Syracuse LT On Radar Of Bucs

January 17th, 2015
Syracuse LT Sean Hickey talks to Joe after a Shrine Game practice this week. The Bucs have already interviewed him.

Syracuse LT Sean Hickey talks to Joe after a Shrine Game practice this week. The Bucs already interviewed him.

For anyone who watched the Bucs last year, the alarming rate of the offensive line allowing pressure on turnover-prone Josh McCown and an overall inability to open holes for runners was jarring.

As a result, Joe expects the Bucs to load up on offensive linemen in the draft. The Bucs will need to in order to block for Jameis Winston.

One guy to keep an eye on is Syracuse offensive tackle Sean Hickey. The versatile 6-5, 300-pounder is known for his pass blocking. As a three-year starter for Syracuse, Hickey gave up but two sacks in 38 starts for the Orange.

In his freshman season, he was a backup for Justin Pugh who currently plays for the Giants. When Pugh was injured, Hickey started four games in Pugh’s place at left tackle.

“I learned a lot from [Pugh] while he was [a teammate],” Hickey said. “We have similar game in terms of pass protection. He was very influential in my career, helped me along. Very good relationship.”

Hickey admitted he and Pugh often talk often about how to improve Hickey’s game.

Joe spoke with Hickey after one of the Shrine Game practices this week in St. Petersburg, and Hickey confirmed, indeed, the Bucs have spoken to him. Hickey noted teams project him to be a guard in the NFL and he had heard he is anywhere from a third- to sixth-round pick.

The only way to judge Hickey currently is to judge how he did against good teams. Hickey thought he played well against the elite of the ,including Louisville, Clemson, and 2013 national champion and 2014 semifinalist Florida State.

It was against the Seminoles that Hickey faced players expected to be high draft picks this spring, including defensive end Mario Edwards, Jr. and defensive tackle Eddie Goldman.

“That was one of my better games,” Hickey said of facing Edwards. “I was able to protect pretty well. That was one of our better offensive games. [Edwards] a big guy. I had to make sure hands were up at all times — hands ready to stop the bull rush.”

Hickey admits he has been studying NFL film to find out the best ways to stop pass rushers. He believes he will have his work cut out for him.

“I just watch how these defensive ends are. Their rushes are ridiculous,” Hickey said. “There is no relief if the starter is out. He is just as good, but a year younger or ready to jump to another team. You have to be mentally prepared for every snap.”

Below, you can watch Hickey as a junior face Penn State last year. Hickey is No. 60 at left tackle.

16 Responses to “Syracuse LT On Radar Of Bucs”

  1. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    He MIGHT be a good Left guard prospect (zone blocking scheme). But Quicker Edge rushers will eat his lunch in the NFL.

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Players who impressed Mayock at Shrine Game practices

    Louisville OT Jamon Brown:
    Brown (6-6, 328) is one of the biggest players at the all-star game. He began his college career at defensive tackle and played in two games at that position as a true freshman before moving to guard during the season. He was Louisville’s starting right tackle as a sophomore in 2012, then started at left tackle the past two seasons. He was a weightlifter in high school in Kentucky. In addition, he has a nice singing voice, to the point that he performed John Legend’s “Ordinary People” at the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl luncheon.

    Louisville G John Miller:
    Miller (6-3, 315) never redshirted and was a four-year starter for the Cardinals. He is physical and can be a road-grader as a run blocker; he also improved as a pass protector this season.

    Georgia CB Damian Swann: ←Solid Roover
    Swann (6-0, 185) was a three-year starter for the Bulldogs and had eight interceptions, 21 pass breakups and six forced fumbles in his career. He was physical and aggressive in one-on-one drills this week and certainly wasn’t afraid to use his hands.

    Central Michigan DT Leterrius Walton:
    Mayock said Walton had a “really good week.” Walton (6-5, 305) was a three-year starter for CMU and showed an ability to be disruptive at times, with three sacks and 13 tackles for loss in his final two seasons with the Chippewas.

  3. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Lol, Just seen LeeOnTv ..get’em brotha

  4. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    Definitely seems like he could have some potential. If we could snab him in the 4-5 rd. range I would be all for it.

  5. Jack Says:

    Good thinking, Joe. The 4 Verticals Offense, that Dirk runs, and is now the BUCS Offense, needs 5 offensive linemen keeping the defense off the QB to make the offense work.

  6. sunshineben Says:

    Lets hope the bucs draft the better qb who is not named Winston.. Bucs don’t need a guy who gets into trouble to represent our team

  7. cmurda Says:

    Let’s get the guy that can sing like Jon Legend. I mean, WTF, might as well.

  8. Jacko101 Says:

    What round Joe would you project this guy?

  9. JFat Says:

    Chickillo from the U and Rosco from LSU @ DE stood out most to me in the Shrine game. Pretty boring game overall tho, defense dominated.

  10. ndog Says:

    No sunshineben we wouldnt want a guy like this on our team.

  11. Danati74 Says:

    Winston is the guy….if not we might as well start Glennon. We won’t get anyone better that can just come in and start from day one. So fans if your thinking someone else….we can wait a few years to see your guy, or we can start winning now.

  12. jfat Says:

    Nice piece btw Joe, appreciate the coverage on the Shrine game, some good info/reads came out of it.

  13. Rays8Jenningsfan Says:

    Let’s let Dotson protect the blind-side for Mariota, while we address right tackle in FA, and bring in Interior linemen through the draft, perhaps a guard-center combo. The Bucs have to have at least another salvageable Offensive Lineman on the roster, I think Dietrich-Smith may actually be better off at Left Guard. After that, if you can get three standouts, it’s all chemistry after that.

  14. BucDaddy Says:

    Bring him in to block for Jameis!

  15. MadMax Says:

    Hey Luv, just now seeing this. Yeah I liked Chickillo and Zadarius Smith too. I wonder where they’ll get drafted? I also liked John Miller.

  16. Brandon Says:

    Another short-armed guy that will have to make his living inside.