“Something I Gotta Be Careful With”

October 21st, 2014
Johnthan Banks talks about his bad neck. Joe sees interesting background video.

Johnthan Banks talks about his bad neck. Joe sees interesting background video.

Neck injuries are bad news.

They’re even worse when your job includes being a fearless tackler or getting tackled.

Bucs starting cornerback Johnthan Banks missed the Ravens beating with a bad neck.

He’s back at practice but said yesterday his neck is “something I gotta be careful with.”

That made Joe wince. How can anyone be “careful” with a neck and still play football? Perhaps Banks won’t bob for apples on Halloween or break dance. Maybe that’s part of being careful. Joe’s not sure.

You can catch Banks’ chat about his neck and more with Buccaneers.com staff writer Scott Smith via this video link.

For Joe, the most interesting part of this video is behind Smith during his introduction. You can see the Bucs quarterbacks whipping passes to each other during a drill. Josh McCown is having no problem catching passes with pace. He’s surely healthy.

14 Responses to ““Something I Gotta Be Careful With””

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    Bet he was healthy last week to. Your telling me it takes this long to come back from a sprained thumb? Not buying it. Glennon has kept him off the field.

  2. DB55 Says:

    And you’re telling me that it only takes a week to return from a “neck” injury which coincidentally happened after his penalty which “cost us the game”. BS (cough cough)

    Lovely thinks he’s slick but he’s not!

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    Andrew…I never bought from day 1.

  4. lightningbuc Says:

    I feel bad for this Scott Smith guy having to polish this turd week after week.

  5. meh Says:

    The trick is to bronze the turd first.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glennon has a longer neck, he’s still holding up.

  7. Andrew 1 Says:

    Could care less what the bucs are saying. So long as they keep Glennon on the field, everything will be copacetic.

  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ DB55

    Both situations are completely different, so it’s pointless to compare the two. #1. McCown has been out close to a month, Banks a week. #2. Bank’s neck injury could very well be worse than a sprained thumb. #3. its a different position, and I honestly believe the bucs are trying to play mind games with their opponents by leaving the QB situation murky. Nothing really to regained by doing the same thing with the CB position in advance.

  9. Andrew 1 Says:

    Not saying this is what Banks has, but anyone who’s ever had a neck spasm knows what I’m talking about. I wince just thinking about it. Not only that but Banks will probably be good to go Sunday, whereas McCown will probably be on the sidelines completely healthy.

  10. BoJim Says:

    Andrew 1 Said:

    Not saying this is what Banks has, but anyone who’s ever had a neck spasm knows what I’m talking about. I wince just thinking about it.

    Ditto. Any neck injury for a player disturbs me.

  11. Ralph Phillips Says:

    There is a culture of injury in the Buccaneers locker room that no one seems to want to recognize. I think all of this “let’s be super nice guys” also translates to ‘being injured is okay”. It is impossible to play football at the professional level and not get hurt. Impossible. The difference is in how you handle your injury. Players that walk off the field because of slight injuries are normally not well thought of in NFL locker rooms. Our locker room seems to foster the idea that any injury, no matter how slight, is worth taking time off for. Not saying that Banks’ injury is slight because no one knows. This team likes to be secretive to fans about everything so I do not want to hear anyone whine about how serious his injury is. Nobody knows. What I do know is that it seems everyone is taking time off for injuries that are not like ACL tears, broken femur bones, or concussions. These ticky tack injuries like ankle sprains, thumb sprains, bruises, hurt ribs, etc. that are keeping our players on the bench seem like pains and injuries that most players play through. Are our players pampered?

    It appears that we are actively encouraging players to take off for minor injuries. I do not know if this is an encouragement from the players or the coaches but we have way too many players that will quickly sit out for minor injuries. Remember Evans losing us the game for falling down hurt? He is constantly running to the sidelines during games due to injury and sitting out plays. Has anyone noticed the cast that McCoy is wearing? it looks like a ladies workout glove. If that is the cast for his broken bone then he must have broken a very small bone very slightly. McCown? His thumb should be hanging off the bone for as long as he has been sitting out. Not that I want him back. Johnson? If he is hurt that easy for this long over something as simple as a sprained ankle then he is not worth the money. To be honest, I think we have a team of wussies and their play on the field is reflecting it.

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Ralph Phillips – That is pretty harsh commentary considering your admittance that you don’t know the actual severity of any of these player’s injuries. It’s pretty easy to sit in judgement like you are from the comfort of your computer chair.

    BTW – in some (if not many) cases – a “sprain” can be worse and negatively effect a player’s abilities longer than a broken bone. Especially a high ankle sprain which I believe is what Michael Johnson suffered (and has been playing through) since week 1.

  13. BoJim Says:

    I had a real bad ankle sprain way back when and my doctor told me I would’ve been better off breaking it. Heals faster. Man it was month’s before I could run full speed.

  14. buctebow Says:

    There is quite a difference between being injured badly and playing in pain. When severely injured you simply cannot do what you need to do, your body can’t perform the function because of the damage. You can play in pain, if there is enough viable structure remaining or surrounding structure to compensate. You may not remember what you did after you do it, because somehow excruciating pain can interfere with short term memory, but you can will yourself to do it.