Lovie Open To All Options

August 10th, 2014

Jacks sackBucs fans are getting up this morning, hoping their day-long bender made them think the Friday play of the Bucs’ offensive line was a mirage. Alas, once the hangover fog leaves, that nightmare was all too real.

Saturday online, whether it was this here corner of the Interwebs, or on Twitter, Bucs fans were freaking out, demanding a trade or even believing the impossible, that a man of morality and standards like Lovie Smith would actually stoop so low and go out and acquire that roided up piece of human debris known as Richie Incognito.

(For these same fans that believe in the tooth fairy, that believe a coach who ran a starting player out of town for having a mattress for a lawn ornament would infest his locker room with a skunk like Incognito, keep dreaming. Think about it: there is a [major] reason that dope got run from two teams and is currently walking the streets while 3/4 of the NFL is crying for a guard.)

Yesterday, in his day-after press conference, though cautioning folks not to jump off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Lovie inferred the team isn’t above looking outside the roster for offensive line help.

“As we said before, we’re always looking to improve our ball club,” Lovie said. “If there’s someone out there that can, we’re looking at them. But we feel comfortable with the guys [we have]. Again men, don’t overreact is what I would say. You guys don’t lead the charge to start overreacting. Let it play out a little bit through the preseason. Just like when you come out to practice after the first preseason game, don’t start printing up the Super Bowl tickets or cutting everybody on the team. Just let things play out a little bit, that’s what preseason games are for. The first live action this football team has had was last night. From there, give us a little bit of time and then we will see what we need, if we need something else.”

While Joe understands the reasoned approach is not to freak out, that it was only the first quarter of the first preseason game under new coaches, wasn’t the same patience urged last year when the Baltimore Crows had their way with the Bucs’ offensive line? And how did that offensive line grow and improve? Mind you this was the same offensive line Lovie gutted.

Look, Lovie said way back in May that the NFL is littered with good players who were not drafted on the first two days of the draft, and that good players are often plucked from the ash heaps towards the start of the season, castoffs from other clubs.

Let’s just say Joe is willing to lay cash on the starting lineup offensive line we just witnessed changes for the home opener against the Stinking Panthers.

50 Responses to “Lovie Open To All Options”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Is Randall McDaniel still available? He’s probably not in his 60’s yet. We could at least bring him in for a workout.

  2. Macabee Says:

    I’ve watched just about all of the first preseason games and I don’t feel so bad now after watching some of the worst football I’ve seen in years. Dallas and Denver were the only teams that looked like NFL O-Lines. And Dallas’ defense looks like division II. So I agree, it’s too early to panic. More time and game play is needed. I trust our coaches and believe they will address the problem one way or another. Patience is virtue. (I read that somewhere!)

  3. Dean Says:

    Just be thankful that most of you don’t live out of State and have to watch NFL replay, to follow the Bucs. The Jax broadcast was close to impossible to watch. Their cameras were shooting from the nosebleed seats. Honestly, binoculars would have given better views. They almost never called who made the play for the Bucs. No thought to complete coverage in any way. It might as well been coverage of a Jax scrimmage. I have seen High School broadcasts done more professionally.

  4. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    The thing I don’t get about folks wanting Incognito is that he was never very good. Joe is spot on when saying that Lovie’s character alone keeps Ritchie out of a Bucs uniform. Factor in his talent or lack thereof and it just isn’t happening. Now, an Alex Boone trade….bring it on. Then again, Brandon’s idea of Randall McDaniel sounds pretty good too. 🙂

  5. 1gr8buc Says:

    Dean I live in Jacksonville and had to endure that Friday night. I’m pretty sure sometimes they were too busy doing a close up on Bortles while the game was going on. Their sports radio up here is horrible as well. Makes me miss the Bay Area.

    Joe, I would have to agree with you 100% on your last statement. I would assume that this week they will start shuffling people around to find their best options on the line.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    What, me worry.

  7. BucBob1 Says:

    What I don’t understand, is how our offensive line played decent against our defensive line in camp, but fell short against the Jaguars defensive line. I’m not really sure, where to go with this, but can Jacksonville’s D line be better?

  8. OB Says:


    You are absolutely correct in your statemant and prediction. Just because you didn’t go to a big school doesn’t mean you can’t be a great guard or anything else. Also if you are not good to play DL maybe you are to play OL, I am sure they have a plan and will put it into execution.

    But the rest of the team looked good. If you take away the penalties, and I am sure Lovie and crew will, there were a lot of good plays called back that next will not be.

    Did one of the Joes get to watch the Saints and Rams game and if so what did they see?

  9. NJBucsFan Says:

    Let’s kick a 4th rounder to the 49ers and call it a day.

  10. lightningbuc Says:

    I’d be all for not over-reacting, except for the fact this is the same crap we’ve seen for the majority of the past few years. Even a couple years back when the media was telling us we had one of the best lines in the league, it wasn’t very good.

    This is what happens when a GM like the rock star refuses to draft quality linemen. The cupboard is empty!

  11. meh Says:

    I’d buy this approach if they hadn’t pretty much ignored the guard spot all offseason. Adding the worst guard in the NFL (Cousins) and a 5th rounder isn’t even trying. We all knew guard was a huge sore spot last year, and all we did was make that position even worse.

    I like a lot of what’s happened this offseason, but let’s not pretend like they didn’t lay an egg with the guard position.

  12. gotbbucs Says:

    Starting caliber offensive lineman arent walking the streets this time of year and teams arent going to be cutting any either. Behind Qb, your offensive line is the most important part of the team and right now we don’t have an offensive line that can get us very far, pretty sad considering how many guys they shipped in and out of here this offseason. Cutting Davin Joseph I was completely in favor of, but the Zuttah trade is hurting now.

  13. Bogiedr Says:

    Remember folks, Donald Penn was plucked from the Vikings practice squad. It’s only one game.

  14. DallasBuc Says:

    Where is our mealy-mouthed rook GM on all this? I have gotten used to hearing him in front of anyone with a microphone bragging about what a great job he and Lovie are doing. I have been bitching all off season about the lack of quality depth and competition at QB and oline. Seems as if QB and oline are important positions after all. I bet Bears fan has seen sht show before. During his year off Lovie decided wins football games more than offense does, or in other words, he learned nothing.

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    …decided defense wins…

  16. Lou. Says:

    Per Joe:

    “There is a [major] reason that dope got run from 2 teams and is currently walking the streets while 3/4 of the NFL is crying for a guard.”

    What would that reason be, Joe?

    Has your ace reporting staff found out whether the League has blacklisted Incognito?

    I know it is unthinkable that the Commish would do such a thing. It would make him a (cue screeches and organ chords) a BULLY.

    And no one wants to be the B-word. Especially the real powerful Bullies. It now is League policy to weep for the feeble-hearted mommy-dependent 325-lb. offensive tackles with Stanford degrees. And to — well, we all can see what is bing done to the blue collar lunch pail crowd in real life.

    I carry no brief for Incognito and I get that Lovie is not interested in him. Nor in Michael Sam. Incognito seems to be at least an average or better NFL-er and his teammates like him. Unlike Jonathan Martin. Is there any reason he sits home with no offers while other political mascots are cheered? Is Peter King — or the Joes — or anyone else on the case?

    You asked the question, Joe. We all can see and feel and taste the league-wide directive, just like the unofficial salary cap in the un-capped year. But there are not 23 saintly coaches and GMs to be found (3/4 x 32 teams minus Lovie). Please look into the facts and report back.

  17. Dan Says:


    Don’t blame this on Dominik. Licht and Lovie had the entire offseason to get a couple guards. They neglected the position and the result is what we all saw on in the first preseason game.

  18. panhandlebuc28 Says:

    Why haven’t I heard anything on Anthony Collins??? Is this a good or bad thing????


    First pass evans or AJS drops next game and you guys will be asking why stocker and dawson are not the starters.

  20. Harry Says:

    I could not have said it better. I guess it will be Dom’s fault for whatever other problems come up. This line is way worse than what we had last year, even with ‘one legged players’. I love Lovie, but this is also what he was known for in CHI.

    Where is this ‘scrap heap’ of guards? Most likely place is to pick up a vet getting cut from teams who drafted guards this year, right? In the first 4 rounds of this past draft the only guards that were drafted were by the Texans, Raiders and Panthers. I am not sure, but didn’t all of those Olines suck last year – worse than what the Bucs had? How is that going to help us?

    And just for the record, I suggested Incognito 6 months ago. But, no, I realize we will let McCown get killed before we consider Richie:

    Harry Says:
    February 20th, 2014 at 5:58 pm
    I suggested we sign Incognito yesterday for the reason that he would likely be available for the Vet Min. He is one of the best guards in the NFL and he would be cheap. I know he is a dirt bag. But I also follow the Doll-Fans and when he came to them he was on a one strike policy. Until this thing with Martin, he was on his best behavior. I say if he came here you just keep him on a very short leash.

  21. Dennis Says:

    Spin it all you want but the tape does not lie.

  22. lightningbuc Says:

    Dan and Harry,

    You guys are right. I didn’t mean to put it all on Dominik, the situation obviously should have been addressed better in this past offseason. But Dominik’s unwillingness to draft O-line the past 5 years certainly hasn’t helped build a pipe line of quality linemen.

  23. KeithInTampa Says:

    Well, it’s good to know that Joe is in the “No Incognito” camp this week; but I’ve yet to hear any thoughtful, rational reasoning as to why Joe, or anyone for that matter is anti-Incognito. BawlmerBucFan suggests that Incognito isn’t that good; (Did you see Jax toss Meredith around like a Flour Sack? Were you noticing how Cousins resembled the tram doors at TIA?) Incognito would clearly be a huge upgrade to our OL, and the logic that keeps him away is based on some PC media generated hyperbole that suggests Incognito could potentially be a locker room distraction?

    Here’s an interesting clip from Boomer Esiason on CBS Sports Radio: http://www.cbssports.com/video/player/cbssportsnetwork/315175491878/0/richie-incognito-still-without-a-team

  24. lightningbuc Says:

    The Incognito blackball is certainly interesting. Definitely not condoning some of his actions, but to think he is the only guy in the history of the NFL who “bullied” is incomprehensible. Guarantee it’s pretty common. Incognito just “bullied” the wrong guy I guess. Unfortunately, Richie wasn’t “Incognito” in his bullying.

  25. 7AllatoonaBucs Says:

    Alex Boone? Why not trade for him… He’s a beast

  26. Harry Says:

    No, Richie was not “Incognito” to what he did. But he would be a fine bandaid for a year or even two. I am a 100% Bucs fan, but follow the Dolphins from their Shula/Marino days. Richie was fine his first couple of years in MIA as he knew he was on his last leg; it was once he got comfortable that he went back to his bad behavior. I would not see him being able to do that with the Bucs – we have some good leadership in the locker room and in the Dolphins locker room, Richie was the leader.

    Unfortunately, I suspect Joe is right, Lovie would rather put up with the horrendous play we had on Friday night than sign Incognito. I don’t agree with that, but it is what it is.

  27. Soggybottom Says:

    I know we are told not to worry but did we really need this game tape to know the guards stink… Were wasting time and there is the worry..

  28. Harry Says:

    @KeithInTampa Says:
    “…Well, it’s good to know that Joe is in the “No Incognito” camp this week; but I’ve yet to hear any thoughtful, rational reasoning as to why Joe, or anyone for that matter is anti-Incognito…”

    Back in Feb/Mar when I put this same question to Joe, one of the Joes responded with ‘if I have to explain this to you, then you just don’t get it’. That is a paraphrase, but pretty close. I wonder if that viewpoint has changed as of Friday? LOL

  29. Harry Says:

    @7AllatoonaBucs Says:
    “Alex Boone? Why not trade for him… He’s a beast”

    I love that idea, and we have the cap room to give him the contract he wants. Boone on one side, Incognito on the other. That would give us one heck of a run blocking Oline. A guy can dream, right? Unfortunately, it will never happen. I don’t know what it is about Lovie’s tolerance for having bad Olines… He sure wouldn’t put up with that on the Dline.

  30. dusthy rhothdes Says:

    alex boone and incognito lets go or 6-10 will be 2-14 real fast

  31. Bill Says:

    Hell, bring in (OAK) Mike Brisiel NOW. He’s not great, but an experienced starter and can play both sides.

  32. nate Says:

    Not freak out u got to be kidding me josh mccowns ankle could of been broken… seriously it was that bad… we dodged a bullet so now lets jhelp him..

  33. Chris Says:

    I’m going to make this very simple for you guys. Pick 2 players out of the following 3….

    Gerald McCoy
    Lavonte David
    Alex Boone

    Boone isn’t a bum, he’s a good young guard entering his prime and he wants some big bucks.

  34. Chris Says:

    I promise you neither Boone or Incognito will be coming to Tampa. Did you read what Lovie’s said? He pretty much said we’re going to go with what we have and keep our eyes open when cuts roll around.

  35. JBuc Says:

    You people looking for Incognito are crazy. There is a glaring reason that he has not been claimed by anyone and it’s not a conspiracy. He has been a complete a-hole everywhere he has been including college and he plays guard. It’s called risk reward. His reward is not worth the risk.

  36. Boomer33 Says:

    I understand what you are saying Chris, but how much were we willing to pay Nicks if he wasn’t injured?

  37. Chris Says:

    Boomer – That would have turned into a problem at some point, believe that!

  38. nate Says:

    Bring them atleast for a try out! A freaking try out….

  39. BucsFanFromSaintsLand Says:

    I agree Dean! That was HORRIBLE!

  40. Harry Says:

    As I said in my post, IMO we have enough good leadership in the Bucs locker room to keep Incognito under control for at least a year or two. The Dolphins did not have that. Yeah, Richie is an a$$, but did you enjoy seeing McCown getting killed Friday night?

  41. Jason Says:

    Re: Alex Boone

    To everyone who protests that we have horrible guard play (after ONE preseason game!) and are positive that we have NO NFL-caliber guards on the team, and want to trade for Alex Boone and throw gobs of money at him:
    Alex Boone was not drafted in 2009.

    I repeat, Alex Boone was not drafted when he came out of college.

    This was partly due to concerns with him and alcohol abuse, but my point is there ARE NFL-caliber guards that can be gotten later in the draft. Oh, and the All-Pro guard the Saints had that we snagged in FA, Carl Nicks? He was a 5th rounder!

    I firmly believe Lovie gave the starting assignments to the two veteran guards partly to give them enough rope to hang themselves, and not only did they do that but yes they nearly took McCown with them. Yes I’m a huge Bucs fan and yes I want our guards to play better, and yes I have never believed our two veteran guards were anything more than FA fodder. But I also trust knowing that if I and every other Buc fan can see this, then certainly Lovie and our GM can also see it.

    And as far as Incognito, team chemistry is VERY important to any team and he does nothing but undermine it, apparently. No thanks.

  42. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    @keithintampa…….I’ve been looking on-line for a link to an article I read a couple of years ago. In it, it explained how Incognito (pre-Dolphin bullying scandal), was voted least talented/most dirty offensive lineman in the league. The poll used current players as basis for the article. I’ll keep on looking for it and if I can find it, I’ll forward the link.

  43. Harry Says:

    @Jason Says:
    “…To everyone who protests that we have horrible guard play (after ONE preseason game!)…”

    I would not say the concern is due to “ONE preseason game”. The ‘concern’ has been there ALL offseason. The preseason game was just reaffirmation of the lack of quality OGs. And the ‘concern’ was actually there long ago with Lovie’s history of having awful Olines in CHI. Personally, I also had concern when we did not draft a guard in the 3rd rd, but instead took a player at a position where we are loaded – that, at the time, seemed frivolous. I in fact had a fit, which in hindsight is well justified.

    Yes, NFL caliber guards can be gotten later in the draft (like in the 3rd rd where we took a RB we did not need), but how does that help us now? And sure, its reasonable to assume Lovie sees the problem, but since he has a history of having this same problem, I am not as sure that he knows what the solution is.

  44. teacherman777 Says:

    LT- Anthony Collins- Future Pro-Bowler- 0 sacks allowed last season.
    LG- Richie Incognito- Former Pro-Bowler- dying to play, will sign 3 year deal.
    C- Deitrich-Smith- Future Pro-Bowler
    RG-Alex Boone- Pro-Bowler
    RT- Demar Dotson- CHEAP AS HELL starting tacle



  45. deminion Says:

    I stay in Jax too broadcast was garbage and they are smitten with bortles he looked okay I don’t see the big thing abt him but we need a guard bad!

  46. Couch Fan Says:

    Is there any evidence that Incognito took roids? I havent heard anything like that so just wondering why Joe keeps calling him that.

  47. Harry Says:



  48. Thomas Says:

    I’m not a fan of incognito’s, but if he is apologetic and understands he was wrong and refuses to go down the route again I see no reason NOT to kick the tires. The worst thing to happen would be cutting him at that point.

    Remember, like him or not, he has already ‘served his time’ as it were and paid his dues. He lost everything he had in the league and is now sitting around doing lord knows what. If it comes to it, then it comes to it. But if you are gonna do it then do it soon before some other team beats us to it.

  49. Harry Says:


    Totally agree. Time served, lets see what Incognito has.

  50. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's locker Says:

    Lovie said we are going with what we got
    He never could built an offensive line in Chicago. It choked his otherwise talented offense.
    Every single year he was in Chicago
    Every Single year he was in Chicago

    Rest of the team has me feeling good!!
    But looks like Achilles heels follow