Lovie’s Failing Grade

October 13th, 2014

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Joe doesn’t give a damn if a team is learning a new defense or not. There may be a dozen teams a year that learn a new defense and they don’t get seal-clubbed twice in a month the way the Bucs have been gutted.

If folks in the past bellyached about Raheem Morris’ bad teams; if people screeched and howled about Greg Schiano’s rough start last year, it’s time to put Lovie Smith on the griddle, too.

For Lovie’s team — and his treasured defense — is responsible for two of the most ghastly losses in franchise history.

Hey, Lovie puts his pants on one leg at a time just like Morris and Schiano — and Richard Williamson.

Tampa Tribune humorist Martin Fennelly is beginning to wonder if Lovie was indeed a good marriage for this Bucs outfit. Fennelly also is trying to figure out if Lovie can dig his way out of the hole he and the team have dug.

I remember saying after Atlanta that it was the kind of loss that can get an entire coaching staff fired if it wasn’t for the fact that they were just three games into their jobs. Now they’re six games in. Lovie doesn’t do doom and gloom, but this is getting serious.

What’s Lovie got to do with it? His fair share. The scary part is that most of Smith’s well-meaning moves have already backfired, some for reasons beyond the Bucs control, some not. Jeff Tedford. Josh McCown. The return to the Tampa 2. Dumping Darrelle Revis. The overhauled offensive line.

Let’s take that last one. Did Davin Joseph, Donald Penn and Jeremy Zuttah really stink more than this? No one is getting it done, the head coach included.

Just remember: After yesterday’s beatdown, Morris and Lovie share the record for most points allowed in a four-game span: 165. For Morris, that not only ended the 2011 season but also got him run.

Lovie stated yesterday he’s not done a good job of coaching. Well, that’s one thing he has certainly gotten right since he was hired in January. Joe sure hopes Lovie can get this thing turned around. If Joe were handing out grades this morning, no question Lovie would get an “F” for the season.

55 Responses to “Lovie’s Failing Grade”

  1. Name Required Says:

    Yeah. I’d like to give the man a full season of work first, but this is downright embarrassing. However, I think the ownership gives him 3 years. Everyone is new.

  2. fordman61 Says:

    I think he has lost his passion for the game” In his mind he tells himself that football is his life and it probably is ‘ He just does not have the passion anymore.

  3. Louis Friend Says:

    Why give him more than 1 year if these types of results keep happening? So what if they just fired Schiano? These types of beatings tell the tale: Lovie Smith is no longer an NFL caliber coach. Not being competitive, at all, an any way imaginable says he isn’t.

    I know we just hired him, but this is a joke. No self-respecting fan or anyone else is going to spend good money following this garbage.

  4. Maze Says:

    Fire his ass. This guy should have stayed retired. His defense is a joke and has little mind for what an NFL offense should look like. Greg is smiling somewhere

  5. Architek Says:

    F – for fired…

  6. Louis Friend Says:

    BTW, if this were college ball you give him a couple of years. Sorry, not here. This is the big time. He doesn’t get to be Willie Taggart in the NFL. Nobody does.

  7. WalkdaPlank Says:

    How about an “I” for incomplete? That word fits this team very well.

  8. Jerry Says:

    Lovie will get at least another year, maybe two. Firing a head coach after 1 season while attempting to turn around this dumpster fire will lead to every other legitimate candidate to decline an interview. The Browns ran into that problem last year. No one wanted that job because they knew they’d be fired in 1 year.

    4 head coaches in 6 years? That I think would officially makes us the Raiders of the NFC.

    If you fire Lovie, who exactly are you going to get that will want to come here and will be successful? And don’t say Harbaugh…it’s obvious he’s going back to college.

  9. dick2111 Says:

    Watching the game at the stadium yesterday, the movie ‘Perfect Storm’ came to mind. And it was obvious quickly that the Ravens were this monster wave that was swallowing up our toy pirate ship.

    Sad fact is that the Bucs have far too many missing pieces right now, on both offense and defense. Add in a coaching staff that has shown far too little creativity in play design and selection, as well as in adjusting to what the other team is doing, and you’ve got a prescription for falling behind 28-0 by the end of the first quarter.

    Note to Lovie: telling the players to ‘stay the course’ like Tony did only works if they’re showing steady improvement. Two massive drubbings in one month isn’t ‘showing steady improvement’.

  10. Max Says:

    I don’t know where else I can say this but I wish they would bring back the old pewter and red uniforms.

  11. Bucco Bruce Says:

    Utterly pathetic display of organized football. Was that what we were watching??? It damn sure didn’t look like professional football! I have been screaming for them to bring Gruden back for years now. Lovie is too damn conservative just like dare I say it dungy was. I mean how do you not go out and get an experienced Oc, why would you stick with a guy has never called plays before? The guy was brought in to be a QB’s coach and quite frankly I’m not sure he is qualified for that. There are so many things that are disappointing this team is actually 2-7 if you were to count preseason games. what happened to the better product on the field we were suppose to see on Sunday ” in front of the home crowd ” You got out coached and out played. Absolutely pathetic! you better go back and sit in that recliner you were in all of last season and watch some more film and rethink if you are actually cut out for this gig. Cause you have made some really dumb decisions. Cut half of the team which some players needed to go but not all. You made a career backup QB your starting QB of this franchise you brought in a pop Warner coaching staff just to name a few and you thought you were going to get results in the NFL the second time around? I do not think so pal. You should have just stayed at home another year… There is at least one bright spot and he didn’t come from your decision making… Lavonte David is a beast. Back to back 14 tackle games. He is great sucks he has to be part of all the loses. McCoy couldn’t breakthrough his blocks yesterday the whole team just was out coached and out played. Maybe Lovie can mustard up some football sense in this bye week and help put a better product on the field. Call a couple experienced offensive coordinators, while your at it.

  12. Tamparob Says:

    Max- the creamsicles would be more appropriate. I almost can picture Sam Wyche twirling his index finger in the air.

  13. Edwin Says:

    While I wasn’t a big fan of his last year, Schiano must be laughing somewhere. I really felt Lovie was a big upgrade but this is beyond embarrassing. The O-line can’t protect the qb nor open holes for the rb and the defense can’t stop anyone right now. After the Steelers game and even New Orleans I thought they show some promise after yesterday’s disgraceful display, not so much. Can we start a petition to have the games blacked out again? I know we have the choice of changing the channel but I would rather not have the airwaves polluted by this weekly crap fest.

  14. buc4lyfe Says:

    Why is Greg smiling he was a garbage coach too and had no kind of game day logic, dude couple do everything but coach. This is about lovie Smith and the bucs in 2014. Raheem Morris is the only one who had an excuse, he knew nothing about coach a team and they refused to give this guy coaches or players

  15. Architek Says:

    I wish people would stop referring to Schiano as if he was successful.

    He sucked too and was out of his league!

  16. TJ Says:

    GM deserves some blame too . He laughed out loyd when he had a all offensive draft cause they thought they had a pretty good defense. Lastly its on lovie too wonder why so many teams passed on him last year

  17. Brandon Says:

    It took Schiano until week 9 to be competitive last season. How short your memories are.

  18. meh Says:

    I’m just so tired of awful football.

  19. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Schiano is a much better coach than Lovie Smith.

    Lovie Smith is terrible… proven by the teams he fields. And Schiano was right about Glennon too… look who is starting right now and look at Lovie’s boy running around on the sidelines with no uniform on.

  20. rhenry Says:

    The Glazers hired an outdated, retread, dungy clone of a head coach and DC that were both fired from their previous positions and we expected what? LOL

  21. Richmondbucsfan Says:

    I think what it comes down to is lovie trying to re create the magic of the 90’s in a completely evolved offensive period. Lovie seems to be to stubborn and prideful to abandon what he is heralded for. I haven’t a single word out of our dc , where the Heck is he hiding??

  22. ItsDookie87 Says:

    People jumped all over Schiano including the likes of Sapp about his scheme and how he failed to adapt his scheme to the players. We were also told by the likes of Sapp and such that Lovie was going to get the most out of these players to see a new and improved defense. I can understand that it takes time to learn this defense but to be completely against adjusting this scheme even lightly is a complete failure on Lovies part. Chud was fired after one season with the browns who didn’t show this badly. It makes you wonder if Schiano really got the most out of his roster, the one Lovie said wasn’t better than this hot garbage being put on the field. With the way this team looks Schiano looks like a genius coach.

  23. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I just hope the Bucs don’t really screw it up and start winning some meaningless games to mess up our 2015 draft position…ala Shiano.

  24. Greg Says:

    This team will not win another game this year.
    Fire Lovie

  25. Jim Walker Says:

    The constant turnover at head coach is part of the problem. These beat downs are, in part, the result of so three coaches in four years.

  26. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Unfortunately I think that Lovie will get a pass from ownership regardless of how this year ends. And please Lovie Smith did not inherit a “dumpster fire” of a team. If you look at the talent on the team Schiano inherited in 2012 and compare it to the talent level of the 2014 team Smith inherited there is no way anyone can make a real case that Lovie walked into a cupboards are bare situation. He and Licht may have replaced some guys with guys who aren’t playing all that well, but the team had (has?) talent

  27. JR Says:

    The Browns did fire their coach after one year. No one wanted the job, but the one guy who did really want it was hungry and knew what he was doing. The Browns are 3-2 and are two late FGs from 5-0. They have shown heart and have not given up, even when down early.

    But it started at the top with new ownership. The consistent issue for the Bucs is the Glazers. They have been thorns in the side of the team since 2003.

    They really need to fire the GM and coach and then go out and hire a good GM who they can let hire the coach and build the team. They haven’t let a GM do that since Rich McKay got Dungy and they’ve been off the rails mostly since then. Gruden was a great quick patch to get them over the top, but the personnel were not well managed then and haven’t been managed well since.

  28. OB Says:


    We must also look at his coaches as well as him. Is it possible there is turmoil between them and this is why the train wreck keeps getting worse?

    I don’t believe Gruden is the answer but Morris might be if he has learmed from his mistakes and he is a DB coach.

    This should get the people going.

  29. Harry Says:

    I have been a Bucs fan for over two decades. Yesterday, I did not turn on the game. It makes me both sad and a little angry they have ruined one of the small joys in my life.

  30. Buctank Says:

    Watch the cowboys d last year and now watch them this year. It’s just going to take time to learn the Tampa 2 right. That is the bottom line. It sucks, buts it’s the truth. The Cowboys almost had the worst defense in history last here and all preseason all the experts picked gloom and doom. Now they are 5-1 with a great cover 2 defense!! The only silver lining this year is the falling apart of atlanta (on pace for new staff), the falling apart of Panthers and the saints are starting to look old. Just think, BUCS are 1-5 and look awful, and only 2.5 games out of 1st. Look at our division opponents games over next 4 weeks. Hard to see any wins for them

  31. RealityCheck Says:

    @Brandon – And Schiano was fired last year. WTF is your point?

  32. Willie D Says:

    I told you not to get rid of Eric Page but nobody listens to me. Do you think journeyman McCown being shoved down our throats when we have a promising 2nd years QB already here is a sign that maybe Lovie is not a good talent scout. Maybe he should have drafted some defensive players? Maybe if it is not broken don’t fix it. Eric Page was good as a rookie but Lovie never gave him much of a chance even though all the camp reports put Page as the class of the returners. Screw Lovie Smith.

  33. CC Says:

    What NFL defense gives up 35 points in the first 16 minutes of a game? Lovies defense. Never seen anything as pathetic as what I saw yesterday. And anybody including Brooks who defends that bulsh*t are complete idiots. Plain and simple. Its either the coaching sucks or the players suck. Both fall directly on Smith.

  34. Skyline Crew Says:

    The Glazers should sell the team to an owner who wants to win. Maybe the Tampa Bay Lightning owners (Jeffrey N. Vinik) can bring in better coaches.

  35. bucrightoff Says:

    The worst part about Lovie is besides the fact he’s gonna be a bad coach for probably another year at least, he’s going to be building this roster incorrectly to succeed in modern NFL football, further setting us back. This is why he needs to be fired right away, admit your mistake and move on. Lovie was hired because he was safe, and risky hire after Schiano could have gone poorly.

    Lovie was safe, and even though he had detractors (like me), even I thought we’d go 7-9 this year with a better defense. If Lovie can’t even provide defense, his alleged calling card, why should he keep his job? Lord knows he can’t evaluate talent (ask Bear fans)

  36. bucrightoff Says:

    Oh and please, please stop talking about the Cowboys just because Miranelli is their DC. He is running substantially more man to man than Lovie’s scheme ever will. Rod adapted to the talent on his roster, like a good DC. Lovie wants the guys to fit his scheme. Hence why one is doing well and one is a dinosaur.

  37. Sapp, STFU Says:

    Back to my old name: Draft Marty Schottenheimer?

  38. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Schiano should have been given at least one more year to turn things around. I’m not saying for sure he would have, but he should have been given the chance.

  39. Baker Ryan Says:

    The offense needs a first down so the defense can stay off the field. Freeman > Glennon > Mccown. And Legarrette Blount > Martin. And we sure could have used Mike Williams for a few first down snags.This team’s talent evaluators have been smoking crack.

  40. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Agree whole heartedly Joseph mamma, unfortunately that ship sailed. I truly believe that the move to fire Schiano and hire Lovie was less about billboards and 4-12 and more about creating a buzz to sell new merchandise and season tickets. Oops…that’s what happens when you run a football team like a corporation instead of worrying about actually building a good team first

  41. Teacherman777 Says:


    Did you hear the announcer say yesterday that Jeff Tedfords offense, the one we are running,

    Doesnt comtain deep balls and jump balls!!??

    Amd that, other offensive coaches has to help Arroya INSTALL jump balls this week!??


    When i listen to the announcer talking about the bucs, I feel embarrassed because they know more about football than our coaches!!

    Jam the receivers!

    Blitz more.

    Go deep.

    On blitzesm glennon needs to audible, and thro short!

    Geesh! I am just a fan and I know that!

  42. Bucamania Says:

    Total clown show at One Buc Place. AGAIN.

  43. Skyline Crew Says:

    I think the announcers on TV were just as frustrated as everyone else. They couldn’t believe how wide open the receivers from the Ravens were yesterday. No jamming at the line whatsoever. They even knew that you don’t run a Tampa 2 like that. So I have no clue what D we are running, but nobody has ever heard of it.

  44. james Says:

    well here come mighty joe he’s throwing like a pro at the junction, lot’s a points you will get, even more than u expect, at the junction, buccaneer junction. all aboard at the junction, buccaneer junction. teams a joke, a bad sitcom of days long ago. ownership sucks, coching is atrocious, management is clueless. and the team aint buying it. on the brighter side is this not an up coming contract year for GMC well that’s nice, hope you like your new team,because I sure wouldn’t want to endure this for another 4-5 years. cya real soon, ya’ll come back now hear!

  45. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Why not go out this week and hire an offensive coordinator….a decent one. The Tedford experiment was over before it started and Arroyo is clueless. I know it takes several months to get comfortable in a new system, but so what? This season is a waste anyway….it’s not like we were going to win more than a couple games anyway! Get a young and innovative OC now, and by next year, the returning starters will at least have some familiarity with the plays! Do it now!

  46. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Dallas is doing just great with the Tampa 2, but it seems it took them a few years.

  47. Skyline Crew Says:

    GMC isn’t going anywhere. That is what a Franchise Tag is for. He is stuck for another year at least.

  48. bucrightoff Says:

    Dallas is running man over 50% of the time. I will repeat it in every article someone tries to make it like they are running the same defense we are. Marinelli can adapt, Lovie refuses to swallow his pride and do the same. Stop bringing up Dallas, it’s grasping at straws.

  49. Skyline Crew Says:

    Gerald McCoy DT UFA TB TBD 26 5 $15,627,253
    Adrian Clayborn DE UFA TB TBD 26 4 $2,612,325
    Mike Jenkins CB UFA TB TBD 29 7 $1,875,000
    Mason Foster ILB UFA TB TBD 25 4 $1,562,250
    Jonathan Casillas OLB UFA TB TBD 27 5 $1,400,000
    Da’Quan Bowers DT UFA TB TBD 24 4 $1,226,793
    Dane Fletcher ILB UFA TB TBD 28 5 $1,200,000
    Larry English OLB UFA TB TBD 28 5 $865,000
    Luke Stocker TE UFA TB TBD 26 4 $763,172
    Oniel Cousins G UFA TB TBD 30 7 $635,000
    Crezdon Butler CB UFA TB TBD 27 4 $607,059
    Leonard Johnson CB RFA TB TBD 24 3 $572,500
    Major Wright S UFA TB TBD 26 5 $570,000
    Bobby Rainey RB RFA TB TBD 26 3 $570,000
    Danny Lansanah OLB RFA TB TBD 29 2 $570,000
    Scott Solomon DE UFA TB TBD 25 2 $536,470
    Bradley McDougald S ERFA TB TBD 23 1 $495,000
    Jorvorskie Lane FB RFA TB TBD 27 2 $495,000
    Louis Murphy WR UFA TB TBD 27 6 $469,412
    Mike Kafka QB UFA TB TBD 27 3 $469,412

  50. NJBucsFan Says:

    the Dallas d is no better than they were last year. The difference is the Offense is holding the ball longer and keeping them off the field. Statistically, the d is worst on a per play basis than last yr. They just aren’t being exposed as often. The Tampa 2 is antiquated and dead.

  51. road warrior Says:

    L&L said so themselves, we shouldn’t be patient. Next coach up please.

  52. Skyline Crew Says:

    Quite a few team are running a 4-3 D, so we aren’t the only ones. We just happen to run zone instead of man coverage. Zone doesn’t work in the NFL.

  53. Teacherman777 Says:

    I bet the other players on the ravens were laughing at our players

    They probably say

    “It sucks to play for the bucs!”

    At least thats what i would say if i was on the other team

  54. buctebow Says:

    The good news is that you didn’t have to spend 3 hours watching the game to know the result. One quarter was plenty. The other good news is Beer.

  55. Brandon Says:

    RealityCheck Says:
    October 13th, 2014 at 8:27 am
    @Brandon – And Schiano was fired last year. WTF is your point?


    You don’t understand the effing point? How stupid are you? We’ve been competitive in 4 of 6 games, won one (whoopee). Schiano was a disaster that went 5-17 over his last 22 despite having a year to implement his system, the team got worse under him, not better. I’m as pissed as the next person here, but I’m not an idiot. If we keep firing people as knee jerk reactions we’ll never get out of this hole. Look at the freaking Raiders. Lovie has a proven track record, Schiano had NO track record and after starting out 6-4 his teams were not competitive…they got worse. Other than two games, this team has been very competitive. They have a long way to go but they’re in ball games late the majority of the time.