Falcons 27, Buccaneers 17

November 9th, 2014


No surprises today. The Bucs moved the ball better against a garbage Atlanta defense but still lost because they couldn’t play consistent special teams, avoid costly mistakes, or slow down Matt Ryan and friends.

Your beloved Buccaneers are 1-8 and 0-5 at home this season.

At least the Jets stunned the Steelers and helped the Bucs’ draft position. The next time Joe goes to Publix and is asked, “paper or plastic?” you can rest assured Joe’s going paper.

Rookie Charles Sims’ third-quarter fumble was costly, as were penalties and bad hands by rookie tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Joe will talk about some bizarre play-calling later.

Joe’s unsure what’s happening on the Bucs’ defensive line. It’s simply not progressing. The Falcons have a miserable offensive line with a third-string center and five linemen on injured reserve, and the Bucs couldn’t get much done.

Tampa Bay blitzed more today but it seemed every blitz was met with a quick pitch-and-catch by Matt Ryan.

Greg Schiano was 1-8 last year, and so is Lovie Smith.

Stick with Joe through the afternoon for plenty out of this painful Bucs loss.



59 Responses to “Falcons 27, Buccaneers 17”

  1. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Schiano is a better coach.

  2. jo_mama Says:

    How did McCown give us a better chance to win today?

    2 TDs 2 Ints

    More Ints on the season than TD’s.

    Mike Glennon’s brother was right Lovie is a POS.

    Fire Lovie

  3. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Why is this team so fuccing bad? Why?

  4. canadianbuc Says:

    This team just flat out sucks!

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    Just a team that is not good in any facet, not mediocre in any facet, one of the 5 worst units in the NFL on offense, defense and special teams. This team is unquestionably worse than last year, we had a mediocre defense and a horrible offense. This year it’s a really bad offense and a pathetic defense. 2 wins is the ceiling this year. Disgusting.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    Painful to watch.

  7. jo_mama Says:

    Team “Mama” coming strong with the comments

  8. Greg Says:

    This team is on Love
    I don’t want to hear on person defend this peace of crap

  9. Connor Says:

    Sorry people but McCown sucks ass. Two interceptions on consecutive drives at the end of the game when we’re only down 10 says it all.

    And the rest of the team is garbage too.

  10. T REX Says:

    FIRE LOVIE!!!! He stinks out loud.

  11. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I see McClown gave us QUITE the spark….LMFFAO. I dub thee SPARKY. Truly LETHARGIC on both sides of the ball. Totally undisciplined..

  12. Soggy Says:

    I feel for our fans walking out of the stadium the walk of shame.. I did the walk of shame last time with the vikings.. Joe I will remember no plastic next time at the store, paper only..

  13. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Before McCoy gets rambling this afternoon….here is my STFU to him!

  14. DB55 Says:

    Lol, lmao, rotf

    Sims, mcclown, lovely

    Lol lmao rotf

    I see the $100mil ice cream man came up big again this week.

    MVP LVD 14 tackles 10 solo sign him for $200mil

  15. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    I second the paper bag joe….

  16. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I’m not even in pain anymore. I can’t expect to win from here on out. I win would be joyous but a loss is just about expected. I enjoy watching football, and most importantly I want to see my team play to the caliber of an NFL team. Today was a step closer IMO. These refs were horrendous against the Bucs all game. No calls for the Falcons, and phantoms calls against the Bucs. In the end the Bucs as a whole didn’t play well enough to win a game, but today, against the Falcons, the refs beat the Bucs.

  17. Tom Edrington Says:

    As for all of you who thought Sims was the savior….think again….just another rookie making rookie mistakes.

    What you have on this team, is a culture of losing, team leaders McCoy and David have been raised in that losing culture.

    Sad state of affairs for this franchise.

  18. Connor Says:

    McCoy, David, Jackson, Evans and Rainey are good. ASJ is lookin’ better. The rest of the roster should be dumped.

  19. WalkdaPlank Says:

    All the anti-Glennon Jockies are getting a hard on for McClown now. Lmao. Okay, I will admit he played *better*. Still wasn’t nearly good enough to win. Another multiple INT game too, I think he has thrown an INT in at least every start now. What a great QB.

    Can’t wait for the draft, or maybe I can out of fear of Liar’s and Lapdog’s idiot decision making.

  20. fordman61 Says:

    I said it once and I’ll say again lovie Smith is not into it anymore. He burned out after he left Chicago, biggest problem today pendlties witch means poor coaching.I’m telling ya he ain’t into it.

  21. ryan Says:

    Would hate to see what this game would’ve looked like with that stiff Glennon back there today.

    This team is 2-3 years from being a playoff contender. Draft a QB in the first round but there are so many holes to be filled. OL,DL,DB

  22. Buccfan37 Says:

    Hey Hey Hey we’re the Yuccaneers, Ho Ho Ho we’re the Yuccaneers, Offense Defense, they both were missing today, made the Yucs walk the plank, and threw em in Tampa Bay. Hey!

  23. Greg Says:

    In 20 years I can’t remember us ever being this bad
    Thank you Lovie

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    The refs did not beat us, if Hester doesn’t drop a 3rd and goal from the 20 and the Falcons don’t drop the pick 6 this game is a 3 score loss. The reffing was poor but welcome to the new NFL, it is what it is. Team wasn’t good enough to beat another bottom 6 team, it’s as simple as that.

  25. DB55 Says:




  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I enjoyed the game.

    Banks is really improving, quicker than Barber did. By next year, he might well be a top CB.

    Neither QB is very good, but McCown is better than Glennon. Scary thought.

    Refs made a BUNCH of bad calls, including the McCown pick (second from last). Jackson (?) had stepped out of bounds and was first to touch the ball, making it an incomplete pass by rule.

    Here’s the real irony. ALL of you want to lose for that first pick, yet…even though you want to lose you are whining over it.

    All the Glazers need do is insist on a first round QB for lovie to keep his job. I still think he is the man to turn things around.

    We all knew it couldn’t happen in one season. May as well get a qb if we’re losing anyway.

  27. DB55 Says:

    Can we put glennon back in now or are we still in the playoff hunt. Lmao laughing so hard was barely able to type that.

  28. Jordan Says:

    Mike Evans, doe…

  29. Espo Says:

    Can someone please explain to me how they can blow a play dead 3 steps after it was snapped? Did you tv viewers hear an earlier whistle or did it really happen how it looked and sounded?

    I mean, I know we didn’t deserve to win by come on that had to be the most lousy officiating all game not even including them trying to screw us 3 plays on our final drive. II just want to go back to losing because we’re bad. Not losing to Falcons AND zebras.

  30. Soggy Says:

    Lovie who is the QB of the future of 2015?

  31. BucFan20 Says:

    Played better? Still could not put the team on his back when he needed to and threw the picks. Also held the ball and took sacks. Again only 17 points. Most of all, LOSS. QB made no difference. Loss.

  32. JT Says:

    What a painful game to watch. The booth reviews at the end made the game drag on. The phantom calls against Johnson and Banks were just plain unacceptable. You didnt think the nfl was going to let Leonard Johnson make a clutch stop did you?

  33. Soggy Says:

    nice overtime to the saints niners game still going

  34. Connor Says:

    Worse than Raheem and Schiano combined.


  35. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Was this an Atlanta home game?
    The interception at the end should have been an incomplete pass but Josh shouldn’t have thrown it in the 1st place. Joe and whomever else will probably blame this loss on McCown but the refs didn’t do the Bucs any favors. Play calling for the Bucs in the 2nd half was terrible, just TERRIBLE. There was some horrible officiating and with the way this game was called the Bucs did not have room to make mistakes. Defense played well but could have had 2 interceptions but did not catch them. And do the Bucs have any other WR other than Evans and Jackson?

  36. Patrick in VA Says:

    I feel like the absolute lack of urgency in those final 5 minutes told a lot of the story. Maybe they are in playing for the draft mode. Gotta say that there were more than a couple terrible calls by the officials but that’s not why we lost. Just a poor showing all around by our guys

  37. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Next home game we all wear paper bags

  38. Soggy Says:

    Saints just lost, all we needed was a few wins this year to be a contender..Oh lovie ball..

  39. Yazmeen Says:

    lost to another horrible team. what else is new. lol

  40. Bucnnole Says:


  41. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    I agree BUCNOLE, O-Dea needs to be gone at the end of the season and Frazier needs to be demoted, promoted or something just bring in another defensive coordinator.

  42. The don Says:

    Lovie is an azz face. Blank stares into the replay tv. So tired of him already. Awful game manager. Horrible

  43. The don Says:

    Lovie is an azz face. Blank stares into the replay tv. So tired of him already. Awful game manager. Horrible


    ^^^ Moniker says it all. SMDH.

  45. John Sapp Says:

    3 home games left, Bengals and Packers will eat us alive but I like our chances against the Saints. On the road R-E-D-skins, Lions, Panthers, Bears oh my! I predict 3-13 season, Schiano will have a better record thasn Lovie.

  46. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Leonard Johnson actually played pretty good today but someone forgot to tell the refs. And really, is the Atlanta offensive line that good i mean really? Just the product of being a bad football team i guess. Atlanta Falcon O-line doesn’t need to hold, for real!

  47. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    “Greg Schiano was 1-8 last year, and so is Lovie Smith.” says joe.

    The General was in his 2nd year.

    In Lovie I TRUST!!!

  48. DB55 Says:

    How about gerald McCoy though. Wow outstanding performance well worth the money. 1 whole tackle. #impressive

  49. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Did you ever expect to mis Schiano so much?? We would be contending right now if he were still here! Smith is a waisted pick of a coach!

  50. Jim Says:

    Had free tickets, didn’t want to waste my gas with this garbage.

  51. Bucs = LOL Says:

    It’s to the point now where I’m hoping we lose, just so we can get a better draft pick and fire this entire coaching staff.

  52. ctord Says:

    How about the best opening drive I have witnessed it about three years and lovie pulls the ole wild cat with a little used receiver. Way to smother that momentum. Ugh.

  53. Mando Playr Says:

    Schiano finished last year at 4-4. Lovie follows that with 1-8. No way Schiano starts off the seaso at 1-8. If Schiano coached this year we wouldl have a better o-line, a better defense, better special teams and a better record. And because the fans and local sports analyst had a hate-on for Schiano, he now gets to collect 3mm a year for 3 yrs—how cool is that.

  54. tweezydakidd Says:

    Well said trubuc! I thought it was just me.. It’s every freaking week were every time we make a first down or a third down stop,,, oops there’s a flag! I’m freaking sick of it. JOE is it agains your protocol to criticize refs?? If not I think you need to write a story on this. Don’t want you to get fined tho.

  55. Oahubuc Says:

    Thanks for the updates, Joe, since I don’t even listen to these games anymore.

  56. sho-nuff Says:

    1 common denominator… WIMPY OWNERSHIP!

  57. T REX Says:


  58. Owlykat Says:

    Bucaneer Bonzai has it right. If we had had Verner healthy and fair refs we would have taken the dirty birds who were climbing our tall receivers before the ball arrived with no call from the refs. And every time there was a pause in the game there was an older ref right there smiling and talking with the Falcons’ Coach. Then the phantom calls. It was the worst referees I have seen. Josh played his heart out and was clearly superior to Glennon. On the play where Cousins was trying to rescue a teammate from being piled on and hurt the refs should have already blown their whistle. All cousins did was push backwards a guy trying to throw a block on him after the play should have been dead. It’s a personal foul to she’d a blocker with your hands and knock him on his Kesster? Ridiculous! Lovie had to play Butler and Dixon at CB who are lousy CBs. If Verner is going to be out next week he needs to move Tandy to CB, where he played at WVa. and he is a fast, big, excellent DB. He also is a much better tackler too, and should see the field more.

  59. Zam Says:

    Time to cut Cullen loose? It’s not like the d-line would be worse.