More Offense?

January 18th, 2015
Could Bucs coach Lovie Smith be overseeing another all-offense draft?

Could Lovie Smith oversee another all-offense draft?

Led by defensive-minded Lovie Smith, the Bucs drafted all offense last year. Lovie must have felt like he was in some out-of-body experience.

Thus far, those selections, with the exception of rookie Godzilla wide receiver Mike Evans, have made little to no impact.

Yes, Evans was a home run. An Albert Pujols-moonshot. The rest of the 2014 draft class? Meh.

Charles Sims at running back was overwhelmed battling back from a wheel injury. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, while he flashed, had a very hard time staying healthy. The two offensive linemen? Joe noticed them on milk cartons at Publix more than he saw them on the field. Wide receiver Robert Herron? Kind of hard to contribute when you can’t catch the ball, sort of a thorn-in-the-side, you know, the most important trait a receiver can have.

Unless the Bucs totally floor the NFL and chase away what few fans they have, the team will draft a quarterback. And Pat Yasinskas believes it is very likely the Bucs go all offense again.

The point here is the Bucs got two starters (Evans and Seferian-Jenkins) and maybe a third (Sims) as well as three backups for the offense last season. If they follow a similar approach in this year’s draft, they might end up fixing the offense.

That rotten offense the Bucs had? It was 30th in the NFL last year, thus reinforcing Yasinskas’ theory.

The reason why the stars are aligned to draft a quarterback is said signal-caller would be surrounded with solid weapons. Having Josh McCown with these weapons is the equivalent of shoving a NASCAR engine into a Ford Pinto.

29 Responses to “More Offense?”

  1. Hawk Says:

    Joe said,

    ” Having Josh McCown with these weapons is the equivalent of shoving a NASCAR engine into a Ford Pinto.”

    I believe you meant ‘Edsel’, Joe.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think….depending on the FA signings…we can take the BPA at many positions..

    Oline, MLB, DE, CB, WR, perhaps S if Goldson is traded or cut.

    A good example will be our pick at 34…..there will certainly be great players available at all these positions….several that slip out of the first round….we could even trade back into the 1st round….but I think we need to keep our picks. We should get an extra pick for Glennon.

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    Trading Goldson? Ok, so we’d give up a draft pick to trade a guy? Cause Goldson has negative value on the market. We’d have to trade him AND a 4th round pick to get a 6th round pick back. It’s the same as Cutler, unless we’re eating significant salary any team trading for Goldson is doing us a favour. He’ll be cut for sure, but traded is absurd, his contract is horrible and totally untradeable.

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    As long as we draft a QB #1 (better be Winston) and then draft at least 2 or 3 OL players from picks 2,3,4,5,5 – then whatever else happens will be OK with me.

    Our needs in order prior to free agency are QB, OLX3, DE, MLB, Safety, slot receiver/return specialist, Punter, Nickle CB.

  5. OB Says:

    Other than drafting a QB at number one, until the Free Agents are available, we will not know what we want in the draft. We should also get some good walkon or whatever non drafted players are called from the East – West game.

  6. cover deuce Says:

    Methinks we’ll see at least one DE and one LB drafted in the late rounds in order to beef up the kick coverage units.

  7. Patrickbucs Says:

    I thought if we cut Goldson he doesn’t count anything or very, very little against the cap?

  8. lion Says:

    Mike Evans became an elite receiver his rookie year and ASJ I believe will become one next season. Charles Sims showed at the end of the season that he could be an effective dual threat RB, especially with a better QB and a re-tooled O-line. No way should we sit here and try to evaluate the two late round lineman drafted, as they were drafted with the intention of sitting for a year or two with no intention of them becoming starters. Time will tell on them. Herron, yeah, I expected a lot more out of him, especially when he was ‘supposedly’ a steal in the 6th round. If I recall correctly he did look good in practice, but had a lot of dropped passes.

  9. BucIt941 Says:


    Explain why you want 3 O-Lineman in rounds 3-5?

    All we really need is A. a better Center and B. a RT. Dotson LT, Collins/Mankins LG, (new center), EDS/Edwards RG, (new RT).

    Personally I would take QB, LT, DE, C/G, MLB, Safety each represent their round in order! No need to go over board after we just spent 2 picks on the line again last year. Go get a FA Vet Center, Draft a RT and move forward!

  10. lion Says:

    I expect this draft to be the one that defines the franchise. We have some very premium draft picks to do a lot of damage with.

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Now that I’ve accepted Jameis as the #1 pick I STILL want to see us do WHATEVER it takes to get one of the three franchise LT’s. Probably need to trade that high second with a sweetener to get back into the first round.

    Just imagine though. The hardest positions to fill in the NFL are generally considered to be QB, DL, and a franchise LT. What if we got 2 of three taken care of in one draft. That would be huge and barring injury or off the field hijinks we’d be set for a decade.

    If we’re going to spend so much on our shiny new Heisman QB we’d better protect that investment’s backside.

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I like the way you think. I’m on board with your picks other than the fact I’d be willing to give up something, Glennon? another pick, to make sure that LT is one of the three franchise guys in this draft.

  13. Eric Hernandez Says:

    I think the defense will get better with a few additions and more importantly another year in Lovie’s system. The offense needs the help. QB (Mariota) with the first. A LT with the second. I herd last year and still do that Anthony Collins would be better suited at guard. With the third grab a center. We may grab more picks if we deal Glennon, Martin and maybe even VJax (Hopenot)

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says:
    January 18th, 2015 at 1:05 pm
    “Now that I’ve accepted Jameis as the #1 pick…”

    Whoa – stop the presses. When did that happen? I thought you were one of those that didn’t want Jameis because of all the “character concerns”. What happened? Did you do some research on your own and come to the conclusion that Jameis is not automatically headed for jail or crack alley? LOL

  15. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    LOL No I was never a Jameis “hater”. I just thought his off field issues indicated at minimum a lack of judgment and maturity. In addition I hope we’re all prepared for the continuing bad PR for his rookie year until the dust settles on the lawsuits.

    A poster (I wish I could remember his name) convinced me that every pick is a gamble anyway might as well roll the dice on the craps line and hope you make the pass and win big time!

    I’ve never been down on Jameis talent, just his judgment. Hopefully DB and others can keep him under control. Hopefully he grows up now that he’s 21.

    We need a QB and an OL. If we got Jameis and one of the three franchise LT’s and they both worked out we’d be set for a decade at 2 of the 3 most difficult positions to fill.

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says:
    January 18th, 2015 at 1:05 pm
    “I STILL want to see us do WHATEVER it takes to get one of the three franchise LT’s.”

    Not sure if you are counting FSU’s Cam Erving as 1 of those 3 – but that is who I am hoping for. He is a bad ass Olineman who can play any of the 3 positions and did awesome at center when they moved him there in November of this year to help subside all the pressure Winston was getting up the middle this year. But for 2 1/2 years prior to that – he held down the LT position as well as anyone in the country. Was the anchor at LT last year on a line that averaged allowing only 1 sack per game.
    Most are projecting him late 1st or early 2nd at this point. Kyper has him at #25 on his board which wouldn’t cost too much to trade up into that range from #34. (3rd or 4th probably) My guess is that Erving’s stock will rise as draft time approaches. Maybe we can find the right partner and trade Glennon in order to move up 10-15 spots back into the 1st round to get that stud OT that we desperately need.

  17. lurker Says:

    welcome to the dark side spbf…

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Erving may be a great draft pick because of that versatility. But I thought he got beaten out by a true franchise LT that freshman beast you guys have.

    I’ve read that the freshman is already clearly 1st round material but if Erving got knocked out of his job by a freshman that worries me.

    I like Andrus Peat the best. His father was in the NFL and I just think children of professional athletes tend to do all sports…Whether it’s the entire freaking Matthews family, cousins and all, Oliver and Andrew Luck…or Bonds and Griffery in baseball or the Sutters in hockey…I know it’s not horse racing but I like a great bloodline and Peat has that…in addition to major size!

  19. Teacherman777 Says:

    trade back.

    Pick up a 1st next year,

    A second and a third this year.

    Draft two OG’s in the second round. Like twins. Best friends. Brothers.

    And use our first round pick on that pimp OC/OT dude from FSU.


    O-line upgraded.

    2 third round picks on CB or LB or S.

    4th round pick LB.

    5, 6, 7- take risks on dropping BPA. Maybe character risks.

  20. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’ll be fine with the Bucs drafting all offense again and again until they improve that unit beyond a question mark. ASJ and Sims showed some promise, and I expect that to improve. I won’t argue either way about the picks, but with the right ones the Bucs can become relevant in a hurry.

  21. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Ideal scenario would be to trade down twice in the 1st round accumulating picks….QB next year

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    BucIt941 Says:
    January 18th, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    Explain why you want 3 O-Lineman in rounds 3-5?

    All we really need is A. a better Center and B. a RT. Dotson LT, Collins/Mankins LG, (new center), EDS/Edwards RG, (new RT).

    Personally I would take QB, LT, DE, C/G, MLB, Safety each represent their round in order! No need to go over board after we just spent 2 picks on the line again last year. Go get a FA Vet Center, Draft a RT and move forward!


    I said 2 OR 3 from the 5 picks in rounds 2,3,4 5 and 5

    The way I see it. We are a stud QB and a decent OLine away from being an extremely competitive team. I’m not worried about the defense. yes there are 3 or 4 (or 5) upgrades needed but our D is gonna be good next year regardless of how many or few moves they make personel wise on that side of the ball. – but if L&L draft Winston and then put lazer beam focus on improving the OLine by any and all means necessary then we truly can “win now” IMO. They messed up last year by trying to build a line through Free Agency. It doesn’t work out usually and costs too much. So let’s go the other way – let’s bring in 3 new talented rookies and fix the biggest issue our team has the right way.

    I was not thinking of EDS being moved to Guard – and that’s the 1st time I’ve heard anyone say it – but EDS did NOT play well at center last year. He was a definite downgrade from Zuttah who is average at best. There’s been a good bit of talk that Collins will be cut – but we owe him $3M regardless of whether he plays here or not – so not sure how that will play out. We do save $3M if we cut him. Collins sucked pretty badly this last year and being totally benched despite his big salary pretty much said what they thought of his play and likely his future here. Also, Mankins is unlikely to play more than a couple more years – and beyond this year – he will be too expensive compared to what his capabilities will be -so that’s another OLine position that will soon need to be filled. We need big bodies with talent to provide enough competition to field a solid starting 5 + a couple decent backups. That’s 7 good to decent players needed – and currently IMO we don’t have ANY “good” linemen and only 2 decent ones (Mankins and Dotson). So we’ve got a long ways to go and need to bring in as much talent as we can find

    The more OLine players we can bring through the door at OBP – the faster we will find the ones who can get the job done. Free Agency talent costs a lot of $. Drafting talented players in the 2nd and 3rd and 4th rounds costs very little for 4 years. That’s why I would have no problem with drafting 3 OLinemen in our 1st 6 picks.

  23. Pickgrin Says:

    No way should we trade away our guarantee of a legit franchise QB prospect. Winston is gonna be a top 10 NFL QB – there is no doubt in my mind. Whatever “IT” is – he’s got it and is a special talent. What is the most important position on any football team?

  24. Hawk Says:

    Those, of you, that keep saying “Derrick Brooks will keep him in line”, are living in a fantasy world.
    First, DB has too many irons-in-the-fire (charities, businesses, family), to spend much time ‘baby-sitting’. More importantly, though, it would be a conflict of interest, unless DB is willing to quit his current job in the NFL as ‘arbitration officer’.
    If you’re saying that a player needs a baby-sitter, then you are saying he is a gamble. You CANNOT gamble with the #1 pick. It MUST be a Day-One, Impact player. It takes me a couple minutes to name, off the top of my head, ANY first round ‘bust’, by the Bucs, but I’ll never forget the First Overall Pick bust that was Bo Jackson.
    I hope that the Bucs find ALL of the top 15 prospects to be worthy of that #1 pick. That would make their job a lot easier, and the team, a lot better.

  25. Jack Says:

    Let’s see what offense we should use: How about the New England Patriots. They can be whatever they choose to be. They can beat you in 3-wides, 4-wides, or 3-tight ends.

  26. Joe Says:

    I believe you meant ‘Edsel’, Joe.

    No, Joe meant what he wrote. “Pinto.”

  27. Danati74 Says:

    Or a Ford Pinto into a NFL offense.

  28. Danati74 Says:

    And a Ford Pinto hatchback coach.

  29. Dade City Ray Says:

    But Joe, a pinto powered by a NASCAR engine would be badass! Now a pinto engine in a Nascar car? That’s a more apt description of the Bucs offense last year. Looks damn good on paper until you hit the gas pedal and realize that pig ain’t gonna fly.