Lovie Confidence Rating Plummets To 37.5%

December 11th, 2014
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The votes are in

A brutal, 12-men-on-the-field loss to the Bengals didn’t do much to affect Lovie Smith’s confidence rating among Bucs fans.

But the drubbing in Detroit on Sunday sent it plummeting.

The latest JoeBucsFan.com poll drove Lovie’s confidence rating down to 37.5 percent. Here’s the tabulation:

Totally Confident – 4.35%
Very Confident  – 6.56%
Confident           -26.68%

The remainder of fans had “little confidence” (37.34%) or “no confidence” (25.06%).

Following the home beat down by the Falcons in November, Lovie’s confidence rating stabilized at about 32 percent. It then surged to 59 percent after the Bucs’ win in Washington, and then held steady around 50 percent after losses in Chicago and home to the Bengals.

Something in Detroit, however, has soured fans. Perhaps there’s also a lack of confidence in Lovie properly choosing and managing a No. 1 overall draft pick, something that wasn’t in the conversation last week.

For those wondering, thousands of Bucs fans vote weekly. The same IP address can not vote more than once. Voting begins on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, after the raw emotion from Sundays game has worn off — for most.

52 Responses to “Lovie Confidence Rating Plummets To 37.5%”

  1. Eczeutn Says:

    Lovie fooled us all and he’s guaranteed 4 more years of pay for not even below average but horrible football. It’s sad but true. Glazers were idiots to let Schiano go last season. No doubt we’d at least be in contention for a playoff spot in this division but Lovie is so bad we were out of it a looooong time ago. Gosh that’s depressing…

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only confidence poll that really counts is the Glazer poll….and I’m sure they have given him a pass because of the OC situation. We have had several winable games this year and things would be very different with an Offense that perfomed even poorly……no disasterously!!!

  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    How do the Joe(s) vote on Lovie?

    Would love to know and don’t give us the Lovie-speak that you’ll have to wait until the season is over ….. heed the observation of Derrick Brooks that this team is out-manned……in so many areas……

    Who dismantled last year’s team and made it worse?

    No decent assistants or free agents will want to come into this mess.

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    People that know a lot more about football than any of us on here have said over and over again that the factors that the team is dealing with would be huge obstacles for any team and any coach. The players that made their way to the HoF on the back of this defense told us before the season that it would take time for it to yield results. Whaddya know, that happened. Everyone that anyone talks to that knows football says that losing your OC will cripple a program. Whaddya know, it’s happening that way. People that are asking for Lovie’s removal as coach have their own reasons for wanting him out that have nothing to do with reasonable football analysis.

  5. Robert 9 Says:

    can we get a poll on who is souring on the NFL as a whole?

    for me the bucs was the only one i cared about. once i stop watching them the nfl is fairly irrelevant. even moreso with how soft it has gotten.

  6. Robert 9 Says:

    c’mon now patrick.

    you gotta give some credibility to a lot of other factors than losing the OC.

    such as:

    the absolute failure when it comes to player evaluation
    horrible draft and traders
    bad clock management in critical siuations
    just playing way too conservative/not really trying to win
    56-0 in the 3rd qtr against a division rival who puts in their back ups
    seal clubbings any given sunday on both side of the ball

    it’s a long list man, and the OC is but one on that list.

  7. biff barker Says:

    Don’t underestimate the Glazers desire for offense. Dungy was winning but still opted to stick with Schula’s anemic offense. You know the result.

    Gruden was 9-7 when he got axed too.

    A note to the Glazers, while the coaching continuity argument is compelling, no matter how far down the wrong path you are going, it’s still the wrong path.

    The Lovie and Tedford relationship went sour somewhere and you were promised by Lovie he’d deliver an offense. With the new rules in place, you need a QB and an offense.

    I’d kindly suggest that you eat the remaining $16M contract and start fresh with an offensive friendly HC.

    The Buccaneer Brand and it’s value is sinking faster than a Korean ferry.

  8. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’ll give you the clock management and the penalties issues. We are hardly the only team in the league that has had a rough time bringing in valuable contributors through free agency. There’s a reason why people say you build through the draft. I would disagree that his drafting has been as bad as you say. Just because Evans is a superstar and had a short learning curve, that doesn’t mean that the people who are learning at the normal rate are bad. Rookies are generally seen and not heard for a reason. We haven’t been seal clubbed on the defensive side of the ball in a number of weeks and we already addressed the offensive issues. the 56-0 game happened when our QB Coach/OC was still trying to figure out where his office was, the defense had no idea where to be or what to do when they got there. It’s gotten better since then on the defensive side at least.

  9. Patrick in VA Says:

    @biff – isn’t Lovie’s repeating that they need to find a way to run more evidence enough that he is not involved in the offense? why would he need to go because of offensive woes? He is obviously completely willing to let the offense do their thing and once a qualified OC gets in there I’m sure that he’ll have the rope he needs to get things done

  10. passthebuc Says:

    one can have confidence in a plan. there is no plan

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    FYI, Lovie’s career record against teams with a winning record, better known as the teams we need to beat to become anything of significance? 19 wins, 38 losses, .333 winning percentage.

    Lovie was always a mediocre hire. People just convinced themselves of “Rex Grossman! Super Bowl!” and that he would do the same here. That season was an anamoly owed mostly to Devin Hester. Meaning unless Lovie finds Hester part 2, we won’t even sniff a Super Bowl under Lovie. Some of us just wanna do better.

  12. mikeh Says:

    IT SHOULD BE 000000000000%

  13. bucs4lyfe Says:

    yea joe but your poll is from your own readers so this doesn’t really count much

    in lovie’s defense I would say the confidence rating hasn’t been high ever since mark Dominick came in here. I mean seriously people the only time the bucs rating is high is during the offseason, lovie came in and thought a 4-12 team was better than it’s record and ok it wasn’t, personally I think it’s kinda simpleminded to think that he made it worse considering the entire offensive and defensive philosophy changed but still getting the same results as last year. lots of penalties and losing close games in the 4th quarter, a coach is as good as his players ask bellicheck from his first year at Cleveland then going to the patriots

  14. CC Says:

    How is it even as high as 37.5% ?

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Another poll I missed because I don’t come as often. It’s not really accurate, because I, for one, still have confidence in him. And I’m sure others must have missed the poll.

  16. mikeh Says:

    @CC I think lovie votes for his sorry ars! with mccown. voting for him also.

  17. mikeh Says:


  18. biff barker Says:

    Patrick in VA Says:

    @biff – isn’t Lovie’s repeating that they need to find a way to run more evidence enough that he is not involved in the offense? why would he need to go because of offensive woes? He is obviously completely willing to let the offense do their thing and once a qualified OC gets in there I’m sure that he’ll have the rope he needs to get things done.
    Not to get into a pissing party here, but isn’t the OL situation squarely on Lovie?

    Defenses are purposefully taking away the run to allow McCown to try and beat them with his arm. The result is turnovers. Isn’t this on Lovie too?

    Again, this guy will churn the roster until he gets sent packing and still blaming ineptness on the players?

    No offense Patrick (har), but I’ve seen enough of this movie to walk out early.

  19. Patrick in VA Says:

    I forget who said it this morning on wdae but he summed up the retort to your post perfectly. He said he has seen a number of lesser talented offensive lines perform at a higher level than the Bucs Oline is doing this year. Outside of talent, there is a great deal of scheming that goes in to getting the right protections in place. Don’t you remember the patch work Oline that we had a couple years ago that was responsible for us having great production for Doug and Freeman going off? It wasn’t the talent of the players that Joe was praising but the coaching being done by the Oline coach (forget his name). I can absolutely see getting a legit OC in there and pitching Warhop out of here but Lovie does not need to go because of those issues.

  20. biff barker Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Another poll I missed because I don’t come as often. It’s not really accurate, because I, for one, still have confidence in him. And I’m sure others must have missed the poll.

    Others that have missed the poll have already written Lovie off.

    They don’t post anymore since 2-11 tells them everything they need to know. I know lot’s of them.

    Feel free to remain confident but stick with the fiction writing where logic doesn’t matter.

  21. Dan Says:

    i vote via several different ip addresses each time. (phone, work, home, tablet,)

    because I’m better and my voice should count extra 😉

  22. Dan Says:

    also. clearly im being sarcastic. i dont care enough to purposely fudge your numbers 🙂

  23. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Not only are the Bucs out-manned every week, they are also out-coached. I wonder if the Glazers realize yet that they have made yet another horribly expensive head coaching mistake that has set the Franchise back several years?

  24. Zam Says:

    The difference is some ppl believed the defense had turned the corner, and that was a rude awakening for them up in Detroit.

    It was also one more game of evidence how bad Lovie/Licht/Tedford’s decisions were on the o-line personnel.

  25. biff barker Says:

    The previous OL coaches were Pete Mangurian who was fired by Greg Olsen for being loud and salty.

    The most recent was Bob Bostad.

    Both were light years better than Joe’s fave George Warhop.

  26. Patrick in VA Says:

    The defense turning the corner does not mean that they have all the pieces in place they need to be great. They need to fill some holes on the defense and those holes were exploited in Detroit. Turning the corner means that they are able to play within the system and know their roles. Now we need to bring some more talent in. Whoever scouted out Jack Smith needs to be put on DL search duty to fill out the rest of the line.

  27. AF_Buc Says:

    Well, thank God the owners don’t listen to idiot fans…

  28. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    I would like to see a poll on the Glazer’s. No confidence vote from me. NFL needs to force them to sell.

  29. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    The defense hasnt turned the corner, did yo see the last game….this is absolutely bad personnel and coaching going on and there should not be any confidence in lovie choosing the #1 pick

  30. Buccfan37 Says:

    What up and coming coach want’s to come here with the Bucs? Any? I don’t think so. Why take the chance to turn your career in reverse? This is a deep hole the Bucs have fallen into. It will take some time to reach even level ground.

  31. bucs4lyfe Says:

    our fans are sooo sad. every coach brings in players that they think can help the team and are wrong about it but you just don’t follow those teams like you do the bucs be real about it…for all the bad free agents I think we got a few. are you saying you would have been happy to go 2-11 with a rookie qb? would have been happy with lovie if he had made no changes at all? because as far as I remember everyone hated last year’s offensive line just as much as this one. glennon is garbage and if he was a better player josh mccown would have never come here, I for one am glad we didn’t reach for a quarterback and instead drafted the sure thing mike evans. all you idiots criticize attempts to make the team better but no one including media have realistic alternatives except stupid comments like sign jonathan martin….everyone including the media think they sound good by talking hindsight and judging moves after the fact.

    would anyone here not have tried to sign Michael Johnson after watching how horrible or defensive line was last year or tried to sign olineman this offseason…no player will leave a team for starters money and be told they have to compete to start. all you haters that are dogging this team will be right here praising them when the team starts to win JUST LIKE YOU DID WHEN THEY PLAYED THE STEELERS…fake ass fans, you know damn well your rooting for a winner regardless of who the coach is or who the players are on the field you just wanna win and only losers like most of you say lets start over yet again which leaves us more likely to have another losing season than it would letting lovie shape the team….no wonder we’re the bucs

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Patrick in VA

    I’d be confident if the only live game I saw was the one you saw….vs Wash 27-7…

    Any team that can keep it close and blow 2 OTs & several leads has a chance to improve fairly quickly…..lets give it another year…..after all…do we have a choice?

  33. biff barker Says:

    AF_Buc Says:

    Well, thank God the owners don’t listen to idiot fans…

    Yeah, the owners are too busy polishing all their championship trophies right?

  34. Jim Says:

    This franchise needs coaching staff stability, period.

  35. Greg Schiano Says:

    Harbaugh! Harbaugh!! Harbaugh!! Harbaugh!! Harbaugh!! Harbaugh!!

    Again, I was seeing therapy for depression the moment the Buc’s passed on Johnny Football!! Marvin Lewis is an idiot and his Johnson is a midget!

    I am telling you even with Lovies total lack of game management skills and inability pick talented special teams or offensive coaches, the Bucs would have won 8+ games in 2014 if they had just picked Johnny Football!!

    I have three (3) reasons why Lovie will never coach the Bucs to greatness and all have to do with his decision making (or lack thereof) ability:

    1) Jeff Tedford as an NFL Offensive Coordinator!

    2) Allowing his QB Coach to go ALL SEASON without hiring a new OC!

    3) Actually going out FIRST and securing Josh McCown as QB1 of the Buc’s.

    If you want another one….#4 taking advice from the Big Poodle!

    End of story…no matter what he does or who the Buc’s draft, Lovie cannot run an NFL team and he is no better than a future Defensive Coordinator.


    Greg Schiano

  36. tmaxcon Says:

    Patrick VA

    He is obviously completely willing to let the offense do their thing and once a qualified OC gets in there I’m sure that he’ll have the rope he needs to get things done


    Patrick how can you make that statement. Lovie has a long history of being a destroyer offenses. He has never ONCE let his OC do his job why would you think he has changed???

    Second, there is not a single NFL OC that would even consider this job when you factor in the existing talent and Lovie’s past. I am a die hard supporter of the tampa bay community and the buccaneers but other than no state taxes the Bucs have ZERO positive draw for any OC. Sure Evans is a star but 1 player is not going to entice a quality Oc to Tampa. There are high school OC jobs more desirable than working with Lovie and the bucs.

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    Harbaugh hates the nfl he is going back to college.

  38. Patrick in VA Says:

    I answered that question in the rest of that post. Before the season, everyone thought we’d be running the ball like crazy and playing defense to win games. That’s what defensive minded coaches do. We threw the ball 50 times on Sunday. Shocking that the QB coach that’s playing OC wants to throw the ball a lot. If Lovie were calling the offensive shots he’d be running our backs in to the ground. Not giving McCown a chance to throw picks and make bad decisions every time we snap the ball.

  39. Tye Says:

    Hiring Lovie as the HC has not only been a failure but an epic fail!

    Even he tried talking up his team all off seasons saying that the fans deserve a winning team and that they are working to win now…. With the season nearly over, we now see that most of Lovie’s decisions have done far more harm than good to this team… I don’t buy blaming it on losing the OC….. That was in the beginning when their was time to handle that a better way so that is on Lovie also!

    Starting a player at center who has never snapped a ball in his life ought to tell you something about how lame his coaching is….

    Back in my day, we were taught defense wins championships and it held true often, Back when running the ball was the norm… Now it is offense that wins championships because it is much harder to build a defense to stop the big plays down field than it is to stop the run…. Take all the time you want to run.. Score every now and again and deal with getting stopped while your opponent lights up the score board and puts the game out of reach quickly…. Sound familiar?

    Lovie’s reputation has always been to field a weak offense… That may have worked out for him years ago but that is why he will remain a less than average HC in this league!

  40. ihateloviesmith Says:

    lovie dovie pumpkin pie fell off from our collective eyes, playoffs gone and he’s a bust, want him gone and its a must. but don’t fret now, there is some cheer, pick number one is heading here. come jamies come marcus whoever you be ,send us one, we laugh with glee. but don’t look now, as the glazers trust, old stone face lovie and his band of mutts, free agents lack skill, QB’s are a joke, defense can’t stop, a third string boast’s. so as this season, ends with a beer. let us all pray, lovie is not here. merry xmas everyone, cept for you stone face

  41. tmaxcon Says:

    Patrick – we are going to have to agree to disagree. to me lovie’s fingerprints are all over everything including the offense. he has to be held accountable for all the bad player evaluations and Free Agent pickups which were disastrous. It is complete and utter malpractice by a head coach to start a NFL season without a single NFL caliber QB on the roster and Lovie did exactly that. Tedford SHOULD have been replaced at the same time the announcement was made to place Tedford on a leave of absence. Lovie had choices. he just made the wrong ones again.

  42. Skyline Crew for Mariota or Winston Says:

    Johnny Football sucks and can’t read a defense and can’t learn the plays.

  43. Espo Says:

    How does confidence level change so much each week? Like a bunch of indecisive women. No offense to any indecisive women who might read that. Seriously though, judge over time. This poll directly reflects Bucs fandom in general. Bandwagon when things are good and abandoned when they’re not.

  44. MIssingSchiano Says:

    Schiano Good…………………………………………Lovie Bad.

  45. Walter White Says:

    So in other words, 37.5% of people participating in the poll are more confident of their own reality than they are of ACTUAL reality. Rather than accept the real truth staring them straight in the face, 37.5% of people are actively choosing to deny known facts and established, proven, repetitive behaviors.

  46. Soggy Says:

    Lovie is a good man but a lousy coach, If he has or takes no control on the O in this mess of year then we might as well have a box of rocks as our HC….

  47. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie’s lack of confidence is the lack of wins. Simpleton as that.

  48. OB Says:

    It doesn’t matter what anyone voted or didn’t vote, I voted no confidence, because the record is 2 – 11, with the OL not changing and McCown is still the QB plus the play calling is the same, so at present we win 15.38% so far this year not counting preseason. If we lose out we will have won 12.5% of the time and if we win out we will have won 31.25% of the time and lost the chance for a quality QB but still stink.

  49. Chuck Jansen Says:

    It’s that high?

  50. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    I think a big part of his confidence plummet was due to the way he is handling the QB situation! I know that is a huge reason that I have NO confidence in Lovie… He is a liar, and he has been consistent about very few things, but his lying is one of them!!

  51. bucs4lyfe Says:


    your a retard….did lovie make you forget how bad schiano was as a coach, did you forget that there were huge blowout losses under schiano in both years he coached? why are people acting as if whats going on with this team is something new? were they not tops in penalties under the toughness of greg schiano too? no coach can take weakminded players and make them a playoff team, we are nothing like the chiefs or the eagles when they got new coaches

  52. ToesOnTheLine! Says:


    Year one Schiano…7-9
    Year one Smith…2-11 looking at ?

    Can’t speak for another poster, but I’d venture a guess that’s what missing schiano is basing things on?