Lovie Talks About Wide Receiver Charles Sims

November 4th, 2014


It’s a shame rookie running back Charles Sims hasn’t seen the gameday field since his August ankle injury.

Sims practiced in pads last week and is, allegedly, almost ready. But where will he line up first?

Lovie Smith made if very clear on his Buccaneers Radio Network show last night that Sims is a dual threat — as a receiver. Lovie likes him out of the backfield “matching up against linebackers, safeties, whatever, or outside lining him up as a wide receiver. We feel like Charles can handle all of those duties well.”

This is no real surprise that the Bucs feel this way about Sims, who is known for his silky smooth hands. He was even labeled the “best wide receiver” at West Virginia last season.

Joe has seen Sims’ hands in practice, and all Joe can say is the guy is extremely polished at catching the ball. Some of the great-hands stuff really can’t be taught. Mike Evans has it, and Sims appears to.

Joe hopes this is the week for Sims to show his stuff, though Joe expects the kid’s timing in the passing game to be off. How could it not be?

26 Responses to “Lovie Talks About Wide Receiver Charles Sims”

  1. Nick2 Says:

    Well he might as well play Wide Receiver for us………

  2. RastaMon Says:

    I don’t want to hear SHEET about this rookie…that has not even been a ROOKIE….until we are talking about something REAL…….

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    LovieDovie and his lapdog GM talk too much.

  4. Louis Friend Says:

    More talk from the HC. The only problem is neither QB is any good at throwing a consistently good pass. He might as well stay home til next season – save him for games that actually matter.

  5. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Let’s hope we play him all over and find out where he can actually play. If he is like Sproles we need him all over. That’s just a dream for now though.

  6. ddneast Says:

    Agreed Rastamon. I’m tired of hearing all this PR crap coming out before the guy even straps on a helmet. Let their play speak for itself.
    I remember when the Bucs drafted Mason Foster all I read in the media was he was a natural MLB. It wasn’t till a couple of years later I started reading he was an outside LB in college and was still making the adjustment. He is still making the adjustment and can’t cover now and couldn’t Cover when he came into the league.
    After he sacked a QB for a 2 yard loss on a scramble in the preseason the Tampa Bay media all but crowned him the next Dick Butkus. Puuuuleeeeze.

  7. 911bucs Says:

    How about think outside the box and use him as a punt or kick off returner

  8. 911bucs Says:

    At this point in the season they need to try any, and everything.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Put him in coach, he’s ready to play. Look at Sims, getting yards, running free.

  10. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Let me take a WAG…he doesn’t quite have the blocking scheme down yet as a running back coming out of the backfield?

  11. bucrightoff Says:

    Yeah gotta feel a touch bad for Sims. Expectations are completely unrealistic by some, like all the offense needs is to add him and look out.

  12. RastaMon Says:

    I think we should give Lovie the ball…
    run Lovie run

  13. Ray Rice Says:

    Can he play guard on the field goal team? Or how about punter? FUKET! Lovie will find a way to bench Evans and start Simms at wideout.

  14. Waterboy Says:

    Joe I’m not sure if I can still trust your judgement on pass catching ability. You raved about ASJ also and so far he’s been more of a liability in the offense than an asset. I definitely hope you’re right this time!

  15. RastaMon Says:

    Lovie talks…reminded me of this…..

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sims could provide the missing link to our offense….a slot reciever…..we have the outside covered with Jackson & Evans….but….we haven’t seen much over the middle….and we aren’t using our TEs as much as we should…..I think the TE was only targeted 2 times in Cleveland…..
    Our playcalling is still awful….

  17. ElioT Says:

    3rd Rd rookie coming off IR is all we have to be “excited” about at this point?

    Hope he can catch an under thrown back shoulder, cause that’s the extent of our passing game.

    “Speed in space” – #barf

    Go Sucs!

  18. RastaMon Says:

    “Sims could provide the missing link to our offense”….his is going to
    stop the other team on 3rd and 15’s
    call plays that work on defense
    call plays that work on offense
    block on passing plays
    block on running plays
    make trades before trade deadline
    blow smoke up Tampa Buc Fans collective azz’s

  19. biff barker Says:

    A glimpse of speed in space maybe?

    Nah… too risky.

  20. RastaMon Says:

    Herron…was supposed to be our “Speed in space”…along with Demps..and..and..and.and…stop insulting your fan base …I am as of now taking this to my G’Boyz…who until this minute have had your backs…at every step since… all the G’brothers and Pops,RIP,….were happy to shake hands with any fan in the bowels of Pepin Rudd Stadium…

  21. Ray Rice Says:


    Dont you dare talk about ASJ. That’s JOES’ beefcake. He gets real sensitive when you talk about his man. Even though hes FUKD up time and time again. He’s quick to call Jackson V Drops but doesnt say $hit about ASJ.

  22. Mike J Says:

    Tampabaybucfan, putting him in the slot is what popped into my pea-brain too. I watch the O sometimes & think, ”This offense could really use some quickness at WR.”

  23. Jordan Says:

    Joe, we lost two games in overtime that were completely out of Glennon’s control;we lost from a 1st possession TD drive by Brees and a fumble recovery TD by the Vikings. Do you think we would have the same amount of disgust for Glennon had the roles been reversed, and Glennon was the beneficiary of two overtime wins that were obtained by say a defensive interception TD and a punt return td? Would we really be this upset with a 3-2 Glennon whose defense/ST achieved wins in overtime? This is really just an exercise to help us with perspective.

  24. Ray Rice Says:


    Got dam spell check!

  25. OneLove Says:

    I hope he can provide a spark! Although, it’s going to be difficult for any RB in our passing game when you have “The Neck” and “McClown” throwing the ball to you.

  26. OneLove Says:

    “Lovie talks…reminded me of this…..

    When you talk…it reminds me of this…..

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith