2014 Bucs Really Are Anti-Schiano

September 19th, 2014
"Men, why aren't you prepared? Toes on the line!"

“Men, why aren’t you prepared? Toes on the line!”

One knock on former Bucs commander Greg Schiano was that his teams went all turtle in the second half. It was as if Schiano’s teams thought games were 45 minutes-long.

Schiano’s teams, particularly the offense, went into hibernation in the second half. The best example was the overtime loss to the Seahawks when the Bucs had a 21-0 first half lead on the eventual Super Bowl champs, only to lose 27-24. The Bucs scored a grand total of one field goal in the second half.

So when Team Glazer hired Lovie Smith, the team wanted him to be anti-Schiano. Through three games, they sure are. Consider the info from Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times.

One touchdown in the first half through three games. Joe doesn’t exactly to know what to say.

The truth of the matter is, this is what happens when your offensive coordinator is only around the building part-time. Jeff Tedford did not make the trip to Atlanta last night.

Look, the most important thing here is that Tedford get healthy. Let’s not be foolish. The problem is, when Tedford got sick, the Bucs were basically left without an offensive coordinator. At least without an offensive coordinator Lovie desired when he sat in his suburban Chicago basement watching Lord knows what for football tape.

55 Responses to “2014 Bucs Really Are Anti-Schiano”

  1. Theodore Says:

    He was watching Cal tape of Tedford calling running plays and fell in love.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    I still Schiano was every bit a better coach than Lovie has a clue to be.

  3. NCbucsFansince79 Says:

    [Joe already answered your question in another post. If you don’t like the answer, Joe can’t help you. — Joe]

  4. Bryan Says:

    The lack of Tedford does not explain the defense whixh is one of the worst I have ever seen on a football field.

  5. Joe Says:


    Team Glazer ran Chucky out of town. Well, that’s not true. Chucky lives here, as does Father Dungy.

    Or, from what Joe hears, Chucky ran himself out of a job. Team hasn’t been the same since. 🙁

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    The biggest glaring problem on this team has been shining like the sun on a hot summer since week 1.

    The team does not look prepared every week and it’s glaring.

    I don’t know how the “just give him more time” fans don’t see the glare. It’s there and if that does not go away, the team will never get better.

    Open your eyes optimists. This team does not look prepared week in and week out. It’s almost like Lovie’s already checked out on coaching or something.

  7. Kevin1 Says:

    I now know my multiples of 7 all the way to 56. Thanks bucs. I feel smarter.

  8. Bryan Says:


    Gruden was run, and justifiably, due to being one of the worst talent evaluators in nfl history. Dexter Jackson ring a bell? He and his lackey Bruce where responsible for a streak of terrible drafts. No talent = No Chance.

  9. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Give the reigns to chucky the whole thing…..GM and coach and let it go….now this is a guy I beleive has evaluated good offense that is going on in college and pro and would put that to work. HIRE CHUCKY NOW

  10. NCbucsFansince79 Says:

    I still hate Lane Kiffin for leaking that his dad was leaving with 4 games still left in the season. It seems as though the defense gave up and we have never been relevant since as it resulted in the “House Cleaning” of the staff that produced the best years of being a Bucs fan.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    I will cry like a little girl if Schiano pulls a Belichick Browns thingy. He gets hired again down the line, figures it all out and takes his team to numerous playoff appearances

    It probably will happen too. Because it’s a Buc fan’s life. It would figure.

  12. Tackleblockwin Says:

    The final score did not do this game justice. ATL could have easily put up 70 on us. Coaching was horrific, but our players execution of fundamental football was even worse IMO. We made NFL Films blooper clips numerous times in this game. I think most of us expected a big loss in this game…but not this big. Part of me thanks the Falcons for creaming us. This needed to happen to (hopefully) get leaderships attention. To be honest, we might see similar results this season…and in the end that may be a good thing when moving forward.

  13. ek Says:

    Fire Lovie NOW.

  14. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:


  15. Chef Paul Says:

    I’m done blaming coaches, players, and GM’s. A few have mentioned it before, but I’ve had an epiphany today. This team will not be relevant again as long as the trust fund babies are signing the checks. Instead of the Fire Schiano and Fire Lovie billboards, there needs to be “Sell the Team” billboards plastered though the town. They have acted a few times through the pulse of the fans. Bully them clowns into selling.

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    This just in ….Bryan would prefer endless losing seasons than have Jon Gruden back as coach.

    Bryan loves how good the team has been since Gruden got fired.

    Bryan Says:
    September 19th, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    Gruden was run, and justifiably”


    Lets get chucky back in the Ray Jay right now today…FIRE LOVIE and that BS out there

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    Chef Paul…I’ve had that epiphany a few times over the last 10 years or so. Then I dismiss it every season.

  19. OB Says:


    I am sorry but I cannot buy that the loss of the OC is effecting the offense with the QB coach calling the plays. He should know the offense the OC wants and be able to do it for the most part. This is way too conservative to be a wide open offense. Now either Lovie has his had in the play calling or this was/is the offense planned. The QB coach has to direct the QBs on what to do and we both saw Glennon going deep and looking at more than one read.

    Over the next 10 days you should be able to report for us what is going on if anything. If nothing changes on any of the sides, offense, defense, special teams, than more of the same is going to happen depending on the skill of our opponent.

    Having said that who in you opinion is the best QB that is going to be available in the draft. I discount the FSU one because he will probably not be able to play in the league with the way he is going.

  20. Oingo Boingo Says:

    The worst part of this debacle is that Tedford is overrated and really stinks. He was eun out of the Pac 10 but he has a foxy wife, a big CA mansion, and was the highest paid government employee in the most populous state.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    “I discount the FSU one”

    Jameis says he’s staying all four years of college anyways. That’s if he makes it that long.

  22. Mrbucsfan Says:

    If this is a win now league with a win now mentality, then offenses, defenses, players and coaches that take years to develop, are officially obsolete! Is the Tampa Two a dinosaur? I know we have a liability on offense, but remember all the talk of a top 5 defense? This is a MAJOR LETDOWN. Prepare for some ugly fans, because they are going to be tailgating harder then ever to medicate before another home game embarrassment.

  23. Tom Edrington Says:

    What Joe is forgetting to mention here is once these heart-related problems appear, the person has to have a change of lifestyle that including not being in stressful situations.

    So what do you think the stress-level is at One Yuck Place about now.

    Not a healthy environment for a guy with a questionable ticker.

  24. feelthepewterpower Says:

    the fire lovie talk is asinine. Half the team is decimated with injury (the majority are really good) and it’s three game in to the season with new players, new coaching, and offense that hasnt even had one game called by their OC. Glennon didnt do shit last night until the very end either….so it’s not all mccown with the pressure, lack of players around him, and a qb coach calling plays for the first time in his life.

  25. robert9 Says:

    Tedford shoud retire now or something. coming into this mess will give him a heart attack. He knows it, he aint coming back anytime soon IMO. all he has to do is tell his doc he aint 100%.

    and who would blame him!!!! stay home, stay healthy my friend.

    lovie, licht and frazier though, they can suck my left nut.

  26. CC Says:

    Lovie and Schiano are the exact same. Play not to lose and count on your defense to win.

  27. Chef Paul Says:


    I’ve thought it a few times over the years too, but this time it’s different. It’s like someone turned the light on.

    Everything and everyone is different. But it’s the same results over and over when the only consistency is the Glazer brats. Took Raheem 3 years for players to quit. Schiano took 1.5 years. Lovie took 3 games. So if we get a new coach, by the trends, these pricks will quit before training camp even starts.

    These jerkwads have hired coaches before the GM too many times. And when they hire coaches it seems the only prerequisite is “are you the exact opposite of the last guy?”


  28. NCbucsFansince79 Says:


    You are happy with the talent and results the past 6-7 years?

    I don’t know what to say. I do remember people all over the various boards that wanted Chucky gone because losing in the playoffs was not acceptable. Dungy also? Chucky gave us a chance every year and some years the FAs our draft picks or injuries would do us in but we were not writing off the season in WEEK 3 – NEVER!

  29. Joseph Mamma Says:

    The owner’s tried to hire Gruden back before they hired Lovie, supposedly. He and Bruce made some terrible personnel decisions, which cost them, but Jon was one hell of coach. Best coach the Buc’s ever had. Dungy was a close second.

  30. Joe Says:

    I am sorry but I cannot buy that the loss of the OC is effecting the offense with the QB coach calling the plays.

    You should. The quarterback coach is just that. He does not oversee the entire offense. Tedford has his hand in every aspect of the offense. He was in charge.

    The NFL is not playstation. Each game, if not each drive, an offense is crafted differently and good coaches adjust from play to play. You don’t just pick up a playbook and say, “This looks like a good play.”

    Arroyo was not hired to do that. Need more evidence? Look what happened when Jeff Jagodzinski was fired just before the season. The offense was trainwreck.

  31. Brent Says:

    Lovie still has some time but these first 3 games were so bad he’s on a shorter leash than normal. i still want to believe in him but hes got to get a couple wins. this roster is better than last years he has to win more than 4 games. Totally miss gruden. Not a schiano fan but why fire schiano and have to start over again building a roster for this crap. I think media played a big role in schianos firing. If this guy turns out worse its on them. These 3 games are the worst I’ve seen since the end of Raheem’s tenure .

  32. rayjay1122 Says:

    I have not commented on anything in a while…since letting Revis go anyway. This team is beyond pathetic and the sad part is that we will most likely be picking if not the 1st pick, a top pick in every round that we have a pick in the 2015 draft and it won’t matter. This team needs so much that it would take an act of God (or whatever higher power one believes in) to make them compete again. So lets say we get the 1st pick and actually draft the best QB available. Does anyone actually believe we are a QB away? I don’t. Yes we do need to get a QB first but without an O-Line, D-line, well hell the whole team sucks so I am not going to list them all. I feel sorry for the guys we pick in the draft because they will be rookies asked to instantly be saviors all while trying to learn the NFL level of play with a huge lack of coaching or at least relevant systems for today’s NFL. It is like this, sometimes things are top notch when they are new but with age, the new things are better. Like my car. I have a 2003 MB SL 500. When it was new it was pretty fast for vehicles made in 2003. I raced my sister’s 2013 Mustang GT and got smoked. Newer technology beats older even when the older was above average for a while. The Tampa 2 is like that. It used to be elite but now is just average when all parts are working correctly. I will always pull for the Bucs to win, but I am no longer fanatical about them which I guess means no longer a fan? Just a resident now who wants to see a winning or even a watchable team. This one is neither and has not been for a while. Why can’t even one pro or college team that I am interested in be good for crying out loud??? I hope the Bolts do something the next NHL season or else it is going to be a long year.

  33. Chef Paul Says:

    Before the season started someone tweeted Dungy, how much it effects a team not having their OC. His reply was: Same as losing a QB.

    Thats huge

  34. Broy34 Says:

    Ncbucsfan-that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Team learned kiffin was leaving -4 straight losses. Had a top 5 d in football before that. Fact. Fact. Fact. However I love gruden the coach but his draft picks and talent evaluation say it all. And for all saying dexter Jackson-he wanted desean. Missed by one pick

  35. NCbucsFansince79 Says:

    I am not on the “Fire Lovie” bandwagon and you have to see some similarities to the old Bucs with McCoy and David as a starting foundation for a great defense that will improve over the season if healthy. Lovie has proven himself in this league and needs to be given the time to succeed or we will keep seeing the same results. Hoping Tedford returning makes a difference.

  36. Bryan Says:


    How does my comment equate to me enjoying losing or loving the team in recent years? Your powers of deductive reasoning are icredible.


    Gruden could be a great coach. A great personnel man he was not. He had too much power. With a great GM he would probably be fantastic.

  37. t-dub Says:

    my patience with mccown is officially thin. #8 is not much better. The Glennon Mob may have rejoiced when he entered, but there was nothing more to after that.

  38. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Football is a game of emotion and will. You have to impose your will on 11 other guys who are trying to do the same to you! Last night, we saw a Bucs team that was beyond “flat”, beyond “lifeless”, beyond any other words you would use to describe their effort…not just their PERFORMANCE…I’m talking about their ATTITUDE! PERFORMANCE can be coached up and trained to get better….but ATTITUDE is a whole different story! I saw an ATTITUDE last night of complacency, laziness and resignation. With very few exceptions, I saw no ATTITUDE that would lead any Bucs fan to believe that this team wanted anything more than to just take their lumps, and fly home for a long weekend!

    I know Coach Smith is a humble, plain spoken kind of guy (like Tony Dungy before him), but I saw no ATTITUDE of getting tough, or playing with pride, from Coach Smith last night and the players ATTITUDE mimicked his! Did you see the Falcons coach? He was yelling, high fiving his players, giving guys pep talks when they missed an assignment and pats on the back for making good plays! Coach Lovie simply wore the same dour expression on his face all game long! Players feed off ATTITUDE, ENERGY, PRIDE and DETERMINATION …and Lovie showed none of that! (To be completely fair, none of the so called “leaders” amongst the players did either…I know GMC tried to rally the troops a bit from the sideline, but he couldn’t do it on the field).

    Our defense might be a lot worse than we thought it would be. And our Offense and Special Teams are nothing to write home about either, but with PRIDE, ATTITUDE and DETERMINATION, they could be a lot better than what we saw last night. What we saw last night was a team and a coaching staff that looked like they had all given up and quit! The fans deserve better than what we got last night! I hope that every coach and Bucs player today feels ashamed….not that they lost to a better team, but ashamed that they let it happen without showing any ATTITUDE to fight back. This team has some talent….but it lacks heart and leadership…amongst the players and coaches!!!!!!

  39. NCbucsFansince79 Says:

    We have to start Glennon to see what we have. I am thinking Josh’s thumb will take a while to heal and we will get to see Glennon and whether it turns out good or bad remains to be seen. I am at least hoping Lovie is thinking this way. I hate say I was hoping to see a minor injury like this to help make the transition from Lovie’s mistake of anointing McCown the starter with no competition.This gives Lovie a way out and I really don’t think Josh wants to go back in.

  40. mark2001 Says:

    Frankly, we are still living with the horrendous decision to fire Gruden. Allen was a bad personnel man, Gruden loved every player, and that was a bad combination. But had we fired Allen, and brought in a good personnel man, we would probably look more like the Packers or the 49er, with up and down seasons,rather than degenerating into arguably the worst team in the league. I wanted for that to be done and said so way back then….but of course, I don’t know football like the

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Bryan Says:
    September 19th, 2014 at 12:50 pm


    How does my comment equate to me enjoying losing or loving the team in recent years? Your powers of deductive reasoning are icredible.”

    Yes that’s exactly the way I read your comment. A comment was made that we should have kept Gruden because we have sucked ever since. You disagreed with that person wholeheartedly did you not?

    As if your more than content with the results since Gruden got fired. Yes that’s how I took it. I bet most people did too.

  42. Drew Says:

    This game was so ugly I had to put a YUCCANEER bag over the 2002 Super Bowl helmet I have in my office. Man!!!! I’m taking a beating at work today.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    I’d take Gruden/Allen back in a flat hot second over this mess.

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    Gruden had so much charisma and character to him. Almost celebrity-like and he was coaching the Bucs. Not some big market team. He coached the Bucs and made us relevent in NFL circles. No we are laughed at again.


  45. rayjay1122 Says:

    I like Lovie the man, but have to question Lovie the Head Coach. We needed to clean house and did but the problem is that we cleaned house the same way a child cleans their room. Shoving stuff under the bed does not constitute a cleaning. Talent evaluation is lacking with this regime big time and it is nothing new for Lovie. Remember that Lovie actually gave the Bucs a draft pick for the late Gaines Adams (RIP) and if that was not a clue to a lack of evaluation of talent then I guess I don’t know what is. I hope things turn around but I will not be holding my breath…

  46. Bill T Says:

    Lovie got bailed out with McCown’s injury. You think he had the balls (or the brains) to sit McCown after this game if he wasn’t hurt?

  47. tnew Says:

    I remember a while back.. When Dungy was fired. I made a comment regarding how I hated the move because the deal that brought Gruden in, remember all of those early picks, would screw us for 10 seasons. I made the statement that I would trade 10 years of stable playoff football for one Super Bowl season and was laughed off the board (wasn’t this one). One of the big things that I mentioned was the importance of McKay in the Franchise and how that relationship was destined to fail. Wish I was wrong there.

    So now I ask the same question. Are you willing to have 1 Super Bowl or 10 playoff seasons. The 10 playoff seasons look a bunch more fun to me.

    The thing is the Bucs are now so far from either. Gaping holes everywhere. Two coaches under contract. We are stuck with Lovie for a minimum of 3 years. Bad decisions everywhere. Look at McCown. Bounces around everywhere. Can’t even stick with a Lovie Smith team. Then a dynamic coach comes to town and tells him to fire away and he does. Why would anyone expect him to now be a game manager type of qb? Joe made a comment recently about a great coach adapting to his talent and using it to the best of their ability. Taking a QB that excels in a wide open attacking multi threat offense and then saying now, make no interceptions and just manage the game. But these decisions are being made up and down the lineup. The wide receivers are being so misused. Martin is not a one cut back yet that is how our line blocks. Goldson and Barron are essentially the same player, (I would consider moving one of them to special team specialist for the remainder of the season. I remember Ronde Barber participating in special teams so please don’t tell me Mark Barron is too good for it) The D-line, I don’t know what it is doing but I suspect that all of the criticism that was heaped on Schiano for all the exotic stunts where to mask the inadequacies of the players. These players loved when they were allowed to go get the qb, well show it, otherwise get ready for ring around the rosie.

  48. rayjay1122 Says:

    @ Bill T…Exactly. Glennon is the right choice at this point. He may only be the future back up when we finally if ever get a QB that can carry a team but Josh is at the end of the road and since we are not winning, he may as well carry a clip board or I guess tablet these days. So let us ponder what QB we will take next year?

  49. incognito Says:

    Im sorry folks but the only viable hope for the bucs fans is for the glazers to sell the team.

  50. teacherman777 Says:

    we are or were the least penalized team in the NFL before last night.

    Schianos teams were the most penalized.


    at least we make less penalties!

  51. Nick Says:

    Some of you people, the ones who put years to lie about when u became Bucs fans, think that football is about magic and luck. It’s a science, and there are plenty of places you can go and learn about football.

  52. buccanAy Says:

    You should be first in line at the next Football 101 class. The first lesson will be “How NOT to play like an NFL QB” with Josh McCown as Exhibit 1.

  53. lurker Says:

    superbowl or bust, not even close

  54. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    I agree with Incognito; the Glazers have to sell the team before we can expect them to be competitive. Of course that would open up the can of worms about the Bucs competing with the Jags in moving to London and the Lambs and Chargers in bringing football back to LA. You know that will come up if the team goes up for sale as it is in Buffalo now with a high possibility of the franchise moving to Toronto for more than just a couple games a season… That being said: how would Joe think the franchise would be run if someone like Eddie DeBartolo got the franchise and kept it in Tampa???

  55. Brandon Says:

    It isn’t helping anybody that the guy that’s been calling the plays is the QB coach and before this season his highest position in football was college offensive coordinator, and a pretty bad one at that.

    I don’t know how anybody thinks anybody else could succeed with Arroyo as the OC. The college teams he ran on offense were awful.