Adam Schein: Lovie “Overrated”

December 17th, 2014
Popular national sports radio personality Adam Schein is unimpressed

Popular sports radio host Adam Schein is unimpressed

Boy, this holiday season is anything but fun for Bucs coach Lovie Smith. First, he is on the cusp of leading his football team to the worst record in the NFL.

Not bad enough of a season?

He’s even being dragged in to the mess that has become the Bears.

Factoring great expectations, there may be no NFL team that has imploded more than Chicago, led by no less a figure than quarterback bratty Jay Cutler.

It seems Bears coach Marc Trestman is a dead man walking by the loud whispers seeping out of the Second City. Then there is his offensive coordinator admitting he was an NFL Network source to a story suggesting the Bears are having a massive case of buyer’s remorse with Cutler.

Detailing the mess that is the Bears in a long monologue to open his show yesterday, popular sports radio personality Adam Schein, host of “Schein on Sports” heard exclusively on “Mad Dog Radio,” part of the family of sports channels on SiriusXM Radio, Schein pulled in Lovie to his diatribe of the morass that is the Bears.

Bears general manager “Phil Emery, the puppet master, the maestro of the Titanic, needs to go,” Schein said. “Phil Emery has made some controversial decisions, all of which I supported. It was time for Lovie Smith to go. I always thought Lovie was overrated and by the way, Buccaneers fans have figured that out.”

Time will only tell if Lovie is or was overrated. Joe’s not ready (yet) to close the book on Lovie, though Joe knows many Bucs fans are irate at the state of the team. Understandable.

Opportunities will be there to right the pirate ship in the coming weeks. And the decisions Lovie makes will determine whether Lovie is among the coaching elite or, as Schein contends, is overrated.

58 Responses to “Adam Schein: Lovie “Overrated””

  1. flmike Says:

    He is and was overrated…

    Here’s my question, would McClown, Collins or Mankins have played any better under Tedford? No, it’s Lovie’s inability to evaluate talent that has gotten the Bucs in this predictiment. Every weakness that he displayed in Chicago is showing up and being amplified here in Tampa due to the weakness of the roster, which was caused by Lovie’s incompetent player evaluation. All the guys he either let walk or traded from the offensive line are now starting for contenders or are being considered for the pro-bowl and in some instances both, that tells me he can’t evaluate talent. Lovie sat in his basement for a year, know why, because no one offered him an interview let alone a job when he was fired. Look deeper into his record in Chicago, lets just start with the fact he’s never had back to back winning seasons, now lets look at his winning percentages against strong and weak competition, I picked this from an article from CBS Chicago’s website from just about the the Lovie was about to be fired in 2012….

    “Smith has gone 49-15 vs. teams with losing records in his career (a .765 winning percentage) and 11-8 vs. teams with .500 records (.579). He has also posted a 19-38 mark against teams with winning records.
    For those scoring at home, that’s a paltry .333 winning percentage in 57 games against his stiffest competition. Those numbers also show that just 40.7 percent of the games that Smith has coached have been against teams with above-average records. That’s a pretty favorable schedule overall.”

    Heres link to the full article…/wisch-lovie-smiths…/

    My wanting Smith fired is nothing new, I am married to a die hard Bears fan, shit, she threw a dinner party when they fired Lovie, no one in Chicago was unhappy when they fired him, I was against this hiring from the minute they announced it, I had an up close view of his ineptitude in Chicago. He’s basically a .500 coach, thats not what we need or deserve as Bucs fans….

  2. gatrbuc17 Says:

    BRANDON SCHERFF or ANDRUS PEAT with our first pick please.

  3. Harry Says:

    Is Lovie the guy we want choosing future players to build the Bucs talent base? Not in my opinion!

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    It doesnt matter what Lovie does in the next few weeks. Coaching elite he will never be. Let’s just hope he can improve to average.

  5. Robert 9 Says:

    the water is starting to boil now……

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    If you examined Lovie’s history even slightly you knew he was overrated. Maybe the most disturbing stat from him is his 19-38 record against over .500 teams. Basically he can’t beat the teams we need to beat to win the Super Bowl. Throw in the fact we need the drafted QB to succeed and firing Lovie is truly the smartest move they could make.

  7. Zam Says:

    I’m okay with Lovie because the alternatives we’ve had… Rah, Schi, Two-Face Gruden… are not very appealing.

    Devil you know sort of thing, but they *have* to add an exec able to evaluate talent, and a good O/C who has full control over the offense.

  8. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol Right. I hated how Gruden won us division championships and had us in the playoffs every other year at least. I mean what is so appealing about actually winning games? Who needs that crap when we can win 2,3,4 games a year and get high draft picks all the time. So much better.

  9. Barry Says:

    I don’t like Smith but think you have to give people a chance. But if Bucs having questions about Smith then fire him and be done with it. Don’t put us thru another season like this one.

  10. Bannor Says:


  11. Nose Tackle Says:

    gatrbuc17,YEPPER !

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    Lovie will never out-coach other coaches, but can be average with a more talented team. his conservative nature is what will hold his teams back.

    unfortunate that it will take another year for the sheep to realize this!

  13. 941 bucs fan Says:

    Stop talking about Lovie, he will not be our coach come black monday. The number one pick will attract all the good coaches to come to tampa.

  14. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Overrated….over who….there is nobody behind him coaching in the NFL….he has a death grip on last place !

  15. Patrick in VA Says:

    I honestly am so excited to see the team come in next year with an actual OC and the defense understanding the scheme from day 1. It’s going to be interesting to see how many of you stick to your convictions.

  16. mike Says:

    I’m not a lovie fan but to see hes overrated… I don’t know. Before Tampa he was always thought of as average, he w-l is about 500. Hard to day someone is over rated when he is not rated that high in the 1st place. I knew we were in trouble when he said we could win 8 games with a great D and 2 more with good special teams…. yeah, maybe 10 years ago.

  17. ruggyup Says:

    Joe, close the book, give it to a public library, use it as a pedestal for your garbage can, donate it to the illiterate but, for Chrissakes get over it. Get your own house in order.

  18. Please Says:

    Because the Bears have been competitive since he left. Schein is worthless.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Let’s be honest guys…here is what scares the beejeesus out of all of us.

    Under normal circumstances I’d be more patient with Lovie, and in fact I realize I’ll have to be whether I want to be or not. But this is what is incredibly frightening….

    THE #1 DRAFT PICK!!! I have seen enough of Lovie to beg the Glazers to take that decision totally out of his hands and place it completely in Lichts area of control.

    Do any of us feel confident that Lovie will do the right thing with tha pick?

    NO A 1000X NO!!!

    We’ve been having fun debating whether to select Jameis or Marcus or Peat or Scherf or perhaps repair our horrid pass rush with Leonard Williams who is a #1 in some mock drafts. I wouldn’t give a #1 but if they traded down and got extra picks that pick or the Scherf/Peat picks would make sense.

    And of course an argument could be made that we MUST get our franchise QB whether it’s Jameis or Mariota.

    All of these arguments include valid points. NOBODY can be certain.

    But I think I’ll get no grief from posters if I say, whichever way we decide to go we simply do not feel comfortable with Lovie’s input into that decision.

    Mr. Glazer. Please put this responsibility into the hands of your GM!

    I’m not smart enough or football savvy enough to know what to do with that first round pick. I’m just a fan. But I do believe I’ve seen enough this year and in Chicago to know that I do not want Lovie involved in the selection.
    Let Licht be the deciding voice. Call around some friends in the game..somebody like Parcells or maybe Cowher and folks like that and see what they think. I really like Lovie personally. But I do not trust him with the #1 Pick and this couldn’t come at a more critical junction in the Bucs history.

  20. Architek Says:

    I don’t think this regime is safe. They are clearly and should be on pins and needles.

  21. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Lovie was about my last choice of available coaches when he was hired. But, when it was done, I was all in. I’m done supporting him. I’ve seen enough. I want to watch games that we are trying to score 35+ points, not because we have to but because we can. This score 14 and hold your opponent to 13 is boring, outdated and nearly impossible because of the recent rule changes to encourage scoring. We are not going to have the luxury of playing teams with an offense as bad as ours every week. We have to score and score a lot. With Lovie, I doubt next year will be much better than this.

  22. Architek Says:

    I think everyone here (for the most part) feel Lovie is not the right HC for this team.

  23. Mt Tom Says:

    This team didn’t win 4, 5 or 6 games. That would have been acceptable in my opinion. Would I have liked it? No. Would I have been able to understand a rebuilding year? Yes. I am not seeing rebuilding here. This is far different. We haven’t won a game at home, we haven’t beaten a division rival…in the WORST division in footbal this year. If I’m the Glazers I don’t let a guy who was obviously unable to adapt to the challenges use the most important pick in the draft to mold the next ten years of my team. I cut Lovie loose asap and get a new staff. I hate thinking about another rebuilding year or two, but versus what I suspect Lovie will do and what he shows he was incapable of doing, I think its the best choice. Listen, I get Tedford’s departure was a dagger, but the defense is the most telling failure. Lovie couldn’t make this defense better than it currently is? Terrible, terrible job by this coach and his staff.

  24. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Glazers and the Buc fan base need to cut their loses with the Lovie experiment….he simply is not a coach the can get this team past…fair to middling…

  25. Bruce Says:

    Adam Schein ‏@AdamSchein Jan 1
    Fantastic hire by Tampa. Perfect. #lovie

  26. Tom Edrington Says:

    Lovie overrated?

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Plenty of time to right the ship?

  27. bucrightoff Says:

    The Bears post-Lovie record is irrelevant. That Trestman wasn’t a great hire doesn’t mean Lovie should have kept his job. 5 of his last 6 years in Chicago he missed the playoffs, the final year after a 7-1 start. Firing Lovie was absolutely the right call for Chicago. Hopefully we can fire him too and send him where he belongs, being a defensive co-ordinator.

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    The record isnt my issue. It’s the stupidity that Lovie has shown week in and week out. Sh!t happens and sometimes bad records aren’t avoidable but you can’t fix stupid.

  29. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Architek – False. There are a number of people that are perfectly fine with giving him another year, or even two, to get things straightened out.

  30. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Generally is is true a coach needs 2-3 took put his imprint on the franchise and roster…L&L had everything they asked for in FA…and a full compliment of draft picks….Lovie’s imprint on the team was clear in the home opener against the Panthers….who curb stomped the Bucs infront of anxious Buccaneer fans .
    It was only in the last 8 minutes as the Carolina equipment carts were being loaded that they LET the Bucs back in the game…..

  31. Patrick in VA Says:

    Generally it takes 2-3 years but we shouldn’t give Lovie that same rope because he clearly had a lot more to work with than most coaches do when they first got here, right? I mean, people were holding signs outside the stadium and putting up billboards in town to get rid of Schiano because he was too good of a coach and he put together a team that was too good for us to handle, right? So, since Lovie was handed that great team, he should be able to just plug and play.

    He went out and dropped a ton on free agency to fill holes that I’m sure he would have rather had on the team already or had enough draft picks to address. That didn’t necessarily mean that he thought those guys would be marquee names so much as they were the best he could find at the time. Granted, he missed on a few O line evaluations, but you can’t anticipate which players are going to cash in on a big payday and then quit trying to play. Johnson and Collins have both checked out. Mankins never even checked in. You can’t anticipate that. You just go off the talent you see and hope that they still have the fire in their stomach to play hard. Those guys don’t and they’ll be replaced. They’re already being replaced.

    As much as very knowledgeable people have written and spoke about the OC situation and the effects it has on the team, you people seem to think that you know more about what’s going on and think that Arroyo should be able to just fix it on the fly. It just doesn’t work like that.

  32. Joe Says:

    Joe, close the book, give it to a public library, use it as a pedestal for your garbage can, donate it to the illiterate but, for Chrissakes get over it. Get your own house in order.

    Not sure what you are referring to but things have never been better at JoeBucsFan. Thanks for asking.

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    Lovie took a 4 win team and made it worse. Lovie is a defensive coach but took an average D (maybe below average) and made it worse. Aroyo is only the OC because Lovie missed on the OC he hand picked. How you can hold any sort of excitement is beyond me. Maybe we’re wrong (I hope) and Lovie will do great next year but I haven seen absolutely nothing that tells me next year wont be more of the same.

  34. Soggy Says:

    @Patrick in VA, you are entitled to your opinion and by the way thanks for not calling people without your same opinion bad names, I will take like you said “you people” You do make some good points but so does most everybody else, IMO Lovie has made many more bad decisions and right from the get go that had me saying WTH.. Hope he shows his genius this offseason and in the draft or the lovie hate fest will be much worse than schiano’s last year…

  35. Architek Says:

    @Patrick and you reserve that right. However, in 12 years his poor game management, subpar offenses, player eval, and ridiculous excuses continue to be a reoccurring theme.

    Tell you what – let’s look at the Cards. They have a terrific defense and good offense but even after losing 2 qbs and other players on offense they continue to roll and play great team football. Game management is great, play calling, and situation awareness. Ariens is absolutely maximizing his schemes.

    Lovie psssf is a walking spinster and politician. Also lets not forget it’s normal to get 2-3 years but I’m just being preimptive and stating that based on his track record and current decisions Lovie is overrated and not giving us anything promised – literally nothing.

  36. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Soggy – If there aren’t improvements on the team next year then it will be hard to defend anyone there, I’ll give you that much. I just don’t see how people had super bowl dreams this year when we were coming off of what we were last year. We took something that already wasn’t working, introduced something totally different that required a learning curve and are somehow surprised that it’s not working yet? The defense is coming around. They have more learning to do but we’re seeing the signs of them being where they need to be when they need to be there. The offense is a rudderless ship so the fact that it’s not improving, and won’t this year, is not surprising at all. Lovie knows his team now and hasn’t just been watching them on film. He knows what they need to improve on and I believe he’ll find the players we need in the off season. I think we’ll fill enough holes to field a competitive team. That’s not to say anything about depth. We’ll still be paper thin, but at least our starters should be NFL caliber

  37. Architek Says:

    Also answer me this – if Lovie don’t trust Arroyo and knows he’s not a offensive guru, why not bring in a consultant to help Arroyo???

  38. Architek Says:

    Aaaaaand another thing!

    Why get on the podium every week talking about we should’ve ran the ball when you’re yhe HC and can override the OC at any time???

  39. bucrightoff Says:

    Patrick I had realistic expectations, I said 6-10 or 7-9. That we have little chance to surpass 2 wins for the year should sum up how catastrophically bad Lovie has been this year. Worst Bucs record since 1986! Think of who has rolled through since then. And this team is less talented than the 2010 Raheem team without question. Lovie has simply been a terrible coach this year. And someone already mentioned it here or another thread, but most of the Bears elite talent was on the roster prior to Lovie’s arrival. It’s seriously worth pondering if Lovie is worth keeping given his poor track record of talent evaluation. If he gets 3 years we could be digging a deeper hole to get out of than when he arrived.

  40. Pierce Says:

    Adam Schein is a D-Bag. To hell with this guy.

  41. Architek Says:

    (-All Caps) ABSOLUTELY
    100% correct Bucrightoff!!!

    The defense featured many veterans prior to Lovie and he drafted Mike Brown and Tillman and a few others but the core group was there. The most telling was the turnstyle at OC and OL. Also the Bears fans complained about the playcalling and game management.

    Still the same issues.

  42. Soggy Says:

    @Patrick in VA, The draft is going to be exciting, I really hope we get it right..Whatever that might be? QB first then update Oline or whatever but get it right for best and quickest results,,,Go Bucs..

  43. Patrick in VA Says:

    What would an offensive guru do? You put together a playbook before the season and implement it during training camp. You make minor adjustments during the season but week to week you’re gearing up for the next opponent. Not putting in a new offensive system. If we brought in an offensive guru, if the Glazers even allowed for that in the coaching budget, at best he would be able to tell them how to run the vanilla offense we’re running now a little more efficiently. There won’t be any additional nuance or scheming. You don’t do that over the course of the week.

  44. Architek Says:

    No Patrick it’s called risk management-

    You lose the key or other half of your leadership staff and you realize how critical that loss is and his playcalling presence and you say to yourself – this team will miss the insight and stability of having their OC so let me a experienced guy here to help Arroyo trust what he sees and tell him what’s he missing.

    Remember there is no scheming and playcalling to setup other plays or strategic direction with this offense. Also there is skilled players on offense here and Arroyo is clearly over his head. Why not, as a leader, help him succeed.

    You can’t tell me Gilbride or a Gailey or other senior level career OC could’ve helped this offense from a strategic approach????

    Sure it would’ve…2-14 says it would’ve Patrick.

    We are what the record says we are!

  45. Patrick in VA Says:

    That could be the case, Architek, and it’s possible that someone could have helped take some stuff off of Arroyo’s plate. I’m not sure that they haven’t reached the end of their budget after bringing on all of the new coaching staff, Tedford still being on the payroll and still paying for Schiano. Yeah, it could be argued that the Glazers are billionaires and can afford it but just because they have more money doesn’t mean that he didn’t give Lovie a number and say “don’t go above this” when he was putting his staff together.

  46. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    This guy is such a hack. This is what he was saying before the season. Not only did he think Lovie and Licht made “a great pairing”, but he was super excited for Josh McClown! Idiot.

  47. ihateloviesmith Says:

    lovie smith must go now ,get rid of this man before the draft or I promise you he will screw it up. if he is still here there will be a lot of pissed off people come draft day

  48. Tye Says:

    Lovie is overrated more than most…. Massive mistake of a hire!

  49. Killian Says:

    Chip Kelly, John Harbaugh, Mike Mccoy, Doug Marrone, Bruce Arians, Chuck Pagano, Andy Reid, Mike Pettine. Just some names off of the top of my head that have been recently hired and have had good success early. Some of these coaches had less talent to work with than the Bucs.

  50. BucBob1 Says:

    After Lovie is gone, how long will it take, to clean up the mess, he’s made here too?

  51. ddneast Says:

    How many actual jobs has Schein had in the NFL. I would wager probably none.
    I believe the GM went after Cutler so ultimately, the responsibility lies with him.
    The Bears were fine last year with Lovie’s holdovers. All of the Bears mess lies solely at the feet of the current administration.
    This Schein guy has zero credibility. Just another talking head.

  52. Brandon Says:

    gatrbuc17 Says:
    December 17th, 2014 at 11:19 am
    BRANDON SCHERFF or ANDRUS PEAT with our first pick please.

    Yes, go out and get a stud LT. The QB can come from anywhere. The Cleveland Browns are a prime example of how good a team can be when they put the cart before the horse. I bet the Browns are happy they didn’t waste their pick on Matt Ryan.

  53. Brandon Says:

    Schein is overrated. That is, if he is rated at all.

    Lovie coaxed 10 wins out of that roster and Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman on many different occasions. Trestman came in and under experienced NFL DC Mel Tucker, the Bears D went from one of the best, to one of the absolute worst…and the team is in shambles. Lovie looks like the Miracle Worker now in Chicago.

  54. Broy34 Says:

    Patrick you’re smart but Lovie is not. I do not want him in charge of the number one pick. Although he did have Winston and Mariota scouted mid season and clearly is benching Glennon to not get hurt. Atleast I hope so. Cuz if he’s still thinking Glennon is the guy im done. Peace out if that’s the case

  55. HolyBuc Says:

    All I hear is fire Lovie, tell me after you fire a coach after year 2 and then fire a coach after year 1. Who is going to want to coach this team? I haven’t seen one name mentioned as replacement. Adam Gase is young upcoming offensive coach but he will be able to pick where he coaches and it wouldn’t be here. Bitch all you want about a problem but at least offer a reasonable solution.

    Have you seen the drafts this past regimes have made? That’s where it has to start and it’s going to take a few good drafts to get out of this hole.

  56. Walter White Says:

    “Time will tell????” Seriously Joe??? What on Earth have you been watching? Wake up to reality dude. Facts based on things that have happened here in REAL LIFE clearly prove he’s way overrated! Come on dude, that is some bush league reporting.

  57. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ holy BUC

    Dunno man, the Browns were able to find a HC without too much difficulty. The Raiders always seem to get someone willing to coach, and they have (had) less talent on their roster. Plenty of up and coming coaches out there who would be willing to be one of an exclusive 32 guys to coach an NFL team no matter what.

  58. flmike Says:

    Sumlin, Shaw, Helfrich…
    There’s three college HCs who are better than Lovie…I’d have my feelers out seeing what it would take to get anyone of them to make the jump.
    Lovie has been a unmitigated disater, he has proven everything that was wrong in Chicago was him and not Angelo or Emery, he’s a horrible talent evaluator, he has no concept of what an NFL offense should be and his defense scheme is outdated as a base defense, especially with the new rules against any defensive contact. His inability to adapt to the new NFL is telling, that shows he has a limited understanding or inability to understand evolving concepts and schemes, in other words he has a limited ability to think critically….he fears change because he doesn’t understand change..