Licht Not Scared Of Free Agency

January 18th, 2015

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The way the Bucs spent Team Glazer cash last offseason — the way a college kid uses his dad’s new AMEX gold card at a bar — and largely struck out too often, one would think general manager Jason Licht would still bare the singed eyebrows and stay clear of the fire.

Not so.

In fact, Licht speaks like a man ready to jump back in the deep end of the free agent pool when the free agency dinner bells rings on March. 10

That’s the word from Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, who touched based recently with Licht.

“We can’t let what happened deter us from taking some risks,’’ Licht said. “If you’re afraid of taking risks, you’re going nowhere. Take the lessons that you learned and it helps you become wiser with your decisions.’’

One would hope whoever was responsible for believing Anthony Collins is a cornerstone left tackle should be locked in a cage until training camp, so he can’t offer any more advice (?) on a player’s talents. Yes, Bucs overlord of football operations Lovie Smith terribly misjudged on Michael Johnson and Evan Dietrich-Smith and Josh McCown, too. And don’t even get Joe started on twice-discarded cornerback Mike Jenkins.

Let’s hope the Bucs get wiser player evaluation this time around with Team Glazer’s checkbook. Or Team Glazer just may shut down that account.

43 Responses to “Licht Not Scared Of Free Agency”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    My dream fantasy free agency: Jason Pierre-Paul, Demarco Murray, Demaryius Thomas, and Antonio cromartie. I know that none of these will likey happen but in my opinion these would be the best free agency pick ups. JPP will be resigned,Demarco Murray is a possibility,Demaryius Thomas would be resigned. Antonio cromartie would be another possibility. I know that everyone will say we need to focus on the oline. Well we need threats on both sides of the ball too. Our defense sucked and our offense sucked even more. I just pray that we pick some players that can turn this franchise around. I don’t care if one of them are James Winston or mariota. Sh!t after 14 years of this team being the laughing stock of the nfl I would not mind seeing what Terrell Owens has to offer. Desperate times ask for desperate measures.

  2. The True Buc Fan Says:

    We need depth in free agency. Period. I think the kid from TN state we drafted last year, has the potential to be a starter this year at right guard. You want nasty, sign Suh. Uh oh. Lol

  3. Teacherman777 Says:

    Just imagine Suh and JPP.


  4. Pickgrin Says:

    Have at it Jason – use up that cap room – but leave enough to lock up L. David of course. Just make sure from here on out there are no big commitments with guaranteed $ for more than 1 year to FAs. Based on his play in 2014, would Michael Johnson be here this coming year if he wasn’t already guaranteed $9M in 2015? No way. You are going to eat $3M this year because of Collins as well (assuming he is not brought back) Don’t do that again – it was a big mistake. I know you have to make the offer attractive to get the “best” FAs to come here – but have all the guarantees be in the 1st year – and give sweet incentive bonuses for high level performance thereafter.

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    Yes, Licht can dive right back into the free agency pool but the lifeguards say not before he wipes off all the poop on him from the last go-round.

  6. 87ForJameisNoMariota Says:

    Joe the Jenkins thing really bothers me too. Thus is why I don’t want these fools to screw this up and trade down in the draft.

    People say if we can trade down we can get this pick and that pick, but they forget who’s doing the shopping…

    They name players that we could get by trading down, all the while assuming that these fools will take those said players in the draft.

  7. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if the monies that the Glazers lose from cutting the FA bombs that get cut , come out of L & L pay. That would make it interesting

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Oline, MLB, CB…..KR/PR, P, …..if we could achieve 4 out of these 5…..that would be good

  9. Jason Licht Says:

    We’ve got the weapons we need on offense, I just need to fix this sorry ass O-line and draft Mariota

  10. David Says:

    @Jason…no offensebut i dont see a NEED for any of those FA’s other JPP. Murray is injury prone and was running behind one of nNFL’ s best o-lines. And Thomas makes sense only if we get rid of Vjax. But I agree we NEED sumthin! O-line, LB, safety and slot WR I think.

  11. Luther Says:

    JPP is the only guy who is really good. The rest are a crap shoot.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We really need another CB to add to Banks & Verner…..also might need a S if we cut or trade Goldson…..

    We can do much better at punter….even an UDFA might work…..way too much money for Koenen.

    The third WR needs to be KR/PR….

  13. Jonathan Says:

    Ok. JPP, Suh, and cromartie. That would instantly make our defense one of the best in the league. Could you al imagine JPP, Suh, and gmc. Qb’s would wet the bed every night before playing us. That would be like the glory days with sapp, booger, and rice up front. Suh is a good possibility and so is cromartie. JPP would only be in my dreams unless we threw the kitchen sink to get. All these guys. We can focus on all offense in the draft.

  14. Jonathan Says:

    Tampabaybucfan. What about getting Wes welker as a third string plus KR?

  15. ddneast Says:

    I don’t think Goldson has an INT or a big play since coming to the Bucs. I do remember him dropping a game saving INT against the Panthers though.
    The only thing Goldson could ever do was try and kill or maim defenseless receivers going over the middle.
    Hey, tough guy, that doesn’t make you a great football player.
    Cam Chancellor seems to be doing a good job without trying to permanently injure players anymore.
    Goldson has been a bust, no matter how cool Joe thinks he is.

  16. Sick of this $hit Says:

    Again with the “sign Suh” crowd. 100 million on DT tackle isnt enough? No, they would have us spend 200 million on two players at the same position. Thank God L & L are calling the shots.
    Hey guys, just like McCoy, Suh isnt doing it alone. The rest of his line sets up and delivers in a big way when he gets his double and or triple teams. The rest of his line takes advantage. We just need stronger players around McCoy. Get rid of Ghost Johnson before the trade deadline if he isnt producing. Hell, trade for a few new water coolers if need be, make sure the ones making plays arent getting dehydrated.

  17. Java Says:

    Lovie and Licht will again overpay for a bunch of duds. And I will keep my season ticket money as I can’t see spending another cent on this garbage team

  18. pancake block Says:

    JPP on an incentive laden contract, Lupati, draft a franchise qb #1, LT top of the second, trade up in the second for perriman….everything else is gravy

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    Signing DeMarco Murray should be instant fired. Would almost certainly go right to the top of worst free agent signings in not just Bucs history, but NFL history. Running backs are extremely devalued and we have FOUR already on the roster who are making peanuts, whereas we’d have to give Murray $8+ million a year. It would be a debacle signing.

    Stay the hell out of FA Jason. Build this roster the way it needs to be built, from the ground up. But taking shortcuts is going to leave us much worse off 3 years from now, particularly when this team isn’t even close to competing for anything of significance.

  20. Dean Says:

    Here’s and interesting fact:

    Dead money is money still owed on the books for FORMER players, no longer on the roster.

    For 2015:

    7.1 million is dead money. Of that, guess who takes up 98% of that dead money?

    CARL NICKS and Mark Baron. Nicks accounts for 4.7 mil and Baron 2.24 mil in dead money.

    Now that doesn’t count whatever the Bucs do with Collins or any of the other losers, they brought in last year.

  21. bucrightoff Says:

    And why do we need to sign Suh for $15-20 million a season when we’re drafting Leonard Williams (who will be better) at around $5 million a season for 4 years?

  22. Barry Says:

    Super Bowl teams are built with Free Agents. Bring them in. Spend the money. All of it. IMO

  23. BK Says:

    I am thinking Winston (yes Joe I have seen the garnett colored light…lol) with 1st round pick.

    JPP in FA. We dont have $$$ for Suh and would conflict with McDonald FA pickup. We dont need a WR; dont waste $$$. OL is the toughest problem to resolve.

    If no JPP (he does get injured), the trick is can we trade up (we have a stable of RBs-Martin?) in late first round to acquire from Wisconsin DE Randy Gregory or Fowler from FLorida. Alternate would be a top OL.

  24. Bogiedr Says:

    Why all the Suh talk? McDonald was the one shining free agent signing. Besides, Suh plays the same position as gmc.

  25. Mumbles Says:

    To win, the Bucs need to get off this face of the franchise elitism and go get players who can play. Draft Winston and get DE Greg Hardy in FA. Belichick says it’s a thug’s life!

  26. CAN'T FIX IT Says:


  27. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    trade martin & rainey and sign blount in fa. then draft Winston, mlb, guard & tackle plus a punter that are projected to start. The rest of the draft is bpa then don’t over pay for any free agents and the ones signed put on incentive laden deals.

  28. MarkV Says:

    Hey Dean – In a nut shell, dead money is guaranteed cash that carries over to another year after a player has been cut or released. You don’t eat dead money on a player that was traded (your Baron reference). The receiving team takes the player and all of his remaining contract. I don’t have access to the Bucs books, but injury settlements (your Nicks reference) also do not necessarily equate to dead money. You’d have to read the language of the settlement, but most settlements account for all guaranteed money that a player was due as a part of the agreement. Where did you get your info?

  29. cover deuce Says:

    Lovie has been coaching all year long (I say that somewhat ironically). He’s had less time to scout pro and rookie prospects, which probably means Licht and the FO will have a bigger say when it comes to signings and draft picks. At least, I hope that’s what that means.

  30. Patrickbucs Says:

    The Bucs have had to and will continue to have to sign big name free agents just to hit the new agreed upon salary cap floor. I do not understand why that’s never included in these articles. They have drafted so poorly for years that only a few of our draft picks have received extensions, luckily Freeman wasn’t signed to one as Joe wanted.

    Let’s say we cut Goldson and Mankins that’s I believe another $14 million off the books for next year. How much under will we be under the cap and V Jack may be asked to restructure. Unless David we gets a new deal (which he should) who else on this current roster and draft picks will get us anywhere near that cap floor? Raiders are in same spot with tons of cap room because of their lousy drafts.

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  32. DallasBuc Says:

    Lapdog Licht is not smart and doesn’t know when to shut up. He embarrassed us last year to degrees Mark Dominik never did. He is not qualified to hold the position which is mainly why Lovie hired him and has final say. What an effed up relationship. This is professional football?

  33. Eric Hernandez Says:

    I think the F/A should be used to build depth more so than starters. Find guys who are either raw that can be coached or technically better but not as good of athletes. Find guys who are specialist like pass rushers or linebackers who are small but are great in coverage.

  34. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Here is the REAL question. Have your sources told you or have you heard any rumors about who was REALLY responsible for those choices.

    Obviously Licht had to “agree” to them unless disagreement effected his job security.

    Is there anyway possible to find out WHO made these calls. I understand that’s a truly tough question since everybody will be playing CYA and claim it was a “group” decision. Is that true though?

  35. rayjay1122 Says:


    I totally agree with your take on needing to dump Koenen. His pay far exceeds his value. A guy off the street could have punted as well as he did and well lets face it, we punt a lot.

  36. Buccfan37 Says:

    ddneast… I thought Goldson did get one or two picks since coming to the Bucs.

  37. Yelawulf409 Says:

    I think the Bucs should use free agency to add depth/role players. Look at how the Colts never missed a beat after Manning left. They didn’t go after the flashy names, they went after player that fit the scheme and took mid-level exceptions. Name one team that spent big that even made it to the playoffs and before you say the patriots see the players they picked up contracts besides Revis. We need to focus more on rounding out the team in free agency and draft Winston. Best philosophy after we take Winston is take the best player on our broad. Super bowls have never been won in free agency ppl they are won through the draft

  38. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    JPP is way too inconsistent. Murray is too expensive and we don’t have the OLine Dallas has. Cromartie is too old, and Thomas won’t be allowed to leave Denver. Whether he resigns or is Franchised he isn’t going anywhere.

    Like I said before. Sign Iupati at Guard, Jerry Hughes or Brandon Graham at DE, Rolando McClain or Nate Irving at ILB, Bruce Carter or Sean Weatherspoon to pair on the outside opposite David. The CB we should def sign is Kareem Jackson from Houston. And there are 3 good safeties available Kendrick Lewis, Ron Parker, and Nate Allen.

    I know we can’t sign all of them. If we could get 3 or 4 of them we would instantly be better. The OT tackle position isn’t too deep this year. Eric Winston would be a solid addition for the right price.

  39. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    As far as Michael Johnson goes. When he finally started to get healthy towards the end of the year. He actually played good D. As well as our whole D for the most part. Basically when Frazier took over. But if MJ can stay healthy and we add another DE to help out. He could have a good year with atleast 8-10 sacks next season IMO.

  40. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    JPP would be my preference as well…thing is know what you’re getting, when he’s off he’s very mediocre but when he gets hot he’s a beast. Pass on Suh, too many personal fouls and a younger possibly better guy will be available in this draft (Williams) if the Bucs tune out the Mariota/Winston banter

  41. BringBucsBack Says:

    Licht may not be scared of free agency, but we are, Mr. Licht.

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  43. Destinjohnny Says:

    I wouldn’t get too cozy with the glazers coin jason.