Jackson Is Droppping His Way Out Of Tampa

September 19th, 2014

VincentJacksonOnce upon a time, Vincent Jackson signed a five-year, $55,555,555 contract as a tribute to his new quarterback, Josh Freeman, good ol’ No. 5.

How cute.

Freeman rewarded V-Jax by throwing him the ball deep and often. And V-Jax was near flawless en route to the 2012 Pro Bowl.

Jackson was strong last year, too, with a few exceptions.

But this season V-Jax has been awful. Joe’s about to start calling him V-Drops. The NFL doesn’t keep official stats on dropped balls, but Jackson has five or six.

That’s completely unacceptable from a team captain making massive, No. 1-receiver money.  Jackson has caught just 10 balls in all for 102 yards.

There’s no way the Bucs will continue to pay 31-year-old Jackson (32 in January) unless he has a massive turnaround over the next few months.

It’s just that simple. Jackson is at the end of the Tampa Bay line. He’s not worth the money to this team. Right now, he’s Darrelle Revis minus the on-field performance.

Jackson, though, may be worth his current investment for another club. If Joe were seeking to trade a commodity that could actually fetch something on the open market, and free up big cap revenue in 2015, then Jackson would top the list.

Yes, it has come to this. Bucs fans and management have to start thinking about next season.

66 Responses to “Jackson Is Droppping His Way Out Of Tampa”

  1. Bill T Says:

    Actually, VJax had at least 10 drops last year

  2. Lynch Says:

    This guy has a really sh!tty attitude. However, at least he has some attitude. The same cant be said for the rest of the team

  3. RastaMon Says:

    After the 1st game of the season I posted this and at the time said it was going to be my standard response to all topics. Well my wife and I squezzed in a sunny day @ a St.Pete Beach resort yesterday and I watched the game from there,so I didn’t have access to the saved Word Document…so here it is again

    Lovie is in WAY over his head….I listened to his press conference yesterday and was underwhemled by his monotoned empty words…then by chance I listened to a long interview with #55 on all sorts of subject…a stark contrast in leadership and answering questions. Lovie is an empty suit that has been swept to this point in life by his association with the greatness of others. I don’t mean to be harsh…but that is what I see……

  4. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    The whole damn team is overpaid!

  5. Northend Says:

    Hello Cleveland??????

  6. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Its clear the players dont believe in what they’re being told to do. Jackson is a smart dude and probably sees McCown for what he is, a backup journeyman quarterback. That being said, catch the damn ball when its thrown to your hands.

  7. Paul Says:

    evans gets negative yac

  8. Jbeachbuc Says:

    This whole team seems out of sync. Man, I’ve been a loyal Buc’s fan since 76, well as loyal as a 10-year-old could be. I’m just sick of this feeling, Game after game year after year. I don’t want to go through it again I’m ready to tap out and check out. I sure will miss the site Joe, good luck to you and all buccaneer fans. I’ll be back when this team resembles a freaking NFL team,but I don’t know if I can do this anymore.

  9. Chef Paul Says:

    Someone needs to tell him it’s called Sitckum, not Lube-um. He’s dropped too many the last two years.

  10. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Nobody will hire Freeman as a backup in the whole freaking league, but Schiano was suppose to win with him as his starting QB going into last season. Absolutely hilarious.

  11. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    That’s what i’ve been saying Joe. Barron, Martin, Jackson, and Banks need to be traded. Rainey, james, Owusu, and Foster unless he can be moved to LOLB. Casillias is depth on special teams and Lansanah will due and battle for LOLB next year. The Bucs will draft a top 3 QB, DE, Olineman, and MLB in the 1st 2nd 3rd rounds.

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    Doubt you could get much value for him with his contract as it is. A 3rd rounder would be impressive. But be patient and maybe a contender will get desperate and throw something more.

  13. Yugenaugur Says:

    Dashon Goldson
    Doug Martin

    Bold prediction: all will be on different teams next year.

  14. Kalind Says:

    Trading Jackson is interesting. I think I’d take a second or third rounder for him. That is pretty good value. Esp if they believe in Herron. Problem is, they HAVE to get a QB this offseason. I can see Licht going to the mat over it if Lovie balks. I can see Locht pulling rank and going to the Glazers. They have to have a QB this Lovie s(p)it isn’t going to fly in the nfl these days. They need Mariotta, Winston (sans the problems…come on Jameis…) Hundley, Cook, Petty, something.

    So adding picks to make up or having to burn one early on a QB would be helpful.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    Welcome to Tampa. The city that FA NFL players go to chill out and relax.

    That’s where I’m at with FA’s now. Most of them come to Tampa and just lie down. It’s vacation time now. They’ve worked hard for the big pay day and now it’s time chill.

  16. Yugenaugur Says:

    Which will officially put us back into ‘rebuilding mode’

  17. Bobby M. Says:

    V-Jax, a RB, Goldson/Barron, Stocker are all trade options

  18. Joe Says:

    Which will officially put us back into ‘rebuilding mode’

    They have been in that mode when Lovie was first hired. Still are.

  19. Rob Says:

    And dashon goldson will be escorted out of the building with him

  20. RastaMon Says:

    I am thinkiing of starting a XBUCFAN Gameday Fishing Club….charter Clubs of different interests will be formed too. Events will be held @ game times…listening to the game while having fun….stress free and laughing at those actually going to the games or glued in frustration to their wall to wall flat screens…..enjoying the GREAT Florida fall weather out doors !!!!
    I have already trade marked XBUCFAN and all variations…so don’t go there

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Most FA’s that sign with the Bucs don’t ever pan out. What a waste of money. They should just pay me to suit up and play like crap. What’s the difference?

  22. rayjay1122 Says:

    Agreed Joe!!! I can understand dropping the ball if hit really hard during a catch attempt but when the ball hits a guy right in the hands and fall incomplete is ridiculous. I played some Football including semi pro until a torn ACL at the age of 35 ended that ambition however, I have worn WR gloves in the past and they damn near catch the ball themselves because they provide a better grip on the ball. I played mostly defense and never dropped a ball that hit me in the hands while wearing gloves. I guess “Pros” wear a super slick glove??? I just am speechless. I never thought we would be so bad. I really thought 8-8 was realistic. Boy was I duped.

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    RastaMon…I’ll do you one better. How bout starting a new football league out in RJS parking lot or Al Lopez parking.

    We can get a bunch of fans together and form our own league in the parking lots.

    I think it would be more fun to watch then going into RJS. It might even get media attention too. lol

  24. Patrick in VA Says:

    Lovie brought us back to the glory years in one regard. By season’s end we will be once again battling the Raiders for the top spot. Unfortunately, it’ll be the top spot in the draft this time instead of the league but it’s something.

  25. nate Says:

    Yes joe you are finally speaking my language! Start with jackson then mccoy then martin in that order… trade for picks and low cost defensive ends.. then cut bowers and johnson immediatly….low ball this season draft qb.. then all defense after that.. try to pickup a lineman in freeagency next year… folks were in a 3 year plan just to become a relevent football team..

  26. Luther Says:

    @RastaMon does that include the Rick James special treats at halftime? Seriously, I’m going to watch every game. I’m a Buc’s fan all the way win or lose.

  27. RastaMon Says:

    nate…are you saying the Bucs will give up picks for other teams to take them ?

  28. Posey99 Says:


  29. RastaMon Says:

    Bucs fans = Ray Rice’s wife

  30. Tom Edrington Says:

    Found in Mark Dominik’s files:

    Dear Mark:

    Thanks for making me even more wealthy than I was coming to Tampa.

    This sets me up for four lifetimes.

    Appreciate it, you’re THE MAN.

    Love ‘ya


  31. RastaMon Says:

    The GBoyz should petetion Roiger Goodell for he Bucs to have Expansion Team Draft Status in 2015…..in exchange for their vote of support

  32. Tnews Says:

    Can we please get rid of these awful uniforms as well. I was meh about them to start. Now, I absolutely hate them.

  33. Tnews Says:

    A better question for have your say might be Winston or Marriota.

  34. RastaMon Says:


  35. Kevin Says:

    I do not have a problem with this at all. His YAC (3.3 yds) over the last 3 years has not been impressive. I have watched him catch a ball and fall on the ground on purpose to avoid a hits last year. He catches the ball and falls. I think it’s time to get some value from him since his on the field contribution is quite suspect.

  36. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    We need an investigation into why this team is so bad. I’d rather watch reruns of Matlock. Actually, that should be the new song for when the Bucs take the field. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQgdfJoxX1s

  37. SAMCRO Says:

    In all fairness to VJax they weren’t all catchable passes either, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that he’s not getting good separation and giving our QB’s a clean window to throw to. The opposing team DB’s don’t respect his speed anymore and play him with tighter man coverage, completely opposite of how are DB’s treated Julio Jones last night. VJax these days only seems to do well against zone defenses, but when it comes to man to man, …forget about it.

    Trade VJax now? That’s insane … he’s already paid for this year. Maybe after the season.

  38. Kingpin1 Says:

    What comes around goes around Schiano and glennon haters!! Schiano is just kicked back laughing his ass off. Say what you want and make all the excuses you can but we were better last year at 0-8 than we are now at 0-3. This is bu far the worst fan base and organization in prof sports.

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not going to make excuses for him. I don’t think he would make excuses, so why should I. He’s got to catch those balls. I do know, however, it has got to be very frustrating from his end with the lack of accuracy from our QB’s. Every throw to him is inaccurate. Long way away from Philip Rivers.

  40. buc4lyfe Says:

    There you go again with the rumors and speculation!!! What’s with you and this thing you have with Doug Martin and Jackson, they are the least of the bucs worries and both affordable the next couple years. We’re already ready garbage but let’s get rid of Jackson and Martin why? We see how well that worked when Dominick took over but apparently you think there’s somebody somewhere that we can replace them with, they site aren’t in house. Guess who at the top of the list in drips last year at the beginning of the season. All of a sudden v jack is garbage or to old? Come on man we just played a game last night when BOTH these sorry are quarterbacks averaged less than 4 yards per pass, I can think of like 50 other players who played as if they were disinterested

  41. robert9 Says:

    this is crazy…….the coaching staff sucks and can’t get rythm on either side of the ball.

    all the players have laid down. it’s the coaching IMO

    EDS was about to split some heads he was so pissed last night. LOL

    Jackson is probably sick of running wide friggin open and doesn’t even get a look, then he get’s thrown too when he’s blamketed and bitched at for dropping the ball.

    yes, he’s had drops, but it’s called rythm, and this team and players have yet to hit theirs in large part to the coaching and play calling and horrible QB play by mcclown

  42. nate Says:

    If were the worse team in the league you cant pay there guys for losing.. its that simple.. we have so many holes the only way to rebuild this team is through the draft… get as many picks as possible for our star players and unload cap space….hello were the laughing stockof the nfl and you want to keep paying these guys? If some tea is dumb enough to take them.. trade them off there all losers in my eyes anywyas…maybe they are winners beczuse there taking it all to the bank…

  43. Soggy Says:

    Yep, Rid the overpaid uni’s to.

  44. robert9 Says:

    amazing how star players suck when they have a bunch of losers running the show.

    it aint the players-its the coaching

    frazier sucks the worst of all
    the O scheme might work if the QB didn’t suck a$$, but we were still sold a bill of goods
    the head coach has been worse than any could imagine

    it aint the roster.

    like in sales a guy can be a friggin rock star, but bring in an a$$hole boss or change his comp plan and he WILL LAY DOWN. PERIOD!

  45. dbbcpa Says:

    I agree he was not great last year. He dropped a lot of passes and no one ever called him out for it. He is supposed to be a Stud Receiver and he drops half of his passes. Its a lock of focus.

    Has anyone on defense contested one pass this year? We let them catch and then we try to tackle. The interceptions have been bad throws by the other QB. It seems the only way there has been an incompleted pass is a bad pass or a drop by the other teams receiver. I dont remember the bucs breaking up one pass this year. There are probably a few, but that has to change.

    Also, What is Michael Johnson’s story. He has not done a thing.

  46. nate Says:

    It is the roster! Lovie has actually won some games with different rosters and has been to a superbowl.. we have a bunch of over paid babies on this team.. trade them all!

  47. mac Says:

    Trade him to New England for a fourth round pick if they are able to take on his giant contact… I think Tom Brady would appreciate that….

  48. rayjay1122 Says:

    I remember reading and hearing about how good the offense was looking in training camp and now I know why…they practiced plays against our defense. I remember hearing Foster talk about how Demps was so fast and burned him in practice and where is Demps now? I watched our reserve defense let teams score at will in the preseason and thought we are screwed if we have any injuries…we are officially screwed. This is not sarcasm but I honestly believe that a team of practice squad players from the real NFL teams could dominate out starters. 🙁 sad times as usual in West Central Florida.

  49. buc4lyfe Says:

    It would be dumb to get rid of yet another guy without grooming the replacement…. For all you people who miss Greg schiano because I’m sure missing Michael Bennett

  50. Jon Says:

    I miss Bennett, I miss Schiano now too. As for Vincent Jackson you all are nuts the guy has averaged, averaged over 17 yards per catch. In his first two years he put up 150 catches and 15 TD and now it’s time to move on because he is stuck catching balls from McCown. Dumb meet dumber.

  51. BucBob1 Says:

    Sometimes I think they should have just kept the old roster, at least there would have been some continuity going into the season. At this point 4 & 12 looks better than 0 & 16.

  52. meh Says:

    VJax dropped a ton of balls early last season too.

  53. cbell96825 Says:

    was vjax playing d last night bc as far as i saw he scored our only frickin offensive td yeah is he overpaid sure but hes had nothing but scrubs throwing him the ball and a 1st yr qb coach calling plays for him. Our s h i t t y team falls only on lovie shoulders i mean it was 56 to frickin 0 at one point and it was still a battle to score on or stop atls 2nd/3rd string we are a mess a pathetic mess

  54. teacherman777 Says:

    Is his contract guaranteed this year?

    can we cut him now?

    and godson too?

    then sign Mccoy to an extension.

    and sign bother dope DE next year?

    Our safeties are terrible

    and we get no pressure from our DE’s.

    In a cover 2, that is a recipe for disaster!!!

  55. deminion Says:

    I like VJax but if a 3rd can be fetched I’m all in

  56. BoJim Says:

    Nate, you’re an idiot. Stop with the McCoy trade talk. Who are we going to replace a pro bowler with? A rookie from the draft? That’d be another two or three years without a great DT.

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Ask yourself this : Would Jackson be great in NE, Denver, GA, etc. ? Of course he would. Therefore, he’s not the problem.

  58. Patrick Says:

    YEAH, let’s get rid of our only proven receiver. Morons.

  59. Aubpierce Says:

    Jackson dropped two passes early in the first game.His nick name is Vincent the drive killer Jackson.

  60. buc4lyfe Says:

    By Joe’s standard and a few other people here if v jack should be gone so should Gerald McCoy. Jess been making v jack money since the first day he stepped on the field. Ladies I hate up break it to you haha but with this broken hand he’s had serious injuries 3 out of 5 years. You can say it’s not serious all you want but lovie is a liar and everyone else I’d guessing except doctors. If you need a cast is a serious injury. Two full seasons out of 5 gives him j.j. watt money? I’m just saying because it just doesn’t seem like McCoy will get to the Superbowl with this team while he’s in his prime anyway


    ShutTheBucUp, NOW THAT’S FUNNY !!!!!!! THANKS, MADE MY DAY !!!!!!!


    FORGOT – GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  63. nate Says:

    Bojim im talking about getting value for mccoy while we still have him…hes a waste on this team we need a youth movement! Its just like when the orlando magic had dwight howard never going to win a championship with him.. we need a quarterback first and defensive ends… and to grow together the only person I say we dont tradeislavonte david…

  64. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    My first reaction to this post is hell yeah call the Jets and Browns and see if either are interested but on second thought; won’t Marcus Mariota need someone to throw the ball to besides Mike Evans next season???

  65. Brandon Says:

    With his hefty contract, even if VJax was playing well, the absolute best he could fetch would be a 3rd round pick, he’s more likely a 4th or 5th round value considering how much he makes and how old he is.

  66. BucBob1 Says:

    There is no rhythm between Josh McCown and Vincent Jackson. V-jax will be fine. It’s not his fault.