Gameday Tampa Bay

August 16th, 2014

Preseason Game 2

Dolphins at Bucs

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m.

TV: WFLA-TV, Channel 8, locally. Game will be rebroadcast on NFL Network at 1 a.m. Monday and 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Radio: Buccaneers Radio Network (in Tampa WFUS-FM 103.5, and WDAE-AM 620); SiriusXM Channel 119.

Weather: It’s Florida in the early evening in August. Yes, given the past rainy, stormy days, we will be dodging raindrops. Per Joe’s good friends at WTSP Channel 10, there is a 40 percent chance of rain in the immediate hours of tailgating. Skies should be free of rain once kickoff arrives. Temperature is expected to be 86 degrees. By the second half, Tampa skies should be clear of precipitation but it won’t be much cooler. Look for 84 degrees at the end of the game.

Odds: Per, Bucs -2.5.

Outlook: Well, well, well. Bucs fans get a chance to see the Pewter Pirates wearing their new uniforms at home for the first time. They also get to watch the famed offensive line for the first time, too. Not sure the latter was on Bucs fans’ to-do list. … It will be interesting to see what happens with the front line tonight. Last week, the Bucs did not gameplan and Bucs coach Lovie Smith wanted the offensive line to go straight up man-on-man to see who would be/would not be exposed. We all saw the result. Now, if the team is game planning, there should be improvement, at least one would hope. If not, there is (for the snobs) craft beer being sold at the 100 level concourse and plenty of Bud Light on both levels for the proletariat. … The interesting thing for Joe will be how Jeff Demps plays. The track star turned running back has skills one cannot teach (speed, for one), and skills that need to be taught (catching the damn ball). If Demps can learn ball security, then he could replace injured Charles Sims as one of the Bucs’ main weapons out of the backfield. .. Also tonight is the return of Hawk Goldson at safety. Has Lovie been able to teach him where to hit a ballcarrier, something Greg Schiano apparently couldn’t? Also, can defensive lineman Da’Quan Bowers first suit up, and second, repeat the performance he had last week at Jacksonville? Those are just some of the things Joe will be watching tonight.

19 Responses to “Gameday Tampa Bay”

  1. Mitch Says:


  2. Reezy Says:


  3. 77 bassman Says:

    Right on reezy!!!!

  4. lurker Says:

    well, if it is anything like pregame 1, you should take death!!!

  5. BoondockBuc Says:

    Go Bucs!!! [You can have someone email an addy to you but posting a URL to an illegal stream will get you run from Joe’s site. — Joe]

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    Prepare to be entertained, one way or the other.

  7. BoondockBuc Says:

    Who said anything about a illegal stream? So nowhere to watch game legally online? Don’t think that question deserved that response. Been reading this site for a real long time and my first ever post I get that. Wow

  8. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Can’t wait, Its the second pre-season and already the Bucs HAVE too show up.

    I hope for all the bucs playing well tonight!!!!

    Go Bucs, and Go Beer!!!!!

  9. BoondockBuc Says:

    Cheers^…Anyone hear the staring guards tonight?

  10. BFFL Says:

    Don’t know if anyone had a chance to watch Davin Joseph this afternoon as the starting RG for the Rams, but he looked very good. He hasn’t played particularly well the last few years when in the lineup, but I’m sure Licht is regretting that move right now.

  11. SailorJerry Says:

    6:45pm and no food available on 300 level. None..not even the nasty old stuff from last year. People working stands have no idea when they will open. TYPICAL BUCS SERVICE!!!!!

  12. Joe Says:

    6:45pm and no food available on 300 level. None..not even the nasty old stuff from last year. People working stands have no idea when they will open. TYPICAL BUCS SERVICE!!!!!


  13. Broy3434 Says:

    Am I the only more anticipated than last week cuz of how awful the oline was. I need to know if it’s not gnna change

  14. BoondockBuc Says:

    Glad Omameh getting the start.Dunno why Cousins still in there. Need to throw Edwards in with first team and see what we got. Go BUCS!!

  15. 77 bassman Says:

    hey guys being that I am at work can someone give me some details on the uniform
    Sock color etc

  16. Joe Says:


    White jerseys, pewter pants.

  17. 77 bassman Says:

    What color socks joe thanks by the way

  18. Tnew Says:


  19. gt40bear Says:

    Hold on to the damned ball rook!