Joe Talks Defensive Doom, Talent Issues, Fan Volatility, Glennon Mania, Adjustments & More

October 7th, 2014

joemugshotJoe stepped into the den of the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, for the weekly “JoeBucsFan Hour” on WDAE-AM 620.

All kinds of topics drew heated debate.

Enjoy the full audio below.

31 Responses to “Joe Talks Defensive Doom, Talent Issues, Fan Volatility, Glennon Mania, Adjustments & More”

  1. billy buckaroo Says:

    “What if” this
    “What if” that
    I guess he loves those scenarios to make his point

  2. bucbucbuc Says:

    Joe – just wanted to say that i LOVE these segments. As a fan from California, I don’t get a chance to listen to local Tampa radio and hear heated debates such as these, so thank you!

  3. jlynch Says:

    seems like duemig has all his anti glennon facts and stats ready when yogive the kid some credit. I hope this is scripted because anyone with that much criticism for the young man is a special kind of a**

  4. SteveK Says:

    Glennon is getting better, and that’s all we can ask for.
    What does MG8 have to do to earn Big Dog’s seal of approval?

  5. kevin Says:

    Johnny manziel would not come close to russel willson with marcus arroyo calling plays. Also hard when everyone is dropping passes right on the numbers. It sucks watching the zone D every week….painful. BUT it cannot be mastered without being practiced. I agree we need better players on defense to run it but he is going to establish his system. I would say we have the third best qb in the division right now who is extremely handcuffed when in the games on his ability to make decisions at the line. Youve got bad decisions on coaching bad defense penalties and a ton of dropped passes. Can blane Glennon for what happens after the ball leaves his hands

  6. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    No matter what, Small dog made excuses for Josh Freeman. No matter what small dog hated Greg Schiano. No matter what small dog will hate Mike Glennon.

    Joe can’t allow these insults, especially when they’re inaccurate. –Joe

  7. RastaMon Says:

    How about accurate insults….

  8. jlynch Says:

    Glad to see duemig had all his anti glennon facts and stats ready when you show glennon some love, an unhealthy dis like for the kid

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    Behave yourselves in here tonight….

  10. DB55 Says:



  11. RealityCheck Says:

    I love hearing the Joes give their views, but I can’t even listen to this guy’s voice. He’s the worst.

  12. j moné Says:

    I wish the bucs could turn it around tired of being ridiculed by friends but hey i love my bucs they gotta turn into a wining franchise eventually

  13. Panhandle Buc Says:

    316 everyday.I switch from I heart radio to pandora. The dog is terrible!

  14. Panhandle Buc Says:


  15. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    @ j mone ….ditto i work with filthy eagles fans so imagine
    The crap i have to put up with. In my own damn city

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    77 bassguitarist…I have a SB Champs hat you can borrow and wear to work to remind them of something that they will never be able to wear. That’s what I do when the Eaglets come to town and I go Ray Jay. I always wear the hat and remind their fans how I got it.

  17. DB55 Says:


    Don’t forrget to remind them of Bryant’s 64y fg. #epic

  18. Mike10 Says:

    Hey joe guess what you’re the f’n man!!

    Love the little rib shot to soap box steve on behalf of your readers! Love it!

    Listen, I cannot stand his perspective. Rays or Bucs, he is consistently wrong, CONSISTENTLY! Worst of all he never admits he’s wrong, just digs deeper and deeper.. Swear to god if I hear him tell me one more time Molina is on the team to catch and it’s not his job to hit coming off another sub .100 season where were at home in October, I’ll personally send him a box of crow saying “eat me”.

    Best thing: he won’t kiss up to you since you weren’t a Tampa pro athlete, and he can’t hang up with you when u offer an opposing opinion, because I assume you’re in studio.
    I called you out last month Joe for being too much of a flag shipper and I’ll take it back.
    Keep up the good work!

    Wait a minute, you take back your insults of Joe because you were wrong, but you’re completely confident you’ve got Duemig pegged. You might want to rethink that. And for the record, Molina is there to catch. Joe Maddon and Friedman clearly agree based on the fact he keeps playing. –Joe

  19. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    @87 ….. I have that hat and i rub it in
    Their face every chance i get. Thanks for the offer….LOL

  20. Patrick in VA Says:

    How many times every week does Joe have to say “come on steve” to try to bring him back in from one of his ridiculous takes on something. It’s every week, multiple times per week. That tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the opinions being put out there on that show

  21. flmike Says:

    Unfair and truly inaccurate implication. –Joe

  22. flmike Says:

    This ahole needs to stop with the Johnny 8-Ball crap, Johnny 8-Ball can’t beat out Brian Hoyer to start in Cleveland

  23. Bendiesel Says:

    Little dog is from Philly, and you know what kind of fans they are. Little dog likes to argue even when everybody knows he’s a nut. When’s the last time he was all in for one of our coaches, he’s ridiculed every one of them, he’s a pessimist to the full definition. (Joe can’t allow this opinion. And on the previous ones, Duemig is very confident in Lovie and was a Raheem Morris supporter.–Joe)

  24. flmike Says:

    Let me rephrase that…

    I was once told this by a very famous NY Rock station GM & DJ….

    Like water, on air talent finds it’s level…

    Except that doesn’t apply to those who don’t wish to relocate.–Joe

  25. NewTampaChris Says:

    On the long list of Bucs’ problems, QB play is not currently near the top.

  26. Chef Paul Says:

    Manzeel = Russel Wilson? First of all, who the hell is Manzeel? I assume he means Manziel. Second Manzeel aint even good enough to get Russel’s sloppy seconds.

    While Russel has his head in the playbook, watching film, and dominating every room he walks in to, Manzeel is with JFro snorting lines.

  27. Dennis Says:

    @JOE … people have little confidence in Lovie because they saw what happened in chicago, its not only based on 5 games. I live here in Chicago and it wasn’t pretty and the only reason they made the Superbowl was because of Rivera’s defense.

  28. Zam Says:

    Don’t try to compare Johnny Football to Russell Wilson. Wilson has a beautiful throwing motion and in his career has thrown 64%. Manziel would be lucky to get 45% in the NFL with as bad as he throws the ball.

    Wilson was also faster than Manziel in the 40 (4.55 v. 4.68). That little bit of extra speed makes a huge difference for escaping.

  29. Joe Says:

    Pretty soon Joe is going to have to resume banning people for violating Joe’s rules. He has repeated the rules dozens of times and will not regurgitate them again.

    Either behave or be gone. Your choice.

  30. Mike10 Says:


    Absolutely didn’t intend to insult you and sure hope I didn’t. I tend to agree with a good majority of what you say and am a big fan of the site. IMO, I felt like you were drifting, drifting from the fan and towards the mothership… whatever, I just really appreciate your site because it stays close to the truth without a sponsored agenda – I can leave the grains of salt at home when reading your posts… the only commonality between that and my sentiments towards Soap box Steve is the difference in his swayed and sponsored opinion.

    Big guy has had consistently poor radio for several years, that I can only more appreciate as being a frequent visitor to JBfan. You want me to dive deeper into that i’d be happy to… all I want to emphasize is your awesomeness. High five!

    Now Joe come on, Molina is horrible; played ONLY because:
    1) Hannigan was injured
    2) Price liked him (2 years were left on Price’s contract, Molina got a 2 year deal)
    3) He is a slight edge over Casali; offering experience

    He’s arguably the worst catcher in baseball (considering all duties asked upon him) and defines the phrase, “if you’re not helping a cause you’re hurting it.” HORRIBLE… and I don’t use that for many players..

    Friedman signs off on him because he’s cheap, and Maddon signs off on him because he’s never not signed off on a Ray…

  31. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Really enjoyed the chat with the Big Dog. I am pretty fortunate to get the WDAE signal here in SW Florida as we can not get the Fan or Whitney Johnson’s station this far south and the 2 local Fort Myers/Punta Gorda sports stations are mostly national feeds except for the Buc Radio Network. Thanks for posting your chat online as a lot of us are actually working during the 3 to 6 block (and some of my fellow Joe posters are focused on 420 judging by the posts) and often miss the live chat on 620 via the radio or internet.

    So Duemig still does not like MG?? Good for you to get him to at least acknowledge that MG is the best option to struggle through this season, though he is never see the light and join the mob. I get it with Duemig ;the Big Dog is always going to see the glass half empty but I suspect he likes the Rays, Lightning (obviously, especially if you hear him argue with Flyer fans) and Bucs, he is simply the Devil’s Advocate to most of the fans views…. His approach helps his ratings; people tune in just to disagree with him…. BTW: I think you are spot on concerning the Bucs D: the talent is not there thus the Bucs are in trouble; why else keep rolling out Michael Johnson even if he is only playing at 50 to 70%? Perhaps Foster coming back will help but this defense continually gets schooled by every opponent they have faced. Right now its looking like a 4-12 season but perhaps I am wrong…. Maybe if the Bucs could actually run the ball they could control the time of possession and the defense could stay off the field; Chris Landry made a good point of that in his podcast: 50 runs/ completed passes = a win 87% of the time….. Right now that means a Bucc loss 87% of the time…..

    One other thing about the Big Dog, he is surprised that 30% of fans have no confidence in Lovie? Well before the Steeler win I am willing to bet that number would’ve been much higher as many posters were predicting an 0-16 season. Losing winnable games to the Lambs and Panthers and getting embarrassed 56-14 on the Bucs only national TV appearance will get a lot of people to lose faith in the Bucs players, coaching staff, GM and owners; so actually having less than 50% of the fans say they have no confidence in Lovie is actually a good number IMHO if you consider how bad thing looked after the Lamb and Falcon losses….