Dirk Koetter And Up-Tempo Offense

January 10th, 2015
Will Dirk Koetter run an up-tempo offense?

Will Dirk Koetter run an up-tempo offense?

Among the many songs and dances Tampa Bay fans were promised by Lovie Smith a little over a year ago was that the Bucs were going to play an up-tempo offensive style.

Well, if what Lovie meant by up-tempo was Josh McCown running for his life and making some of the most ghastly turnovers Joe has ever seen, with little to no running game, then, yeah, he was right on the nose with his prediction.

To guess — and that’s really all we can do at this point — what new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter will pump out for the Bucs, we can only go by the man’s history. Footall numbers guy Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times put his fingers to the calculator and cast an educated guess.

So, perhaps, we may finally see that up-tempo offense we heard so much about until former offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford had his heart issue. Up-tempo went out the window about the time the stents went in Tedford’s body.

Of course, here is what Bucs fans must wonder: Do you trust McCown to run any kind of an offense short of him handing the ball off to? Could Mike Glennon run an up-tempo offense?

The limited history that Glennon has with a hurry-up offense (49ers in 2013) supports the notion that he might be able to do it.

Of course, we know Jameis Winston could.

28 Responses to “Dirk Koetter And Up-Tempo Offense”

  1. theodore Says:

    The only thing an up-temp offense will achieve is getting the offense off the field faster.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    And…..if you look up…”up tempo” in the dictionary you might find Marcus Mariota’s picture….

  3. biff barker Says:

    TBF. Zing! Bravo.

  4. Barry Says:

    Winston will have to run the hurry-up offense, with cops, and detectives chasing after him. IMO.

  5. DB55 Says:

    Can Lovie adopt a 12 sec offense? That’s how fast Mariotta takes between plays. Lovie might have heart complications. Glennon excels in the hurry-up. Last year we had at least 53 delay off game plays (penalties or timeouts) so Winston would probably take that # to 75.

    As for schemes, after reading a few more articles and fan posts it sound like ATL benefitted more from offensive talent than scheme, dork calls waaaaay too many screen plays and overall they’re meh about the whole situation.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Someone has to represent the winner of the JBF reader poll….

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m getting even more excited. An OC brings more than just schemes and coaching. He brings play calling. That’s also been horrible for the Bucs. Koettler will be a HUGE upgrade in play calling.

  8. biff barker Says:

    I’m thinking Ttestman didn’t make the cut given the McCown linkage.
    No matter, go hurry up, use the Cannon as the bridge, get the ball out quickly.
    Sims would be utilized correctly IMO.

  9. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    If anybody other than Mariota takes any regular season snaps at QB in 2015, I’ll be shocked and disappointed.

  10. Architek Says:

    Who’s tge cannon? – I know a Pop-gun…

  11. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Joes, where’s our ‘Jameis Crime Watch’ article for today?? Lol, if he were a normal citizen, he’d probably be in prison right now….

  12. SAMCRO Says:

    Yeah, I can see squint-eyed Winston running the hurry up, as long as we display the next play on the video screen where he doesn’t take 5 seconds to focus on it.

  13. Blake Johnson Says:


    ‘Veteran draft analyst’ Russ Lande, of GM Junior, poses the question- “Is Jameis Winston even Draftable?” Eyeing him as a “late round pick” and likening him to Jay Cutler. For they share two of the same qualities, Really good, Not great arm talent; and a tendency to hit defenders square in the numbers.

    Jameis Winston can run it some where else Joe, we need to Draft Mariota and then let Koetter and his Qb coach groom Marcus Mariota into the next great Pass first Mobile Qb, even if it means we sit him for a season or two. Mariota’s ceiling is sky high man, I don’t know how you don’t see that.

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    I think I speak for all buc fans ” we don’t care what tempo it is, we just want to see any offense!”

  15. Piratic Says:

    @StPeteBucsFan: Agreed. The offensive playcalling in 2014 was, well, offensive. All puns aside, in 2015 the offense will very likely have much more variety, and almost assuredly will be MUCH more efficient.
    –In 2015, the offense will be an asset, and not the ship’s anchor it was in 2014.

  16. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I could care less. As long as we score points im happy

  17. Soggy Says:

    Up tempo.. Oh Ya fun stuff to watch.. Love it..

  18. Dick2111 Says:

    Not sure Thomas Bassinger really gave us much insight into the offensive scheme in his comments Joe, or what type of QB our new OC would prefer. He inherited Matty Ice, and he’s pretty much a pocket passer I think, although he can move around a little.

    As far as Josh or Mike running an up-tempo offense, I think either one could do it IF the OL proves to be at least average, and if our new OC plays to their abilities, which I’m confident he will. But Josh and Mike are two very different QBs in my opinion, and Marcus (after his mandatory year on the park bench) has a very different skill set than either of them.

    In any event, I’m confident the Bucs will improve next year, just not sure how much. Draft and Free Agency will most likely determine that.

  19. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Guaranteed MM is our starter next year from Day 1 of minicamp. Why do u guys underestimate his abilities? If fn Cam Newton can have success as a rookie, then MM can succeed for sure. And Winston would be a waste of a pick, IMO.

  20. port richey george Says:

    up tempo offense? with those crappy o-linemen?
    penalty: false start, clipping, holding.
    clock stops and there are substitutions on the defense.
    the purpose of the no huddle /up tempo is too not allow substitutions on defense.
    how can they run an up tempo offense when the game will constantly be stopped because of o-linemen penalties?
    also 2nd down and 15
    3rd down and 20
    too deep to run the ball with all the o-line penalties in 2014
    the defense knows you have to pass.

  21. Pickgrin Says:

    I guess when you have an OC who knows what he’s doing – the play call makes it to the QBs ears with more than 15 seconds left on the play clock. Bucs seemed like they were getting up to the line with less than 10 seconds to snap all year long this last season…

  22. SuperSam Says:

    Uptempo fits Mariota best, sorry Winston.

  23. Ray Rice Says:

    The Hurry Up Offense= Hurry Up And Punt if McCown is behind center.

  24. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Has McCown been fired yet?

  25. LutzBuczFan Says:

    We are used to stuff like timeout as the first play after halftime. I want to see some rhythm, which requires far fewer penalties.

  26. Notlovinlovie Says:

    Excuse me Barry but all Jameis did was steal some crab legs whoopdie freeking doo and yell some crap in the cafeteria. Again whoopdie freekin doo! As far as the other allegation that exactly what it is an allegation. I could accuse you of being a guy that knows a lot about football but after looking at your comment that would be just an allegation.

  27. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Mark Hartsell
    Ryan Perry-Smith
    Tony Graziani
    Bart Hendricks
    Andrew Walter
    Rudy Carpenter
    Dave Garrard
    Blaine Gabbert
    Matt Ryan

    These are all Dirk Koetters quarterbacks. I don’t know about you, but, I see drop back, pro-style QBs.

    What are the odds that he sticks with his background, or goes in a total different direction?

  28. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    If we want to run an up tempo offense then you draft the kid who runs the best up tempo offense. What Mariotta is able to recognize about opposing defenses in a matter of 5 seconds is far superior to Jameis having 25 seconds. No one can debate that statement…look at the turnovers and then shut your mouth. Hell it takes Jameis 5 seconds just to squint over at the sidelines in between plays.

    As far as Koetter goes. We have no clue what he will do. Until they decide who our QB will be I doubt they will fully know. The odds are good (unless McCown is our QB) that we will run plenty of no huddle this upcoming season. I do think Glennon could handle it with a real line in front to protect him. I would rather have a new line and Mariotta instead of Glennon or McCown tho.