Jason Licht Stuck His Neck Out

September 29th, 2014

LichtmugLet’s not forget that sports is entertainment and straight-shooting communicators really make everything more fun and exciting.

So Joe really must commend Bucs general manager Jason Licht.

Licht hopped on the Buccaneers Radio Network about 20 minutes before kickoff yesterday and didn’t hold back.

Despite his 0-3, banged up Buccaneers entering the Terrible Towel cauldron of Heinz Field, a thousand miles from the warm cleavage of Raymond James Stadium, Licht let it all hang out. He didn’t back off the challenge at hand and made no attempt to soften his expectations or censor bold predictions.

Licht started his talk with Gene Deckerhoff issuing a no-excuses proclamation and said nothing in the Bucs plans has changed and the Bucs expect to win now.

“It’s gut check week. We’re going to see what we’re made of here,” Licht said. “We’ll see a different football team today.”

That was all pretty cool.

It was Licht’s first public chatter since the Atlanta debacle, and Licht said the Bucs all spent “a half day to lick our wounds” and “we needed to mourn.” But explained the 10 days between games was welcome time to right the wrong.”

After the game, Licht was all pumped up in the happy Bucs locker room.

Joe recorded some of Licht’s chatter. Your can hear it below via WDAE-AM 620.

29 Responses to “Jason Licht Stuck His Neck Out”

  1. skelly Says:

    I really do like this guy. He seems pretty authentic, not the average exec reading from a script, afraid to say what he really thinks. To early to tell if he is good at his job though. Time will tell, but I am pulling for him.

  2. dusthy rhothdes Says:

    Now send the scouts out and look for best quarterback in 2014 to draft. Also find an established OC or the broncos qb coach or colts qb coach offer them the OC job in tampa for 2015. Who are the bucs assts it seemed that schianos assts were more qualified

  3. jo_mama Says:

    How can you like anyone who Picked a Career Back up over 19-9 Rookie Mike Glennon.

    Did you see those passes in the 4th Qtr!!!!

    I had no fear that he was not going to make those plays.

    Now we don’t need to draft a QB next year and we can use that #1 pick on Defense.

  4. mark2001 Says:

    Dusthy….Not saying we should draft a QB to compete for 2015, but Glennon might get the job done.

    Regarding the draft, I think this year it needs to be one or two O lineman, and then the rest on the D side of the ball. I don’t know if it is the implementation of the scheme or the talent on that side of the ball…or both…but the “D” isn’t nearly there yet. And that assumes resigning GM.

  5. jo_mama Says:

    Honestly did not see us winning the game. However Since Glennon was playing I was not going to Bet it.

    Now looking back we should be 3-1 if it was not for Lovie Smith.

    I still say Fire Lovie Smith. He did not thing to manage the offense.

    We had 2 delay of games.

    We had 1 RB Throwing the ball on 1st down at the 10.

    Mike Glennon can run the team.

    Bring back Schanio to Help with Next years draft.

  6. robert9 Says:

    “w can you like anyone who Picked a Career Back up over 19-9 Rookie Mike Glennon.”

    spot on.

    seems more like lovies lap dog as others have said. just my gut after seeing him handle the draft, and giving away a 4th with tim wright.

    my gut says this guy is not getting the proper return for players and draft picks. good teams like the patriots consistently improve their draft status through working guys like this for picks. just think he’s going to hurt us in the long run. Dom was good at this and schiano was an excellent evaluator of men.

  7. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Mark I will/would be fine with letting glennon audition for the future for the remaining games of the year and then plan after that, he is only in his 2nd year….the bucs as a franchise are in total disarray and lots of it has to do with the owners and these 2 football minds running things or ruining things….this win was more of pittsburgh losing and playing stupid football….glennon did do a GREAT job of leading team to the winning score on sunday and the no-name wideouts did a great job of running the 1 minute drill and vjax finally caught a ball….good thing it wasn’t on the defense to stop a drive the other way

  8. Patrick in VA Says:

    With Evans out 2-3 weeks, maybe we see Streeter come back and produce like Murphy did

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Schiano saw the talent and potential in Glennon. Some still can’t see it or are looking for something that does’nt exist. I’m so happy and proud to have MG8 on our team. He erased much of the minor doubt about his ability. Go Glennon! Fire your cannonI Great game!

  10. jo_mama Says:

    Let’s put this in perspective.

    Mike Glennon did something no Buc has ever done.

    Win in Pittsburgh.

    He did this while throwing a pick which was not his fault.

    He did this while getting 2 back to back delay of games.

    He did this while having a running back throw a ball at the worst time when he was killing the defense.

    How much more proof do you need.

    Don’t you want to see hightlights on ESPN?

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    jo_mama….that team looked prepared to play yesterday for the first time all season.

    I don’t know about you ,but I put that on Lovie. Lovie had his team prepared to play and it finally showed.

    Sure there were dumb mistakes here and there, but that’s the norm for the Bucs.

  12. Buc1987 Says:


    Persevered is what Glennon did.

    per·se·vere : continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

  13. jo_mama Says:

    In 1 and a half games.

    Mike Glennon has as many touchdowns as
    Tom Brady
    Cam Newton

    Jake Locker
    Chad Henne
    Brian Hoyer
    Matt Cassel

    He has more Touchdowns than
    Andy Dalton
    Josh McCown

  14. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joe – are you going to mention this win every time you talk about Glennon like you do with Shaun King. Something along the lines of “Glennon, the only Buc quarterback in franchise history to go in to Pittsburgh and win, ……”

  15. Casual Observer Says:

    Jomamma –

    Good points. I think another (albeit selective) comparison is how MG played against Seattle in Seattle compared to Peyton Manning against Seattle in the Super Bowl. Glennon played better – and was a rookie. I think MG has a very bright future. A smart guy who is always learning his craft.

  16. Curse of Gruden Says:

    There goes Jo’s Mama again trying to compensate for his mediocre little league career by jumping on the first post.

  17. skelly Says:

    Since this post is turning into a Glennon fight.. Lol, i am sure it was Lovie and Tedford driving the QB bus for McCown. I think its great he’s on the team but giving him the keys his first day at 1 buc was a mistake. I don’t think you put that on Licht though.

    As far as Glennon. I was at that game yesterday surrounded by Steeler fans who thought Glennon was second coming of Manning. Other teams fans seem to think highly of many of our players. Maybes its because they don’t get to listen to our on air folks killing our players every day as over rated. Just sayin.

  18. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Skelly its not just the on air people the bucs are a dropped pass by antonio brown from still being ofer in 2014…the bucs defense is terrible and they have yet to understand that the TE is not a glorified tackle and dont look now but next week the best TE in football will be on the field……Glennon did a good job yesterday and deserves the rest of the 2014 season to prove he is the man…if lovie and licht screw this up then they are worse football personnel men than we have judged them thus far

  19. Barry Says:

    MG8 set NFL rookie records. MG8 set Buccaneers rookie records. MG8 has been disrespected by Media and fans locally, not by national Media. MG8 was unjustly benched by Lovie. MG8 beat Steelers in Pittsburgh, 1st time in team history. He’s your QB, and rightly so #YouMightNotLikeItButYouBetterLearnToLovieIt #MG8FranchiseQB #Haters #PatheticSoCalledBucsFans

  20. skelly Says:

    Dusthty, Couldn’t have said it better. We stole it for sure. Mike played great in second half. But he missed plenty of throws, our wf’s dropped balls, oline couldn’t open holes, our secondary is giving it up big time. All right on and we’ll see if its just a system thing that these guys aren’t executing or if it’s personal. Besides Barron, who I can’t stand (due to his draft status) I find it hard to believe that our DB’s or even Goldson forgot how to defend over the offseason. Hopefully they continue to improve.

  21. Patrick in VA Says:

    For those that are still beating up Barron because you think he was drafted too high, we desperately needed secondary help that year and the other top rated DB, Morris Claiborne, that we would have drafted was recently benched on a bad Dallas defense for being ineffective since he got there. It was going to be bad either way.

  22. robert9 Says:

    have to disagree on lovie 87.

    the team looked prepared, but who knows if it was them coming together or words of inspiration as a coach. I worked in a hugely successfull office where the owner was a complete ass, but we were dominant in our industry. just one hell of a group of guys. he was a tyrant…tried to run me out of town early on, i stuck it out and became extremely good…at which time he wanted to be my best friend. well, his head gut too big and he treated us as such and now most of us have our own firm and have run him out of business. moral of the story. it aint always the guy in charge, but the soldiers who determine the outcome.

  23. mcBuc Says:

    Dustthty, actually the defense played a major role when they stopped the Stealer’s last drive. A first down at that point would have ended the game. The defense still has work to do, but they looked improved in the second half.

  24. oldfart44 Says:

    Since I have been a fan–starting with Tony Dungy era–the Bucs have never had an elite QB, nor an elite OC.

    Should we have drafted Bridgeman, and tried like hell to hire Norv Turner? I know one game is a small sample size, but they sure looked good yesterday.

    I’ll be very honest, Glennon–not being fair to the young man–I will always link to Schiano, who to my disgust has to be the worst coach I have ever seen.

  25. BucFan20 Says:

    And Mike Evens was one foot from being in bounds and the score being higher. any more stupid comments about the Brown miss?

  26. foghead407 Says:

    Joe mamma your an idiot. Lovie is ten times the coach schiano is

  27. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Oldfart, gruden was an elite OC that we let walk out the building but I am with you on the Norv Turner hiring, that is a great call……but tedford and lovie did bonding down in the basement i guess

    and the defense may have done good the last series and the steelers OC is an idiot because the bucs were loaded up to stop the run and did so basically the whole game but never stopped the TE…i just hope that this is a glimmer teamwise of things to come…glennon should not lose the starting spot….and i hope this isnt like clark griswald using bubble gum to seal the leaks at the hoover dam

  28. buc4lyfe Says:

    Why does it seem like lovie and licht are not on the same page, I’m sure licht needed the heimlich maneuver when he heard lovie wanted josh as his starter

  29. CalBucsFan Says:

    Since this is the no. 1 Bucs fan blog, I believe it was on this website last year that I said Glennon reminds me of a young Manning, Eli or Payton. I still stand by that, this kid has game, reads defenses very well at the line and checks down to the right receiver time after time. I can see it, GM Licht can see it, and now all of the MGM newbies are seeing it too.
    Welcome aboard newbies, batton down the hatches and full sails ahead, the Bucs are going after all the bootie now!