Bucs Players “Havin’ A Good Time”

November 16th, 2014

logan mankins 1019Hey, it’s just a game right?

There is no real “Bucs Life,” where fans live and breathe Bucs football and agonize 24/7 about losses — and the holiday gifts they’re not buying with the money they spent on tickets to miserable games.

Joe’s being sarcastic. Of course, there is a Bucs Life, filled with thousands of fans that take all things Bucs way to seriously — good and bad. Joe loves those people.

Just like Joe shared Josh McCown’s crying about losing, Gerald McCoy’s berating of teammates, and Dashon Goldson disagreeing with McCoy, Joe will share how Doug Martin told fans there are still plenty of smiles at One Buc Palace despite a 1-8 record.

Martin spoke Friday night on the Buccaneers Radio Network. Host TJ Rives was talking to Martin about his personal mindset and the team’s.

“Nobody’s down. Nobody’s yelling at anybody. We are taking our job serious, and we’re taking practice serious, but at the same time we’re havin’ a good time because it’s a game,” Martin said.

“It is a game and we want to have fun. If we do that and focus on details and just being consistent and persistent, everything will be [good] and we’ll get a W.”

Martin went on to say regular joking around and fun is just fine as long as things are all business in the huddle.

Once upon a time, Raheem Morris, taking a cue from Rod Marinelli, used to preach to his players they should “learn to love to be miserable.” Perhaps that’s what’s going on now at One Buc Palace. Players are working so hard, it’s making them happy in the face of adversity.

Joe can dream.

15 Responses to “Bucs Players “Havin’ A Good Time””

  1. billy buckaroo Says:

    I am frustrated as can be
    its game day
    I’m excited
    Go Bucs

    Kick Butt

  2. BucTrooper Says:

    Joe’s not sending you anywhere. –Joe

  3. Joseph Mamma Says:

    It’s so important to hear the fifth string RB’s opinion of locker room morale? Also, collecting six figure checks every week makes losing with a smile easy.

  4. mach Says:

    Lovie has lost this team. they don’t take him seriously

  5. Louis Friend Says:

    Folks need to stop kidding themselves that this team is any good. They misjudged the talent they signed, the talent they kept, and in some cases the talent they drafted. Stop thinking they can win games and resign yourself to the reality. They are going 1-15 or 2-14.

    They know they are which is why they’re having fun again – the pressure is off once you realize how bad your own team is. Fans need to as well.

  6. OB Says:

    It is a shame that some of the players don’t realize that it is a business and not a game. Games are not paid, businesses are. They are paid extremely well compared to other professions but for a shorter period of time. You can and should have fun at your job, but you have to pay attention to business.

    They are not paying attention to business with the stupid penalties or not being in position. The coaches for the most part are not coaching.

  7. BobbyBucs Says:

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  8. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    I fail to see how any player can be having “a good time” this season with constant losing especially with some of the asswhoopin’s this team has suffered. Considering all the talent and big money free agents brought in this team is looking worse than Rah’s 2011 sh!tshow, and I never again expected to see a Bucs team flounder as bad as that team did.

  9. BucTrooper Says:

    If you want to know Lovie shouldn’t be listened to, this is the same guy who defends his punter’s performance to the media and then in the same week signs a new punter to the practice squad.

    I am trying to figure out who the dumbest coach of the last three is:

    Raheem who thought “Glazer” started with R.
    Schiano who stopped running the hurry up because they didn’t practice it despite the fact it was working.
    Or Lovie who basically thinks everyone else is stupid but him.

  10. Soggy Says:

    Go Tankeneers

  11. Jim Says:

    A six million dollar smile!

  12. MadMax Says:

    So he’s having fun…hahaha, go for it man, just do enough to collect your check like some other players (watching their fat bank accounts), but in the mean time, the SERIOUS PLAYERS are NOT having fun LOSING! And neither are us FANS!!! And some of them dont have a fat wallet! Even those that do like GMC, McCown and MG8, and LVD….it shows they’re trying…

    so go ahead muscle weak hamster, do just enough and settle for that and claim its fun….smdh!

  13. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Hey Doug,
    winning is fun too, you guys should try it. Dude is trying to tell people who work for a living to just have fun the results will come??? I wish my job was like that. Instead of managing databases i will just have fun with the girls in client services…

  14. Tom Edrington Says:

    Heck yes they’re having fun….It would be FUN to get paid heinous amounts of money and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you still GET PAID!!!!

    So the Bucs will have Fun, Fun until daddy takes the T-Bird away!!! and no one’s taking their the T-Bird away, so rock on you marvelous collection of losers!!!

  15. Oahubuc Says:

    That’s it in a nutshell. Everyone involved in the failure of this team is taking home at least a very nice check and in many cases a small fortune. Meanwhile, we toil away at jobs in which we have to perform so that we can continue to funnel money to them. I’ve done the “Bucs life” thing for a long, long time and this is the year I see clearly. Watch some real football. Do something to make your woman happy. Invest your money. These shysters and layabouts deserve nothing from hard working people.