Time For Michael Johnson To Appear

December 21st, 2014

Joe gets the sense, though nothing has been confirmed, that Anthony Collins will never start at left tackle again for the Bucs. He may never play another snap.

Last week, Collins was, in NHL terms, a healthy scratch. He was benched for awful play, replaced by right tackle Demar Dotson. Collins seemed shocked.

A guy more invisible than Collins is his free agent brother in arms, Michael Johnson. The defensive end has had a ghostly season. He is rumored to be on the roster, alleged to have started many games, but in most games, you’d be hard-pressed to prove it.

It may be do or die for Johnson. In his only game against the Packers, coming just 15 months ago, Johnson racked up seven tackles, one for loss, 1.5 sacks, a forced fumble and a pass defended.

That is way more production than Johnson has in starts for the Bucs. If Johnson has any kind of similar luck against the Packers, it just may save his days as a Tampa Bay defender.

Pardon Joe for being suspicious Johnson will dominate today.

15 Responses to “Time For Michael Johnson To Appear”

  1. Espo Says:

    It’s beyond time for him to act like he belongs in the NFL. I defended him earlier in the season. I’m done.

  2. Architek Says:

    Johnson may be thinking he’s a winner with the guaranteed cash but the film he put out there is enough to qualify him for vet minimum or even career ending.

    I don’t condone anyone losing their job but quitters are and should not be permitted to stay unscathed. I would play him every snap and get every penny out of him and cut him immediately.

  3. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Who picked those 2….and sold the Glazers on the names….decided how much money to offer them…?

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    If he gets cut, he’ll go elsewhere and play lights out again because he’ll be playing for a contract again. Nothing motivates a player more than a contract, not even winning comes close as a motivator.

  5. mac Says:

    I heard Johnson was being investigated for embezzlement and impersonating a defensive end…

    Another Tampa flop who looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane…

  6. Hawk Says:

    If you hold a match next to the thermometer, it doesn’t change the temperature in the ‘room’. One (or even two) good games shouldn’t make a difference in his evaluation. Especially, when they are the last two games of the year, when panic mode just ‘might’ kick in.
    OTOH, can Johnson play tackle? He seems to get along with those guys.

  7. biff barker Says:

    The same guy who picked Johnson also benched Banks in favor of Mike Jenkins.

    Nuff said.

  8. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Another Tampa flop who looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane…
    Another Tampa Front office/Coaching flop…look like Tony Dungy coach like Lovie

  9. Brooks4Prez Says:

    Theoretically, it should take 2-3 OL to block GMC and Mcdonald, leaving our two DE’s in 1 on 1 match-ups. No excuse to having such low production numbers. Even an occasional LB or Corner blitz should have success. I will never forget Sapp’s comments after a game once..”It takes two to block me”. That in itself is proof of a successful formula to pressure QB’s into making mistakes. It takes two to block GMC, another to block Mcdonald, our DE’s should have awesome numbers. Jacques Smith has 5.5 sacks in limited play, that is more than Johnson had all of last year and more than he has this year. Cut johnson, give Smith the start, he has earned it.

  10. ddneast Says:

    It’s really a testament to all of our past crummy drafts when two of this teams players, Danny Lansanah, FA, and Jacques Smith, Bills practice squad player, have performed so much better than previous draft picks and FA’s.
    Scoff if you like, but this a 9-7 team waiting for an effective QB and offensive coordinator.

  11. ddneast Says:

    It’s nice that you know how to parrot Joe, Biff Barker. Have you anything original to add that you might have thought up on your own.

  12. Zam Says:

    The only way he gets a pass is if we find out later that he really has been battling injury all year. I seem to recall Brooks or maybe Sapp having a bad year and looking like a has-been only to find out later he was playing through a ton of injury.

    Mostly because I just can’t believe someone can play this bad otherwise. He gets touched by a blocker and basically stops or falls to the ground.

  13. Hawk Says:

    Actually, ddneast, this could have (easily) been an 8-8 team with an average O-line and average running game… even with McCown (I can’t believe I said that).

  14. buccanAy Says:

    I was on Twitter asking the same thing….why is Johnson not getting the same treatment as Collins…..

  15. buccanAy Says:

    and BTW…why have you “banned” me from your Twitter site…@seadoodave