“Whatever Happens After That Happens”

January 14th, 2015

Koetter3As Joe spelled out last week, new Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter sure appears to be a guy who would jump at a head coaching job.

He’s had plenty of interviews the past couple of years.

So Joe thought it would be prudent to ask Koetter about seizing a head coaching job. Koetter, 55, was rolled out to media yesterday via conference call, and he didn’t rule out moving on to bigger opportunities.

“As far as the being a head coach thing, I was fortunate enough that I’ve been a college head coach for nine years, I was a head high school coach,” Koetter said. “I love being an offensive coordinator in the NFL and the part about being a head coach, I mean, just look around at what’s happened in the last 48 hours in the NFL. Being a head coach in the NFL is very unpredictable. [I am] extremely, extremely happy being an offensive coordinator in the NFL and, you know, if something like that is to come, that’s a byproduct of doing the job that you have right now well. So I’m going to come down to Tampa and just try to do the best job I can, and whatever happens after that happens.”

Yes, Koetter just got the Bucs job and hasn’t called a play yet. And Joe can’t fault the guy one bit for wanting to be and NFL head coach. But given that the Bucs likely plan to draft a rookie quarterback, the future plans of the offensive coordinator are an important issue. Especially if that QB is Marcus Mariota and he sits for a year to adjust to NFL-style offense.

The worst thing for any young QB is to have a revolving door of offensive coaches.


16 Responses to ““Whatever Happens After That Happens””

  1. OB Says:

    If the following OCs are better that might not be the case.

  2. Dean Says:

    Hey Joe, Give him a chance.

    Did you expect him to say, Hell no I wouldn’t ever go?

    Or say, I ripped the Bucs off and got overpaid for my talents, so now I’ll snuggle in with my cozy little job and ride it for all it’s worth?

    He gave an honest response and the fact is, if he is here for 1 year or 5 years, the Bucs are better off than we were last year with health issues and kindergarten coordinating.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    its funny, everyone was worried that Sully would be here only 1 or 2 years before taking a head coaching job, and same with Tedford. Let these guys do a good job first, then we will worry about losing good coordinators to head coaching jobs.

    Right now, we need to worry about the end of 2015 the staff getting blown out of 1 Buc and Lovie working FOR Marinelli as his linebacker coach!

  4. Robert 9 Says:

    sounds like an excellent response to me.

    now let’s see if lovie can just let him do his thing

  5. Dick2111 Says:

    Joe, why would the Bucs want an OC who wasn’t head coach material?

    His answer is spot on: “So I’m going to come down to Tampa and just try to do the best job I can, and whatever happens after that happens.”

  6. Chris G Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    He was just being honest ? What did you expect him to say Joe “I don’t want to sleep with Rachel” ?

  7. J Moné Says:

    Hope we do good turn this franchise around and we keep the good coaches.

  8. voice of reason Says:

    i love this blog but the posts with this tone are really starting to bother me.

  9. BirdDoggers Says:

    If Koetter gets offers from other teams to be a head coach, it will probably mean he’s doing a good job with the Bucs offense. That’s not a bad thing. I’d rather have the team do well and there be a demand for the Bucs coordinators, rather than having a revolving door of coaches due to poor results.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I feel that newly hired coordinators should:

    1. Be guaranteed the full 3 year (minimum) contract
    2. Be required to remain on new jobs at least 3 years

    It really isn’t fair to allow them to leave after, say, a year, just because they do well and get offered a job. When their 3 year stint is ending, then they should be eligible for offers. Do this, and the system would result in higher quality teams.

    And, even though they could be fired, they would still get paid, so it balances out.

  11. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    voice of reason Says
    “i love this blog but the posts with this tone are really starting to bother me.”

    I know the feeling. But the commenters are where the real negativity is.

  12. "The kevin" Says:

    Bunch of losers commenting.


  13. Ray Rice Says:

    If he gets a head coaching job it’s because the YUCS are in the playoffs. Fuket. I’ve been starving for a winner so bad I can live with that.

  14. Buccfan37 Says:

    I feel good about the Koetter hire. Things are definitely looking up for the Bucs on the O side.

  15. ddneast Says:

    If the coach gets hired as a head coach after one season here, then Bucs fans will have had plenty to celebrate over.

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    We will be fortunate if Koetter does well enough to receive consideration for HC jobs anytime soon.