Watch Logan Mankins’ News Conference

August 28th, 2014

The newest Buccaneer, All-Pro guard Logan Mankins, arrived in Tampa this morning and looked like he was still in a bit of shock this evening at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

Joe’s got video.

You can watch it all below via

14 Responses to “Watch Logan Mankins’ News Conference”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    ’cause he was intimidated by the notion that Richie might be in the same locker room…

  2. RJBucnut Says:

    That dude looks like he will b on Zoloft soon. He’s obviously down and out. When he says he’s gonna try his hardest and if it’s good enough then good if not then oh well. That’s concerning. His heart is not here. I know this sounds crazy but he may need another week to adjust. Btw JOE w hv no depth on this team. Bowers better get his head out of his uterus!!!

  3. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Man I hope this guy can find a way to get jacked up about being a Buc. Right now he sounds like a player contemplating retirement.

  4. SteveK Says:

    Mankins is going to have a chip on his shoulder. He is going to go out and have a great year for us. He has something to prove to Belichick.

  5. gotbbucs Says:

    I dont think its so much that he’s in shock over being traded anymore, I think its more so that he had zero desire to have to talk to the press. You have to be able to try and appreciate the situation that he’s been thrust into.
    I had a similar situation when I transfered from one college to another and everybody knew that I was being brought in to be a starter. I was told at the first practice that I needed to be the leader for that o-line. It does not happen overnight, there is feeling out process, especially for o-linemen.

  6. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Logan sounds like a stand up guy. Hopefully he and his family aren’t met with too many challenges; adjusting to their new environment. Glad he’s now, part of the family, and here’s to a great season.

    GO BUCS!

  7. unbelievable Says:

    ^^ I’ve got to agree.

    It’s been what? roughly 48 hrs since he found out. He’s in a completely new place, trying to move his entire family, life, etc. I don’t think he seems depressed, as much as he just looks overwhelmed by it all still, and that is understandable at this point.

    Now if 2 weeks from now he still seems like this, I will be concerned. But I believe over the next week or so, he will begin to acclimate to his new environment, start to gel with his new team in the locker room, etc. and *hopefully* come back with that hunger and attitude to dominate.

    If he can give us even average guard play, that would be miles ahead of Cousins.

  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    He does seem a little uncertain about things, but if everyone in Tampa makes him feel welcome, then that will go away quickly. Doubt you’re reading this but welcome to Tampa Mankins!

  9. Andres Says:

    That’s just his personality. He started out saying it wasn’t a shock and that it’s part of the business. Chill. He’ll be fine now that he doesn’t have to take a pay cut. You can’t decline a pay cut and not expect to be traded.

  10. Luther Says:

    I would be pissed if I were him. Taking off my pewter colored glasses, how would any of you feel going from Tom Brady to scrap heap QB and Team. Give the guy time and space to get through this.

  11. AM0621 Says:

    Poor guy… I’ll be at the game next week, and I plan on welcoming him to Tampa in earnest. We’re glad to have you Logan!!

  12. pewterpirate99 Says:

    He looks like he has NO desire to be here. He’s saying all the right things, but you can tell just by looking at his body language……he’s hating this!
    I agree with Luther that I’d be pissed too if I go from a winning organization and a future HOF quarterback to a joke of quarterback situation and this team that has blown dog as a whole since Gruden was fired. I really hope that he does acclimate to his new team and home, because there’s nothing worst than working somewhere your miserable at. I really feel for the guy.
    Welcome to Tampa Bay Logan! We’re very stoked to have you on our sorry o-line that NEEDS DESPERATELY your leadership and toughness!

  13. robert9 Says:

    I’ve been a big critic of this trade…not in getting a great gaurd, but in saying we should not have given the pick.

    that being said, after watching this I am actually optimistic. For a man who just kissed his wife and kids good bye and they are just starting school probably etc……he seemed about as frank and upbeat as one could expect. I enjoyed the video and he did not seem as down as what the comments imply.

  14. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    He’ll be fine. He’s a professional. He knows this crap happens all the time, especially in the Pats organization. The only thing I worry about is the fact that he’s had no time whatsoever through the offseason with this team. There will be struggles. Don’t expect Pro Bowl play right out of the gate. Its going to take a while.