Verner Remains Sidelined With Hammy

November 6th, 2014

alterraun verner 0620Joe’s downright scared of the Falcons’ passing game right now.

Alterraun Verner missed his second consecutive practice with a bad hamstring. You can just about write him off for Sunday.

That leaves the Bucs with Johnthan Banks and a bunch of names Joe is afraid to type. This is not the way to enter a game with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry Douglas and Devin Hester. Oh, and the Bucs already struggle to stop tight ends.

The Bucs better get that pass rush going or decide to blitz more often. They just can’t let Ryan spray the ball around.

Also out today were Doug Martin, Anthony Collins and Akeem Spence, who pulled a hammy yesterday.

38 Responses to “Verner Remains Sidelined With Hammy”

  1. Brandon Says:

    If you can type out, LaQuan, Danny, Leonard, and EJ you can type anything, trust me.

  2. OB Says:


    This is when the no name defense needs to show up and defend. The offense needs to attack and the special teams need to be specially good.

    Another day of Bucs football wondering what is going to happen, isn’t it fun?

  3. @eric Says:

    Good let him sit, he’s garbage, dude is always getting burned and was a waste of free agency money…..not sure how this clown was an all- pro…..must have been slim pickings in the AFC……

  4. Chef Paul Says:

    At least we got Pineapple McCown spraying it around our wide receivers…… ugh.

  5. Zam Says:

    Will be different w/o Barron in there. Just wait and see. It’s all about FG’s instead of TD’s.

  6. ForgotAboutDre Says:

    Verner has been good. He’s had a couple bad plays but anybody who thinks he’s been horrible has no idea what they’re talking about and is basing their opinion off one or two plays.

  7. Ray Rice Says:

    OK JOE. Now what I want you to do is name a player of relevance and importance who will miss the game. Not these garbage a$$ guys. Someone like the long snapper. Now that’s more important than weak a$$ Verner.


    What a waste of CASH , TIME and roster spot. This cat is straight up GARBAGE!!!!

  9. Todd Says:

    Joe! It’s all about the drive to Winston get us there lovie

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    But Joe this can’t be. We have fans that have predicted victory for our Bucs this Sunday. I have never made a bet against the Bucs in my life. Right now I’ll take all wagers that they lose this Sunday.

    This just in : The Bucs are tanking the season!

    Get a clue people. Perhaps by next Monday fans will finally get it.

  11. WalkdaPlank Says:

    You thought 56-14 was bad? We won’t even get any points in garbage time with McClown at the helm.

    I would say that home-field advantage would help a little, but by the end of the 1st quarter the few Bucs fans left will be outgunned and outgunned by the Failcons fans.

    Turkey-necked geezer Mike Smith will be all giddy about another blowout win against a dumpster fire organization, and Failcons fans will feel like a playoff team for a week.

    Meanwhile Lovie will get his ass handed to him, torn a new one, and flat out embarrassed for the 3rd time this season and will just stand there like an emotionless statue all game and will go on to babble about some nonsense he pulls out of bumfu#k nowhere at the podium with his cenile, dementia-having self and continue to make this franchise the laughing stock of the league.

    But, GO BUCS!!!

  12. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Moderation, huh? Joe you oughta add an edit feature or something.

  13. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Anthony Collins being injured is probably the best thing to happen to this O-line. I don’t wish harm on the man, but he is a terrible big money investment and there is no way Lovie would replace him otherwise. Throw Michael Johnson in that category too. Jaquies Smith could break the single game sack record filling in for Johnson and I would be willing to bet that Lovie puts Johnson back in the week after.

    Stubborn as a mule.

  14. Tom Edrington Says:


    Please do not be “scared” You don’t have to cover anyone on Sunday and the worse the Bucs are the more hits you get, the more readers, the value of your site INCREASES…!!!

    So don’t be scared Joe(s), be happy, be very happy…..rejoice, give thanks!!

    ACTUALLY, losing drives down traffic. Always has, always will. You’re dead wrong on that. It’s the nature of people. Losing takes it’s toll, just like winning excites and energizes.–Joe

  15. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    I am not surprised; whatever can go wrong will go wrong concerning the Bucs. The Falcons are now slight 1.5 point faves in Vegas after opening as a push. I thought the line would move several points as one would have to be a complete moron to think a Marcus Arroyo/McNown led offense will shake off the rust and keep up with Matt Ryan who will simply scorch the Bucs secondary, especially when the one decent component has a convenient injury during a weekly practice… My Vegas Inquiry question is why the line is so damned low; the Falcons should be favored by at least 6 or 7 points IMHO, is there a rumor out there that the Falcons are tanking????? I know the Bucs are @ home but there is no home field advantage at RJS; in fgact the Bucs have had a better record on the road than at home the past 5 seasons….

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Verner has actually played pretty well….you have to consider our weak D-line and he isn’t getting much safety help……the dude can thump!!!

    We will absolutely miss him………time to send the house against Matty Ice…..because we’d rather blitz bad CBs than have them in coverage.

    Joe is right…..losing thins out traffic….losing is bad for business….and those that hope for losses are missing an important character trait…..loyalty!!!

    You losers can byte my A$$!!!

  17. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    I know people think Verner is garbage too, but I think he’s had both good and bad moments. Definitely not playing at the level he was in Tennessee, but he has made enough good plays to still be somewhat optimistic about him.
    He should have had an interception in Steelers game which turned into a TD due to idiot refs. The big completion he gave up against Browns in 4th qtr that kept their drive going was utter bad luck. I could not explain how it wasn’t as much his fault, but anyone who will watch the replays will understand why that wasn’t totally on him. It was a broken up play the moment Hoyer ran out of pocket evading a sack. The WR ran an improvised route exactly in opposite direction to Verner. Even the best CBs can get beat on broken up plays. Considering the cushion he has to give up in this scheme, he has done a decent job imo.

  18. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    TBBF…there’s not much you can do about it when you realize they are tanking the season now is there? Rooting for them is fruitless when you already know the outcome.

    Will I cheer when the Bucs score or get a sack? Hell yes I will, but in the end I just know they will lose…on purpose.

  19. AnotherJ Says:

    I’m not calling Verner garbage, Yes he’s been burned a few times, but He’s also held his own, In the terrible scheme that Leslie Frazier, and Lovie are running.
    The Falcons haven’t won since they frog stomped us a few weeks ago, They’re going to be licking their chops, and racking up yards by the dozen if Verner doesn’t play.

    If you thought Verner was bad, Wait until you watch #29 get beat like a drum trying to cover Jones, Douglas, Hester or White.

    Now that Josh is back under center I’m expecting him to toss the Falcons a few gifts, or Three… Therefore creating more time, and opportunities for Leonard, and Butler to get toasted.

    Mike Jenkins will be laughing from the couch.

  20. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    A FF player that does not start Matt Ryan this week would be an idiot.

  21. MTM Says:

    Joe should do an article that shows the correlation between injuries and guaranteed contracts.

  22. Chef Paul Says:

    87, Hypothetically speaking, what if these guys fudge up and pull off a win this week? Will that have any impact on your Tanketh for Jameth theory?

  23. King Diamond Says:

    Hasn’t anyone heard the good news McClown is the starter this week.

  24. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    Chef Paul.. Tanketh For Jameth is my proclamation. It’s what I want them to do.
    I really don’t care at this point anymore. I actually stopped caring long before 1-7.
    All I can do is hope that I’m right and L&L plus the Glazers on the same page as me. So far from what I’ve seen the last couple of games, it does look to me like they are tanking the season. It’s just little things you notice that happen during the games that give me a gut feeling they are tanking. I’ll look for more of the same come Sunday.

    In no means am I happy that they have to tank the season. Don’t get that confused with my wishes.

  25. King Diamond Says:

    L Ovie may be doing a terrible job but I seriously doubt he’s trying to tank the season. He has high morals and integrity regardless of the record.

  26. mike Says:

    tanking season!! please1987!! there pros well! suppose to be. even there idiot coach wont do that. not to get anybody in draft. even your famous trouble maker!!!! who lovie the pinhead wont even want.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    You can’t convince me that any team….any coach or any player loses on purpose so they can get a better draft pick.
    Now they very well may lose & lose badly….but it’s not for lack of effort but lack of talent & coaching.
    You are setting yourself up for disappointment by going “all in” for Winston.
    There are 8 games left in the season…..other teams may trade up for him….we might choose someone else.
    Now, I’m quite convinced that the benching of Glennon means we will select a QB in the 2015 draft….but it might not be Winston & it may not even be in the first round.
    You can dream, hope & desire all you want…you can lobby the Glazers and hold up a sign or buy billboards….but as fans, we are powerless.

    Join me at convincing Joe that its time to check the pulse of his readers and run a poll on this. Its pretty contradictory to run a daily Winston watch & not do a poll.

  28. Chef Paul Says:

    87,Don’t worry man. No one is questioning your fandom.

    TBBF, I agree. In fact I think Joe should ad a poll at the end of most every article.

  29. WalkdaPlank Says:


    That is where you are wrong. Fans are not powerless. Sure, if a couple hundred fans get together and lobby for a draft pick or a firing it’s not a big deal.

    But we are Bucs fans.

    How many years of mediocrity have we settled for? How many years of less-than-mediocre seasons have we settled for? How long has it been seen we have seen a QB legitimately put this team on his back and fill it with fire and electricity? The answer?

    Too long.

    Now fans are getting fed. The fairweathers and bandwagoners are long gone. Most of the dedicated fans are less dedicated. Less willing to drop their hard earned money for tickets, merchandise, and other support. As McClown and Glennon get worse, the Jameis/Mariota chants get louder (mainly Jameis because we are in Florida). As the Bucs continue to lose, the fire Lovie chants get louder.

    And now with so much failure over the past 6 years, the finger is starting to be pointed towards ownership. The Glazers are losing fans, losing trust, and most of all losing money.

    The fans run this game.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Fans in overwhelming mass do have some power….however….the Glazers probably cut Schiano short because of this but they are unlikely to be quick on the trigger with Lovie.
    As far as the drafting of a QB…much less a specific QB…..I haven’t seen any evidence that is what fans want. (Can I say again where is the poll from Joe?)

    For example… this point I think if the opportunity presents itself, Bucs should trade their #1 pick for additional picks. I do think we should select a QB to compete with Glennon for the starting job….but likely not a QB in the first round.
    I think there are many that don’t want either Winston or Marriota……there is really no consensus……Luck type player.

    So….bottom line, and I’ve been a fan since 76…..the fans have very little influence because of the massave TV rights sharing by NFL teams….the team could make a profit with a nearly empty stadium.

    The Glazers would have to see clear and convincing overwhelming evidence that the fans were near unanimous on an issue….and that siomply doesn’t exist.

  31. Pelbuc Says:

    Verner = Toast + Potato Chip.
    Bucs Games = Who cares?

  32. King Diamond Says:

    The bucs couldn’t be that lucky to draft Winston. Which may not be a bad thing because he probably would f@:, up somewhere like a DUI or something and then Lovie would trade him where he would become a star for another team because thats how it works in Tampa.

  33. DB55 Says:

    Put in Russell Shepard, but seriously folks.

    Tbbf – av can thump I’ll give him that. Maybe we should move him to safety.

    Johnny 2.3
    1. Verner aka CTC gave up a TD on the scramble and a 1st down on 3&17. Check the tape again. It did more than “kept the drive going” it won the game.
    2. On the “broken play” scramble he was in 3deep coverage according to loveless. Getting beat deep is a no no always has been always will be. Stay deeper than the deepest man!
    3. On 3&17 he went for the ball but missed and obviously couldn’t make the tackle. The Safety couldn’t help cuz he started 21 yards deep and his first step was backwards, on 3&17, unbelievable!!! That’s frazier at his best!

    If Verner is playing good ball then banks is playing lights out. Unfortunately, neither is true. Verner probably isn’t hurt anyway. It’s probably one of Lovies phantom injuries so he can either keep the lineup secret or bench a player for poor performance. Not that he would do that of course I’m just talking out of my a$$ like loveless does.

  34. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    TBBF…I’ll have fans in overwhelming mass. I promise you that.

  35. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    TBBF…scouts HAVE in fact compared Winston (on the field) to Andrew Luck.

  36. RichBucsfan Says:

    Amazing that after a horrid game, he cries, “My leg! My leg! Got a bone in my leg, er, hamstring in my leg!!” Terrible player, just terrible. Another waste of money.

  37. phil Says:

    This means we shouldn’t do anything to screw up our quest for Jameis Winston. Let the Falcons score. Winning a game isn’t going to help us get Jameis.

  38. sho nuff Says:

    another broken hire….