Puzzling Bears Offense

November 21st, 2014
Bratty Jay Cutler

Bratty Jay Cutler

Joe was rifling through statistical notes of the Bears offense and, frankly, Joe is confused. Their offense has been a mess lately, yet the Bears have serious firepower.

Yes, Bratty Jay Cutler often seems he would rather have ingrown toenail surgery without the aid of Novocaine than play quarterback, but damn, he is fifth in the NFL in both completions and completion percentage and tied for sixth in touchdowns.

Yet the offense stinks.

Then there is Matt Forte. Since the Bears running back entered the NFL in 2008, he leads NFL running backs in yards from scrimmage and is econd in receptions. We all know about Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, two of the most dangerous receivers in the NFL. Tight end Martellus Bennett has 53 catches and five touchdowns.

So what gives?

No wonder Bears fans are on meltdown watch in the windy city. It doesn’t add up. The Bears aren’t scoring a lot of points.

Joe has long thought the Bucs defense had turned the corner. First there was holding Minnesota to 13 points in four quarters. Then there was a solid showing in Cleveland, not to mention holding the Redskins to a single touchdown on the road.

If the Bucs have really established their defense, it will be evident Sunday. With the Bears’ weapons, it just doesn’t add up that they will continue to misfire.

4 Responses to “Puzzling Bears Offense”

  1. Lunchbag AL Says:

    I agree joe. If the Dline has truly shown up and Alt-Verner and Banks are ready (not to mention Major Wright back home) this has the makings of “we’re here and, sorry it took so long”. All over it. Bears are allowing 2.5 sack per game. We need to change that average Sunday.

  2. "that guy" Says:

    hopefully it doesnt get changed from 2.5 to 2.0.

  3. LargoBuc Says:

    Jay Cutler has a “Cannon” and the Brandon/Alshon show is just plain scary. Our defense won’t get lucky if they blow coverages like they did last week. Dashon and Major have to provide help up top cause Jay Cutler won’t miss like RGMe did. As far as neutralizing Matt Forte I don’t know. Even with LD54 it would be a challenge but without him I can’t imagine. Our defense is learning and they have so many weapons and ways to attack. Our pass rush will have to be even better than last week for our defense to have a prayer.

  4. Hemlock Says:

    I can hear Don Maradoth singing already “turn out the lights the party’s over”, unfortunately, quite a few there want to teach Lovey a lesson.