Gameplanning Helps Offensive Line

August 17th, 2014
Bucs RT Demar Dotson talks about the improvement the offensive line made from last week's train wreck.

Right tackle Demar Dotson talks about the improvement the offensive line made from last week’s train wreck.

Mental health professionals throughout the Tampa Bay area saw appointments for counseling spike after Bucs fans were ambushed with a truly horrid display of blocking last week. Josh McCown’s life insurance policy terminated, he had to run for his life so much.

In the first half last night against Miami — Joe is only counting the first half because the second half was largely played by future carpet cleaners, high school assistant coaches, concierges and tire store managers — the offensive line was did a halfway decent job. Not great, mind you, but certainly better than that horror show of turnstiles last week.

And when the blocking is sound, often the offense moves the ball. The Bucs had 143 yards of offense in the first half. OK for an offense that for the first time saw a modicum of blocking.

“Personally, I think we did better things like technique,” new starting right guard Patrick Omameh said. “We are on the same page as communication goes. We are just going to improve and get better. The good thing is we are getting better every day. As long as we improve every day. I think we are taking that step.

“We were on point with communication and technique was a little better. We can play fast and go.”

Right tackle Demar Dotson said he clearly saw an improvement over the past week, but there is a long road to travel.

“I think we made our biggest stride,” Dotson said. The difference between Week 1 and Week 2 of preseason, “that is a leap you need to make. Is it perfect? Is it Game One [of the regular season] ready? Probably not. But it is a stride and shows we are making progress.

“We made less mistakes and less errors. Not knowing what you are doing will kill you right there.”

One thing that helped the Bucs’ front line was coaches developed a gameplan for the Dolphins. Last week, Lovie Smith had no gameplan for the Jags and wanted the offensive linemen to go one-on-one to see who would be exposed (and they were).

Dotson agreed having a gameplan made a huge difference for the offensive line.

“There is no doubt about it,” Dotson said.

33 Responses to “Gameplanning Helps Offensive Line”

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    I was unable to watch the game, but I see a lot less biching about the o line on here, so I’m guessing they did a decent job. To all those people who were freaking out, chill the f out.

  2. Pawel Says:

    I think its time to react on the edge rushers, whats up with that, we can’t get a sack from the DE’s !

  3. william Says:

    oline sucks and de sucks

  4. John23 Says:

    Yes Michael Johnson we need to see a sack or some kind of splash play next week. Aj clay homie gotta see him beat his man. I hope bowers comes back soon and continue his week 1 strong game.

  5. Buc Says:

    Did you seriously just make a joke about mental health and mental health treatments? your the one that needs mental help with your addicition to drinking, and no thats not a joke you seriously need to get help. Just another example of what type of person you are.

  6. Joe Says:

    Did you seriously just make a joke about mental health and mental health treatments? your the one that needs mental help with your addicition to drinking, and no thats not a joke you seriously need to get help. Just another example of what type of person you are.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  7. Buc Says:

    Smarten up, Francis… your a grown man, you should know the difference between right or wrong by now. I guess some people never grow up.

  8. Joe Says:

    I guess some people never grow up.

    If by growing up you mean having no sense of humor and having your anus tighter than bolts on a new bridge, to quote Pete Townsend, “Hope I die before I get old.”

  9. Buc Says:

    I’m all for having a sense of humor, but not when it crosses the line and you make a joke about mental health. Addicition is a form of mental illness so I don’t know why your making jokes about it when you deal with a form of mental illness yourself with your alcholism. Grow the F up Joe. Your liver is probably saying the same thing, grow up

  10. SGT Mike Says:

    Buc, you are way over reacting. Then you go and do what you accuse Joe of doing, and what you did was way worse. While Joe was making a general statement, you personalised and attacked an individual. Way to make your point Buc by attacking a person with a ‘mental illness’ way to show your maturity. You are a grown man and should know the difference between right and wrong. When you harp on somebody else’s flaws it is usually an attempt to hide your own.

    You should set the example that you wish to lead by.

    SGT Mike

  11. Buc Says:

    Oh what do we have here, another joe d1ck rider.. no surprise. I don’t try to hide my flaws, I definitely have flaws i’m willing to admit that. I never made a joke about mental illness, I was serious when I told Joe to get help for his alcholism, that’s not joking matter. There is help out there and I hope joe gets it, even though I don’t like him as a person I don’t wish death upon anyone and thats what alcholism does to you, it destroys your liver and many other things.

  12. Louis Friend Says:

    Buc, this is real life. Most of the people I know with mental illness appreciate a good joke about being crazy. In fact, I know of almost no one who isn’t suffering some sort of tic, condition, anxiety, depression, PTSD – including those with an unhealthy obsession with posting rants on blogs about some minor thing (like a harmless joke) that makes no real difference.

    Now what is funny is that you’re making an apparent gay slur in your last reply as a way of attacking someone making a joke about mental illness. So we can all make those jokes because you do, right?

    Like the man said, lighten up Francis.

  13. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    Oh good we have a political correctness police. You are needed desperately in Ferguson, MO.

  14. BoJim Says:

    Buc. I think you are on the wrong forum. We like to talk football around here, not what kind of dick you are.

  15. BoJim Says:

    I meant a-hole. Or was it ass-clown?

  16. Ghost Says:

    @ Buc
    This is a football site not MSNBC. Nobody cares about your PC BS.

  17. Ghost Says:

    Buc it sounds like you need help to address your inferiority complex.

  18. Eric Says:

    They did look better and Josh showed he can make some throws when he has a little time.

    Id love to see muscle hamster do something in the next game. Meaning the o line could create some running room.

    the work in progress moves on.

    But with a new OC, new OL, new QB, new receivers, growing pains are to be expected.

  19. Phred Says:

    I’m an alcoholic. Sober for seven years. Joe’s remark didn’t offend me.

    Lighten up Francis. Or would you prefer we call you “Psycho.”

    I promise to keep my meathooks off your stuff.

  20. Chef Paul Says:

    “anus tighter than bolts on a new bridge”

    Hilarious. Love that!!

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    They’re coming to take him away ha ha ho ho hee hee.

  22. Jeagan1999 Says:

    The O-line did play a bit better….a bit better. They went from a D- in Jax, to a C last night. I guess any improvement is a good thing, but it’s kind of hard to be too excited about what we’ve seen through 2 weeks ….still, that’s what training camp and the preseason are for…to knock the rust off and try to get better. I still believe we need a couple new faces on the line. Would love to have Alex Boone….don’t know if S.F. would consider a trade or not. Our best bet will probably be to pick up a veteran or two as teams start making cuts over the next two weeks. Hope we can add someone to help solidify this group!

  23. Bobby Says:

    Joe, I’ve been schizophrenic for years and all 15 of us were extremely offended by your comment. No we weren’t. Yes we were!…Well I wasn’t. Heck, I sure was and so was he. Are you sure? Yes we’re sure!! Excuse me Joe, there seems to be some disagreement here. I’ll get back with you. Guys….that was really embarrassing…..

  24. buc4lyfe Says:

    Uuum yea Joe game planning helps the line, is called the tubular season they do it every week, they don’t just say go out and beat your man

  25. Teacherman777 Says:

    “Because the second half was largely played by future carpet cleaners, high school assistant coaches, concierges and tire store managers.”


    Can you please show more respect to these guys as they chase their dreams?

    Can you please show more respect to these guys in the name of Ernest Grahm?

    Can you please show respect to these men as they try to provide for the families?

    Can you please have more conpassion for underdogs and dreamers?

    Because i found this part pf your article VERY cold and heartless.

  26. Mac Says:

    Don’t be fooled this offensive line still sucks bad… Jamon Meredith Does belong 8 n pro football and neither does Cousins… We still need to fix the guards ASAP!

    Holy gaucamolie… Carolina’s D line is going to kick our ass up and down…

    Dotson, Collins and EDS are average to good but everyone else needs to be flushed…

    I never thought i would miss Ted Larson…

  27. Mac Says:

    Jesus, has everyone lost their sense of humor on here…

    First Buc chimes in with his PC BS now now we have teacherman777 being a bit over sensitive…

    please keep your sense of humor… if we keep this same Oline it is going to be a long year and your gonna need it…

  28. ThunderSack Says:

    The line looked a bit better last night and hopefully they will show continued improvement. I can’t imagine going into a competition against another team without some sort of game plan. They are a unit and were asked to play as individuals.

    I wonder what Lovie, and the line, learned from that.

    Guys, Joe’s jokes aren’t particularly funny. But, that is his writing style. I usually skip past it to the actual information and for everyone’s comments.


  29. Louis Friend Says:


    I agree completely. Some of these guys are just like Robin Williams – just hanging around waiting for someone to notice them.

  30. Maze Says:

    whiny bitches in the house today

  31. louden Says:

    is anyone seriously thinking about a SuperBowl apperarence this coming season?
    thinking that there are looots of of questionmarks/holes left on team, even on some of the “adressed” positions like DB´s De´s QB

    How about doing something about it, “it” meaning the overall lack of talent?
    How about stock piling draft picks?
    Meaning the ability to form a great team. Trade for Veterans, get good future replacements, instant young talented skill positions guys etc etc, well, at least if you can judge talent and you know what youre doing

    I am sorry but cannot stop picking on the horrible way of (since we are not re-building) re-booting the team.
    Its almost every year the same BS: the bucs taking some steps to the right direction, only to change direction and take the same amounts of steps back, if not more.
    Then improving a little to satisfy the people (a 10-6 season) and going right back to horror.
    how about Long-term-thinking? It isn´t all that hard to sustain a good “base talent” level.

    I know that even the best o-line prospects might take some time to develop (strengh; having more time for weight room in the pros)

    Thats why it could be wise to trade guys, that have some kind of trade value and are replaceable and that kind of guys that won´t be here when the overall talent level is high enough, experienced enough, good enough due to age or contract causalitys….

    DougMarting, Clayborn, V-Jacks COULD (i dont know) give us great amunaition for draft.
    How about a QB and O.line, plus another playmaker either through draft or FA and the Bucs might be legit.
    They already have a pretty good young D.
    Could of course need an Edge rusher.
    since that a problem since a long time. Wait for veteran proven pass rushers that might hit the market or trade for one!

    etc etc. Bucs organization is only making splash hyped dump moves (Revis trade) that are incredible short sighted, in order to lure stupid fans into the stance/stadium – but in great expense of the future (Revis trade – costing 1st!!!! and 3rd/4th – what the hell???!!! for a player that never ever got us “over the hill” – dumb dumb. and it was a large part of the media selling the idea to the average fan.
    See, A DAMN LOT OF LEGIT FANS ALLWAYS HATED THE MOVE FOR WHAT IT WAS – A PR MOVE…. see bucsnation readers for instance)

    So lets make it easy. If the Bucs continue to make BS kind of decissions, hit the one responsible for it, the owners, exactly where it hurts them: Their wallets and just dont buy tickets.

    As of right now, they deserve the benefit of the doubt and we should fully support them (even if the draft plan suggest ———— ERROR ERROR)

    Maybe they will learn before its too late (getting lots of people fired again).

    Whoever thinks that teams dont care about what the fans are thinking: wrong.
    They want you satisfied. Only if youre satisfied youre spending on Buccaneers gear/ticket etc.
    Thats what they want. Money. Business first.

    They dont care if a team-move is actually helping to win or not, as long as it will make you excited (revis trade) and satisfied and spending on the team.
    A nostalgic move to old shool Smith in the era of new-era-QB´s and ever evolving league.
    Going all offense to show how they focus on the right things and they are about to change and shake the organization to better times
    – with a draft plan horrible as ever…..

    As i know most fans just dont want straight entertainment, but want a winning franchise – lets hope they change their ways!

    Think about it. Go Bucs!

  32. Robert7 Says:

    Therapy is a made up profession that has hurt more than it has ever helped

  33. BucTrooper Says:

    I didn’t think you needed a game plan to actually BLOCK the person standing in front of you. Sorry…. just me. Maybe I’m over simplifying.