Stat Geeks Unite!

October 24th, 2014

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The ESPN statistical gremlins are buzzing about data inside the horrid Vikings passing game, and the dreadful Buccaneers pass defense.

It’s a clash of the have-nots.

Mike Sando, who talks like a math junkie, dives into this computer talk that has little to do with blocking and tackling and hunger and manhood — all the stuff that makes football fun.

Regardless, the ESPN computers pick a favorite in the Sunday’s game.

Enjoy the video below.

21 Responses to “Stat Geeks Unite!”

  1. jo_mama Says:

    What’s the Freaken Point?

    You put your heart and sole into a team and they put out a pile of steaming poo.

    Lovie Smith was the wrong choice. Now we are stuck with him.

    I am pretty sure the glazers are not going to buy the extra tickets next year.

    I had them going 6-10 this year and I was going to be happy with that.

    However after seeing our start and all the mistakes he made as a coach. This idiot needs to go.

  2. HawaiianBuc Says:

    Yep, let’s just keep firing coaches year after year. That’s the solution.

  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    Off topic, Is it true Madden quit as manager of the Rays. That must mean the Rays are headed for last place, if true.

  4. bff barker Says:

    1-5 is the only stat that matters.

    Oh joy!

  5. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    So after I heard the stat geek spout his BS I saw that the NFL Live guys like the Bucs to win…. Hope they are right, though it sounds like they are just saying the bad team with a week of rest and playing at home should beat the bad team on the road.. I guess if you’re gonna pick the Bucs to win again this season, this is the game…. I am sincerely wishing that the Bucs D does not make Teddy Bridgewater and Corradelle Patterson look like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice but its hard to believe that this D will actually shut anyone down this season, especially via the air.

  6. OneLove Says:

    @HawaiianBuc Hell yeah! I mean just look at all the success the Raiders are having at 0-6! That must be the right formula! Like the Raiders, the Buccs are just FULL of Pro Bowl Talent! We just need to find the right guy!!

  7. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Last I heard he was expressing his desire to stay with the Rays to the new GM. Doubt he quit unless he was forced out. Can’t believe Rays fans want him gone after 1 bad season in 6 years.

  8. jo_mama Says:

    HawaiianBuc Says:
    October 24th, 2014 at 12:38 pm
    Yep, let’s just keep firing coaches year after year. That’s the solution.

    He let Mike Williams Go
    He let our offensive line Go
    He Hired Leslie Fraser
    He Named McCown starter a career backup 6 months before start of season
    He chose not to bring in Incognito.
    He refused to bring in a real OC when Telford went down.

    This was all before the start of the season.

    After the start of the season who turned our promising defense into the worst in the NFL and he is a defensive coach.

    Yes fire him. If we are going to fire him anyways, do it sooner than later.

    The game has passed him by

  9. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Holy sh!t, Joe M opts out of contract??? What the hell happened? Buster Olney is reporting it on ESPN, and of course he is speculating about the Dodgers and the Cubs jobs….

  10. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Damn, just saw it. Well the Rays are screwed.

  11. HawaiianBuc Says:


    Are you paying attention to what’s happening up in Buffalo with Mike Williams? If so, why in the hell would you use that as an example, AND PUT IT AT #!??????? WTF?

    Our offensive line sucks this year only slightly more than it sucked last year.

    He’s made his share of mistakes, but you have to give him some time – my goodness! It’s six freaking games! It’s not like he’s a college coach and he’s never been here before. it doesn’t look good now, but there is zero benefit to firing him after only one season.

  12. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I am really not liking Lovie, but firing him would only further stunt thos teams growth, and set it back.

  13. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Looking for the Rays to have a fire sale ala the Miami Marlins, it probably was just the last straw from the ownership and lack of $$$ to be competitive. Maddon says it was a partial financial and partial curiosity decision to leave according to 98.7 The Fan and Marc Tompkin…..

  14. jo_mama Says:

    We gave Mike Williams a 40 million dollar contract for a reason.

    Mike Williams
    V Jax
    Tim Wright

    Is a pretty formidable receiver core. This is what we were expecting at the start of the season.

    Lovie Got rid of two threats to score.

    Why would he trade with New England? Every player we have traded with them has been great for them and bad for us.

    Pick one that worked out for us. Picked one that didn’t work out for them.

    Lovie is just a bad coach and a bad decision maker and a bad evaluatlor of talent.

    We need to fire lovie before he does more harm.

  15. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Well I’m not too surprised. We can’t keep any big name players on our team, now we can’t keep big name staff either. At least we still have Jim Hickey and Martinez……….right?

  16. HawaiianBuc Says:


    Mike Williams is only formidable in the party scene. What has he done in the last 3 years besides grow his beard longer and make bad rap albums? He can’t even dress for Buffalo, and he’s already gotten a reputation in Buffalo of being lazy. That deal you mentioned conveniently let it be very easy for us to get rid of him. Think that was a coincidence?

    We needed a guard. Did you perhaps watch the preseason? I’m sure we didn’t want to give up Wright, but having a guard was much more important than having a 3rd string TE, which is all Tim Wright would be. Not surprisingly, he’s a 3rd string TE for NE too. I wouldn’t say either team won or lost that deal. You sure as hell weren’t complaining when the deal was made. But it’s so much easier to complain now I guess.

    Lovie wasn’t a part of those deals with NE. It’s not his fault Schiano got rid of Blount and Talib. I highly doubt Lovie would have done that. However, I would point out neither guy is currently with NE.

    Why do you think Lovie is a bad coach? Are you making that analysis strictly off of 6 games? Contrary to whatever you want to say, he wasn’t a bad coach in Chicago. How are the Bears doing since he left? They should probably fire their coach now too. Give him a chance. 6 games is not a chance. More importantly, your opinion is meaningless. There’s not one person with any football experience in the world that would agree with you . Not one. It’s so ridiculous and out of the question, it’s really not worth arguing. However, this beats working for me, so I’ll entertain the idea. He’s not going to get fired, period. You can write it on this blog every day. Still not going to happen. You can stop watching, stop buying tickets, and stop buying clothing, it won’t matter. He’s here for a minimum 2 years. Get over it.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    I think I got this shyte figured out this season. There’s so many new players on the team that they haven’t played together long enough to really listen to each other. Perhaps no one knows what to think if one guy says this to his teammate or that to another.

    What I’m trying to say is there’s not enough trust amongst the players themselves. No cohesiveness. Most of o-line still doesn’t know what the guy next him’s tendencies are. The same can be said for the D-line. They haven’t played together long enough to be clicking on all cylinders.

    Some could look at what I just said and call them excuses, but right now I just think these guys are playing to get paid and paid only.

    There’s no I got your back and you’ve got mine, because they still hardly know each other at all. It’s just a collection of guys gathered in the off season that have to learn to trust one another and also learn to play as a unit.

    Example…McDonald goes up to Michael Johnson and says here’s something I think you can be better at if you only did it this way. Johnson might look at him and think to himself, who in the hell does this guy think he is? No trust on this team. No cohesiveness, they haven’t played together long enough yet to be in sync with each other.

  18. ruggyup Says:

    I really don’t see why Joe Maddon wouldn’t be a good guy to run the Bucs offense. He digs prima donnas, hitting and running. Clearly no Bucs football genius coaches do. Can you see coach spitting on the shoes of the head linesman?

  19. ruggyup Says:

    Following up on another poster who mentioned “6 games”. Get ready folks, with the Bears, Lovie won 6 out of 7 games following a bye week. Stats? Guess where I suggest they be inserted.

  20. DB55 Says:


    Fun fact: McDonald n mj played together in cincy. But I get your point.

  21. Brandon Says:

    jo_mama Says:
    October 24th, 2014 at 12:50 pm
    HawaiianBuc Says:
    October 24th, 2014 at 12:38 pm
    Yep, let’s just keep firing coaches year after year. That’s the solution.

    He let Mike Williams Go
    He let our offensive line Go
    He Hired Leslie Fraser
    He Named McCown starter a career backup 6 months before start of season
    He chose not to bring in Incognito.
    He refused to bring in a real OC when Telford went down.


    Horrible points , all for the most part.

    Mike Williams hasn’t played a down for the Bills in two weeks because they now know what the Bucs already did.

    The OLine was an absolute disaster last season, and as far as pass protecting, it has been a lot better. Run blocking—no.

    Leslie Frazier was a decent DC that had tons of experience running the defense Lovie wants to run. Other than Ron Meeks, he was the next most logical choice.

    McCown is a career backup yet he still has more starts than the guy currently starting. You have to start somewhere and based off McCown’s 2013 season, it was a worthwhile gamble. BTW, what other free agent QBs have been great this season?

    NOBODY has brought in Incognito, that point alone makes you look foolish.

    You wanted him to hire a “real” OC when Tedford went down… wow, a week before the season starts, you want ANYBODY to find a real OC…WTF you think “real” OC’s are doing a week before the season starts? They’re coordinating their own offenses! DUHHHH! Even Mike Shula and Greg Olson currently have coordinator jobs that they couldn’t possibly ditch for a chance to be the fill-in OC for the Bucs on a temporary basis…and any OC that would take that opportunity, is probably god-awful to begin with… kind of like your post.