Mikey Football Took Another Step

October 5th, 2014

mike glennon 0925Was Mike Glennon good enough to win today?


Is he still the worst starter in the NFC South?


But Glennon did enough on the road to encourage Joe and look like a legitimate NFL starter for the second week in a row.

If nothing else, he still looks better than Josh McCown ever did in a Bucs uniform. And now at 1-4 with three division losses, there is no point whatsoever to not let Glennon play out the season as the starter. Joe felt that way two weeks ago, but now even the Glennon skeptics should be on board.

Despite V-Drops Vincent Jackson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins dropping away the first two Glennon drives in the first quarter, Glennon kept his composure and led the Bucs back to an 11-point lead in the second half.

He channeled Josh McCown with a stupid pass and was lucky not to be picked, but Glennon did a lot of good things. Also, Joe’s not sure the coaching staff helped Glennon out on the -20-yard drive that ended in a safety to pull New Orleans to within three points midway through the fourth quarter.

Glennon finished 19-for-32 for 248 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

Just like last year, the stats don’t matter much to Joe. But the eye test does.

Glennon’s in-pocket mobility was impressive today, and how bout that scramble left under pressure ending in a backyard-football throw to Jackson deep and back across the grain. He looked like Johnny Football 2013. Mikey Football!

Glennon did enough today to keep the Bucs wondering whether or not they should draft a QB in the first round next season. The jury is still out.

86 Responses to “Mikey Football Took Another Step”

  1. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Mike Dynamite

  2. SteveK Says:

    Glennon did alright. Looking forward to best week.

  3. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I’d still like to see us open up the offense more. And gotta get more pressure on the QB.

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    No need for a first round QB. I’ve seen enough.

  5. Jim Walker Says:

    Whoever called the pass play on the 1 yard line should be fired. Run and punt…simple football.

  6. Luther Says:

    That was a great throw to Jackson. He literally threw him open. That was a Drew Brees type pass.

  7. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    The O-line sucked today. Too many penalties.

  8. WalkdaPlank Says:

    With the way Mariota and Hundley are playing, I’d take Glennon over them any day.

  9. JoshMcCown Says:

    Mike Glennon Mob is now Mike Glennon Gang, he played Pretty good and better if you get rid of all the dumb penalties and dropped passes. QB of the future is now QB of the Present !

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Jim Walker ….Either way punting out of the end zone would have given them great field position….so it’s the safety and a 3 point lead and not giving them good field position.

  11. Espo Says:

    Good. Now we can draft a first round defensiveendsafetybackercoordinator.

  12. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s a shame that Glennon wasn’t traded in the off-season like most wanted him to be. Then he wouldn’t have to be playing for a BOOB of a head coach in what he is now stuck with.


  13. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I liked the pass play call on the 1. We couldn’t run all game and all Glennon had to do was release the ball to avoid a safety. He held it too long. Worst case should have been an incomplete pass. Best case is a first down. If you run in that situation, worst case safety, best case get back to the line. Glennon needed to know he didn’t have much time, gotta let it fly.

  14. iamkingsu Says:

    Buc1987…..A safety is 2 points and the ball.

  15. Ryan Says:

    Glennon Played well making some great adjustments in the pocket and giving us a chance to put the game away multiple times. But the defense faltered with penalties and giving up big plays in the 4th Qtr. and OT.

  16. Simeon Says:

    Hey lovie, we are 3-2 if mg starts the season. No doubt in my mind

  17. JonnyRed Says:

    Let’s not forget that it is only Glennon’s second year and only his second full game of the season!!! He is progressing each week and if the coaching staff had believed in him instead of belittling him by starting Mcclown the Bucs might be sitting in a better position than 1-4. When Evens comes bck healthy and with Murphy back on board, spread the field and watch Glennon succeed! Gotta have faith!

  18. WalkdaPlank Says:

    5 games through the season without near a 100 yards rushing game, right? Glennon can’t do it all. Still think the O-line is coming together Joe?

  19. RCH Says:

    Can somebody explain to me why the Bucs ran all but two plays on first down today? If the average Joe like me can predict this drinking beer in the process imagine what the person who gets paid to know this can do SMH.

  20. eric Says:

    I like mike…..I want to be like mike like mike…..d sux…

  21. Nic Says:

    Worst mistake we could make is drafting QB in the first round next year. Glen onus legit. Wouldn’t shock me to see him lighting it up for another team in 2-3 years though

  22. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Glennon played good most of the game. The forth quarter he disappeared.

  23. mach Says:

    I think love is holding back this offence. Doug martin is done.. time to cutvties and get more touches for Rainey and James. we need to be aggressive on offence but I do not think love can let go and give full control to arroyo to get more aggressive which I think given the chance he will be.

    As for the defence well Fraser needs to go. its obvious to anyone watching.. I dont get why the gazers can see this???

    I think love is a year behind in adopting to the NFL.. I even think some of these penalties drops and misses tackles by players are done on purpose… just my thoughts

  24. RealityCheck Says:

    @Trubucfan22 – You’re a moron. Junior Galette ran a stunt and was UNTOUCHED to Glennon’s blindside for that safety. It took less than 3 seconds. Go watch the play on the Saints website.

  25. SteveK Says:

    Glennon is looking like the real deal.

  26. Jim Walker Says:


    Calling a pass on 3rd and long on the 1 yard line is suicide. Why are we paying our punter big money if you don’t use him. Run the ball and punt is the only call.

  27. mach Says:

    we should have kept schiano.. I think he deserved another year,

  28. lightningbuc Says:

    ^^^^^ I agree

  29. W Says:

    Did there have to be a Johnny Football reference when talking about Mike Glennon?

  30. Architek Says:

    That safety is on the OC and HC – you have to manage the game but either way this defense ineptitude is ungodly bad and there has to be some accountability for it.

    Also EDS is deserving of being moved to RG next year or depth because he flat out is a disappointment. The Gru favorite Center/QB exchange concept is back in full effect with EDS. We need OL, DL, MLB, S, and WR help before drafting another QB.

    After watching today MG passes the eye test and the grit test – he needs some help because these guys just aren’t getting it done.

    On a positive note Lansanah is quickly making a name for himself….

  31. BuccoDav Says:

    I disagree.
    MG8 played well enough to win today. His team mates let him down with stupid penalties, dropped passes and porous defense.
    The D played better, but still didn’t stop them when it counted. Guess this isn’t the “give us 17 points and we’ll win it” defense.
    Give Glennon those 3 drops to start the game and he’s 22 of 32 for 250 plus.

  32. Architek Says:

    I’m officially the deputy chairman of the MGM now…

    I’m sold

  33. Sunny Says:

    When the game was on the line the Bucs offense offered this sequence on 1st and 10 :

    Fumble (recovered)
    Delay of Game
    False Start
    1 yd Run

  34. lurker Says:

    so i guess i can’t call him magic mike.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Considering the playcalling, penalties, drops and absolutely no running game….Glennon played great.
    Trubucfan22……Glennon had zero time…..he had to eat it…..blame the holding penalty on a 1

  36. MadMax ™ Says:

    He should be named the starter….and our D needs help!

  37. Patrick in VA Says:

    After today’s game is say the mob has successfully executed a coup and they are just the Glennon Army now

  38. Wes Says:

    We need to focus on the defence when the draft and free agency starts.
    If we had a better defence we would have won a couple more games.
    They are hot and cold they perform good then give up a lot of long 3rd downs for 1st downs and can never get off the field when they should.

  39. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Glennon caught the ball and stood their for 3 seconds before getting sacked. Yes it happened fast but in that situation you have to release the ball. It’s not like the routes were down field, long developing routes. Hit the quick slant or throw it at someone’s feet. Don’t wait for something to open up.

  40. SteveK Says:

    Glennon was pretty good. He was not the problem. Where was the D?

  41. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Glennon showed poise and composure. He was accurate and has a Great football mind,.. we roll with Mike Glennon! GO BUCS!

  42. Chrispy0515 Says:

    Mike Glennon is and should be the starter for the rest of the season point blank, and he did everything he could to rally us today but the defense finally got exhausted and pooped out late in the game.

  43. Ole Bill Says:

    Welp we lost, time for people to jump ship again, you people seriously disgust me. I am happy to see this team get better but seriously. Look at the positive rather than the negative all the time. Go bucs boo the rest of you, over and out.

  44. RealityCheck Says:

    @Trubucfan22 – Lol you’ve just confirmed you’re a troll. Even when presented with evidence that what you are saying is dumb, you keep pushing your fictional scenarios. You are on the ignore list now. Enjoy your fantasy land.

  45. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The punter needs a minimum of 12 yards to execute a punt. Being on the 1, and running it is setting up for either a safety or no gain. Those or the 2 results. We gambled to give our punters some room, it wasn’t executed well. It wasn’t a bad call imo. After watching Doug Martin barely get back to the line, and then watch what would have been a sure safety on the next if the whistle wasn’t blown dead. I don’t mind trying to get yards, and actually trying to make a play. A run would be conservative. A pass gives your guys a chance to make a play. It failed. A run in that situation had a high probability of failing too.

  46. JSmalls Says:

    Lovie’s done Y’all! Get a defensive minded coach in here, RATFLMAO

  47. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Reality, you add nothing to the discussion, I hope you ignore my posts, because you bring nothing to the table.

  48. JSmalls Says:

    Worst QB in the south? I’d rather Glennon than Cam…

  49. RealityCheck Says:

    Did you just claim that reality adds nothing to the discussion? I already knew you felt that way lol.

  50. JSmalls Says:


  51. Craig Trigueiro Says:

    Wrong, Joe.
    Glennon is good enough to win.
    His undisciplined starting cast made too many stupid penalties which cost the Bucs the game.
    His arm is great. You can see him grow each game.

  52. BucFan20 Says:

    Glad to see you are at least giving him the chance Architek. This is why I said this week he has been thrown to the wolves 2 years in a row. But he is getting better. Even with more so called weapons the same problems. Drops. No run support. But he still shows improvement. Today we watched an “elite” QB make bad plays. Yes Mike pulled a McCown stupid play but so did Brees on his throw it up for grabs. So even the best of them will do it.

  53. OneLove Says:

    Sold on Mike Glennon eh??? Do we forget that we were up 5 and he gets the safety… Then our Defense holds the Saints to a FG and we get the ball back with a little over 2 minutes left and what does he do???? NOTHING!! Wasnt that supposed to be Mike Glennon time?!?! Mike Glennon maybe better than McCown but hes not the answer!! hes average at best….

  54. lurker Says:

    “Today we watched an “elite” QB make bad plays.”

    and bring his team back for the win and roll up 511 yards on the bucs. like elite qb’s do. that’s what i want.

  55. biggun Says:

    I’m all in for MG8

  56. OneLove Says:

    Yeah well your about to lose ALL your chips!

  57. Bucs fan in Chicago Says:

    Glennon gives me hope, and a reason to be excited about the game. I am pulling for him.

  58. Patrick Says:

    @OneLove…….Oh but you’d be defending Freeman if he did the same thing right?

  59. Patrick Says:

    @lurker…….who says Glennon has to be an elite QB? Do you know how hard it is to find a Peyton Manning or Drew Brees?

    And get real……do you think that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ever going to draft the next one in the draft? They haven’t been able to for 39 seasons. Dream on. Glennon is our QB! GET OVER IT.

  60. Trubucfan22 Says:

    OneLove Says:
    October 5th, 2014 at 6:02 pm
    Sold on Mike Glennon eh??? Do we forget that we were up 5 and he gets the safety… Then our Defense holds the Saints to a FG and we get the ball back with a little over 2 minutes left and what does he do???? NOTHING!! Wasnt that supposed to be Mike Glennon time?!?! Mike Glennon maybe better than McCown but hes not the answer!! hes average at best….


    Finally, someone that understands. Glennon played well leading up to the forth quarter. But when it came to win the game he didn’t do anything. He played well, but didn’t do enough to win. Why can’t the MGM a just realize this, and not hang their hat on a good effort in the third quarter.

  61. OneLove Says:

    @Patrick Your boy Freeman was wack too!! So you expect us to win games with an average QB with THIS ROSTER!?!?! You might as well quit watching football….

  62. lurker Says:

    @patrick, i am over it. though, i am not satisfied with a mediocre qb though. yes i want n elite qb and still want us to draft one as they should have done last year.

    “and bring his team back for the win and roll up 511 yards on the bucs. like elite qb’s do. that’s what i want.”

    that is what i want, dream or no dream. do you not want to get better or do you like losing? my opinion is a better qb will help, yours is other positions will, but that is a dream, too.

  63. Charles Says:

    Glennon was very good,….Defense,stupid penalties and early drops cost us the game!

  64. Skyline Crew Says:

    We should draft a QB next year, but not first round. We need D/O-linemen

  65. OneLove Says:

    @Charles Very good!?!? 249 total passing yards is very good to you!?!?! You must of said the same thing about Sean King!!

  66. Robert7 Says:

    At this point I am a glennon fan first and a bucs fan second and a skeptic of the coaches

  67. Patrick Says:

    @OneLove…….focus more on our joke of a defense that gave up those “511 yards” that you speak of. Led by Lovie Smith, the so-called defensive mastermind.

    focus on all those countless penalties and dropped passes by our receivers who can’t catch anything.

    Throw all that it in and Glennon played DAMN well. And he’s a young QB in addition. He’s not our biggest problem.

    The Mike Glennon Mob exists because there’s many Bucs fans like me who see his talents and potential as a quarterback and we’re here to argue the know it alls who think he isn’t the answer and that we’re just going to magically find one in the 1st round of the 2015 draft. After wasting 5 years with a 1st round QB who busted pretty badly, I’m not ready to make that investment again.

  68. John Sapp Says:

    Lovie Smith and leslie Frazier are defense minded men correct? So can anyone explain how our defense gave up 35 points today to the Saints. A saints team without the biggest pain in the bucs rear (Jimmy Graham) for most of the game. A Saints team without their starting running back, a Saints team that we should have beaten, a team we should have stepped on their necks when we had a lead. Forget that prevent crap because every damn team we do that to drives down the field and scores in less than two minutes. ENOUGH already.

  69. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    all day and on every article, all week will be how glennon did great but the defense/ special teams/ coaching lost the game. N.O. defense wasn’t all that great but they have something the Bucs don’t, a quaterback! (who threw 3 interceptions). But glennon is great and the (QOTF), get real!!

  70. Patrick Says:

    @Newbucsfan……….the Saints receivers actually caught the passes thrown to them and didn’t rack up 110 penalty yards either. Think about that.

  71. Brandon Says:

    Glennon has improved leaps and bounds in the physical deficiencies he displayed last season. His feet and pocket awareness are greatly improved, and for the most part, he is getting good zip on the ball. It’s still too early to anoint him as anything other than next week’s starter. Still, he was NOT the reason we lost today. Penalties and dropped passes were our biggest culprits.

  72. OneLove Says:

    @Patrick No I think i’m gonna stay focused on the fact that Mike Glennon had a chance to win the game and couldn’t get it done…

  73. Bryan Says:

    “The jury is still out” Funny, this is not the tune Joe was singing a couple of weeks ago and especially during the off-season. He was certain Glennon was not starting material. Now he is not sure if we should draft a QB. Finally!

    On behalf of the Mob, apology accepted for all the nonsense and ridicule you heaped on the mob in the last year.

  74. Soggy Says:

    @lurker, you, keep bringing up the 511 yards, that was with our d, You will always have to wish for that too.

  75. Charles Says:

    Hey man good job from a young QB with several drops and team making dumb penalty errors !!!

  76. feelthepewterpower Says:

    When glennon is under duress he sucks (pro football focus has a good article on Glennon and McCown), plain and simple. No different than McCown the first couple of games. Glennon nearly made a comical McCown type throw for a costly interception that was luckily ruled incompleted.

  77. Soggy Says:

    The glennon haters will only look to his very few mistakes for full blame for the loss, . To the haters it is not a team loss its all on glennon, he did not throw for 511 yards, he took that saftey and all the other BS is all on him, its not a team loss right haters. Glennon was about the only good thing in the first quarter unless he oiled up the ball. The whole team lost this game including the coaches..
    When you see glennon as the big problem you show yourself very football challenged. Peace

  78. Patrick Says:

    @OneLove……yet you act like the horrible D, penalties and dropped passes had nothing to do with the loss today. you must be a troll.

  79. Gt40bear Says:

    I disagree. MG8 DID do enough to win the game. He can’t catch the ball. Not his fault that his linemen can’t line up properly. He’s not a DC who apparently can’t understand that the Saints were killing the Bucs with screens. Last I checked he doesn’t play defense so not being able to get off the field cannot be attributed to him. And so on, and so on. Did he play perfectly? No but with even with the least bit of help from his mates, his performance was easily enough to win. Alas, not to be. No depth, bad coaching, poor performances continue to hamstrung this team.

  80. Bogiedr Says:

    I had not been a Mikey fan, he did not lose this game, bad defense and butterfingers lost this game. Is there room in the Glennon mob? I want to join, I thought he was good enough to win today.

  81. @eric Says:

    @walktheplank…..Bobby Rainy ran for 144 yards against the Rams in week two…season is to early not stay up on stats……MB08 nation unite…real deal either a hell of an arm

  82. OneLove Says:

    @lurker No one is denying that our defense contributed to the loss! I’m just simply pointing out the fact that Glennon had a chance to win the game and he didn’t. Oh he played well enough to win the game?? No he obviously didn’t… I mean you fans that praise his performance are EXACTLY whats wrong with this fan base!! Stop being just ok with mediocrity and demand more from your QB!

  83. lurker Says:


    you must mean patrick…

  84. BoJim Says:

    1love. you’re an ass-clown.

  85. Warthog Says:

    Glennon looks like best qb the Bucs have had in years. Don’t put this loss in Glennon, you can’t win games when you let the opposing qb throw for 500 yards, it’s that simple.

  86. Gus Says:

    Buc1987 good field position vs 2 points AND good field position