Who’s The Next Punt/Kick Returner?

November 23rd, 2014

lovie 1110bJoe referenced in his “GameDay” preview that Lovie Smith’s hand-picked returner, Marcus Thigpen, fumbled last Sunday and likely would be a key to today’s game.

Thigpen sure was — and Joe suspects Thigpen’s Buccaneers career is over. Solomon Patton was fired in September for lesser crimes.

(Patton could be had now. He’s on the Arizona Cardinals’ practice squad.)

Thigpen had nothing to offer today, other than a fumble. He doesn’t seem to catch many balls cleanly, and his returns were poor. His stats were ugly, and he fumbled.

The Bucs can do better, should do better, and they surely should explore another options.

Months ago, Lovie talked about how Bobby Rainey was hounding him with reminders that he can be a good returner. Rainey looked solid in preseason. Perhaps Lovie should give him a shot. It can’t get much worse.

18 Responses to “Who’s The Next Punt/Kick Returner?”

  1. Brandon Says:


  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let Michael Johnson do it…..he would at least experience some contact….

  3. JJV Says:

    Lovie will get it right sooner or later. He just needs time.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Thigpen McButterfingers needs to lay off those greasy foods before games.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    Lovie is a HC in title only….and Lovie hired his own GM…..garbage in…garbage out…

  6. billy buckaroo Says:

    Punt returner?
    who is going to be the next punter?

  7. Patrickbucs Says:



  8. Jim Says:

    Our punter has mono.

  9. Jerseybucsfan Says:

    What about the punter Joe? Can pay a guy off the street much cheaper for the same result.

  10. tgregs Says:

    Lovie is a talent evaluator without peer

  11. BoJim Says:

    How bout JLane?

  12. willie.D Says:

    Eric page last year way better than everybody this year

  13. Gt40bear Says:

    Bigger picture here people! It’s not just the PR who stinks, it’s the entire ST! Well, Murray seems to finally be coming around but other than that… If an entire unit sucks, maybe the coach whose ONLY job IS that unit needs to be in the unemployment line!

  14. Walter White Says:

    I think the perfect Bucs return man is… Lovie Smith! He’s pretty good at dodging things! In fact he’s very elusive indeed! If he coached the defenders as they were trying to tackle him, he’d screw them up and they’d either miss the tackle or find some crazy way to let him score.l

  15. Mike10 Says:

    So funny how just about every offseason questioned move of Lovie’s has come back to bite us this season.. Sure glad we don’t have Hester

  16. WeAreDoomed Says:

    What happened to Holliday?

  17. Dperello@aol.com Says:

    Give Paige a chane dammit , enough with this pride crap!!
    Could have had HESTER but lovie didn’t want to pay though we are about 8-10 mil under cap.

  18. willie d Says:

    Could have had Hester, could have had Cribbs, can still have Page or Patton back and still be an upgrade to this squad.