Leopards Don’t Change Spots

December 17th, 2014
Lovie Smith's defense, (nor the tenancies of his defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier) is foreign to Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Lovie Smith’s defense (or the tendencies of his defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier) is not foreign to Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Joe spoke with a fellow member of the Tampa Bay pen and mic club today at One Buc Palace and along came the topic of the Packers and the Bills.

Last week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers dropped perhaps the biggest No. 2 of his career in an awful, un-Rodgers-like performance in western New York.

Said pen and mic club member told Joe that credit should be given to Bills defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, the former Lions head coach. “No one knows the NFC North like Jim Schwartz,” Joe was told.

Joe wondered why the same shouldn’t apply to Bucs coach Lovie Smith, himself a veteran of NFC North engagements in his years coaching the Bears.

That should work on both sides of the street, as well.

It seems not only has Lovie brought some things to Tampa Bay from Chicago, per Packers coach Mike McCarthy, so too did Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, head coach of the Vikings last year.

Interesting that McCarthy sees similarities.

Like Schwartz may know the NFC North, McCarthy, too, knows his old foes with the Bucs from seasons past.

22 Responses to “Leopards Don’t Change Spots”

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    This is the 1st game in awhile that it feels like we don’t have much of a chance going into. That’s probably a good thing at this point though – sitting at 2-12 and with the #1 overall pick and the ability to draft a potential franchise QB hanging in the balance…

  2. biff barker Says:

    We’ve already managed to lose 12 games.

    Expect a similar result Sunday regardless of how well coaches know Lovie’s tendencies.

  3. Cannon Fire Says:

    it’s a trap game, don’t let them fool you Bucs, keep your pick!

  4. buddhaboy Says:

    Lovie isnt playing with a full deck if you know what i mean

  5. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I told you guys 2 weeks ago that the Bucs will beat the Packers. I picked them and put big points on it. The Packers never blew the bears out and if Josh McCown can keep from turning the ball over we should cover easily. The Bucs lose the #1 pick on Sunday, apologies.

  6. Drew Says:

    Please lose out and secure the #1 draft pick.

  7. Drew Says:

    I smell some Mariota in Tampa Bay.

  8. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I guarantee that the defense and special teams will be insane on Sunday and if josh does his part this is a win. I’m sure that alot of you sense the upset in the air. Let’s see how everyone feels after the win on Sunday.

  9. Harry Says:

    Yea, I think Lovie’s and Frazier’s knowledge gives the Bucs an advantage. We should only loose by around 25 points; I predict Cheeseheads 42, Yucs 17 and McCown will have 3 TOs

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    So this year was the retro old Bucs NFC North battles season. Lovie presiding. The Bucs would be the worst in that division too.

  11. ddneast Says:

    Harry, why don’t you go read some Packer websites, you are a troll.

  12. Architek Says:

    Canon –

  13. Zam Says:

    similar… if we can change Michael Johnson and Mason Foster into Jared Allen and Brian Urlacher.

  14. port richey george Says:

    I think the packers slacked off last week playing the bills. they knew the game this week in tampa was an easy win to get them in the playoffs. aaron Rodgers could have been the bucs QB. like almost all the teams in the 1st round the bucs didn’t draft him. I think there will be more than 30 thousand cheese heads at the game.

  15. rayjay1122 Says:

    Bucs beating the Packers????? Not unless the mafia is rigging it for a big payout. LOL. I think I have a better chance of winning the power ball, buying a $3500 bottle of Johnny Walker and getting struck by lightning on my way home from the liquor store riding a unicorn than the Bucs have of beating the Packers.

  16. rayjay1122 Says:

    I do hope we keep it close. I do want the # 1 pick but hate the big losses.

  17. DB55 Says:



  18. Flmike Says:

    Get ready for a blowout….51-10 and it won’t even be as close as the score reflects…I assume we’ll be seeing Matt Flynn and the Packers second teamers midway thru the third qtr…or maybe even to start it.

  19. Matt Says:

    Clay Matthews is licking his chops right now. He’s going to line up over Cousins and run around him, thru him and over him. 2-3 sacks and a FF sounds about right. If we have any chance to score 17 (setting the bar high arent i) we’ll need to hit a few big screens and for ME13 to win 3-4 50/50 deep deep balls.

    As for the Packers against our D. Lol unless Smith goes berserk and gets a handful of sacks we will have no pass rush and Rodgers will absolutely pick us apart. We dont have anyone who can run with Cobb, he’ll have a big day. Also, we struggleaagainst big backs so Lacy will have a field day too. Our only hope is to mush rush Rodgers with our two tall DEs and have them jump every time Rodgers goes to throw. Its going to be 41-10 Packers.

    I am looking forward to seeing how Lansanah does in pass coverage against Rodgers and Banks against Nelson. I hope Pamphile gets a lot of PT too, wanna see what he’s about.

  20. Soggy Says:

    On sunday the packers will own 2 stadiums..

  21. bk Says:

    Been fan since 92. This is the worst team ive seen to date. Lovie is lost and doesnt have the skills to stop the funk. Newtampabucfan get òut of the prediction business it makes you look foolish. When vegas has you at minus 11 points prepare for a butt wooping.

  22. NJBucsFan Says:

    Lovies don’t change their suckages