The Blind Can See Bucs Need A QB

January 27th, 2015
The quarterback play by the Bucs was so awful, not even Bucs QB Josh McCown could watch.

Bucs quarterback play was so awful, not even Josh McCown could watch.

The poor Bucs fans who threw out hundreds (thousands?) of dollars this year to watch dreck perceived to be an NFL team are appalled at what became of their Bucs. Joe can totally understand.

Hell, Joe was watching Bucs games for fun and work, and even they were painful. The play of turnover-prone Josh McCown was so awful, Bucs fans wanted to rinse their eyes out with battery acid.

Scores of beers have been inhaled in an effort to somehow wash away the memory from fans’ internal hard drives.

Andrew Astleford of Fox Sports Florida said this display of quarterbacking should lead to one thing: Time for the Bucs to step into the 21st Century and get a quarterback.

“I think for the most part everybody that played this year, we’ve taken into consideration where we were, but we got a pretty good evaluation of everyone,” Bucs coach Lovie Smith said. “I feel pretty good about that.”

That evaluation of the quarterbacks shouldn’t lead to a grade higher than an “F.” In a quarterback-driven league, there are two types of teams: Those that enjoy a bounty with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, etc., and there are those that live on scraps while searching for the next big thing. The Bucs have fallen into the second category far too long.

The way Joe sees it, unless Lovie is just content competing for a wild card spot — which is possible by playing solid defense and just going Woody Hayes and handing the ball off time and again — the Bucs are going nowhere unless or until they get a quarterback.

And the best way to get an above-average quarterback is through the draft. Good quarterbacks are not walking the streets looking for work. This is why Joe wants nothing to do with the immortal Nick Foles.

If offensive guru Chip Kelly is so hellbent on replacing Foles, shouldn’t that tell you something?

167 Responses to “The Blind Can See Bucs Need A QB”

  1. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Joe it’s unfathomable to me why some fans don’t get it.

    Perhaps they haven’t been fans long enough.

    For those that went to Pasco county schools.

    Unfathomable : incapable of being fully explored or understood.

  2. Robert 9 Says:

    meh, I just don’t see it. All those QB’s you mention have some things in common. Pocket passers, high character and work ethic.

    That guy is already on the roster in Mike Glennon and of the 2 top QB’s, one has major character issues and the other is a project.

    Trade the pick, start glennon and build the roster with the slew of picks from the trade.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We must choose one of the two in this draft…..right or wrong….either one will be better than what we have. Sometimes you’ve just got to push the button.

    Even with the questionmarks for both….we need to evaluate & decide. The “trade down” crew has valid points about the Bucs needing lots of pieces…but, I believe we should bring them in as our new QB develops.

    The bottom line is that we are forced to be patient as the team rebuilds….again….maybe this time the rebuild will work.

  4. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Well I’m glad Loveless found something to feel good about this season. One thing is for sure. The Bucs cannot afford to miss on a single pick this year. I know that is next to impossible, but there are far too many holes to be filled to make a major misstep.

  5. gatrbuc17 Says:

    The blind and sighted can see that we need an OL. Pretty sure that GB game coulda be won if we had GB’s OL that day. I KNOW it woulda been won if we switched OLs

  6. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    We were told by L&L that we have a veteran starter and the QB of the future learning under the vet !!!
    Pretty sure that is what we were told……

  7. P'cola Buc Says:

    Yes choose between Mariota or Winston. No guarantees at ANY position. Yes, it’s a roll of the dice and their is never any true certainty with ANY pick. One thing is for sure, if you NEVER throw the QB dice you never even have the possibility of getting a franchise quarterback. Number #1 pick is time to “pull the trigger”.

  8. P'cola Buc Says:

    GB never would have even made it that far if they had a great OL but did not have Aaron Rodgers.

  9. gatrbuc17 Says:

    The difference between 4 seconds to throw the ball and 1.5 is an Eternity in terms of productiveness! Not advocating McCown or Glennon but Neither of them got a fair shake this yr IMO

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Per: Joe

    “If offensive guru Chip Kelly is so hellbent on replacing Foles, shouldn’t that tell you something?”

    Damn near Identical situation between Cam Cameron an Drew Brees

    You wanna know what Drew Brees said about Cam Cameron? OK, fine. Here…

    “You mentioned in your book that Cam Cameron was one of the few guys in the organization that believed in you all along. What did he mean to your career?

    “He was huge. Cam was huge in my career. I was with him for four years. He was the offensive coordinator while I was in San Diego for those last four years.

    That was a time in my career where during that stretch I got benched three or four times, they ended up drafting Philip Rivers. Cam was pretty much the one who broke the news to me. My postseason exit meeting with him after the ’03 season I went in his office, shut the door and (he said) I’m just telling you they’re either going to go out and get a free agent veteran quarterback to come in here or they’re going to draft a rookie high to compete with you. Just get ready for that. I feel like he was always very honest with me. He always did things to try to get the best out of me. There was a time or two where we would butt heads, but I think that was all part of the process of him trying to mold me into the type of quarterback he knew I could be, the type of person he knew I could be, leader and I appreciate him for that.

    I love the man. I think he’s a great coach and obviously I had a lot of great years with him.”

  11. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    To be fair, I don’t think I could play well in those clown suits either. This team acted like a circus when Schiano was here, now they look like one too.

  12. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    QB Drew Brees made the Pro Bowl in 2004. Organization didn’t feel, that Brees was a great system fit. So they wanted to draft another QB. (Phillip Rivers 2004)

    QB Nick Foles made the Pro Bowl in 2014. Organization didn’t feel, that Foles was a great system fit. So they wanted to draft another QB (Marcus Mariota 2015 ??)

  13. Scott Says:


  14. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    No trading down, IMO. You have to build around the QB, and look what that did for Josh Freeman. He’s not even a good QB and he was throwing for 4,000 yards and breaking franchise records for TD’s and stuff. All because his coaches got him first, then put some weapons around him. A nice WR from the draft, a 1st round RB a year later along with one Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks, dumped cancerous Kellen Winslow and a brought in Dallas Clark, etc.

    Imagine building around a GOOD QB.

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol This Nick Foles crap is entertaining. Yes let’s get another Glennon in here. That’ll definately improve our team next season. Then we’ll have 2 QBs Lovie can avoid playing while we go 2-14 with McCown.

  16. DallasBuc Says:

    “The play of turnover-prone Josh McCown was so awful, Bucs fans wanted to rinse their eyes out with battery acid.”
    Many fans and coaches still stand by this loser. This is an example of why the Bucs are so terrible. When hot steamy pile is stared at and smelled by fans and coaches alike they come away with sht in their teeth and a smile on their face. I hate how willfully ignorant and accepting of mediocrity everyone has become.

  17. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Outside of the hue of their skin, and likeness to napelon dynamite

    Can someone please breakdown the similarities between

    -Foles vs Glennon

    Lets take it to the tape:
    Nick Foles Highlights 2013-14: Making Plays Under Pressure

  18. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Winston to Evans and Vjax…all DAY looooooooooong.

    In my best Ric Flair : Woooooooooooooooo!

  19. John Says:

    Maybe the Bucs plan is to trade down for more picks. Grab all the best available players but no QB’s. Then they re-sign Freeman. He is still young and might have his life straightened out now.

  20. MarkV Says:

    Joe, as a general statement, most would agree that you’re right. Why would an offensive guru like Chip Kelly be willing to cut ties with Nick Foles? My answer to that is the very same reason that Chip Kelly offers the one soft landing spot for Marcus Mariotta. Its his system!! It not only suits Mariotta just as he currently is, its highest potential can only be realized by a quarterback with Mariotta’s specific skill set. Not the skill set of Nick Foles, who with the exception of a couple of small traits, is just a plain and simple prototypical quarterback. Nick Foles skill set falls in line with what 25+ other teams in the NFL have offenses that are well suited for. So unless the Bucs are adopting a Oregon Ducks style spread offense…or they are sure that he is a franchise QB that can be transformed into a pro style offense, they’d be fools not to consider the option. Because at the end of the day, here are 2 facts that I can’t get away from. 1) Winston is more pro ready from an on the field perspective, but I don’t know if his baggage makes him worth the gamble. 2) The Bucs are not just a QB away from anything. As you mentioned in an earlier article, they face the prospect of replacing 9+ starters. Extra picks and players would sure make that easier to accomplish.

  21. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol Freeman is history and will never be a Buc again.

  22. Mr. Patrick Says:

    After being burned by the Josh Freeman debacle, the Glazers have to be very gun shy about drafting a QB with the #1 pick in the draft. Both of the top two QB’s have big question marks and is a risky pick. As was earlier stated, the Bucs need to hit on every pick this year so you don’t take a gamble with the first one. There are teams all through the NFL that are failing because they over-drafted a QB in the first round out of desperation. With the #1 pick the Bucs should take the best player in the draft or trade down and patch the many holes on the roster. When it comes to drafting players out of need or desperation, haste makes waste

  23. Skyline Crew Says:

    Honestly, if we are taking Winston then Eagles aren’t going to trade with us. They are going to trade with either the Titans, Redskins, or Jets to take Mariota. However, if we are taking Mariota then I doubt there will be a trade. I’m sure the Titans would love to have Foles as there QB.

  24. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Well said brotha

  25. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    I’ve read everyone’s latest comments and still come to the same conclusion.


  26. thegregwitul Says:

    I just can’t believe this is still a debate in the comments section of this site…No, to Nick Foles. Yeah, he made the Pro Bowl in 2013, but he regressed in 2014 and when Mark Sanchez was starting in the same system, he looked pretty solid. Mark Sanchez.

    Chip Kelly now has full control of the personnel and is rumored to be looking to trade for Marcus Mariota. Why not keep Foles? Because Foles already hit his ceiling and he’ll never again hit the numbers he hit during his second season. 27 TDs and 2 INTs is not happening again. He had 6 TDs and 5 INTs before he was injured and replaced by Sanchez. I’d argue that Mike Glennon is just as good as Nick Foles, they both have a similar ceiling talent wise.

    Put Glennon on the Eagles and it’s likely the same thing. Remember, Chip isn’t included in the trade. For once, the Bucs need to pick a potential franchise QB. Either Mariota or Winston, one of those two and only one of those two. Both players should be good, and even if it doesn’t work out, the Bucs need to roll the dice in hopes of finally landing a true franchise QB for the first time in the HISTORY of the franchise. No trade down, unless the Bucs are somehow able to trade down and still land one of those two QBs. Let’s not over think this, fellas.

  27. Skyline Crew Says:

    i might be interested in doing a three way trade with Eagles and Titans if it meant we could get Leonard Williams. If we didn’t do that then take the QB all day long. I wouldn’t be disappointed if we had Foles and drafted Williams. I couldn’t though in my mind take Foles and wait to draft a non factor player. With Foles we would still need a top 5 draft board non-QB player, which would leave us with Williams, Fowler, Scherff, Cooper, or White. I don’t think we need another WR in the top 5 so I would take those two out and add Gregory and Shelton.

    I still prefer that we draft our own QB though.

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    If we arent drafting a QB you have to go with Glennon. Foles should not be an option. I didnt realize that until I looking at the stats a few minutes ago but Glennon was actually on pace to have a even better season than his rookie year. There is just no sense in trading him away only to get Foles in a deal. No sense.

  29. Mr. Patrick Says:

    If the Bucs could work a deal with the Eagles and end up with Foles, a couple of players and a couple of #1’s they would be 100 times better off than just taking one of the “top 2” QB’s. One QB is not going to turn this franchise around, especially a risky one. And you can always expect the unexpected from Chip Kelly

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    With picks 1,33,65…..the Bucs will still get a shot at 3 starters……with a Glennon trade….Bucs will recieve an additional pick that can be used to trade up…..perhaps from 4th to 3rd or hopefully 3rd to 2nd…..
    Bucs will absolutely have 3 starters from this draft….

    Lets say….QB, Oline, MLB…..add another Oline & DE in FA…..perhaps a KR/PR and we are in business….

    Take the shot at QB.

    If we are certain on Winston…(only Bucs would choose him #1)….then perhaps we can drop back 1 postion…trade with Tenn….recieve another pick & let them either have Mariota or trade their pick…that way we get our QB and a pick.

    If we want Mariota….make the pick and don’t look back!!!

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  32. Skyline Crew Says:


    Just curious where you got your numbers at. Per Foles’ game log he was 6-2 with 13 TDs and 10 Ints before he got hurt. I agree that Foles did not have a good year. He had one game with a 90+ QBR and the rest were under 80. He was lucky to go 6-2.

    Side note: for those talking about Sanchez looking solid last year. He sucked and his play sucked. He never looked solid. He went 5-4 in his starts with 14 TDs and 11 Ints. He had one game where he had a QBR of 81. The rest were under.

  33. DB55 Says:

    What kills me is that we seem to be the only org in the league that DOESNT like glennon. Hmmmmm?!?!?

  34. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I also think what the Bucs do in free agency will tell a lot about their draft plans. Obviously if they bring in a free agent QB or trade for somebody that’s on a roster it’s a mute point. And we all know that Lovie doesn’t like or trust young QB’s
    Also a rookie QB will not make the Bucs win now. At this point Mike Glennon is a much better QB than any of the rookies as he now has 2 years of NFL experience and coaching. Glennon is your “win now” guy
    The “draft a QB first then build around him” theory doesn’t really work unless you want your young QB to get beat to death. I watched that approach fail miserably with Dilfer and Vinnie. Both took a beating, were often injured and Dilfer got gunshy and never recovered from it

  35. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Exactly. Makes you wonder

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I may be one of the few….but I don’t have a problem with bringing in either QB and sitting him for a year or even 2 if we have to….all will depend on the building of the team and how the interim QB does….
    I can wait a year to assure 15 more of success from a francise QB.

    I’m sure I’m outnumbered on this…but I’m OK with it….

  37. Nick2 Says:

    Nick Foles is a joke. He has become a star because of a sytem generated offense that even made Mark Sanchez look respectable this year. Thats the buttfumble guy. Please do not trade Jameis Winston away for Nick Foles that would just be another Buccaneer screw up for the ages.

  38. Nick2 Says:

    I guarantee that Jameis Winston will have a much better rookie year than Mike Glennon. In fact I know that he will have a much better rookie year than Glennon in his second third or forth year. This guy is ready to win and win now. FSU will now become just another ACC team unless they have another great quarterback to plug in.

  39. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    As for Glennon

    There are only 4 plausible explanations for sitting Glennon at the end of the season. And….this is my order of plausibility…
    1. Want to trade, don’t want hurt.
    2, Believe he might win a couple of “meaningless” games
    3. McCown “best chance to win”
    4. Punitive from Lovie (Brother leaking benching)

  40. ruggyup Says:

    Key words for the year! “I think for the most part everybody that played this year, we’ve taken into consideration where we were, but we got a pretty good evaluation of everyone,” Bucs coach Lovie Smith said. “I feel pretty good about that.”
    This tells you what you want to know about your HC – “I think”, “for the most part”, “pretty good”. Not a shred of belief or committment. If the Bucs became a publically owned company, LS were the Chief Executive Officer, would you buy a single solitary share of stock in that company?
    I’ll take your answers off the air.

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Here is a great poll question for Joe….

    “If Bucs were not going to draft your favorite QB selection….would you be OK with the other QB or would you want to trade down?

    We’ll start with your answer….87

    Mine is that I would still want the QB drafed #1

  42. DB55 Says:

    Glennon, williams, perryman.

  43. Couch Fan Says:

    Trade down TBBF, Mariota should not be selected #1.

  44. BucsQcCity Says:

    I was ok with Glennon as our QB but he blew it when he had the chance to solidify its starter status. When I close my eyes I see the lack of awareness, lack of mobility and -15 sacks. I’m in no position to judge and give him a true assessment of its plays but my untrained eyes didn’t see starter material in him.

    If Bucs scout, PI, GM approve Winston then lets get him. If not get Mariotta

  45. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Couch

    OK….appreciate your commenting…..if that happened, would you go with Glennon or bring in a FA or draft a QB later in lower rounds?

  46. Couch Fan Says:

    Im part of the MGM, if we dont draft Winston, gotta go with Glennon. Only reason i want Winston is because i dont feel like Lovie likes Glennon.

  47. bucs4lyfe Says:

    LOL the bucs have groomed fans and now they prefer bad quarterback play and expect it. so a large population think that unless you trade for an already established winning quarterback we couldn’t possibly draft someone that doesn’t need as much coaching to come in and do anything in this league….no one talks about how made brady great or who the hell the quarterbacks coach for Russell Wilson was. no one even speaks of Andrew lucks qb coach or offensive coordinator. the dude did the same thing he did the year before while bruce arians was there. big ben who talks about how bad he was with a good defense so got to early superbowls….you can win with rookies because too many have done it even the dolphins

  48. Mr. Patrick Says:

    While Mariota is a class act off the field people still have questions about how he can adapt to the NFL. I think his pro day will be very important and will answer a lot of questions. Can he play under center and can he consistantly throw accurately
    Winston is a walking disaster off the field but may be the most NFL ready, or may not. However with Winston comes a risk of future bad behavior and possible humiliation and embarrassment for the franchise. His past behavior shows a pattern of character issues. He is a very polarizing figure, either you love him or you loathe him and right now I would say it’s about 50/50 at best. He’s a HUGE risk to base your franchise’s future on plus the risk of lower ticket sales “NO MEANS NO” chants at away games like at the Rose Bowl, and the Winston haters renaming Ray Jay “The Hunting Ground”
    Only the Bucs know what the Bucs will do, and even they may not know yet. It’s smokescreen season and you can’t beleive any mock or article you read. So hopefully the Bucs will get it right and do what is the overall best thing for the franchise

  49. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Also, my gut tells me that on draft day to expect the unexpacted

  50. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Couch

    I suspect there may be many that believe Glennon wasn’t given enough time….and, I’m one of those….I feel certain that Glennon isn’t an option for Lovie…that’s why I want a QB drafted…

    I lean toward Mariota only because of the off-field questionmarks with Winston….if Bucs do their homework & are OK with Winston….I’m OK.

    So, I guess you’d be in favor of a trade down with Tenn and then picking Winston….Joe thinks that would be stupid of us…but I strongly disagree….I actuall think it could happen….either if Tenn wants Mariota or if they want to trade back with Jets or Eagles…..not likely…but possible

  51. Phil Says:

    We have a chance to get a real quarterback for our team and we need to take the chance. I thought we had a shot with Josh Freeman until I saw a news report with him and a bunch of big snakes he was raising and I had a feeling then he would go off the deep end. So I say let’s get Winston and see where it goes. I don’t know how it could get any worse.

  52. Ray Rice Says:

    My gut tells me I’m going to get the “RUNS” on draft day.

  53. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Ray

  54. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that 87 declined to answer your question, lol

  55. Couch Fan Says:

    I would be ok with trading down to #2 but I dont think there’s any chance Winston would be available if we go that route. Tenn most likely prefers Winston as well. But I’d be fine with Williams or Gregory as well. It all just depends on how they really feel about Glennon I suppose.

  56. DB55 Says:


    I feel you brother. My spidey sense tells me that April 30 @ 8pm will be a epic WTF moment for the ages. When is joe running that confidence poll again?

  57. Mike10 Says:

    The Bucs aren’t going anywhere with a quarterback (especially a rook).

  58. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Mike10
    I agree with you. Drafting a QB will not help the Bucs win this year

  59. Brandon Says:

    Robert 9 Says:
    January 27th, 2015 at 11:16 am
    meh, I just don’t see it. All those QB’s you mention have some things in common. Pocket passers, high character and work ethic.

    That guy is already on the roster in Mike Glennon and of the 2 top QB’s, one has major character issues and the other is a project.

    Trade the pick, start glennon and build the roster with the slew of picks from the trade.


    You;re right, you don’t see it…or get it for that matter. Those QBs have more than work ethic, pocket passing, and high character in common (BTW, Roethlisberger should be in there, and it wasn’t too long ago that Peyton’s character was a question mark)… they have accuracy, moxie, and EVERYBODY has better athleticism and arm strength than Glennon. Glennon has NEVER been accurate, not in college, not in the pros, he just doesn’t have it. Glennon is not the answer, that is the one sure thing we know around here.

  60. DB55 Says:


    I disagree. If Eli manning can win 2 SB mvps then glennon can contribute as well given the support and tools to be successful.

  61. tickrdr Says:

    Same question as last night. Am I the only one who is worried that Jameis Winston has only two years of college football experience, and that he threw for 18 INTs in his sophomore season against college-level talent?


  62. chipbuc Says:

    Face facts, there is no chance Glennon is the future at QB for the bucs. With that said what do winning teams have in common? For the most part they all have good QBs. To think that we are not gong to draft a QB this year with our draft position is being very short sighted. So no more lets trade down and pick up picks, because the bucs drafting record is so great. I dont think so!!!!Take the gimmie and take a QB,we might get lucky for once!!!!

  63. Couch Fan Says:

    There are quite a few that are worried about his INTs. I normally am worried about them myself but Winston has shown a knack for being able to overcome them, at least on the college level so thats no concern to me. Everybody will throw INTs in the NFL, can you over come them and still win is the question? Good QBs can. We dont have anyone that can on the team right now.

  64. DB55 Says:


    If he were to sit for 2 years then no but if he’s starting from week 1, yes it does. He’ll either throw a lot of INTs or play it super safe, then we won’t be able to tell the difference between our #1 overall pick or our 3rd round qb.

    I still think there’s value to sitting rookie QBs for at least 2 years but what do I know?!?

  65. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I’m with you 100% And it was not great college competiton at that. He threw all of those picks playing football in a basketball conference. He will be a turnover machine in the NFL

  66. DB55 Says:


    “We might get lucky for once”

    We MUST get lucky.

  67. Mr. Patrick Says:

    And for those of you that listen to him, Big Dog Steve Duemig recently said on his radio show that he had taken Winston totally off of his draft board and in no way did he consider him an option for the Bucs

  68. BoJim Says:

    Robert 9 Says:

    Trade the pick, start glennon and build the roster with the slew of picks from the trade.

    Would love to see this. If we do draft a QB, let it be Winston.

  69. Pat Says:

    Yes, many are already blinded and do not see we have a perfectly already in the Future coming QB as we speak. That name is the Cannon, MG8. You will all regret it, when he makes his name elsewhere, like all the ex bucs we let slip thru. What the heck is this, a stomping ground here, before a Star is born?!

  70. pete Says:

    Take advantage of other teams that want Mariota or Winston!
    Trade Down
    Get a starting Olineman
    Use 1st pick for best lineman available
    Use 2nd pick for best lineman available
    Use 2nd 2nd pick for best lineman available
    Use 3rd pick for best lineman available or MLB
    Use 2nd 3rd pick for best lineman available or MLB
    Use rest of picks for best player available

  71. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Agreed on Glennon. We have never seen him in a good offensive play system or with a good offensive line. The times when he looked the best was when Bucs were in no-huddle or 2 minute offenses which is what Koetter likes to run

  72. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Recap: Nick Foles (2014)

    *QB Coach (Bill Lazor Leaves Philly for Miami)
    • Chip Kelly runs the Eagles offense no doubt, but Lazor worked every day with Foles.

    Per Nick Foles (Concerning Bill Lazor)

    “Bill (Lazor) is a tremendous coach. He’s a guy that knows the game in and out, and one of the hardest working coaches I’ve been around,” said Foles. “Me being a quarterback, he was able to in our quarterback room make us better players, and that’s what he does. He’s very detailed in his work, he’ll give you so much information when you go into the game and then corrections during the game. He’s on top of everything. ”

    *Key Loss (Eagles Release DeSean Jackson)

    DeSean Jackson has the speed to take the top off of a defense and demand attention deep, which can open up the middle of the field. Jackson had the best year of his career under first year Head Coach Chip Kelly. He caught 82 passes for 1332 yards, 9 TDs and a 16.2 yards per reception average which earned him his third Pro Bowl appearance. He also started a full 16 games for the first time in his career. Jackson was the top receiver by yards at running crossing routes. According to PFF the crossing route accounted for 273 of his 1332 receiving yards last season.

    *With the Key Loss of Jackson-Opponents played Philly Differently. *

    Per: Chip Kelly

    “Coach Chip Kelly said opponents are playing more base defense and less nickel against the Eagles this year, and that’s a big reason why running back LeSean McCoy’s numbers are way down. The 2013 NFL rushing leader has run for 175 yards and a touchdown in three games while averaging 2.9 yards per carry. “But also you’re down four linemen that you had that were running in front of them last year too. So I think sometimes when we’re running the play, there is a lot better push at the point of attack, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the running back from that standpoint. It’s kind of what it is right now.”

  73. Robert 9 Says:

    gonna be a lot of pissed off people when we trade the pick and roll with the cannon.

    That is until the season starts, we actually have an O line, a well laid out offense, a RB who can catch and Glennon can dump off to and ASJ wakes up. When the Cannon connect with him like he did Tim Wright, dumps it off, and our two big WR run slants and curls…and we churn our way down field to TD’s all the way to the bank. Oh and our defense will be fresh….then folks will be happy.

    it’s that or pure glee when we draft a QB, followed by more beer chugging and alkaseltzer when our QB gets killed because we again neglected the OL, he throws picks, our defense gets worn out like jenna jameson and it’s back to the 1st pick next year and a new coach.

  74. DB55 Says:

    So last night I started thinking about the Minn game. Someone said glennon wasn’t clutch or something like that. Versus Minn glennon had yet another 4th qrt comeback having scored 13 unanswered points in the 4th qrt. With momentum carrying into OT he hits ASJ for 10 yards then what happened?

    It’s not all on glennon and if you don’t know 3 of his 5 wins have been 4th qrt comebacks in the last drive so….holding a rookie to the same standards as an established vet is stupid (for lack of a better word). Appreciate what you have before its gone. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  75. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Robert …some of us aren’t short sighted like you.

    I don’t expect our new rookie QB(Winston) to do diddly squat next season behind this current O line, BUT you have to take him.

  76. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Per: Chip Kelly

    “But also you’re down four linemen that you had that were running in front of them last year too.”

    *Philly Interior Offense Line was decimated by injuries

    *(Sept 2014)

    (Left Guard) – Evan Mathis
    (Center)- Jason Kelce
    (Right Guard)- Todd Herremans

    *Per: Willie McGinest-3x Super Bowl Champion & Current NFL Network analyst

    “It’s important to have an interior rush,”. “It collapses the pocket and it doesn’t allow the quarterbacks to step into their throws, which makes them inaccurate. As anoutside rusher, when you’re coming around the edge you want the quarterback to stay in that pocket. If there is no interior rush, it allows the quarterback to escape, to step into his throw or step up to avoid the outside pressure.”

    *Per: J.J. Watt

    “You can disrupt the quarterback just by causing pressure up the middle,” says Watt. “Whereas on the outside you really have to get to the quarterback to disrupt him.”

    Injury Review

    Starting Left Guard
    • All Pro Left Guard Evan Mathis missed several weeks with an MCL sprain.

    Starting Center
    • Jason Kelce had surgery to correct a sports hernia injury-Missed 6-8 to start the season

    Starting Right Guard
    • Todd Herremans (bicep) was put on IR.

    Starting Right Tackle
    • Lane Johnson was suspended four games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing …+Key Reserve Matt Tobin T/G-Missed time because of a concussion

  77. Eric Hernandez Says:

    We need a QB first and foremost. No player or players affect a game mode than the QB. I understand wanting to add players but look at the Texans and Bengals of these last few years. Stacked with talent one and done in the playoffs. Tom Brady and Andrew Luckc took fat les talented teams to the AFC championship. Now neither Winston or Maroita is them but you see what having a real QB can do. Draft Winston (He better grow is as up) continue to rebuild the o-line.

  78. Mr. Patrick Says:

    With the #1 pick in the draft you always like to see the team with that pick make a big splash. However, this year I really don’t think there is a big splash to be made. The 2 top QB’s both have big question marks and there really isn’t a left tackle or defensive back that everybody’s talking about.
    I think the overall best thing for the Bucs to do would be to try to find a trade partner that wants somebody out of desperation and make a deal. Get some additional picks and get some solid guys and build this roster. It may not be the most exciting thing to see, but when they start helping the Bucs win consistantly real fans will be talking about how smart it was.
    If the Bucs insist on taking one of the top QB’s I hope it’s Mariota as he will have the best long term value

  79. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    I don’t care who the QB is, if this O-line is not seriously revamped with PROVEN players from FA instead of glorified backups like Anthony Collins, or with early draft picks we will be seeing nothing but interceptions from McClown, checkdowns and taken sacks from Glennon, running that will probably lead to injury from Mariota, and ghost fumbles from Winston.

    Oh, and Warhop is still employed. That’s makes about as much sense as Derek Shelton somehow still being with the Rays. Some guys have all the luck.

  80. Couch Fan Says:


    What happened to GMC+Williams= Champsionships?

  81. Mr. Patrick Says:

    There’s been a lot of very intellegent Bucs fans on this post today. I suggest you read them all as they want what’s best for the Bucs

  82. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *With all of the things I’ve just posted. Lets not forget Nick Foles was still (6-2) as a starter before his injury.

  83. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Couch
    I still beleive that and I know Lovie would love it. But needing as many as 7-9 new starters it’s better I think to get the additional picks. Just too many needs for one person

  84. Robert 9 Says:

    and cease with the short sighted nonsense. no need for it.

    plus it hurts my feelings and my internet cred.


  85. DB55 Says:

    ** A MUST READ ***–brian-banks-realizing-nfl-dream-–-in-different-capacity-005927279-nfl.html

    I’ll post again tonight under Jamie’s watch article.

  86. Robert 9 Says:

    I am not for foles, as other have said, his sucsess IMO is a product of the system.

    Bring in Brian Hoyer or Matt Moore as a back up to Glennon, as they are similar in style…..but get McClown off this team.

    I don’t see this whole spread offense everyone is selling. We don’t have one true burner at #1 or #2 WR which is usually the case in the scheme.

  87. DB55 Says:

    “Gibson, who falsely accused him of raping her in a stairwell, then stood by as Banks was sent to prison, only to admit she fabricated the story after winning a $1.5 million lawsuit from the Long Beach school district?”

  88. Mr. Patrick Says:

    That’s a very good article and feel good story, but don’t compare apples to oranges

  89. Luther Says:

    What you are overlooking Patrick is that the whole idea of due process is so that innocent people don’t go to jail. Several steps along the judicial way have seen that there was no case. You sound like you would rather condemn him no matter the evidence presented. I would be the first one to jump in line to crucify the guy if I thought he was guilty but in this case, it looks like a clear money grab. A film release certainly won’t change my mind to that fact. What you are advocating is that the Bucs pass on him because of allegations that you are not comfortable with. So our choice is to draft Mariota because all he has is a speeding ticket but hasn’t shown me he can run an NFL offense.

    No Thanks, I’ll take my chances with Winston and sleep comfortably at night knowing that he has been vetted by the justice system and the Bucs scouting team.

  90. Skyline Crew Says:

    McCown has gotta go. I’d rather have Glennon as our bridge QB or QB to compete against for starter on day 1.

  91. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Lovie said we already have the QB of the Future…Mike Glennon….

  92. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Sorry Luther, but there are innocent people in jail and guilty people walking the streets. And in your own words, “I’ll take my chances with Winston” – you don’t just take a chance with the draft’s #1 pick when you have to hit on every one. Winston doesn’t have just the Rape allegation against him. He has shown a pattern of bad judgement and is a known shoplifter and vandal. And it amazes me how his enablers keep trying to label it as immaturity when it’s really a character issue. I know many young men through my sons in their early 20’s that are mature, responsible, have good jobs, families and stay out of trouble. Winston may be able to overcome his issues and he may not, but you don’t take that kind of a chance with the #1 pick in the draft

  93. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Luther …it’s called an obsession.

  94. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mr. Patrick Says:
    January 27th, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    That’s a very good article and feel good story, but don’t compare apples to oranges”

    You’re right. In Banks’ case, there were no accusations of missing police work, or protection by his school. It all appeared to be a perfectly handled case, and HE STILL GOT RAILROADED.

    It just goes to show how much weight that people put into supposed victim accusations, vs. the actual evidence at hand.

  95. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    ” is a known shoplifter and vandal. ”


  96. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The absolute funniest thing that I’ve heard or seen all day is YOU talking about obsession. I hope that I can stop laughing sometime today

  97. Mr. Patrick Says:


  98. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @87, Luther, Love
    All through the day today on this post there have been some very intellegent posters who’s main concern here is what is overall best for the Bucs. I suggest you read them all

  99. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Love
    Agreed that things may have gone different for Banks if he had the police and the university trying to protect and cover for him

  100. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    All you Winston supporters read the Complaint against FSU. It is 36 pages so it may be challenging for some of you. A second rape victim against Winston will come forward when this goes to trial.

    I applaud rape victims for having the courage to stand up to their victims. Yes a second rape victim, although you Winston supporters will say she is also making things up. Also interesting is Jimbo’s wife is involved in the cover up. Jimbo was really stupid getting her involved in all of this.

    Look at the Vanderbilt players that are going to go to prison for rape. All parties involved didn’t remember anything because of alcohol. They had the video tape that showed a rape occurred. Without the tape the players would be walking.

    Winston and his buddies got rid of the tape, which would have proved if she was a willing participant or not. My guess is the tape showed she was treated like a mannequin, so the tape was destroyed.

  101. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    I’ve been a Buc fan for a long. Since 1987 hence the name. Mr Patrick’s opinion means nothing to me. The 15 or so mock drafts out there saying the Bucs are taking Winston #1 overall carry MUCH more weight than some complaining whiner that mostly only post stuff relentlessly on anything Jameis.

    Just go down yesterday’s Jameis Watch and count who made the most posts.

    It’s called an obsession. He also seems to think that we fans on JBF have a say so in the matter. We don’t. He can yell, kick, scream and holler until he’s blue in face and the Bucs are still drafting Winston.

    Winston is what’s best for OUR Buccaneers. Nothing will change my mind until draft day. Not 1 DAMN thing.

    Joe’s right when he says they didn’t tank that last game to trade down.

  102. Mr. Patrick Says:


  103. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Ernest T Bass
    You will find that trying to have an intellegent conversation with these obsessed Winson supporters and FSU homers is impossible as they have a combined IQ of about 12. Good luck though and try not to confuse them with facts

  104. Robert 9 Says:

    last I checked, (no offense) joe has not been right about a damn thing.

    the ONLY reason (IMO) he generates these winston stories, or even picks him is because his off the field issues stir the pot. see manziel last year. that or he likes guys with off the field issues that could easily have them be a bust real fast.

  105. bucrightoff Says:

    No doubt 87. Lovie tanked the last game to get Leonard Williams. Jameis gives him heart trouble…Mariota gives him wood but mostly for the Christianity….Leonard and GMC together? Lovie just came.

  106. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Tune in tomorrow. Mr Patrick will be here saying the same stuff over and over again. Then the next day. Over and over again. Next week, then next month.

    Wash, rinse and repeat.

    And the Bucs are STILL drafting Winston.

  107. Robert 9 Says:


    i see mr patrick is being generous

  108. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    bucrightoff…no that’s who YOU want them to take.

    There has been no indication anywhere on the net or TV that The Bucs want Leonard Williams, but you keep typing it and wishing for it.

  109. Luther Says:

    @Patrick Every poster here wants what’s best for the Bucs. Who are you to decide that I don’t want want what is best because I don’t support your narrative. Winston is the best QB and we need a QB. There really isn’t much debate on those 2 observations.

    The question really comes down to those who think he is not worth PR trouble and those who think the case against him is a money grab and we deserve to have the QB that we need. There are others that think Mariota is better and those that think we should trade down but you act like you are the authority and we just need to be enlightened by your revelations.

    I know a few rape victims and support them wholeheartedly but I won’t be swayed by what I feel are false accusations. Draft Winston and enjoy the wins. Mariota can go to some other team and sit for 2-3 years.

  110. Rob Says:

    “The blind and sighted can see that we need an OL. Pretty sure that GB game coulda be won if we had GB’s OL that day. I KNOW it woulda been won if we switched OLs”

    I’m pretty sure if Aaron Rodgers hadn’t sustained a partial tear in his calf in the first quarter of that game the Packers would have won by 30.

    It’s all about the QB.

  111. Luther Says:

    Rob Says:

    “It’s all about the QB.”


    Doesn’t get any simpler than that. Those that don’t have one are always looking for one. Most of the time, they are at home during playoff time wondering how they will get one.

  112. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK….again, we have degenerated to name-calling over the Winston rape/consentual sex allegations….

    I choose to take it to a differnt place……a place where we are evaluating risks with the selection of a QB…..evaluating future behavior risks….potential distractions…..PR in a PC world….
    That is what the Buc coaches/gm/owners will be determining…

    It is simply a fact that these issues exist and are factors in the decision……we will absolutely not be able to try the rape case on JBF. This whole issue is very polarizing and damages an already damaged fanbase.

  113. ddneast Says:

    College coaches fall in love with players and think because they did great in college they will perform the same in the pros.
    See Raheem Morris and Josh Freeman.
    Foles the same as Glennon. LOL.
    When Glennon gets named to the pro bowl and then wins the MVP of the game, ring me up.

  114. Pickgrin Says:

    There is NO “2nd rape victim” Ernest T. That was completely fabricated by the accuser to try and lend credibility to her story.

  115. rayjay1122 Says:

    I went back and watched my Bucs super bowl DVD and guess what I noticed? The Bucs had a solid QB but not elite. Also we had a great defense with Sapp and Rice next to one another on the line. Rice disrupting Gannon led to interceptions and bad throws. We really need to look at that blue print if there I’d not a slam dunk elite QB in this draft. Look at the Super bowl post game show on the DVD and see for yourselves.

  116. Pickgrin Says:

    All you MGMers are hilarious. Really? We should just roll with Glennon?


  117. Robert 9 Says:

    I heard billy cosby is winstons hero and mentor

  118. Couch Fan Says:

    We can’t pick an O-Line with the 1st pick. And 1 pick isn’t going to fix the O-Line. You can use the rest of the draft to find quality lineman but unless you get incredibly lucky, and we all no luck is not on the Bucs side, then you arent getting a QB in the later rounds. If Glennon is not the answer, Winston it will be!

  119. rayjay1122 Says:

    I fully agree that no QB on the current roster should be our starter but we do have other major needs which is stating the obvious. It will be interesting to see how the talent evaluation of these rookie prospects goes as well as how we approach free agency.

  120. Luther Says:

    Bill Cosby has almost 30 accusers. Winston has 1 that accused him of drugging her when the tox screen says she was not. Plus there are photos of her all up on his ****…willingly

  121. bucrightoff Says:

    87ForJameisNoMariota Says:
    January 27th, 2015 at 5:12 pm
    bucrightoff…no that’s who YOU want them to take.

    There has been no indication anywhere on the net or TV that The Bucs want Leonard Williams, but you keep typing it and wishing for it.

    Exactly. Because they’re taking him. Why leak it out now? Keep it close to the vest and maybe someone will pay an absurd amount to come up to #1. Besides, drafting by far the best player in the draft in Williams can only be a good thing.

  122. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    This continues to be the most illogical thinking I have ever read!!!

    Need does not equal solution. Joe may NEED to get laid in the worst possible way. Does that mean therefore that he would be happy to settle for a toothless crackhead? Probably not. Extreme example to make my point.

    Just because you have a need doesn’t mean you jump at the first opportunity. There could be MANY solutions to that need that do not include Jameis Winston.

    Last year Joe would have had us fill that need with Johnny Flash in the pan, another can’t miss according to Joe. How is that working out so far?

    We NEED the proper solution not the ONLY QB available in this year’s draft.

  123. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Sorry, but I’m not buying it. And by the way, thanks for making my point for me

  124. DB55 Says:

    Pick grin

    The same was said about schiano. We will be MUCH better under Lovie. *cough *cough

    Lovie needs at least 9 wins to match schianos record and I think 11 wins to match rah. Now that’s UNBEWEAVEABLE!!

  125. Mr. Patrick Says:


  126. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Smh, so true brotha.

  127. rayjay1122 Says:

    I have nothing against Winston who is innocent until proven guilty. Yes he is immature but that is no crime or else half of us would be ex convicts. But with the investment of the 1st pick the best thing that could happen for the Bucs is for Mariota to show that he can make all of the throws and wow the coaches with his interviews and traits as well as surprising them by excelling st things that he was not asked to do in college. That is probably not realistic though.

  128. DB55 Says:


    Isn’t joe already fKCN a toothless crackhead? LOL -jk joe.

  129. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @St. Pete
    You are thinking very clearly Brother

  130. DB55 Says:

    It’s a no win situation bc theres too much drama. Either way we go 50% of the fan base will be disappointed.

  131. rayjay1122 Says:


    I totally agree with your post. We can’t take a QB if none is worth that pick. I also think that the Bucs probably are thinking the same way.

  132. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St, Pete

    What an analogy…..perhaps the toothless crack-head would work for “Bill Clinton’s non sex” for Joe….

    Now as for the need of a QB…it is clear….what I was fearful of is starting to happen….we are beating up each QB so much that they are no longer good prospects….”neither one is worth drafting @ #1″…..

    I am one that thinks we must consider all trade down options….and, then make the decision….and be prepared to re-visit this next year if we don’t choose a QB this year…..we need one, and probably still will.

    It is possible that Koetter came in and said….”You’ve got your QB & it is Glennon”…..could have been music to Lovie’s ears….not likley, but possible.

  133. Couch Fan Says:

    Thats how it always goes, as long as whoever we pick contributes to wins we’ll all be happy. We just have different opinions on how to accomplish that.

  134. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    The year before that, it was the can’t miss cornerback prospect Morris Claiborne. Because of our porous pass defense.

  135. DB55 Says:


    ” It is possible that Koetter came in and said….”You’ve got your QB & it is Glennon”…..could have been music to Lovie’s ears….not likley, but possible.”

  136. David Says:

    Our offensive issues are not going to magically disappear by drafting a QB…especially since I don’t believe neither Mariota nor Winston are “franchise” QBs. They may both eventually be serviceable. But they aren’t going to be magical. And I certainly don’t think either one is worth a first overall pick.

  137. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Joe (Last 3 draft choices)

    2013-Morris Claiborne
    2014-Johnny Manziel
    2015-Jameis Winston

    Hearts is the right place, picks just haven’t worked out.

  138. DB55 Says:

    Ha. I can’t believe he said that, it’s prob a joke. Then again maybe not.

    “Ouch RT @gbellseattle: #Seahawks crackup, former Tampa Bay DE Michael Bennett “I’m thankful not to be a Buc”

  139. Couch Fan Says:

    Doubt its a joke. He has every right to feel like that. The man did nothing be perform and get better and we kicked him in the ass on the way out. Now he’s a key part of what could be the beginning of a dynasty.

  140. Cody Says:

    I have a daughter and have too much respect for women to ever in any way shape or form condone rape…

    With that said, this chick is many different versions of this “rape” is she going to tell…Per test she wasn’t drunk or high…She has pics with this guy that “supposedly” didn’t know until that night, and then is seen willingly leaving the bar late with him when she had numerous other methods of transportation available to her…No marks no bruises..It doesn’t add up…

    Imho…Winston is the victim here; he’s learning a life lesson early…With Money and Fame comes crazy chicks man, They’re out there, I’ve seen this with my own eyes…It’s amazing how a woman can lie and manipulate multitudes of people simply by shedding a few tears…

    Now that I got that of my chest…

    Winston has to be the guy…he’s the best player on the board and he fills a need…”Lets not over-think this”…

  141. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Should never burn your bridges…..

  142. David Says:

    Both these QBs make me nervous as all hell. I think Jameis is the next JaMarcus Russell and Mariota is the next RGIII.

  143. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    “The Blind Can See Bucs Need A QB”

    Your wrong Joe and apparently your in the mix of fans that have an IQ of 12.

    Ha ha ha ha

  144. Cody Says:

    “Off my Chest”

  145. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    It’s a QB driven league and some of these fans want to roll with Mike Glennon.

    This is TOO funny.

  146. David Says:

    If there isnt a QB in this draft better than Glennon, what would you prefer we do? Just take someone, anyone, because you want someone different?

  147. bucrightoff Says:

    It’s a team driven league 87, unless you have Luck or Rodgers. Strangely, neither Jameis or Mariota profile as much above Joe Flacco. This team is gonna be in the top 10 picks again next year. There will be QBs available then too believe it or not.

  148. DB55 Says:


    I’m not very articulate so read this it may or may not help.

  149. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    87ForJameisNoMariota Says
    “I’ve read everyone’s latest comments and still come to the same conclusion.


    What is unfathomable is your inability to determine that Winston is a sure-fire bust in waiting.

    The guy just IS NOT what you claim he is. Period.

  150. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Jameis Winston is going to be a Tampa bay Buccaneer and there’s not a damn thing any of you Winston Whiners can do about.

    Nor can I do anything about it.

  151. tickrdr Says:

    Luther Says:
    January 27th, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    ………………… Who are you to decide that I don’t want what is best because I don’t support your narrative. Winston is the best QB and we need a QB. There really isn’t much debate on those 2 observations.

    Some wag might ask how YOU get to decide that there “really isn’t much debate on those two observations”. Debate is frankly the only thing we have here. Not much of what we say really affects anything, except for Joe’s bottom line. So, with no mention of ANYTHING other than on-field performance, I still don’t think that Jameis Winston will do well in the NFL, especially as a ROOKIE. My reasoning for this opinion is that MOST rookies don’t do well by historical standards. So, by the same statistical likelihood, I don’t expect Marcus Mariota to do well as a rookie either, simply because so many have been drafted, and yet not posted great rookie stats. I have spent a lot of time researching the performance of all of the 54 QBs drafted in the first round over the last 21 years in the NFL. I’ve posted a lot of that data last year in the off-season, but due to my work requirements, these posts were usually quite late at night, and often the last few posts on the topic. Simply put, Mike Glennon’s performance in his first two years in the NFL compares very favorably with the upper echelon of QBs playing right now, at their same stage of development. These are his stats acquired in the NFL, against NFL talent, and not college games, combine or pro day results.

    DB55 mentioned that he rethought the Minnesota game last year re: MG8’s performance. I recently looked at the New Orleans game in the same vein.
    Did anybody remember that the BUCS had 15 penalties for 115 yards that game? Does anybody remember that the Bucs had an 11 point lead @6:29 in the 4th quarter of that game? In 5 starts, the Bucs had a 4th quarter lead in 4 of those games. So, at least for me, the debate is NOT settled, and I’m not sure we even need a QB. We likely do need a coach smart enough to play the right one. Just my two cents worth.


  152. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “What is unfathomable is your inability to determine that Winston is a sure-fire bust in waiting.”

    Your opinion counts as much as everyone else here, including me. Zero.

  153. Cody Says:

    @Bucrightoff…”This team is gonna be in the top 10 picks again next year. There will be QBs available then too believe it or not.”…Huh??

    Winston would’ve been the best QB in next years draft had he decided to stay another year…May as well take him this year that way by next year he’ll have a year under his belt…

  154. DB55 Says:


    And that’s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so!

    “I’m not sure we even need a QB. We likely do need a coach smart enough to play the right one.”

  155. Pat Says:

    Admit it….the win versus Steelers…It made you smile? A little bit?

  156. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Steelers were 65-0 when leading by 7 points or more in the 4th Qtr…..not just at home….home & away….and the QB to break that was none other than the lowly Bucs QB, Mike Glennon.
    Any QB that can do that deserved more than he got last year. For what ever reason, Lovie decided to call it quits on Glennon….we will have to live with that.
    That likely means he made the decision to go for a QB in this draft, if possible.
    I watched us absolutely tank the last game….That means we desperately wanted a choice of QBs…..we got what we wished for…..which QB…..nobody knows for sure….but it will very likely be one of them!!!

  157. David Says:

    Both these QBs looked more promising back at the end of December. Now after really breaking them down and watching them in those championship games…they look very average at best.

  158. tickrdr Says:

    Partial repost from JBF (April 14, 2014)

    “Even looking at the QB’s taken #1 overall in the draft ( 13 players), they have a combined 106 seasons over their careers, but only in 43 of 106= 40.6% of those seasons did that player post a QB rating HIGHER than MG8’s 83.9, and that total includes 14 seasons by Peyton Manning.
    Those same #1 overall QB’s threw for 19 or more TDs in only 49 of 106= 46.2% cumulative seasons, but MG8 managed to do that in only 13 games in his rookie campaign.
    And in only 20 seasons out of those 106= 18.9% did that QB have a better TD/INT ratio better than MG8’s 19/9= 2.1. Once again, take away P. Manning’s 9 seasons doing that, and you’re left with only eleven seasons for the remaining 12 players with a TD/INT ratio better than Mike’s last year.

    Please note these are for all of the seasons played for these #1 overall drafted QBs, EVER IN THEIR CAREER, and not just their rookie campaign.



  159. MadMax Says:

    Putting Winston or Mariota behind this O line is NOT the way to go. Draft Williams and build the O line this draft….Trenches, Trenches, Trenches….get a QB next year since we’ll probably be picking top 10 again anyway. At least then , maybe that QB would have a chance….and our D line pass rush gets fixed this draft.

  160. Mr. Patrick Says:

    A very interesting read with some very interesting stats

  161. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Hey Joe…it’s okay to link to other sites now.

    I thought that was against the rules.

    If yes…I can give links for hours as to why the Bucs will draft Winston.

  162. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    No need for you to run Winston articles….Joe is doing that daily….

  163. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    TBBF…not nearly enough. They are out there. LOTS of them.

  164. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ 87

    You may want to send one or two to Joe…I think he is running out of material….

  165. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ 87

  166. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Laugh all you want. I’ll be the one laughing (and smiling) on draft day. 🙂

  167. MG8fan Says:

    I have sat back and not commented on Glennon’s situation but reading this column and the previous posts I must say something. Lovey got eat alive in Chicago by the town’s media. He is afraid that will happen here. He said while he was in his basement doing his planning for his first year in Tampa he listened to a lot of sport talk programs. If you ask him about it JOE you will find I am telling the truth. Have you ever heard of I Heart Radio? Guess who was constantly bashed and plies to trade him, that’s right, a certain dog and two mgm generals, who acted like, and now doing it again like Benedick Arnold. All these three voices repeat multiple times a day (I’m being very kind here) is take Winston, Take Mariota, Trade Glennon. Lovey is running scared, after listening to these voices (who say they know quarterbacks. Truth be told on black Monday Lovey ran to the porcelain throne multiple time waiting to see if the hammer would drop on him. It’s been said before and bares repeating, If Lovey isn’t going to play Glennon, he should either trade or cut him so he can have a career with another team and come back and blister the Buc’s ass. I you haven’t figured it out yet, no matter who is QB if there is no protection from the O line the QB will land on his ass and his throws will be sh*tty. OK I’ve got it off my chest.