Lovie Being Shortsighted

November 6th, 2014

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Joe cannot figure if Bucs coach and overlord of football operations Lovie Smith really believes Mike Glennon is the “quarterback of the future,” then, well, the future is now, at least the beginning of the future.

Let’s be real: journeyman Josh McCown and his garish turnovers are not going to lead the Bucs to an 8-0 record to close the season and get the Bucs to the playoffs. If you really believe that, pass the bottle.

One who believes Lovie is damaging the future for a pathetic stab at one or two meaningless wins is Tom Jones of the Tampa Bay Times. He believes Lovie is being penny-wise and pound-foolish in benching Glennon.

It’s not as if McCown has four or five years left in this league. He has maybe two good years left, and you could have quite a lively debate about the “good” part. In a league where it seems a dozen teams every season are looking for quarterbacks, McCown never could stick as a full-time starter. Doesn’t that mean something?

So why not ride Glennon just to find out once and for all if he has what it takes? If the light finally comes on, then you have your quarterback. And if he doesn’t get better, then you can go after another quarterback in the draft or free agency.

But what does going to McCown do for you? Even if he plays pretty well in the second half and goes, say, 5-3, he’s still not going to be your guy for years to come.

Joe just cannot believe Lovie thinks McCown is the answer, not the way he played when he did start. For all the glowing words Lovie has about McCown and trust and bonding, remember this is the same McCown Lovie cut in Chicago so Jason Campbell could be the No. 2 quarterback there.

It almost smells to Joe like Lovie is scared for his job (no, Joe does not believe for a second Lovie’s job is in danger this season) or thinks he is about to lose his team if the losing continues.

If that is the case, what does that tell you about the guys Lovie hand-picked to join the Bucs this season?

37 Responses to “Lovie Being Shortsighted”

  1. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    I think only Tom Jones needs to see Glennon run out of bounds short of the 1st down marker on purpose again. Or maybe hit opposing DBs on the back with long passes….

    Keep the fire going Baby!

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    The key point was made: Playing McCown accomplishes nothing in the long term. Hate Glennon all you want, he’s still young and not 100% knowns. He’s now started exactly 1 full season of NFL games over two years, that’s it. McCown has played for 12 years and is one hot 5 game streak away from not even being on this team. McCown we know everything there is to know at this point. Can’t say the same as Glennon.

    Not every QB is Andrew Luck, some are later bloomers like Drew Brees. and no it’s not a comparision of who Glennon can be, just that some QBs take time. Giving him the last 8 games was the smart thing to do in the long term. Pretty telling from Lovie he either doesn’t care, or doesn’t think he has a long term without some wins coming home.

  3. 1gr8buc Says:

    As much as I would like a top pick to get a true franchise QB, you have to be realistic with what all the players and coaches job is. It is to win games not tank the season to get that top pick.

    You can disagree with it all you want but thats what these men get evaluated by and paid for. If it was to get a top 5 or 10 pick every year the Bucs, Jags, Rams, Raiders, Vikings and Browns would be the league’s top teams. Just because they cant make the playoffs doesnt mean they should stop trying to win. A lot of people talk about pride, toughness and perseverance but turn around and want the team to give up for the rest of the season.

    With the remaining schedule, I would be much happier with a .500 or better record than losing out for a top pick.

  4. j moné Says:

    I say its damn hard to win in nfl ill give lovie way more time. Glennon sucks

  5. Jim Says:

    My only hope is Lovie has seen enough to realize ‘cement shoes’ is NOT the qb of the future! Might as well try to win a game or two this season. He most likely will use the Bucs 1st round pick next year on defense anyway.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    I congratulate you Joe, For being a straight shooter on this issue. I am surprised on how the rest of the Local Media is not declaring this a CIRCUS!!! If the last coach was still here and this happened they would be having a field day right now. But we all see the double standard now!!!

  7. Eczeutn Says:

    +1 on this article

  8. Dean Says:

    This is a coach that has to put up a few wins, to build overall team confidence and get the whole mess moving in a somewhat positive direction. He is hoping the McCown can provide a spark and a play or two that Mike wasn’t giving them right now. I really hope that the Bucs are forced to draft a QB next year and that they have the guts to do so in the first round. The only bad team, along with us, that needs a QB is the Jets. So, being in the top 5 can almost guarantee us one of the top 2 QB’s. Neither of our current 2 starters are potential “franchise” qb’s and as Joe has said so many times before, we have the 4th best QB’s in a 4 team division. Nothing will change, until change happens.

  9. Soggy Says:

    @1gr8buc, Jimmy Johnson tank a season for the draft and brags about it..

  10. Soggy Says:


  11. 1bucfan88 Says:

    Lovie the Coward. Already frightened for his job. Sickening to watch him run this team even further into the ground.

  12. chris Says:

    Evaluation of Glennon is FINISHED! looks like we are going in another direction at QB. I have faith in Lovie. I was a big supporter of Glennon and was wishing he would step up. It’s done now and we are moving on and McCown is the Starter unless he gets hurt.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon is being benched for poor play like several others are/were…..Castillas & Baron dumped…..Bowers will probably be benched/cut.

    Maybe benching Glennon wiill light some fire…..

    Let’s stop with the “meaningless” games…..at least they are meaningful to the other team. Our last game of the season with the Saints could determine the Division winner…..wouldn’t you like for us to be a spoiler with Green Bay for, example? How ‘bo

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How ’bout beatng the Bengals or Lions….or putting a can of whoop ass on Raheems secondary?…..not meaningless

    And as far as meaningless to us…..the objective is to win….not play for draft position….unless you’re just a loser at heart!!!

  15. Soggy Says:

    Jimmy johnson is not a loser at hart he tanked for the draft and won the super bowl after that, he brags about it on the pregame show..

  16. RealityCheck Says:

    The people that want to crucify Glennon in his 2nd seasons are the same ones that want to turn to McCown in his 12th season, playing on the 9th team of his terrible career. Glennon most likely is not the answer and hasn’t played well, but he could be trade bait or simply a good backup QB that can use all the experience he can get. Josh McCown is nothing. One player will be in the league for another 10 years in some capacity, the other will be on the couch in 1-2 years.

  17. Rrsrq Says:

    Love realizes the team watches film too and they see MG run out of bounds or throws the ball and turns his back or hold on to the ball until the receiver is open instead of throwing him open (btw: receivers in the NFL are rarely completely open, unless playing the Bucs), players want a leader behind center, not the guy who’s brother keeps speaking up for him.

  18. csidedave Says:

    This team is so close to actually being 6-2. But Chip Kelly got away.

  19. Florida Hillbilly Says:

    I think anyone with any sense at all can see that Lovie has no faith in MG, MG is Lovie’s QB of the future, back-up QB that is! Lovie wants his 5 million dollar QB to retire under his great leadership. I just threw up in my mouth! Give me another bottle!

  20. NewTampaChris Says:

    Don’t overcomplicate things. The starter played a lousy 2.5 games and got hurt. The backup had the chance to rip the job from the starter and he didn’t play well enough to do that. So now it’s back to the original plan.

    Based on what I’ve seen with my own eyes, I can only pray that we don’t go into the 2015 season with these two guys as our only QBs.

  21. BucFan20 Says:

    I love the term posters have to copy “cement shoes”. Well 14 points were given up by SP Teams last week. But I guess you better throw in the 7 given up by cement shoes (Or was he a statue) Verner. Becauses he was damn sure standing there with them on when he got beat. And that’s not the first time. Whene you look at this team as a whole, who is being coached at all? By who? To bad only the people behind closed doors really ever know what’s going on.

  22. mike h Says:

    THE ONLY!!!!! reason to start mcclown is to save his stinking phony of a coach ass!!! and there playing at home. I hope they get stomped again at home and the glazers send this pinhead packing.

  23. mike h Says:

    schiano still gets paid! tell him to show up Monday!

  24. mike h Says:

    lol!!!! just kidding about schiano. but not the other idiot!!!

  25. mike h Says:

    if we do get Winston or another QB lovie dovie will just ruin him!!!! he has to go just listen to this moron!!! he is a PHONY!!!! if he was a good coach. he is not anymore period!!!

  26. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Lovie would make a good politician. He talks out of his @ss so much I am surprised he hasn’t given himself a bad case of the piles yet……

  27. willie d Says:

    5 million for McC is a joke, he never made that much money in his career. He made 1.7 last year with Lovie. So much wasted time and money and wasted draft picks with this team. Imagine if Glennon was named starter at beginning of season. No McC signing. Pick up T Pryor for 1 million to be backup. Take lowest 10 paid players on this team add 500000 to their contracts and imaging what better players you get. that is upgrading 10 players by half a million in salary. That would do wonders for the depth of this team. Also please never draft all offensive weapons, how bout needs and best player on the board. Lovie playin the Glaziers pocketbook.

  28. mike h Says:

    @ FORTMEYERSDAVE. I hear ya pal I also am sick of changing coaches. but wtf!!! hate to say it but schiano would have more wins this year than this PHONY!!! the guy even said he screwed up the way he treated the players. but he atleast admits it. this clown is just worst if u can believe that!! I think he has alzimers or something.

  29. bculaw Says:

    The move only makes sense if Lovie HAS made up his mind that Glennon is not the future, and believes either that his poor play is threatening team chemistry or, more likely, is hindering the staff’s evaluation of other facets of the team (RB, OL, WR, etc.). Bad QB play can make the O-line, RB, and WRs look far worse than they are. Maybe Lovie & Co. think a change at QB gives them a better look at the other offensive positions in advance of what will surely be a VERY important draft and free agency period. I have questions as to whether McCown is up to the task, but Lovie brought him in for a reason.

    I’ll say this, Lovie & Co. better hope Glennon was dragging the offense down. If this unit really ois as bad as its numbers suggest, they have a TON of holes to fill.

  30. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I’m done with Lovie Smith and the Bucs for a while! I can’t take this freakin train wreck anymore this season. See you all in March to talk about what we should do with yet another top 10 draft pick! ….of course we’ll probably find a way to screw that up too :)!

    “There’s always next season!” – the Bucaneers mantra.

  31. mike h Says:

    @BUCLAW. but that’s the problem with this moron does he see. he looks like a deer in the headlights on the side line. if he really was paying attn. we could have won that browns game. 3 downs to get a first down!!! FOR 1 YARD!!! wow QB sneak or a RB wtf is that. make the call!!! he is a idiot!! period.

  32. mike h Says:

    its like he don’t care! or something. fu..ing dumb.

  33. mike h Says:

    lovie dovie wants to be in charge of everything wow he cant even coach!!! he is going to run this team into the ground. and get millions to do it! worst coach I have seen this team hire. since I have been following them. 1979 in fact!!! the worst….

  34. Aubpierce Says:

    Manning 3-13 his first year and 13-3 the second year only difference was the Colts changed defensive coordinators and won the close games.The next year 10-6,and then 6-10 and Mora got fired.Then along came Dungy.Manning had Marshal Faulk and his 2200 yds from scrimmage his rokie season along with Marvin Harrison and two very good tight ends.Next year Manning had James and his 2100 yds from scrimmage and Harrison had 1663 yds from scrimmage and the same two tight ends, Dilger and Pollard had 840 yds.AS you can see Manning had two great running backs,great receiver and two good tight ends.Point being made is the Bucs don’t have any play makers that compare to the above.Until the Bucs have play makers and a competent offensive line the QB will not be relevant.Manning and Glennon have very similar QB rating through 16 games,Let Glennon play and draft the best pocket QB if he doesn’t improve in the remaining games.What good will it do to start a 35 year old QB who won’t be around when the Bucs start winning again.

  35. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Lovie is scared for his job 8 games into his first season with the bucs? really joe is that your best analysis? only a few of you just don’t get it. Did everyone seem to forget that they weren’t very high on glennon when they first got here anyway? 18 games in and you wanna see once and for all if glennon has what it takes? that’s just a stupid take. hey joe if glennon was the guy and showed enough promise there wouldn’t be a jameis Winston watch on your website every other day

    One of these quarterbacks was always going to be the bridge to the next quarterback because they both suck that much. we’ve seen enough from glennon because all of the weapons and line has matured together so lets see what josh will do with glennon’s weapons. if he sucks as much as glennon did then we’ll be starting a rookie qb

  36. Zam Says:

    Give Butters one game to shake off the rust and another to show what he has, and if he stinks, then you can still put Beaker back in for 6. E-weeweeweewee.

  37. Ben Says:

    He is not scared for his job, but I bet you the Glazers are scared to lose more of the fan base. How many fans will be left if the Bucs go 1-15 and don’t manage to win a home game this season?

    You play to win the game. You win games to attract fans. You attract fans to earn money.

    Do you really believe that Glennon can development much faster by loosing week in and week out, than he could just practicing week in and week out? He could still be a great QB one day, but there is NO doubt that today isn’t that day. Let’s go with who gives us the best chance to win this Sunday.