Murphy Has Bad Drop Numbers

January 11th, 2015
Bucs WR Louis Murphy may have had the biggest catch of the 2014 season for the Bucs, but was one of the NFL's top receivers in dropped passes.

Louis Murphy may have had the biggest catch of the 2014 season for the Bucs, but was one of the NFL’s top receivers in dropped passes.

Joe has labeled Bucs receiver Vincent Jackson as “V-Drops” for his way too many drops. Joe can’t refer to Jackson that way today.

The title of Butterfingers of the Bucs now belongs to Louis Murphy per, which monitors dropped passes, among other stats.

Murphy, the Bucs’ No. 3 receiver just signed to a new contract, was tied for fifth-most drops in the NFL in 2014 with six, according to these stat geeks.

What makes that number look really bad is that Murphy was targeted just 56 times. That brings his drop percentage to just above 10 percent. Of the 15 players that dropped six passes, only four players had a worse drop percentage than Murphy.

Before Murphy re-signed with the Bucs last month, Joe had a hunch the Bucs might look to build depth at wide receiver in free agency and perhaps the draft. Rookie Robert Herron really hasn’t shown Joe anything and really has limited job security unless he starts hanging onto the ball.

15 Responses to “Murphy Has Bad Drop Numbers”

  1. Dean Says:

    There are several positions that need addressing in free agency/trades and the draft:
    OL…2 or 3
    CB (like Ronde)

    That’s 8 needed bodies that produce. But I will add 2 more that will mean just as much. Punt and Kick Returner and slot receiver. Those positions can be one guy who has speed, elusiveness, toughness. Think Wes Welker.

  2. BucinNC Says:

    Joe do you have a list of potential fa wr targets? And where on the list do you rank the need at wr

  3. OB Says:

    How many of those drops would have been catches if they were better thrown, is the question.

    I believe the better coaching they will receive plus the better throws will change this dramatically.

    I am not saying they couldn’t have done better, but there were outside influences also.

  4. JFat Says:

    Funny, I posted this same link in your V-Jax post a while back and you said the stats were inaccurate.

  5. JFat Says:


    JFat Says:
    January 5th, 2015 at 4:22 pm
    According to this:

    V-Jax only had 4 dropped passes this year. Last year was kinda rough but he didn’t have a chance to catch most of the balls thrown to him this year, much less drop them.

    Gotta hold on to the guy, aside from the on-field production you can tell he is one of the actual leaders on this team. Pay the man and trim cap space elsewhere if it becomes a concern.

    These stats are not accurate. –Joe

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Keeping Murphy isn’t that expensive and we will need up to 6 WRs…..He also seems to get open quite regularly and has some speed for YAC….

  7. Soggy Says:

    The reason for the drops is McCown runs his hands through his hair and gets moose all over the ball:-)

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I like OB and TBBF’s posts because I am seriously prejudiced here.

    Murphy is the pride of Lakewood and St. Petersburg. I just gotta root for a hometown guy.

  9. DB55 Says:


    Can’t believe it took a spreadsheet to show you that murphy sucks. Duh

  10. port richey george Says:

    Rookie Robert Herron really hasn’t shown Joe anything.

    Rookie Robert Herron really hasn’t shown Port Richey George anything either……

    he plain stinks. a wasted draft pick. they could have picked up golden tate in free agency.

    evans and vjax are not burners. good but they are not really joey Galloway fast.

  11. LargoBuc Says:


    Just my OPINION!

  12. Brandon Says:

    He’s good depth and was signed to a team friendly contract. I have no issues with him being re-signed. Good veterans provide good competition and competition is a good thing.

  13. Brandon Says:

    LargoBuc Says:
    January 11th, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Just my OPINION!


    Your opinion should note that we have to 5th round picks and no 6th. Also, good teams don’t draft based on a position need per round. That’s how disastrous GMs operate. You never reach for a player simply because he plays a certain position you desire.

  14. Joe Says:

    Joe do you have a list of potential fa wr targets?

    Joe’s going to go hard and heavy on potential free agency after the Super Bowl.

  15. ddneast Says:

    Brandon you are absolutely right and that is why this team is in trouble. We go after some stiff like Mark Barron when Luke Kuckley was on the board.
    Well we had Mason Foster. But Kuecley was better in his rookie season than Foster was in his fourth.
    You try to draft the best player on the board.
    This is what drove me absolutely nuts when Gruden tried to get Farve to come here. The media cried and howled about how Gruden wasn’t being fair or loyal to Garcia.
    This is business, big business. Did anyone call Robert Irsay a cruel heartless slime ball when he cut Peyton Manning lose.
    This town and the media needs to grow up. This isn’t high school ball.