Bucs Picked Their Poison

December 23rd, 2014
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers simply had too many tricks up his sleeve for the Bucs.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers simply had too many tricks up his sleeve for the Bucs.

It was obvious before the Packers game that unless future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers had his typical lousy Tampa afternoon, he was going to light up the Bucs.

Well, he didn’t exactly go Dan Marino, but he sure was effective, as was the Bucs’ deep pass defense. In short, Rodgers took what the Bucs gave him and that wasn’t deep passes, documents Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

But most of his throws came from within the pocket. According to ESPN Stats & Information tracking, all but six of Rodgers’ passes came from within the pocket. He was 29-of-34 on such passes for 295 yards. He also didn’t have a rushing attempt for the first time in the past six games.

And the Bucs prevented him from going down the field much, but he gladly took the underneath throws against Lovie Smith’s Cover-2 defense. Rodgers’ longest completion was just 30 yards yet he still managed an average yards per attempt of 7.95, only slightly below his season average of 8.34.

Rodgers was nearly perfect targeting Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. He completed 20 of 23 passes to that duo for 244 yards and a touchdown.

Yet again, no pass rush, but this really wasn’t unexpected. With Gerald McCoy shelved, by far the Bucs’┬ábest pass rusher, getting to Rodgers would have been a chore — even with GMC.

Look, Sunday showed again defense is not the problem. The Bucs have really improved from September. Adding a piece or two in the offseason, and this defense could be lights out in 2015.

13 Responses to “Bucs Picked Their Poison”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    What Sunday showed is any top 10-15 QB with a good line will have his way moving the ball. Sunday the Bucs stopped the Packers from scoring TDs and forced FGs which was nice. Another day those aren’t stops and it’s a 48-3 win for Green Bay. Secondary is still too weak, Cobb and Nelson both went over 100 yards. Pass rusher is improved but too many receivers running free makes it way too easy for most decent QBs.

  2. ddneast Says:

    This is exactly how the Tampa Two is supposed to work, a little more,pass rush and it would be complete.
    Unfortunately with the average scoring by our offensive guru going into the game being 17 points, it will wouldn’t have Ben enough.
    I wish Tedford nothing but I’ll will in Cqnada.
    And BTW Tedford, that $325,000 you sign

  3. ddneast Says:

    IIpad. ad strikes again.
    BTW Tedford, that $325 k you signed for really isn’t that much in real American dollars.

  4. biff barker Says:

    ddneast Says:

    This is exactly how the Tampa Two is supposed to work, a little more,pass rush and it would be complete

    Too bad the safeties can’t hit receiver’s anymore.

    QB’s will continue to pick it apart.

    It’s obsolete.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m 100% on the fire Lovie bandwagon. Sure, probably not going to happen just yet. Lovie seems part of the Dungy curse that defense wins games. I don’t believe Lovie will ever get a playoff win with the Bucs. Some other team deserved Lovie as coach, not the Bucs. This team does not take steps forward, they are stuck in reverse. Lovie is the biggest proof of the steady decline.

  6. ddneast Says:

    I was waiting for one of those inane remarks Biff Barker.
    The following teams run the Tampa Two or close derivative thereof.
    Detroit Lions.
    Seattle Seahawks
    Dallas Cowboys

    Seattle runs a little more man coverage but it is in essence the Tampa Two fey time they drop into zone coverage.
    If you will notice, three of those teams are going to the playoffs.
    Carolina Is very close to running the same scheme.
    When you have the right pass rushers they don’t have time to “pick it apart.” Ask Peyton Manning.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Jacksonvlle also runs the T-2.

    Part of having a great defense is having at least a decent offense to keep it off the field for 38+ minutes. If the Bucs offense had been at worst average on Sunday, the Packers likely would’ve had a ton less opportunities and thus quite a few less yards and points.

    A big part of Dallas playing great D is the fact that they are able to control the ball on offense and limit opposing offensive opportunities. Same with Seattle, part of their D being great, is that you don’t get a ton of opportunities against them. Sunday’s game was classic Mud Dog football.

  8. BucFan20 Says:

    The offense has had it made this year. Practice the week. Play 1 quarter and watch the defence play 3 quarter plus practice all week. I don’t care what system you play. It won’t work if the defense is worn out thanks to a wothless offense. But then again who do you thank for that. The one that put the mess together in the first place. LOVIE!

  9. Rutgers4Schiano Says:

    “Lights out”?….Hopefully for Michael “invisible man” Johnson, of the Millionaire club. What a complete waste of money.

  10. port richey george Says:

    one thing I noticed at the game during the first half the bucs defense would come up to the line and act like they were going to all out blitz. the bucs defense did this repeatly and didn’t do the all out blitz. during half time the offense coordinator for GB must have told aaron Rodgers to ignore it. he did and his performance improved in the second half. constantly showing blitz and never doing it simply did not work for TB.

  11. "TheKevin" Says:

    Joe you wrote about how Aaron completed passes with ease and then you wrote defense is not the problem – huh??????????? Contradictory much???

  12. ddneast Says:

    Great point Brandon. Yes it’s the defenses responsibility to get more 3 and outs, but it ‘s also the offensives responsibility to notch up a few first downs, flip the field and score more than 17 poits a game.
    As Waren Sapp is famous for saying, just get us 20,
    Well the game has changed and scoring is up so let’s change that number to 23. I mean one lousy field goal more. How many more games would we have won.

  13. ddneast Says:

    Ahhh Port Richey George, the Bucs defense has been doing this for quite awhile. No secret there. Sometimes they do blitz. Nice try.