Jameis Watch: Bill Cowher Says Caution

November 26th, 2014

jameis 1103Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

Once upon a time, many Tampa Bay fans prayed former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher would be the next leader of the Bucs.

That never happened. But Cowher remains a busy man analyzing all things NFL for CBS Sports. The guy who drafted Ben Roethlisberger talked about Jameis Winston with the TBD in the AM show on CBS Sports Radio this week.

Putting on his personnel-man hat, Cowher said he would be leery of drafting Winston, who has yet to declare for the 2015 NFL Draft.

“I would be [concerned]. We’ve watched him, and there’s no question, I mean this guy’s ability on the field. He’s a leader. He’s a playmaker. But I just go back to the same thing. The decision making that some of these kids have made, you know, it doesn’t just change overnight. And it would concern me, particular if you’re counting on this guy starting from Day 1,” Cowher said.

The former coach went on to say it was critical to have starting quarterback Tommy Maddox in place when Roethlisberger was drafted. Maddox had started the previous two seasons, though Big Ben progressed quickly during his 2004 rookie campaign and went 13-0 in that regular season.

Joe disagrees with Cowher, who thinks college athletes don’t overhaul their maturity level.

“Stripes on the zebra don’t change. They, you know, they are who they are,” Cowher said of Winston and Johnny Football. “You just hope you can get them to understand the responsibility that goes with playing in the National Football League. The sacrifices that you need to make, you’re no long a college kid; and I don’t want to hear about being a young kid who’s just made young mistakes. That doesn’t fly. I mean you need to grow up fast.

“You need to grow up fast. You’re going to get paid a lot of money. You’re a professional, and with that comes responsibility and accountability, a lot of sacrifices and making the right choices.”

What’s somewhat ironic here is that Roethlisberger went on to engage in major sleazy activities — and he’s still performing like a future Hall of Famer.


32 Responses to “Jameis Watch: Bill Cowher Says Caution”

  1. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Ironic is being kind Joe. What Roethlisberger did was far, far worse than what Jameis did. Unless of course Jameis is guilty of the rape…then they’re two peas out of the same pod.

    Roethlisberger also had the advantage of playing for Miami of Ohio in college! Oxford Ohio is not exacty a gathering place for papparazzi or TMZ types looking for a scoop…unlike Tallahassee or Gainesville or Tuscaloosa.

    No telling what a jerk BR was in college.

    Having said all of that I do agree with Cowher. If Jameis was the ONLY QB available that would be one thing, but he isn’t! Why take a chance on an unforced error.

    Of course many here would like to trade three first round picks and a second round pick if needed just to get Jameis. I mean look how well that’s worked out for the Foreskins.

  2. Zam Says:

    V-Jax had two DUI’s out in SD as young player, and now is really the pinnacle of discipline.

    Personally I don’t think you change character (like stealing), but things related to partying can certainly change.

  3. Oingo Boingo Says:

    There was no rape. And anyone with a thimbleful of football kmowledge knows Winston far supercedes Marriota.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Have not you noticed Jimbo Fisher…talking to the back of Flameis head trying to calm him down and remind him of the moment….this is when Flameis is conditioned to be on his best public relations behavior…..now fast forward to a year or two into his NFL career with millions in the bank….besides his behavior…I question his on field decisions….


    Winston is the best college QB since luck (no, I am not comparing him to luck). He has the size, arm strength and accuracy. He is awesome vs pressure and isn’t afraid to take a hit. He has played in a pro style offense using option routes based on the DB’s technic and coverage his entire college career. He does force throws sometimes, but so does every QB with a great arm, its has the gun slinger mentality.

    I think he will be a good NFL QB, that being said, I his draft stock falls even more, so he will fall even further in the draft and the bus will take a chance on him.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Bill Cowher. Glad the Bucs did’nt bring him here. Totally over rated, even his tv spiel.

  7. SSG Mike Says:

    Caveat Emptor! Just sayin’….

  8. jglazer Says:

    Joe’s daily bs about Winston. Swear both are sleeping with him. Don’t recall any interest near this for say Tebow or Johnny football.

    Perhaps Joe has a man crush on Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, national champion James Winston

  9. RastaMon Says:

    Of Joes two fantasy QB’s…Flameis and Johnny F’ball….Johnny is/will be the better NFL QB…

  10. Posey99 Says:

    “And anyone with a thimbleful of football kmowledge knows Winston far supercedes Marriota.”


    And your claim is rediculous.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Although I would be excited if we drafted Winston, at the same time I would be terrified. It’s entirely possible he could become a pro and walk the straight and narrow path and be a great draft pick. However, it’s also very possible the exact opposite could happen. It’s a crap shoot, and typically the Bucs are terrible at craps. However, he is the one player that we could hit the jackpot on. That’s tempting, and I could see why the organization would pull the trigger. Without a good QB, we aren’t going to be a good football team. I know we need probably 4 or 5 new offensive lineman, but even with a dominant offensive line, you can’t win with these 2 QB’s we have. I’m not going to be satisfied with having a great line and going 8-8 with Glennon, and I highly doubt any of you will either. We have to do something, and Winston might be our best option.

  12. Dave Pear Says:

    Are you seriously correcting someone’s obvious typo and then misspelling “ridiculous”? Really?

  13. The don Says:

    If roesthlesburger got in trouble today like he did before , he’d be done

  14. Posey99 Says:

    Are you seriously correcting someone’s obvious typo and then misspelling “ridiculous”? Really?

    On purpose.

  15. DB55 Says:

    Scared money don’t make money. It’s a mute point Lovie don’t have the cohonez to draft Winston. Plus he might be a winner and we all know Lovie hates winners ala mclown and johnson.

  16. STULAAKE Says:

    Winston worth the risk.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m thankful for many things….including JBF….even if he won’t run a poll on Jameis…..

  18. Mike J Says:

    Hawaiian Buc, well said, sir.

  19. Loggedontosay Says:

    Posey99 Says:
    November 26th, 2014 at 8:26 pm
    Are you seriously correcting someone’s obvious typo and then misspelling “ridiculous”? Really?

    On purpose.


  20. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Cowher makes sense: look at all the RED FLAGS that have come up while Winston has been in the nice Panhandle town of Tallahassee: crab legs (yeah not a big deal if it was a one time thing), allegations of rape (huge implications especially in an NFL where disciplining your kid with a switch ala 1960 gets you arrested in Texas of all places; a place where they look more suspiciously at you if you do NOT own a gun then if you are armed for game….), and throw in the point shaving fiasco (albeit probably not true but does link the lad with crud who would get into this BS…)….. Hell does the guy have to go Orenthal before he raises any concerns in some cliques? If he is undisciplined in Tallahassee, what is he gonna do when given a $h!tload of coin and leaves the graces of FSU? Can anyone criticaize someone who brings up these points? You better be damned sure the Winston makes guys like Luck & Brees look like mediocre signings like Flacco or the kid who will likely abuse the Bucs this weekend; dalton else the Bucs will continue to flounder under the baby Glazer ownership….. How do we know he will not simply be another Manziel and contribute nothing? The Bucs need contribution next year from their first 4 rounds of picks next season….. Anyhow, time to quit ranting and wish everyone on Joe’s a very very happy, pleasant Thanksgiving, hopefully ending with a Bucs upset of a Bengals team that can be scored on….

  21. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Some people mature with age and some people don’t. Some people mature but are still a lowlife. When I look at Winston, I see Ryan Leaf

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    To be fair, I think it’s very possible Winston is already getting a sh!tton of coin. He may even be taking a pay cut.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If I didn’t know about all the off the field stuff, I would be screaming for this kid to be a Buc. Once he puts on the uniform, I love everything he does. I love how he commands the offense, particularly at the line of scrimmage (which is something we’ve never really had, at least not since Brad Johnson). I love how he runs a pro offense, and always seems to know exactly what he’s doing. I love how he is incredibly poised, and seems to not let anything bother him. I love how he has a very short memory when he bounces back, and always bounces back. I love how he has been seen giving out high 5’s and encouraging every player as he enters the stadium. This kid has heart. That can’t be argued. He’s the only QB I’ve ever seen throw a pick, then hustle down the field and cause a fumble. I’ve seen him stick his head in there and block for a runner, and not a half arse block either. I’ve seen him throw his body into a pile when there was a fumble.

    All that being said, I do know what he did off the field. However, I also wonder how much of it is a result of him being a target. Make no mistake, there are a bunch of people in this world that would love to see him fail. There’s a bunch of people that would love to catch him pick his nose, just so they can slam him. That’s not even debatable. I have no idea about the rape allegation, but I have first hand experience of a college athlete being falsely accused of rape. Not saying that happened to Jameis, but it is possible.

    If he is not a member of the Bucs next season, I take back everything positive I wrote about him. He’s a jerk.

  24. Dave Pear Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc-
    Classic. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.
    Drafting any college kid is a crap shoot. The Bucs drafting history hasn’t been too stellar. For every Peyton Manning there is a Ryan Leaf. For every Andrew Luck there is an RGIII. I think Johnny Unitas was a 19th round draft pick (albeit many less teams at that time). Joe Montana a 3rd rounder, Tom Brady a 6th rounder etc…The point being that sometimes a team just HAS to take a chance on a unique talent and I think Winston has IT. But like you said if he ends up on another team, disregard this entire post.

  25. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “What’s somewhat ironic here is that Roethlisberger went on to engage in major sleazy activities — and he’s still performing like a future Hall of Famer.” – Joe

    Which kind of proves his point. Take a look at all the quarterbacks who were problems in college. Favre? He got in trouble for sexual harassment. Big Ben, well, we know that one. Vick? Prison. Plenty of examples.

    And I hate to be the one to point this out, but the odds are greater when hailing from a certain culture because of previous environments. That may not be political correct, but its the way it is. And not just with QBs.

  26. Brandon Says:

    Winston and Cam Newton’s collegiate mishaps, and careers, run a very similar course. Newton has worked out off the field for the Panthers, and he’s been exceptionally good on the field at times. If it is between Mariota and Winston, I take Mariota because he is the safer pick, but I don’t get upset if Winston is a Buc, I rejoice and hope… and that’s what being a football fans is about…hope… you hope your team jells and remains healthy, gets hot at the right time, that your best player doesn’t suffer a career ending injury…it’s all hope. And drafting Winston (or Mariota) would do wonders for our hopes of this team.

  27. Doc Says:

    Let the media and fans tell you who to draft,and you will you will be joining them very soon. Draft Winston, or remain a 3-13 team, with a team full of choir boys. How can you past judgement on someone you never met. Look at all the player the Bucs have let go to please the fans. 3-13 season, way to go fans. (select the best available athlete)

  28. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    “Make no mistake, there are a bunch of people in this world that would love to see him fail.”

    And why is that? Let’s leave race out of it because that’s our public dirty little secret that sets off too many folks when it’s brought up. So forget that sentence.

    Leaving race out of it we have the stereotypical spoiled pampered athlete with and entire University and it’s supporters acting as co dependents.

    Jameis may make a great NFL QB. There are plenty of jerks who have had stellar NFL careers.

    But please stop with the defense of Jameis indefensible behavior. If you wish to point out that being a total jerk and assswhipe doesn’t mean the kid could not lead us to the SB then I’ll listen because that is true.

    But STOP with all the apologies for Jameis self centered spoiled behavior! He WON life’s ovarian lottery. Because he’s big, can run fast and throw a football he’s going to be a multimillionaire set for life. Money for nothing and his chicks for free…just like being a rock star on MTV.

    And so does Jameis realize his incredible LUCK!

    Do you? Are you thankful for all that you have today. Happy Thanksgiving!
    We all have blessings in our lives. May all of you enjoy today counting yours.

  29. Barry Says:

    One obvious thing here, the local media in Tampa Town don’t know a thing about Head coaches and/or Quarterbacks. Winston has Red flags coming out of every orifice of his body, yet these guys are pimping him. Freeman set this team back 6 years and you now want Winston. Noway Smith putting that noose around his own neck. There’s not a QB worthy of a 1st round pick in this coming draft.

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    What you are describing is what the coaching fraternity refers to as “coach killers” You are spot on.

    And here is the irony. Jameis could be great on and off the field and still cost Lovie or another head coach his job. See Mike Shanahan and the Washington foreskins. Yet Jameis could eventually develop into a great QB and make the second coach look good.

    I don’t see any motivation for Lovie to pick Jameis. Jameis MAY be the best QB in this year’s draft but he’s not the only one capable of leading a great team to an SB victory. Just from a personal perspective why would Lovie gamble his career?

  31. steve Says:

    I would pick Winston in a heartbeat if I needed a qb. If you look beyond the headlines you would too. He is a risk. All first round qbs are risks. Hope his stock drops so doesn’t get stuck with the Bugs..

  32. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    “All first round qbs are risks.”

    Talent wise yes. Head wise no! Mariotta who is Jameis top competition in this discussion is the polar opposite of Jameis.

    And so let’s play out the possibilities. Lovies drafts either Mariotta or Winston.
    If they win then there are no issues!

    If either of them turn out to be busts we all just remember Jfro…Dilfer et al.

    HOWEVER…if Lovie drafts Winston and he self destructs because of head issues Lovie is gone!!! There will be no forgiveness for the GM/Coach who selects Jameis if he continues his Tallahassee shenanigans. People will correctly go…DUH…they didn’t see this coming.

    Bottom line why take that chance? That is why Jameis is not the first pick in the draft. It’s certainly not his lack of talent of success on the field.