeah i forgot his name already) WR from about 5 years ago was?

    our TE’s are great blockers! wow stocker played for once!

    when did TE’s become O linemen? we’ve yet to see one who is decent. and by that I mean any of the TE’s (Olsen) that have carved our defense up.


  9. ddneast Says:

    Gee Tom, how many picks do you think the Bucs gave.
    Since practically everyone wants a QB with the first pick there went that one.
    What about the OL and DL edge rusher, should we ignore those positions as well.
    o’Leary is projected to be a late first round or second round. So how is this possible or were you just belching something out as usual.

  10. Tom Edrington Says:

    @ddneast: If I were belching, I couldn’t belch out a better fella than Nick, maybe it’s because I have a direct connection to him…..

  11. Brandon Says:

    His back problems are absolutely nothing compared to Gronkowski… and ASJ is a Gronkowski-type talent…though he’s yet to demonstrate it at the pro level.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    ASJ will be just fine….give us a coach that can call plays that use the TE and our TEs will do well….we went several games where we targeted the TE only once or twice…..that’s just not enough.
    It seemed like almost all our throws were down the sidelines to the 2 WRs….we need more screens & passes to TEs….

  13. "The kevin" Says:


    Idiots on here lol

    With all the holes the bucs need to fill some idiot comes on here and says let’s draft a tight end lmao

    Go read the bucs roster before saying such stupid things

    I mean seriously? Was that a joke?

  14. Jason Licht Says:

    ASJ missed training camp for his schooling, and was hurt the majority of the year. Has some drops but those were the rookie jitters….and watching Vjax to much. He will be fine and well prepared for next season

  15. jo_mama Says:

    Bucs players who sucked and got sent to the Pats.

    Chris Jones
    Talib* Not on team anymore but pretty significant.
    Steve Maneri

    I have no faith in the bucs

  16. Jason Licht Says:

    I’d like to see our receivers run more slant’s next season. The five slant routed we ran all season they got wide open. They probably ran more than that but McCown was looking at elephant figures in the sky while lying on his back after being drove into the ground. I think Koetter will fix our offense. Then he will become a head coach somewhere else and we will suck again!!! The things bucs fans have to look forward too!!!

  17. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    “Then he will become a head coach somewhere else and we will suck again!!! The things bucs fans have to look forward too!!!”
    maybe he’ll become HC here….

  18. The Real Drew Says:

    I wonder if Sporano will head back to Dallas since Bill Callahan left.

  19. "The kevin" Says:


    Then go be a pats fan. Nobody cares about whether you have faith in the bucs or not.

  20. DB55 Says:

    I thought Cameron Brate played well enough for those 10 mins he was on the field to give him a second look. A lot more ivy players stepping up in the league today. He showed good blocking, good hands and he should be smart. At this point we should look for talent under every rock whether it’s convential or not. Or we can cut him so that belli pick him up and turn him into a starter.

  21. biff barker Says:

    Beyond the QB, everyone is talking OL and DE.

    Have we forgotten the MLB that’s not on the roster? Not an easy find and a good one is not going to be a 5th rounder either.

  22. DB55 Says:

    Perryman rnd 2.

  23. RastaMon Says:

    Perryman 2nd …ahem !

  24. biff barker Says:

    DB55 Says:

    Perryman rnd 2.

    I’ve seen very little of him but he is getting some run. I just can’t see a gem being there after the 2nd.

  25. Howard Cosell Says:

    We’re set for skill positions as long as they can
    bring everyone back. Lets have some continuity.
    We’ve lacked any sort of continuity in coaches or
    players since we broke up the Dungy/Gruden gang.

    Belicheat has been at the Partiots forever.
    That’s a well run team with owners who really care.

  26. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree with DB55 that Brate is also a promising prospect. Can probably get away with hiding him another year on the practice squad for depth.

    Meanwhile does Koetter like two TE sets?

  27. Destinjohnny Says:

    Blew it not drafting jarvis laundry with that pick

  28. BucIt941 Says:

    I still like the idea of letting Lansanah move to MLB and re-sign Foster to a prove it contract and move him to SLB. Possibly pull another name out of FA and go that direction! There are a few good ones out there this year.

    I don’t see many ILB after the second round and at that pick it is just to valuable for us to grab a MLB. OL and DE need to be the pick there. Unless they decide to trade down in the second and get an extra in 3rd or better, then take a shot!

  29. BucIt941 Says:

    And before you bash that idea! Lansanah’s strength was in coverage all year! He is fluid and can run well covering TE’s and RB’s out of the back field. His skill set actually fits perfectly for what the MLB on the Bucs does in a game.

    Foster needs no explanation as to why he should be at his natural position of strong side LBer. Problem solved without wasting money or a pick.

  30. owlykat Says:

    We should have already taken Max Bulloch from Michigan State, a true Urlacher Clone. 6 foot 3 inches, and can play at 260 pounds, to stop the run, but still fast enough to cover the passes down the seam, and tackle sideline to sideline. He was Houston’s fifth round pick and if Licht was worth his salt he should have already taken him this year off their practice squad. He tore up Ohio State his Senior Year and stopped the top running back in last year’s draft. Licht needs to work a trade for him this year before Houston really figures out what they have got. They took him just for his run stopping talent but found out during preseason he can cover passing lanes too. We don’t have to waste any of our first four picks to take a talented MLB who can play right away.

  31. WINdycitybuc Says:

    Man…it is really hard to give anybody any (crap) about the “electric football” offense we had this year, but ASJ – I hate to say it – looks soft. I understand the sample set is small, but he looks like a red zone cherry picker (when healthy). I would love to see way more from him between the 20s, not hold on running plays, & STAY HEALTHY! Does it drive anyone else (frickin’) nuts that Kellen Winslow was the only TE threat we have had since Dilger!!!

  32. []_[]Buc Says:

    Too bad we have ASJ

    Clive Walford is going to be a beast.

  33. []_[]Buc Says:

    Foster could be an OLB but Perryman should be our future MLB and no that’s not the homer in me lol 😛

    I don’t see Lovie moving Lansanah, Mason may stay, but it will be as a backup MLB if he does IMO.

  34. Mike10 Says:

    I don’t understand Joe why you’re high on building depth with a 3rd string TE, but not at say.. LB, DE, DT, WR, QB? There’s no doubt we need to upgrade our starters. But many of our current starters are above average backups that come cheap.

  35. Mumbles Says:

    Add Jermaine Gresham in FA and shut the door! Oh and cut Stocker!

  36. LargoBuc Says:

    Trade ASJ/Glennon/Ant Collins. We need an olineman a de and possibly a mike lb. And thats after we draft Jameis first overall.

  37. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    From Joe’s article: “Well, Joe learned this week that the Bucs are very high on Stocker for a variety of reasons, including grades for standout special teams play.”

    Was this the same Luke Stocker wjho did an ole with an oncoming dfender on a FG attempt vs the Lambs that got blocked and basically got the Bucs their 2nd loss at RJS to open the season and set the tone for the season? It was so flagrant a whiff on the block that some guys sitting near me at RJS actually called for a Vegas Inquiry on Stocker and the special teams coach O’Dea and no one argued with him Joe, in fact we all started talking about another 4-12 season; little did we know that things would actually get worse for the Bucs at RJS as the season wore on……. As far as ASJ goes; yeah he was a rookie whose first season will be remembered by Buc fans for the injuries as well as the neat red flag drawing Captain Morgan pose he pulled off to ensure that the Bucs would lose any momentum gained from his score in that humbling loss to a bad Atlanta team. I can only hope that he had his sophomore slump a year early and comes back next year and makes an impact in Koetter’s offense to justify using a high 2nd rounder to draft him (a pick that some think could have been used to move up the draft board and grab Teddy Bridgewater like the Vikes did…).

  38. Danati74 Says:

    We have a lot invested in ASJ. I too believe the Tim Wright trade was a bad move. The guy was a go to guy for Glennon in his development. Sooner or later DC would have glued on to Wright, but he did produce a lot more than ASJ. True his size and ceiling have Bucs fans excited, but back pain scares me. especially for a young guy. Hopefully he has a productive career for us. I like the guy. fingers crossed. As for Stocker, about time. We did trade a forth and spend a forth for the guy. He looks like someone pumped on roids. with Myers we could have a triple threat at TE. Than at RB we are set too. Almost set at WR. When we draft a QB and OL, we could be set on our offense. Match that with our up and coming D, and us fans can put our gear back on.