Test Of Two Kinds

November 21st, 2014
Is Bears DE Jared Allen over the hill?

Is Bears DE Jared Allen over the hill?

The offseason free agent frenzy had many Bucs fans wanting defensive end Jared Allen to come down to Tampa Bay.

Joe had wanted Julius Peppers. Thus far, Green Bay got the better of those two.

To be fair, Allen had a bout of pneumonia and lost 18 pounds in September. Joe doesn’t know how folks could play with that.

He only has 2.5 sacks through nine games. Very much unlike the Jared Allen we all are familiar with.

Allen has been lining up at right end. That means another 2014 free agent, who has been sketchy this season, Bucs left tackle Anthony Collins, will be responsible for shutting down Allen.

In a sick sort of way, this will be an interesting clash of struggling, big-time free agents. Whether it will be Allen or Collins, the winner of this battle will reveal a lot about his combatant.

4 Responses to “Test Of Two Kinds”

  1. Baker Ryan Says:

    Force Allen to the inside, and he is harmless. He is too old and has lost the first step necessary to consistently beat guys off the edge.

  2. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    The hapless Bucs offense rarely seems to help Anthony Collins out with help from RBs or TEs in the form of chip blocks. I wonder why our coaches are so inflexible after identifying weaknesses. Are they stubborn because they paid Collins starter’s money? Even if that is the case priority#1 should be winning and they need to do something to minimize the damage.

  3. Brandon Says:

    There were so many people on here clamoring for Allen. We got Johnson, and between the two, Johnson has been better, and will definitely be better in the future. Allen is a shell of his former self. He even looks like an old man in the picture. My wife’s got better looking arms than that.

  4. Tomcin Says:

    Wow! Your wife has better arms than Allen. That’s kinda scary.