It’s Josh McCown!

November 4th, 2014

Mike Glennon says he’s a backup again

The insanity that is this Buccaneers season has hit a new level.

Per Mike Glennon speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network on WDAE-AM 620 this evening, Josh McCown will be the starting quarterback Sunday.

Feel free to bang your head against the wall.

“I met with Marcus [Arroyo] and Lovie [Smith] this morning and they decided that it’ll best for Josh [McCown] this week to go ahead and get the start,” Glennon said.

This is simply a mind-numbing decision by Lovie Smith. The Bucs are 1-7 and the McCown experiment should be ancient history. He was bad in three starts — three Bucs losses. And the Bucs, under the captaincy of McCown, the man brought here for his leadership and ball security, didn’t show up for their only national TV game. That game was widely considered a must-win.

For Joe’s money, McCown failed on the field with his high-school interceptions and decisions, as well as off the field as a leader.

The smart choice was — and is — to ride out Glennon through the end of the season. Joe’s been writing this since Week 3.

McCown is not the future of this team in any shape or form unless Lovie already has decided he wants McCown around to mentor the 2015 rookie quarterback. But if that’s the case (and it’s not), then Lovie’s better off with McCown staying healthy on the bench and practicing his coaching and advisory skills on Glennon.

A lost season doesn’t need a 35-year-old journeyman QB at the helm.

182 Responses to “It’s Josh McCown!”

  1. Flmike Says:


  2. Gooberville Says:

    That is awesome!! Right choice if team wants to win now. Glennon is a very average QB and enough time to prove he’s the guy. He is not.. Turn the page.

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie should be fired on the spot, or should simply announce Josh is the 2015 starter. Otherwise what is the point of this? Yet another horrific decision by this utterly incompetent Lovie and Licht era.

  4. Phred Says:

    I am now officially going to learn the rules of hockey.

  5. SteveK Says:


    Freemanites rejoice, Schiano’s boy gets benched.

    We are an even bigger sh!t show than I ever expected.

    Lmfao, Glennon is the best chance to win. This is bad for Mike Evans’ development. Damn it Lovie, you better win some games with your hand picked QB.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    The countdown to Lovie’s firing has begun!

  7. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie is clearly going for 1 and done. Who can’t see this now? 1 year, $20 million earned. Good for Lovie, bad for us.

  8. OB Says:


    At least Lovie is riding his ship down with his QB, McCown, because if he blows it again, Lovie may not last the week.

  9. lightningbuc Says:


    Great insight today with the Sean Glennon tweet. You called it a few hours ago.

  10. Connor Says:

    I’m now a proud member of the FLM (Fire Lovie Mob)!

  11. ryan Says:

    cry Joe cry!

    everything that McCown has done, Glennon has also done and has done it worse. You blame McCown’s leadership for the Atlanta game but never bring that up in Glennon’s Baltimore game.

    You hold it against McCown for high school interceptions and decision makings but how about those picks Glennon has thrown and those HS decisions like pulling up short on that 3rd down run? Nevermind his HS level arm.

    crybaby Joe

  12. Tom Edrington Says:

    Great choice! No way Josh will be a bit rusty after being injured and sitting out how many weeks now?

    Yeah, he’ll be razor sharp, no doubt.


  13. bucrightoff Says:

    The Fire Lovie Mob doesn’t even need to exist. This move should be his death certificate. He learned nothing from Chicago, and should not even be within 1,000 feet of a decision involving a future QB. Does anyone want him involved in drafting a QB when the guy clearly knows nothing about QBs except how to make Austin Davis and Derek Anderson look like HOFers?

  14. NJBucsFan Says:

    I’m done with this team as long as Lovie is the coach.


  15. deminion Says:

    Lol did Lovie forget how awful Mccown is?

  16. The Buc Realist Says:

    sign me up for the FLM ( fire lovie mob )

    I have officially checked out of the Buc altogether now! I will not waste any time for the no talent ass clown that thinks he is a head coach. Enjoy your last Nfl contract Loser Smith!!!!!

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The Mike Glennon experiment is over. Looks like we’ll be drafting a qb with our first pick.

    They aren’t firing Lovie. Dream on.

  18. SteveK Says:

    This move tells me Lovie is desperate to win today, and not have a better big picture of tomorrow.

    Good for you, Lovie, I hope you’re right. Schiano was destroyed by a coach killer named “Josh”, dare you suffe the same fate?

  19. OneLove Says:

    LMAO!! I mean has anyone EVER lost a starting job to Josh McCown!?!?! You suck Mike Glennon!! You played your way out of the starting job and I only hope that you didn’t play your way out of a decent trade…. Unbelievable!!!

    “It’s as Simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  20. Ray Rice Says:

    Mccown will be here next season Glennon won’t. No need to see more of Glennon if the regime has already made up its mind on taking a QB in the draft. Quite honestly I think Mccown will play better this time around. Glennon was not getting it done.

  21. 1bucfan88 Says:

    That clicking sound you just heard was the rest of the fan base tuning this bullshit out.

  22. Bill T Says:

    Lovie is frickin clueless! Even if Glennon isn’t their future, McCown definitely isn’t!! Glennon can improve and be worth a draft pick something as good as they were being offered this past offseason.

    Lovie was horrible with his free agent pickups and blatantly stupid to name McCown as the starter. McCown had 3 terrible games. Glennon, in his 2nd year, had 1-2 off games, and now you ruin his future worth?

    Glennon, ask for a trade. Lovie is a terrible Offensive Head Coach and your OC sucks. You can’t learn here from a guy who doesn’t give you a real shot.

  23. TAC Says:

    Well, at least Glennon will get his release in the off season, and go somewhere with a competent Coach, and organization.

    The move itself doesn’t matter, but it does show that this regime has given up on Glennon, and his ability to lead the team.

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie should join Michael Johnson and Anthony Collins in picking up his paychecks with a skimask and a gun. He conned this franchise into hiring him and giving him full control, and now we’re the biggest embarrassment in the NFL. The Glazers will fire him or they’ll be looking at 16 road games next year with opposing fans vastly outnumbers Buc fans next year.

  25. beeric Says:

    Aaaaaand Lovie’s one and done. Over. Out. No reason to keep him after this.

    More. Ron.

    And I’m not even a Glennon fan.

  26. King Diamond Says:

    What more does Lovie get to screw up. Maybe he can rehire that great meathead Mike Tice as OC next year.

  27. The Ether Says:

    “The Mike Glennon experiment is over. Looks like we’ll be drafting a qb with our first pick. ”

    About fukin time!!! Poor ass MGMers havin to deal with the fact that dude is JUST, NOT, GOOD… Even though he’s been givin us ALL these Ws this year… Fucc Outta Here…

    Good to see Jameis will have a good mentor in McCown in 2015!!!

  28. ForgotAboutDre Says:

    I’m always the first one to defend the Bucs because people have a tendency to make misguided claims, but I will say I don’t see the point of this.

    From Lovie’s perspective, I guess he sees McCown as giving the Bucs the best chance of winning. He’s hoping they’ll finish the season strong and maybe McCown will have a good season next year. I don’t know.

    But McCown looked bad in the first 3 games. And even if he turns it on out of nowhere, we aren’t making the playoffs, we just get a worse draft pick. Why not see what the younger QB can do? Glennon hasn’t been good, I know, but McCown is frickin 35.

    Maybe we’re just tanking? I don’t even really care anymore.

  29. beeric Says:

    Aaaaaand Lovie’s one and done. Over. Out. No reason to keep him after this.

    Actually, I think he pulled an Albert Haynesworth. He never wanted to work for five years. Boom. Done.

  30. Soggy Says:

    McCowns girl friend when she got the news =

  31. Connor Says:

    Lovie Smith sucks……I’m almost starting to miss Raheem

  32. Michael Says:

    Glennon had his chance and Sundays game was the nail in the coffin, he played awful! Good for Lovie making this move, it’s what’s best for the team and I’m sure the vets on the team are on board with this

  33. canadian bucsfan Says:

    Lovie owes his players in trying to get some wins and McCown gives them a better chance. Next year let’s hope neither are. In conversation of starting.

  34. Mitch Says:

    I really have no comment. All my years of being a fan & cant tell where this team is going.. Totally lost. But I digress… Ill bleed pewter & red until I die.

  35. Danny Mcmullen Says:

    Joe I have been coming to your site always the optimist . I thought Glennon might be able to lead us to some victories . After the game against Cleveland I realized he is not the guy . The kid cannot get a first down with his feet . McCown can do that and I believe get us some wins . I don’t care about first pick in the draft . I care about winning . If we keep losing the Bucs are going to lose many lifelong fans . The pain has become too much !

  36. lightningbuc Says:

    Yes, McCown gives the Bucs a better chance to win because he’s already won this year and Glennon hasn’t….OOPS, wait, wrong, it’s the other way around. MY BAD!

  37. WhatWillis Says:

    This guy came out of his basement to sabotage this team or is an idiot and is getting paid millions to do it. He better hope something good happens this week.

  38. johnnytheMOON Says:

    Glennon had his chance …..oh wait so did McCown but Glennon actually won a game ….if MCCOWN loses sunday he has 4 losses just like Glennon .

  39. bee Says:

    Welp, if you didn’t think they were tanking the season before today, now its official. They want the top spot in the draft and they want it bad. A franchise QB is the only thing that will make this sh!t season worth it. That’s it. Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. That’s the only logical reasoning behind starting that turnover machine “veteran” qb.

    The Bucs need to get a superstar in the upcoming draft and make the playoffs. That will make this season not seem like a waste. But decisions like this aren’t cutting it. And do they have the stones to draft a player with attitude to help change this losing culture.

  40. King Diamond Says:

    McClown is back our season is saved yayyyyyyy thank you Lovie thank you

  41. Architek Says:

    Let me set the table for some of you menstrual – fickle fans.

    Brad Johnson
    Jeff Garcia
    Brian Griese (arguably)
    S. King
    Chris Simms (Had heart – loss wild card)

    Rob Johnson
    Tim Rattay
    Bruce Gradkowski
    Josh Johnson
    Luke McCown

    B. Leftwich
    J. Freeman
    Mike Glennon
    Josh McCown


    Now for you hard of comprehension do you see any tangible differences in the names in the failure group?

    Meaning they all had questionable aspects of their games, loss games, and were either benched or let go.

    Out of the names in the success column do you see any similarities?

    DING DING DING….PLAYOFFS or WILDCARD!!! – (caveat to Griese for torn ACL) but Glennon is no different than Tim Rattay and Josh Johnson and others! He failed after 18 tries and some of these guys got much less opportunity.

    Glennon brother I hope you are reading this too because you are likely a failure too as a QB (hence) mind your business and let your brother stand up and be a professional – something you never did or will.

    Like it or not – He’s done and it doesn’t matter. McCown is a failure too.

  42. Boomer33 Says:

    This is the right call. If the offensive line plays as good as they did last week, we will win on Sunday. Josh won’t run out of bounds 2 yards before the 1st down marker, and might actually lead a receiver who is on a deep route, which is something Glennon never did.

  43. deminion Says:

    Heard harbaugh is out in SF bring him

  44. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Well, there you have it folks. It’s official. The Bucs are taking a QB in next year’s draft!!!

    Please, for the love of Christ, somebody explain to me the point of starting McClown?? Anybody? Don’t tell me it’s winning. Even if he has played good enough to win (he HAS NOT) what would that do? We are out of the playoffs. Don’t tell me it’s because McClown is the future. He is a 35 year old career backup. If he was going to blossom into a starter, he would have done it. And don’t tell me it’s because he is better than Glennon. All you Glennon haters are always whining avout him taking sacks (which IS a bad thing), but where Glennon takes a sack, McClown would’ve forced a pressured pass for another INT. Glennonhas actually played some winnable games, despite being a mamajor reason for this week’s loss. McClown has played terribly every game.

    The best way to develop a “quarterback of the future” is with experience. Lovie has clearly scrapped this idea and is done with Glennon. Whether it be Mariota, Winston, Prescott, whoever, the Bucs are taking a QB.

    Either that, or Lovie needs to be tested for dementia. Because everything that has come out of his mouth has made him sound like a lunatic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he benches Glennon this year, drafts somebody we don’t need like Amarillo Cooper or someone, then start Glennon next year and continue to make this franchise the worst in the NFL.

  45. King Diamond Says:

    McClown, another stellar free agent signing.

  46. Luther Says:

    I’m more afraid that McCown actually wins a game. We need to draft a QB and get past both of these guys. Mike Evans deserves to have a guy that can get him the ball.

  47. lightningbuc Says:

    Shaun King a success…LMAO! At what? Eating?

  48. The Ether Says:

    Just listening to ‘The Neck’ right now on the radio, and Damn this guy is a moron… He stutters like Rainmain, makes me wanna doze off…

    But above all, he keeps talkin like we WON! Maybe GMC was calling out this Talentless fucc, always being content with losing!

  49. The Ether Says:

    Luther Says:
    November 4th, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    I’m more afraid that McCown actually wins a game. We need to draft a QB and get past both of these guys. Mike Evans deserves to have a guy that can get him the ball.


    I was worried about the same thing… But we can always give up a couple of 1s & a 2…

  50. Albuc44 Says:

    Yeah just fire Lovie … And Licht … And dont ever hire another NE pats brass or associate again …. 3 seasons i. A row of sending our most talented players to them … And Lovie looks and sounds lost … Confused … All out sad for us as bucs fans

  51. Connor Says:

    Shaun King is a failure as far as I’m concerned…..he’s the reason we didn’t play in the Super Bowl in ’99

  52. Bucfan4life Says:

    Wow. This reminds me of the Leftwich/McCown debate 6 years ago. Both of these guys suck and Glennon will never start another game as a QB unless it is due to an injury to the true starter. The Bucs offense is pathetic under both, but the Glennon try out is over. Now we just need to lose the next 8 games and ensure we get a franchise QB in the draft.

  53. DWE Says:

    Mc clown will have a great game. He can only play good when there is no pressure on him and that is now the case. Personally, as much as I love the bucs, I hope I am dead wrong and he sucks showing everyone what a complete moron Lovie is. I don’t think glennon is the future but Lovie should crown him the starter and let him play out the season. Lovie is a fool but my prediction is that mc clown will have a great game. Hope I am wrong. Signed a fan since 1976. Geeeezzzzz I am getting old. Lol

  54. King Diamond Says:

    @ architect
    Flush out your head gear Shawn king sucked. Ryan leaf could have taken that team to the NFC championship and probably put up more points.

  55. Buccfan37 Says:

    I hope McCown plays well, and MG, tell them you want out of here because some other team still wants you. This whole Bucs organization is one big rank turd. Somebody flush them down and out. Lovie, you suck!

  56. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Amari Cooper*

  57. The Buc Realist Says:

    Maybe we need to stop dreaming of what QB to draft and start talking about available coaches that would actually be able to do something with this team!!!

  58. The Ether Says:

    Now Im just pissed at all the games we WASTED this season with Glennon… AND how we threw away last year too!

    If we never got Glennon in 2013, then Schiano wouldnt have had the luxury to Mind Fucc Freeman out of town…

    Glennon, Leader of the 32nd ranked offense 2 years in a row! Get the Fucc Outta Tampa Dude!!

  59. DallasBuc Says:

    Do. No. Wrong. Lovie.

  60. DWE Says:

    Danny m.
    True fans can not be run off.

  61. BigMacAttack Says:

    Does it really matter or make a difference. The future us neither of the two because they both suck. Half the players on the roster suck. It’s pretty sad as a fan when your season hopes go up in smoke in September. now it’s just a pathetic waste of time and alcohol.

  62. DallasBuc Says:

    LovieDovie sure does love McStake. Typical

  63. Couch Fan Says:

    I would laugh if this franchise wasn’t so damn sad.

  64. WalkdaPlank Says:


    And Lapdog Licht. 😉

    Both oughta be shown the door if they keep this BS up.

  65. BlakeJohnson Says:

    It doesn’t matter at this point, Neither Josh McCown or Mike Glennon will be the starting quarterback of the future. And I’m not really sure which of them give us the best chance to win now, we’ve gotten destroyed with both of them at the helm, Mike Glennon had an opportunity to take the job for himself, and he didn’t do it. Chances are we’re gonna have either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota next season, so whatever happens between then and now is of little importance.

  66. King Diamond Says:

    Lovie is too burned out and deluded. Yes he can’t go out there and make plays for the players but look @ the players he’s signed and released.

  67. Warrenfb12 Says:

    What a joke. Can’t say I’ve ever rooted against a head coach of the bucs, but lovie is really getting to me. This is just unacceptable. If he wins only one more game he should be fired.

  68. The Ether Says:

    poor MGM… and we’ll be lucky to get a 7th for this Talentless Fucc when we put him on the trade block next year… OH WELL!!! Bye Glennon!! Finally the MGM can die slow into THE ETHER

  69. King Diamond Says:

    @ Realist
    I agree, firing Lovie would be the best thing in the grand scheme of things but it’s not gonna happen unfortunately.

  70. seasonticketrenewalnot! Says:

    Should have drafted johnny! Joe I was with you…

  71. Gooberville Says:

    Blake has said the most sensible thing so far. Glennon could have forced the Bucs to keep playing him and he failed as bad as MCcown. At this point it’s like rearranging the chairs on the titanic ( yes I stole this from pft, but it fits). I really believe Mccown will do much better this time around. The line is playing marginally better and Arroyo has opened up the offense. Better put.. If Mccown played the last 2 I believe we would have won.

  72. FloridaGirl Says:

    Gave my Yucs gear to Goodwill and the tickets have been passed to friends that are opposing team fans. At least someone I know may find some enjoyment from it. Another season down the tubes. And yeah I’m the demographic they seek.

  73. lightningbuc Says:

    McCown or Glennon. Glennon or McCown. Who cares?

    Special teams suck too!

    Defense sucks too!

    What’s the common denominator in all of it……LOVIE!

    Schiano’s special teams were actually very good – plenty of blocked punts and field goals, and he didn’t mess with Koenen like LOVIE has.

    Joe Montana would suck playing for this BOOB!


  74. Patrickbucs Says:

    Neither will be starting in the league anywhere next hear(at least I hope not) Glennon is definitely not the answer if he plays or not. He’s brutal in the 4th quarter unless he’s getting blown out.

    We need a real QB, watch some other games guys and let me know one Super Bowl caliber QB like Glennon?

  75. biggun Says:

    Smh… I’m done. Hey the only thing I can think of he’s making sure we loose every remaining game. For maybe second pick lol. So if I was Glennon and McCown gets hurt I’d say I’m good right here on the pine find someone else some other lacky…

  76. SuperSam Says:

    FINALLY!!! Thank God! Glennon missed so many throws sunday, It was insane!

  77. Gooberville Says:

    And no way Lovie loses his job this year. He lost his OC and everyone knows this D takes a year to start humming. I’m bummed as the next guy but I give Lovie a pass. Now if we are not winning games next year I will lead the charge to fire him but let’s see how it plays out.

  78. Tye Says:

    The firing of Lovie Smith just can not get here fast enough….. What a horrible hire he has turned out to be…. Go after Jim Harbaugh or a winning OC…..

  79. Patrickbucs Says:

    And for those of u that say that Lovie didn’t have an offense he traded for Cutler and Marshall at least get your facts straight. People in Chicago r saying man Lovie wasn’t so bad after their new coaches debacle. I think he’s failed so far but get a little bit of a realization you need players to win and ours have underperformed both because of Lovje and not because of Lovie.

    Let’s see if Glennon is ever a starting QB in this league and a successful one at that. Ugh to be a Bucs fans sucks

  80. tiny tim Says:

    This just in. Majority of the bucs fan base is clueless. We wonder why the national media laugh at us. Its because we are crying because a weakarmed, slower than a turtle on crutches back up qb was benched after 3 straight horrible games!! How clueless can you be? You mean you don’t blame glennon at all for 39 passing yards going into the 4th qtr? Get over yourselves. He sucks.

    I am mad Lovie benched him too, but its because the bucs will actually find a way to win 6 games or so down the stretch now and Winston will be off the board by then. Keep Glennon in and we will probably win only three max. What are you doing lovie? Winston is the goal.

  81. D-Rome Says:

    Freemanites rejoice, Schiano’s boy gets benched.

    This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? This is ultimately the issue with Mr. Afternoon Drive-time and the Glennon haters. Glennon’s criticisms of his mistakes are fair but with certain people, especially on the radio, there’s a certain vitriol that is coming from a different place. Perhaps Mr. Drive-Time is getting hooked by the Glennon Mob Trolls and it frustrates him. I listened to the JoeBucsFan Hour and I completely agree with “Joe” on Glennon. It makes no sense to start McCown at this point for all the reasons Joe stated and then some.

    Whether one wants to say Glennon is the future or not the fact of the matter is that Glennon is going to have a long career in the NFL either as a starter somewhere else or as a backup. I feel the Bucs may as well give Glennon as much in-game experience as they can and let him develop. Ask any old time QB and they’ll tell you it takes a long time to get settled in the NFL. He hasn’t even played 32 games yet and some of you, especially Mr. Drive-Time, wants to slam shut the book on Glennon.

    I hope the Bucs win this weekend. I hope the Bucs go 8-0 the rest of the way. I never will root for losing.

  82. SK Says:


    I DONT CARE AT ALL. KUDOS to L&L for finally seeing the light. That Glennon is just not good. No heart no fight no will to win.

    He has had plenty of opportunities last year and this year!

    Too careless with the clock, terrible breakdown of plays, stare down of the receivers, holds the ball too long, can’t throw a receiver open.

    Lovie will be named a hero and all this stupid fickle fans complaining about Lovie can go back to their Raheem days. Lovie is the best coach we will get.

  83. Danny Mcmullen Says:

    DWE I agree . I am not running off . However many fans are . That means more blackouts . More embarrassment . More ridicule from the rest of the league . Are you not tired of being laughed at ?

  84. Architek Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    November 4th, 2014 at 7:57 pm
    Shaun King a success…LMAO! At what? Eating?

    I started to ignore you but I felt compelled to address your snide comment.

    yeah I said Shaun King because the only other QB to win more was the Bull…

    Like it or not as a Buc Shaun King had success in Tampa (more than your man-crush Glennon).

    Now go chew on that, hard to argue with facts and we all know that’s all you are good for.

  85. CB Buc Says:

    I was hugely in favor of giving Glennon the season, but he just can’t do the job. Hard to hold other guys accountable when you allow such bad QB play.

    That said, this also stinks of Lovie’s desperation

  86. WalkdaPlank Says:

    No lightningbuc. The common denominator is and has always been the ownership. Ever since they took over, the Glazer twins have ran this franchise into the ground. Maybe they are doing it purposely so they can have a good reason to move the Bucs to London next to their precious Man United?

    Rip Malcolm.

  87. Bucs fan in Chicago Says:

    In the famous words of Hillary Clinton: “What difference at this point does it make.” Hey, who knows, maybe they will win the rest of their games…LOL!

  88. The Ether Says:

    “everything that McCown has done, Glennon has also done and has done it worse. You blame McCown’s leadership for the Atlanta game but never bring that up in Glennon’s Baltimore game.

    You hold it against McCown for high school interceptions and decision makings but how about those picks Glennon has thrown and those HS decisions like pulling up short on that 3rd down run? Nevermind his HS level arm.”


    well said!!!

  89. Couch Fan Says:

    Love the people who keep labeling Glennon as a back up then cheering the fact a real career back up is now starting again. Lol. Funny stuff. At least I can still laugh through this awful awful season. Lovie has more coaching issues than Schiano. No way this guy will get any better.

  90. BucfaninMi Says:


  91. King Diamond Says:

    Both Qbs suck pick your poision. Lovie knows Qbs that’s why he kept Rex Grossman so they had no chance in the SB. Yeah he’s a great coach.

  92. Architek Says:

    All of this over two backup qb’s…

  93. Aubpierce Says:

    Lovie’s days are numbered.Gasping for air,last resort before being fired.Glazers said to Lovie”shouldn’t promise what you can’t deliver”.

  94. SK Says:

    I don’t see why everyone seems so upset.

    Glennon is garbage and probably was hurting the whole morale of the team. Why not make a move to try to re-energize a dead locker room with no heart.

    I can’t believe the # of times I saw VJ come back to a huddle disappointed by a MG throw.

    If this move helps the defense players regain confidence then I’m all for it. Give this team something to cheer for.

  95. Yeah It's me! Says:

    Lovie’s job is to try to win games, not to please the JBF Glennon Mob. Glennon had his chance to steal the starting job and blew it. Glennon doesn’t deserve to keep the starting QB job just because some of you people don’t like McCown. Now that our Oline has got a little it better and can give a QB more than 1.5 seconds to throw the ball McCown will easily outplay Glennon. I was hoping Glennon was better than I thought but he wasn’t and isn’t. Yeah I would Love to have a top QB in 2015 draft but Lovie’s job is to try and win this Sunday and Glennon is not the best QB on this team. Period! McCown will prove that Sunday. Of course the Glennon mob will probably never believe that but it don’t make them right. Just makes them mad. 🙂

  96. King Diamond Says:

    I really don’t see McClown something to cheer for and I’m no MG fan.

  97. Architek Says:

    The Glennon Mob are likely Leftwich and Tim Rattay mobsters also!


  98. Desanova Says:


  99. Architek Says:

    My focus is the draft but I do want to see this team look better by any means necessary!

  100. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:


    Yes, the experiment is over! We seen enough of Glennon this year. Now we know he is a backup QB. Lets get back to an experience QB to bring more life to our fans. McCown has a better o-line than his previous 3 games. McCown has a better defense than he previous 3 games. Great MOVE!!!!

    Sorry Joe! No high pick in the 1st round.

    But I call it now. Everybody is going to deny credit to McCown and give it to Simms.

    Go Bucs!!!!! In Lovie I TRUST!!!!

  101. lightningbuc Says:

    Shaun King was so successful that the offensive guru Tony Dungy went out and replaced him with journeyman Brad Johnson. Now that’s success!

  102. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    The tanking is in full effect now….

    Tanketh For Jameth!

  103. Trubucfan22 Says:

    good. If mccown is the mentor to our next qb, then he should know the system. He should be practicing with the starters and he should be the leader that his peers voted him to be. I’ve seen enough of Glennon to know he isn’t good. No point in letting him suck our season away. It is more productive to start mccown and keep him sharp so he can mentor next years rookie qb.

  104. Steve-o Says:

    Joe sorry I will not be frequenting your site any longer, not due to you but do to me no longer wasting my time on this team. I have kids family no reason wasting my valuable time I’m sorry but I quit as a Bucs fan. Josh McfreakingCown your 1-7 REALLY!!!

  105. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    REARRANGING THE DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC…. that capt went down w ship lovie and licht should follow

  106. Trubucfan22 Says:

    You fan boys might want the the Bucs to lose but the players don’t. Guaranteed the players are rejoicing after this announcement. Now we have a chance to win games.

  107. Yeah It's me! Says:

    The only way Lovie gets fired is if he loses more games next year than this year which will be almost impossible to do. Just because this is the worst season Lovie has ever coached doesn’t take away from going to a SB and doing very well as a coach everywhere and every position he’s ever coached in his whole career. You people get so wrapped up in the moment you make me laugh. Now who you want as a coach? Some unproven guy because he was great in college? There’s not a coach out there that any of you know for a fact that can turn around this team quicker than Lovie that isn’t coaching an NFL team already or who would even come here if the Glazers fired Lovie next year. Stop whining so much and just deal with reality. It’s a Bucs Life!

  108. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    I laugh at some of you that think McCown a career back up will be better than the Glennon as soon to be career back up.

    This team just took a step backwards not forwards…

    Ha ha ha ha and some of you think Lovie actually wants to win at this point.
    Soon I expect most of you will come over to my side and realize this is a tank job.
    It could be as soon as next Monday.

    Hilarious every one of you.

  109. bucrightoff Says:

    It’s also amazing people think this definitely means rookie QB. So let me get this straight: Lovie is, at best, going 2-14 this year, meaning he has to win next year or he’s fired, he just showed an incredibly short leash on a young QB, and he’s gonna pin not getting fired on starting a rookie and hoping that rookie leads to at least 7 wins, with a roster that is otherwise horrible.

    Time for people to accept that McCown may very well be starting next year, or that Lovie will pursue Eli Manning or someone else this offseason who is established. Lovie doesn’t trust young players, he just doesn’t. He wants to draft Randy Gregory or Leonard Williams, not a QB who he might bench quickly, assuming he even starts to begin with.

    Put it together and odds are pretty good McCown, or another vet, is your 2015 opening day starter. Wonder who will be defending Lovie then.

  110. SAMCRO Says:

    I believe Lovie actually made this decision in spite of Rick Stroud, and certain segments of the media. After Stroud’s weekly poignant question he asked during the last press conference about why Glennon is his starter when his handpicked QB is healthy and sitting on the bench. You could tell Smith tipped his hand, and was already leaning toward starting McCown

    Here’s Stroud’s question,

    I know you’re not prone to give your starters at quarterback on Monday but as far as the position itself goes you do have a guy thats on the mend I dont know where he is physically but I mean are you at the point where Mike where he’s the quarterback of the future and the futures now and we’re to ride him into the whole season or is this still a week to week to whoever gives us the best chance?

    Lovies answer,

    It’s a ..well you know Rick you’ve been around me long enough that you’ve kind of said every thing i gonna say. It’s always

  111. snook Says:

    Why does anyone care? Both of these guys suck. Big time. A loss is coming on Sunday no matter who starts.

  112. Bucs Says:

    He is 5-13 people. 5-13! Why are some many people rooting for a quarterback with a 5-13 record. Sometimes I think the fans are clueless. All together now 5-13 out of 18 starts. That’s not even .500. I mean am I missing something? How can Lovie be so horrible cause he is not starting a 5-13 quarterback? Come on Bucs fans. 5 and 13.

  113. RealityCheck Says:

    I have no desire to attend the game Sunday.

  114. Pelbuc Says:

    It boggles the mind that Buc paid Revis last year 16 million to rehab and will now do the same with Lovie for 20 million this year. I keep saying ” Just when it can’t get any worse, it does”. This franchise doesn’t have a clue and the fan base know this too well, that’s why apathy and disgust has set in. Patience, for what? More of this!

  115. Howard Cosell Says:

    I can’t blame Lovie for the move.
    His reasoning is that the line and the team have gotten
    a little better since McCowns last start and (theoretically)
    a mobile QB gives you a better chance and Glennon has
    not been the answer. Glennon against the Browns was equally as bad as McCown against the Panthers.

    Draft Mariotta (MMM)! or Winston(JWM)!

  116. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Yea you all will be rejoicing when McClown throws 5 picks against a good defense. Look at how many he threw against bad defenses. Say what you want about Glennon, McClown is on his way out of the league, Glennon needs the experience and it will do him good later in his career whether he be a starter or a backup to get starts now.

    All this does is prove Lovie has given up on Glennon, and a 1st round QB is all but certain, which is fine. But do some of you honestly think McClown gives us a good chance to win anything?


  117. SAMCRO Says:

    continued.. Lovie said,

    it’s always week to week what we gonna do.

    If you took anything away from that, Lovie sorta tipped his hand about starting McCown, because it’s the first thing that Lovie publicly said he agreed with Stroud on. Joe should be angry at Stroud for putting that suggestion in Lovies brain. lol

  118. bob in valrico Says:

    sometimes it is good to get benched and watch the game from afar. benching glennon is his best interest.he has the opportunity to repair his confidence.He has definately played worse than last yearand is progessively getting worse

  119. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Eli Manning? Lmao. You’d take that clown over Mariota or Winston? Granted he is the opposite of his brother, terrible during the season, good in the playoffs. Bucs aren’t making the playoffs anytime soon.

  120. bucrightoff Says:

    ^I wouldn;t. Lovie would. If you don’t think he;ll take a crappy vet over a young player well….oh yeah right.

  121. WalkdaPlank Says:

    So you’re saying that with Lovie on the hot seat, he should play a washed up QB like McClown or Manning who nobody else wants instead of a promising rookie that a lot of teams would want in order to save his job? Ok.

  122. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Ah, my apologies. Yeah that sounds like a Lovie “Dementia” Smith move. Another reason his ass should be fired. I don’t want to jump the gun, but he is making it awfully hard not to dislike him.

  123. bucrightoff Says:

    If Lovie goes 2-14, 5-11, do you seriously think he keeps his job? 7-25 over 2 years? He’s absolutely fired. He doesn’t trust young players, or have you not paid any attention to Lovie’s history? He hasn’t changed yet, why would he now? I’m not saying it’s happening for sure, just don’t be mad or surprised if it does.

  124. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    It’s almost as though Lovie actually believes his own line of sh!t about the meaningful football games started last week. Boy that loss must have really made him worry that he won’t win the NFC South! One more loss with Pick6 McCown under center and we just might see Lovie really become concerned that the Bucs might actually miss the playoffs this year! Looking forward to more “we still have a lot of football left to play” speeches when the team is 15 games into the season and Glennon is starting again because he gives us the best chance to win.

  125. LutzBuczFan Says:

    I’m not that passionate about it at this point. We need to completely rebuild…again.

  126. Mr. Patrick Says:

    This team has a lot more problems than just QB. I wonder if the Glazers realize yet that they made another very expensive coaching mistake?

  127. Pierce Says:

    Even though I’ve been pissed about things Lovie has done and how this season has gone, I’ve still wanted him to be here next season. But the thing that pisses me off more than anything is that he made Glennon say he wasn’t the starter instead of saying it himself. That’s bullsh**.

  128. WalkdaPlank Says:

    That is a good point^^

    Lovie never has the stones to talk about QB. Always avoiding questions.

  129. CC Says:

    Both qb’s suck and Lovie is still a moron.

  130. biff barker Says:

    SK Says:

    Lovie will be named a hero and all this stupid fickle fans complaining about Lovie can go back to their Raheem days. Lovie is the best coach we will get.


    Most of his handpicked FA’s are busts.

    Worst offense in the NFL.

    Worst defense in the NFL.

    ST’s are a complete mess.

    Maybe the worst thing is he has yet to explain how to fix things. A clear vision?

  131. Brandon Says:

    I’m worried McCown is going to lead this team to some wins.

  132. Ptwalk Says:

    The guys in that locker want to win now not see if Glennon can do it. I fhink McCoy might hv been talking about Glennon.

  133. Says:

    Only thing I can think of is due to love logic, they think Glennon is not the guy and they want to keep him healthy so they can trade him in the off season. He might be really bad and the more he plays the more teams will see the real Glennon and thus no trade value. I have to say I am almost done with this team. I might start following college or something. I can’t stand watching another pro team because it makes me realize how bad we suck. It’s real frustrating and it makes me hate the Glazers to the point if not wanting to support anything they touch. I haven’t watched a game in weeks but I still follow everything I can like a sick crack head in the dark. But now, I think I might be done. I’m just over this shit storm and have better things to do with my time. I mean how much time have I devoted to the bucs since moving to Florida in 1977. What have the Glazers done to retain my loyalty? Fire john Gruden and hire love/Schiano/Raheem? This is my last outlet and I’m just tired…see ya

  134. LutzBuczFan Says:

    Our awful special teams play is far more concerning than which second string QB leads this crumby offense. At least we have Lavonte David to root for.

  135. Skyline Crew Says:

    Glennon will start next week.

  136. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    Brandon Says:
    November 4th, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    “I’m worried McCown is going to lead this team to some wins.”

    In my best NY accent I can make…Forgetdabout it.

  137. willie d Says:

    I would rather have T Pryor off the street than a never was like McC(no future back up during his prime. Glennon has been ok and the team is getting better Lovies best chance is with Glennon. McC and 1-15=on purpose.


  138. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    The players want to win… the front office and Lovie want Jameis.

    You can take THAT to the BANK…or tank that if you like.

    This is a tank job people. Pure and simple. Glennon is out to prove what he’s got and we can’t have that while were trying to tank the season for that high pick.

    Did you guys see how long Koenan held onto that ball before it hit his foot? Like 10 seconds. It’s a tank job in full effect.

  139. lightningbuc Says:

    Brandon Says:
    November 4th, 2014 at 9:40 pm
    I’m worried McCown is going to lead this team to some wins.


    I’m not.

  140. Desanova Says:

    Can we please get someone in here that can coach better than Lovie, like I dunno, Alex from the Bud Light commercial or anyone you randomly point to in Ybor City?


    I would rideout with Glennon the entire season, personally; but, he did get 5-game tryout for the opportunity to take control of the QB position in Tampa Bay and he didn’t capitalize on it. After the 1st few games, it appeared that he was determined to be our Franchise QB, but he couldn’t sustain it and now it looks like we are committed to drafting the best available QB on the board in May. #FireLovie

    P.S. Who would buy a #FireLovie tshirt if I get some made? Just gauging…

  142. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    Everything is falling right into my hands and come draft day, I’ll be a smiling hollering, foolish Buc fan. Giddy as a kindergartner!

  143. Architek Says:

    LOL ^^^^^^^^^

  144. Pat Says:

    Well it’s about time. I am so ready for some much needed comical relief. C’mon make me smile for a change. Much appreciated.

  145. bucrightoff Says:

    I want Lovie to draft anything but a QB just to see the pure hell unleashed on him. Not that drafting Randy Gregory or Leonard Williams would be all that horrible, but the fans would riot with McCown pencilled in as opening day starter and some 4th round QB as a backup. Come on Lovie, if you’re gonna be smug and arrogant, at least make it fun for us.

  146. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Don’t get your hopes up too high. You may end up like Joe after last draft.

  147. BucsQcCity Says:

    My only explanation is that Lovie wants a comparable baseline in the offense to assess Glennon and offense actual value.

  148. Bobby M. Says:

    Dear God,

    Please grant us a trade for Harbaugh with San Fran…that is all.

  149. IK Says:

    If Lovie is done with Glennon, then he should inactivate him and promote Kafka to backup.

    I agree with comments regarding an unapparent vision or overarching plan.

    There is nothing fun about being a Bucs fan this year.

  150. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    @IK…I know it sucks, but the sucking will be over soon. Indy fans had to go through this too before they got Luck. Just hold on a little bit longer.

  151. bucrightoff Says:

    FOR ONE F’N YEAR 87! Indy fans should be the most hated in sports, 2 horrible years, maybe 2 or 3 missed playoffs, and 25 years of making it to January football. They can eat a dick

  152. WalkdaPlank Says:


  153. Newbucsfan!!! Says:


  154. The Ether Says:

    When Mike Evans is showing frustration, telling Glennon to throw it in front of him… The constant overthrows/underthrows.. The McClown-like INTs…

    Glennon was getting worse, as the offense was getting better around him!

    Evans deserves a better QB than Glennon…

    ASJ deserves a QB that can scan the field quick, instead of just making it to his 2nd progression before he starts panicking…

    The O-Line deserves a QB to take the burden off them every once in a while by moving the pocket…

    Glennon has been getting worse… While Our O is getting better… And we’re gonna need a solid supporting cast for Jameis when he gets here, with a veteran QB Backup like McCown to coach him up on the sidelines…

    I bet anything the offensive players are behind this call… I’m sure Lovie felt the pulse of his players in the locker room… And the only guy playing like he doesnt have a pulse was Glennon!

  155. DallasBuc Says:

    “Buc1987ForJameis Says:
    November 4th, 2014 at 10:22 pm
    @IK…I know it sucks, but the sucking will be over soon. Indy fans had to go through this too before they got Luck. Just hold on a little bit longer.”
    What makes you think LovieDovie and lapdog would pick Winston? You could reasonably argue the merits of top 2-3 QBs but this group of talent evaluators and decision makers have proven incapable of making good football choices. They will screw it up.

  156. Brutusmandingo Says:

    Can’t believe everyone is blaming Glennon didn’t know he was OFFENSIVE coordinator

  157. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    bucrightoff …I know all that. I also believe that they did Suck for Luck on purpose. These guys are rare QB’s they don’t grow on trees.

    DallasBuc…it’s been stated by me numerous times on these boards. I suppose I’ll state it another 100 times more until the draft. So here goes for the 34th time.

    The Glazers are going to tie Lovie’s hands with the draft. Jameis sells tickets and I’ll have 30,000 or so FSU fans behind me saying so. FSU fans in the bay area WILL buy season tickets if they draft Jameis.

    How many Oregon State fans reside in the bay area I’ll never know? I do know it’s loaded with FSU fans though. If my last name is Glazer and my business is to sell tickets and merchandise for my team. I FORCE Lovie’s hand after this shyte storm of a season. Winston is thee ONLY way they will get people to buy season tickets next season. That includes me as well.

  158. Patrickbucs Says:

    I am starting to buy some of this suck for a QB talk and I’m quite fine with it even though I repeatedly pay $2k for season tix and countless money traveling to watch the game plus alcohol funds. I want to be really good to great again, 2-14 vs 8-8 meh. Done with this crap; I’ve been in this to long to watch a Glennon type QB not lead us at least to a 1stvround playoff win. It’s way to tiring, even if it is that fool Winston (pray allegations aren’t true and he grows up).

    Also we need to hire a big time consultant who will then hire a real President of Football Ops and delegate from there as soon as this year is done. These awful seasons aren’t bad luck.

  159. peter Says:

    absurd !
    our season is over, we should not be trying to win anymore.
    we need the highest pick possible meanwhile continue to watch glennon and see if he improves.
    mccown is a backup and should stay that way. if glennon continues to suck we will get the best QB available.

  160. SailorJerry Says:

    This changes nothing. Still only 14 home wins since Gruden was fired.

    Moving my ticket money to the Lightning. Solid ownership and front office


  161. Patrickbucs Says:


    So are you and your FSU boys going to buy a 10 year PSL if they draft your boy? I did when the new stadium opened and it was for my love of the Bucs and I thought they had a chance to be good. You think the Glazers bottom line is at all effected positively or negatively if they sell another 10-20,000 seats for a one yer deal? Why do you think the Jags didn’t bite? If your savior can’t do it who can will be the fans thoughts.

    The stadium has been mostly full this year (first half anyway). This is a destination town and will always be attended by opposing teams fans unlike in a lot of other cities. Lots of wide open stadiums in the NFL bro.

    I am starting to buy into your philosophy but never ever draft or think a franchise (smart franchise) otherwise Johnny was the pick last year. Well see how it shakes out and btw he went to Oregon.


  162. DallasBuc Says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?…no foul language, not challenging the Joes, not calling out certain afternoon local sports talk radio host.
    What’s the problem?

  163. DallasBuc Says:

    DallasBuc Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 5th, 2014 at 12:02 am
    87- yeah I’ve seen that argument by you several times but heading into year 2 of a 5 year coaching contract in which LovieDovie was guaranteed all control of the football player acquisitions and Schiano still cashing Glazer checks I don’t think the owners are in as strong of position as you think. I also am not sure your rough numbers on the Bucs tickets purchased by FSU fans is much more than anecdotal fan speculation. Something I was full of this past offseason!
    Hope you are right. Winston is great college QB and would love to see him as our QB but I don’t see tweedle dee and tweedle dum grabbing him.

  164. Greg Shiano Says:

    News flash!! Both QBS suck, the OL sucks, special teams and the defense so pick your poision the Bucs will loose Sunday regardless of Lovies epic decision.

  165. BucFan20 Says:

    Did Lovie say at some point McCown lost his starting job? If so I missed that presser. His starter is back. No more no less.

  166. bob in valrico Says:

    even the elite quarterbacks struugle under pressure.look at peytons superbowl and last week. drew brees in first half against us.offense was clicking but glennon was cracking under nonexisting pressure when he had a good running game and blocking.unfortunately glennon became worse than the player they had concerns
    with on tape from last year and effectively ended his own evaluation. cant blame lovie for this one,its on mike glennon.lovie does take the heat for lack OC help.
    and bad free agent signings. players and fans want wins.tanking is not an option

  167. WalkdaPlank Says:

    McClown has obviously been healthy for 2-3 weeks now. Glennon WAS the starter, Lovie was just too stubborn and stupid to admit it.

  168. Buckin' Round Says:

    It’s amateur hour in the Bucs front office. This is ridiculous.

  169. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    Ha!…to all of you. I know what’s going on here. This is a tank job. Hell at 0-3 it was obvious they were not making the playoffs. What’s the percentage chance that Joe always posts for us at 0-3 teams have a what 4% chance of making the playoffs. This jig was up back then.

    They have to compete though. They can’t make it look like they are flopping or people will catch onto it….players included. I rest my case in the play calling and the fact that McCown is now the starter. That and the fact that I know Koenan held onto that ball for too damn long on that blocked punt. After I saw the replay I looked at my wife and said. Did you just see that? Did you see how he intentionally held that ball up there to give the Browns the chance to block it. The fix is in as far as I’m concerned and I’m fine with it all.

    McCoy he’s sick of the losing and so are many of us, but there’s not a damn thing we can do about it if I’m right. They want to move up as far as they can. I’m not saying they will take Winston quite yet, I’m saying it makes financial sense to do so. I’m also saying they ARE trying to lose games for a reason.

    The sooner you guys realize that. The sooner it will become easier to deal with. Hey I’ve been a Buc fan for a quite awhile now. That’s never going to change for the rest of my life. I’ve seen my fair share of sucky teams, so I can deal with this season if tanking it is what they have in mind. Just get us that franchise QB that we’ve never had…

  170. Zam Says:

    Everyone knows it’s Butters!

    Hats off to MG for doing the radio show, that was asking a lot of him.

    Arroyo was still trying to call Tedford’s offense instead of doing his own thing. McCown may have been the victim of that, we’ll see. I’ll be very curious how McCown does.

    Hey if he stinks again, then bench him and you can go back to playing Glennon.

  171. Buc1987ForJameis Says:

    Zam…none of that matters when you’re trying lose on purpose, but go ahead and continue to think otherwise. It’s better that way for some fans to think they they still want to win. Makes watching them more fun…

  172. Maze Says:

    McCown is the right call but he just a little bit better. Lovie is a joke too

  173. phil Says:

    I bet the Falcons are shaking in their Nike’s with this news.

  174. MTM Says:

    Lovie wants a win. McClown is the better choice. Glennon isnt cutting it. MGM needs to sit down and be quiet. For Lovie’s sake he better get in an experienced OC next year and another QB.

  175. bosscantworkmytoehurts Says:

    Anyone ever consider that Lovey is doing all these stupid things on purpose? He wants to get fired so he can collect 20 million in free money. Really there is no way someone could be that stupid.

  176. BuccDeez Says:

    Lovie is not getting fired, u dorks!

  177. Bobby Says:

    Well, we’ll see if this is the right move on Sunday. McCown is more mobile but his decision making was absolutely frightening when he was on the field. Plus, we know he is not the future here. I thought it wiser to leave Glennon in and see if he develops. If not then we know to draft a QB but perhaps L&L think they’ve seen enough already. Don’t think we can blame the last two losses on Glennon when the defense blows a lead late in the 4th in both games but Glennon certainly hasn’t been lighting it up and he’s taken some really stupid sacks by holding the ball too long. All I can say is, we had better draft a QB next year and maybe L&L are piling up draft picks with the trades to do just that.

  178. ChargedCBH Says:

    James Joseph “Jim” Harbaugh

  179. Celly Says:

    Don’t think we can blame the last two losses on Glennon when the defense blows a lead late in the 4th in both games

    Wrong. Those last 2 losses are specifically on Glennon. You can’t expect the defense to pitch a shutout every game. Its unrealistic. You CAN expect your QB to put up a few points and not miss basic throws.

  180. FireLovieNow Says:

    What a fine measure of a coach when he takes the time to evaluate his quarterback under optimum circumstances.

    First, we have an offensive coordinator that has never called a play in the NFL.

    Second, we don’t have an offensive coordinator calling the plays we have a scrub handed a clipboard and a headset and told ‘Go get em’!’

    Third, we have an offensive line that is truly offensive and look like the five pillars of silly putty.

    Fourth, lets wait to the last minute to bring in Logan Mankins so he can get a real good feel for our offense from the coordinator who does not exist.

    Fifth, Lets force feed the run in the first half to get less than 100 yards in total offense so Lovie can say later in the year when we get 110 yards we are improving.

    Sixth, lets run the ball on first down ninety percent of the time in order to pound home the fact that we really want to run the ball, even to the point of looking like the keystone cops of the NFL. Every team in the NFL when looking at our tape skips the first down packages because it is a lock that we are going to run the ball, for six inches.

    After all of this, and much much more, Lovie sticks in a second year QB who has seen more changes than the Oakland Raiders and says, ‘You got five games kid, go get em’!’

    Lovie is an antiquated tool in a modern tool box. His ideas as well as their implementation have gone the same way as the dinosaur.

    He should do the same.

    Instead of looking for another QB, lets find a real coach, someone with enough foresight to realize that the run game is over, lets fling it to our 6’5″ wide outs and get this party started!!!.

  181. Capt.Tim Says:

    Well, at least we’ve answered the question about Glennon.

    He is not the answer at QB.

    Defines our draft stategy

  182. Buctebow Says:

    BigMacAttack Says:

    November 4th, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Does it really matter or make a difference. The future us neither of the two because they both suck. Half the players on the roster suck. It’s pretty sad as a fan when your season hopes go up in smoke in September. now it’s just a pathetic waste of time and alcohol.
    I take exception to the pathetic waste of alcohol part…that was the best part of the game!