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September 19th, 2014

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  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    No. Wait until after the bye week. I want to see if there is a difference with Tedford calling plays…just because. Glennon would also get 2 weeks to prepare for Vikings and Browns…our only possible win(s) it would appear.

  2. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    While I thought and still think Glennon is the better QB, in the paraphrased words of Hillary Clinton (and fake sob in the tone) what does it matter now!?

  3. Chef Paul Says:

    Did I miss something? Doesnt McCown have a broken thumb?

  4. stevek Says:

    Start Glennon, 13 games left to see what the kid is made of.

    Can’t wait to see the detractors continue to be disproven on their football IQ’s.

    MG8 is the real deal!

  5. RealityCheck Says:

    McCown sealed his fate with that pick 6 last night. Now he can comfortably sit back and collect his paychecks as an overpriced backup. We’ll see if Glennon can become more than a game manager and get some wins.

  6. Phillip Says:

    Glennon throwing 2 dropped picks last night is so much better right guys? Or that wonderful 3rd and 17 and he decides to throw 3 yards deep… Whatever lets get this over with so hopefully we draft someone with that top pick…

    By the way McCown has a sprained thumb according to Rap I believe on twitter?

  7. Big Rob Says:

    “Or that wonderful 3rd and 17 and he decides to throw 3 yards deep…”

    Comments like this always make me laugh. Did you see if there were other options open? Do you realize the defense locks down everything around the first down line? lol

  8. NJBucsFan Says:

    The title of this is biased.

    Should be…given a shot to earn the starting job, especially since he wasn’t given a chance during the preseason.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    I know he’s not near perfect, but I look forward to seeing Glennon in a complete game. The Steelers D is not as good as they are usually known for. It looks like I’ll be pulling for the underdogs the balance of the season.

  10. buccinfan Says:

    Philip sounds like anyother bandwagon fan. Yea glennon almost threw 2 picks but by the time glennon was handed the keys to the offense it was already a 35 point blowout and the team pretty much quit on reaching for his passes and putting their bodies on the line for a game lost

  11. Harry Says:

    I am proud to say that I was the first to vote, and cast my vote in favor of MG8. Most know I am anything but a MGM member, in fact I still think McCown is the better QB (although at this point, I hope not! lol). But with where we are now, we may as well see what The Future holds. It is HORRENDOUS to be where we are right now after only 3 f*&king games. I am sooooooo pi$$ed, but I know all of you are too.

    btw where are all the sheep that said its only two games…. relax….?

  12. Phillip Says:

    Ya go out there and let it rip what do you have to lose? We were already down 35 points… He sure had no problem throwing that pillow soft bomb to Mike Evans when he was triple covered… People really need to stfu if they don’t pay attention to games… You guys make non stop excuses for the kid… There has not been ONE excuse from me about how crappy McCown has played and even said after the Falcons game that we should start Glennon because it gives him 10 days to practice with the 1st stringers and to get this 2nd Mike Glennon Era over with before it takes any longer… 17-24 sure looks nice EXCEPT all but 2 comleted passes were dumpoffs.


    Oh and the Atlanta Falcons defense is so good I forgot… SMH MGM is needs to take the blinders off.

  13. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    Do you see that Mr. Steve D-u-e-m-i-g?

    I know you read this site and I know you will read this blog entry and the comments.

    Over 90% of Bucs fans want Mike Glennon as the starter. He should have been given the keys to the kingdom from day one.

  14. Phillip Says:


  15. Phillip Says:

    And your starting QB is Josh McCown if healthy just announced by Lovie lol

  16. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie just got himself fired by going with “Josh is our QB”. Expect a major fan revolt to that one.

  17. stevek Says:


    SMH, how can MG8 control what the score was prior to him entering the game? Seriously?

    How can MG8 be accosted for the interceptions he didn’t throw?

    Additionally, can you come to terms with the fact that MG8 outplayed McCown this year?

    Why does it take MG8 1 quarter of football to get a passing TD, and McCown has 0 passing TDs through 10 quarters of play?

  18. bucrightoff Says:

    Phillip, if you’d seriously rather see McCown out there, find a short pier to walk off please.

  19. Chef Paul Says:

    It took Glennon, what?, one play to match the first downs McCown got in almost an entire half of football.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    March 25, 2013 Dan Hanzus Around the League writer

    In his glowing review of Glennon last week, NFL draft analyst Bucky Brooks wrote that he sees glimpses of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Glennon has size and a big-time arm, but questions of mobility and faulty decision-making have kept his draft profile relatively low.

    April 26th, 2013 Joe Bucs Fan

    @AdamSchein: Love Glennon to TB. My guys Phil Simms and @RichGannon12 thought he was 2nd best QB in draft.

    April 22, 2013 By Joe Giglio News and Observer

    “You know what I like more than anything?” Gruden asked Glennon. “You’re standing in there. I mean, your right tackle is on the ground. The defensive tackle is beating down on you and you stand in the face of the rush and make a great throw.”

    Jan 11 2013 Mel Kiper Jr SBNation

    Kiper notes that Glennon was “a victim of tons of drops” and “the tape will help his case.” The bowl game wasn’t pretty, but Glennon could put on a great showing in Mobile. “I don’t see him as an immediate starter in an ideal situation, but he has a high ceiling. A guy who could actually get better between now and the draft,” Kiper wrote.

    November 1st, 2013 Ron Jaworski on 620 AM

    The way Mike Glennon is playing and progressing the Bucs have no reason to draft a quarterback.

    Apr 26, 2013 RotoWorld

    Glennon (6-7, 225) took over NC State’s offense following Russell Wilson’s transfer and started two seasons, completing 60.3 percent of his throws with a 62:29 TD-to-INT ratio. Glennon is Rotoworld draft analyst Josh Norris’ No. 4 QB in this class. Built like a young Joe Flacco with a powerful downfield arm, Glennon is an accurate deep passer. “Built like an oak tree,” ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has described. Glennon isn’t a quality athlete, tends to hold onto the ball too long, and too often retreats rather than stepping up amid collapsing pockets. Sheer arm talent still makes him a quality developmental project — and a great fit for Bucs OC Mike Sullivan’s vertical scheme. Josh Freeman should consider himself on notice.

    Nov. 21, 2013 Gregg Rosenthal NFL.com

    “Mike Glennon is so far more advanced than RGIII playing NFL quarterback that it’s not even close,” Cosell told WFHS-FM in Tampa this week. “They shouldn’t even be in the same discussion.”

    “When your quarterback makes difficult anticipation throws, everything about your offense tends to look better,” Cosell said. “For instance, I’ll give you an example of a throw that was made this week by Glennon. When he hit Underwood for 20 yards in the second quarter down inside the 10, that was a classic anticipation throw.

    “He threw Underwood open. If I showed you the film and froze it just as Glennon was making his delivery, you’d say, ‘Who’s he throwing it to?’ That’s a litmus test throw that helps measure future success.

    “That throw would not have been made by Josh Freeman. It wouldn’t have entered his mind.”

    9/25/13 Pat Yasinskas BSPN

    Jon Gruden:
    “This guy can make some really difficult down-the-field throws. If you watch the camp session with Glennon, you’ll see we went through a “Fox Two XY Hook.” I coached that pattern for 18 years. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a QB at any level throw it with the ease Glennon can. Brett Favre threw a certain second-reaction post, by my count, about four times in his career. I saw Glennon throw it four times last season.”

  21. BamBamBuc Says:

    I voted for Glennon, and most here know how I feel about him. But at this point, why not? Personally, I believe we’ll all realize we need to draft a top QB next year, but it can’t hurt to give him another shot. It’s not like we’re looking too good to make the playoffs. I still think they should have grabbed Bridgewater last draft.

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    Then again if the team(or Lovie) is lost, have given up and every other part of this team continues to fall asleep on Sunday’s ,(Thursday Nighter too) it won’t matter who the hell they put in at QB. Br-ady or Joe Montana.

    The defense sucks. The offense blows. The special teams is effed.

    Our team has become the NFL’s whore. Used and abused by everyone in the league. And Lovie has no answers for it either.

    How’s that for a ringing endorsement for Lovie Smith?

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    My unofficial scorecard of the overall team improvement from Schiano to Lovie after 3 games is.

    Schiano 3 Lovie Smith 0

  24. Espo Says:

    Like I’ve said, the shiniest of 2 turds.

  25. Nick Says:

    Lovie has already made the call. It’s McCown when he’s healthy. No way Glennon will ever start while McCown is healthy. Glennon is awful , McCown moves the ball ( if receivers catch the ball

  26. Danny Says:

    Might as well keep McCown in. They started winning games after Glennon took over last season, and winning one or two too many games could cost them the number one pick.

  27. Phillip Says:


    What part of go out there and let it rip is confusing to you? If anything the score being what it was means Glennon had no pressure on him St all to win the game and he still didn’t take advantage… We can hold McCown accountable for bad passes and plays but not Glennon.. Gtfo MGM…

    McCown may not have passing TD’s but he does have 2 rushing ones which still count last time I checked but good job.. You got blinders on and it’s sad… I couldn’t care less what Glennon looks like or that he isn’t that mobile… If I thought the kid could play then I’d think differently…. I never once said the kid is trash just an average QB which I’m tired of settling for.


    Go back and read where I said GLENNON SHOULD BE STARTING AFTER THE FALCONS GAME.. I want to get this experiment over with for the second time already… Learn to read

  28. Phillip Says:

    At all to win the game… Damn phone

  29. buccanAy Says:

    Nick….at first, I thought sarcasm, but you’re, obviously, not that smart.

  30. mdsbuc Says:

    Glennon’s stats as a rookie are better than the 12th season Vet. He shows more poise in the pocket, protects the ball better, and has a greater upside based on age alone. For me it’s a “no-brainer,” but I just heard that Lovie is making no changes at QB at this time. 🙁

    Josh McCown- accumulated stats over 11+ seasons
    comp att. % yds avg TD Int rating
    837 1,405 59.6 9,247 6.6 52 49 77.0

    Attempts/TDs- 27 (a TD every 27 throws)
    TD to Int. ratio: nearly 1:1
    Games Started/Fumbles- 41/45 (avg. more than 1 per start)

    Mike Glennon- rookie stats + last nights game
    264 440 60.0 2,729 6.2 20 9 84.6
    Attempts/TDs 22 (a TD every 22 throws)
    TD to Int. ratio: better than 2:1
    Games Started/Fumbles- 14/7 (avg. 1 for every 2 starts)

  31. Boomer33 Says:

    I voted for Glennon and I consider him to be a career back up QB at best. That’s how pathetic things are here in Tampa right now.

  32. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Let the alleged QB of the future take it from here. Here’s another novel concept: how about have OC Tedford actually call the damn plays and hope and pray that we see any signs of improvement. This hiring of Tedford is beginning to look as bad as the Jagodzinski debacle of a few years back where the Yucs fired Jag for incompetence in preseason and went with Greg Olsen on the way to 3-13…… This year, the Bucs look even worse out of the gate then Rah’s guys in ’09….

  33. JBuc Says:

    Fort Myers Dave- you do realize Tedford has been out due to health reasons right? There are some things more important than football

  34. Mike10 Says:

    We gotta give him at least 1 game w Tedford at OC – comeon now. This guy is getting paid a lotta mula for this

  35. Brandon Says:

    buccinfan Says:
    September 19th, 2014 at 2:06 pm
    Philip sounds like anyother bandwagon fan. Yea glennon almost threw 2 picks but by the time glennon was handed the keys to the offense it was already a 35 point blowout and the team pretty much quit on reaching for his passes and putting their bodies on the line for a game lost

    Like a true MGM (Mike Glennon Moron), making excuses for absolutely everything. Glennon’s the starter now, where are the excuses going to come from now?

    When McCown put up points against the Panthers in the second half, MGMers said it was because of the prevent defense…or in other words, the exact same defense Glennon faced in the second half of every game last season and led the team to a league worst amount of points scored.

    He played against a prevent-style defense on Thursday too, and managed a grand total of 7 points. MGMers are blinded by stats, he had three dropped interceptions, but none of them count as bad passes to them. He had a great completion percentage because he refuses to test defenses down the field. How many times on Thursday did we face a 3rd and long and Glennon completed a checkdown for 2-3 yards?

    With the exception of greatly improved mobility outside of the pocket, Glennon is the same checking down, easily rattled with pressure, poor footwork having QB that has no pocket presence or ability to accurately and effectively push the ball down the field.