Exclusive Bucs-Saints Breakdown By Super Scout Chris Landry

October 7th, 2014


Joe’s proud to continue his partnership with LandryFootball.com, run by former NFL personnel man Chris Landry, who has worked as an assistant coach and scout for Bill Belichick, coordinator of the Titans scouting department, among other positions in pro and college football.

Landry provides an exclusive podcast for JoeBucsFan.com readers, which you can enjoy here every Tuesday evening, as in right now.

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4 Responses to “Exclusive Bucs-Saints Breakdown By Super Scout Chris Landry”

  1. Chef Paul Says:

    That was a great listen. Best one yet.

  2. tickrdr Says:

    Copied from the Buccaneers.com website for all of the lovers of the QBR on ESPN:

    Rank: 27
    Last Week: 29
    Change: 2
    NFL Top 5: Seahawks, Broncos,
    Chargers, Eagles, Bengals
    NFC South: Panthers (15), Saints (20),
    Falcons (21)
    Comment: Mike Glennon’s career QBR
    is 51.1 (since 2013), better than Alex
    Smith, Eli Manning, Ryan Tannehill
    and Robert Griffin III in that span.


  3. BamBamBuc Says:

    Tickets, that is why it’s wrong to nitpick stats. Espn is trying to make it look better even though they rate us as one of the worst in the NFL and the worst in the NFC South. Better than Eli? Sure, in that span which includes the worst season of his career (last year). Eli has always been considered inconsistent and it shows in his numbers. Alex Smith? OK, again leaving out other factors like his 30-9-1 record from 2011-13. That’s 3 years averaging 75% wins compared to Glennon and 25%. RG III was recovering from injury, the previous season he led his team to the playoffs. And Tannehill? Who cares if he’s better than Tannehill? That’s like saying he’s better than Ponder or Henne.

  4. tickrdr Says:

    Sorry to be so late to respond, but with my work, I don’t get to type or even read that much during the day; even though I would love to. I wish this site had some way of continuing threads, which are already quite dead before I get home to read them, let alone try to comment.

    My only reason to post this is in response to others who, like you, don’t like statistics, and yet hypocritically they post stats to refute my stats. Specifically, there are many who don’t like the NFL’s rating system, and often offer that the QBR espoused by ESPN is a better gauge of overall QB performance. I agree that the only real stat that matters is the W – L record, but sometimes QBs win because they have a great team, and vice versa. And much like the “Morning Cup of Joe”, some of us are more impressed with certain stats than others.

    I assume you’re a Freemanite or maybe you wanted Johnny Manziel?