Joe Talks Flacco, Pass Defense, Manning Up & More

October 10th, 2014

just-joe-300x265It’s the JoeBucsFan weekly podcast! Joe joins with the smooth-toned pipes of Buccaneers Radio Network and WDAE-AM 620 voice Ronnie Lane.

A bunch of topics are touched on in advance of Sunday’s Bucs-Ravens game.


One Response to “Joe Talks Flacco, Pass Defense, Manning Up & More”

  1. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Good chat with Night Train Lane. Man I hate to say it, but it seems all too likely that things are shaping up for Steve Smith to have another one of those ****ing monumental games against the Bucs. And if the Bucs managed to bottle him up, Torrey Smith will probably wake up from his coma and blast whoever the hell is taking Jonathon Banks spot in the secondary on Sunday. I hope I am wrong but we are dealing with a Tampa Defense that is rivalling the ineptitude that was displayed in 2012 as Joe and Ronnie pointed out in the discussion. I’ll be optimistic and hope that Doug Martin/Bobby Rainey and the OL make the running game decent enough to keep the Ravens D (and the Bucs D off the field) honest and allow MG to burn their secondary for some points and give the Bucs a chance at winning a shootout if the heat and humidity help wilt the Ravens in the 2nd half….