Mike Glennon And The Shotgun

June 5th, 2014
Bucs QB Mike Glennon's numbers out of a shotgun formation last year were, well, less than desirable.

Glennon’s numbers out of the shotgun last year were, well, less than desirable.

Yesterday, Joe brought word from the Pro Football Focus nerds about Josh McCown and his impressive numbers while throwing out of a shotgun formation, a possible clue to what Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford’s offense may look like.

Though the story had nothing to do with backup quarterback Mike Glennon, the Mike Glennon Mob — you know who you are — seemed irked because Joe didn’t write anything about Glennon.

Well, here is your Glennon piece and his numbers out of a shotgun were not pretty; Glennon threw 282 passes and completed 165 for a 58 percent completion percentage for nine yards a pass. Not very good.

And it is not as if Glennon was rushed that much. Of all the quarterbacks the spreadsheeters tracked, only nine quarterbacks averaged over three seconds to unload the ball, and one was Glennon (the two quarterbacks who had the most time to throw were both mobile quarterbacks, Michael Vick and Terrelle Pryor).

So we cannot use the Bucs’ offensive line as an excuse for Glennon’s subpar numbers out of the shotgun.

What jumped out to Joe was the yards per attempt, second-worst of all the quarterbacks the nerds tracked, with a paltry 5.3 yards per pass completion out of the shotgun.

Now before Joe looked up these numbers, he thought Glennon’s numbers would have been sound. Joe specifically remembers two hurry-up scoring drives Glennon had in the first half against San Francisco (until then-Bucs commander Greg Schiano pulled the plug on him). Just by those two drive alone, Joe thought Glennon’s numbers out of the shotgun would have been better.

Then again, like Joe heard over the weekend from a trusted NFL personnel man, “What else did you expect from Glennon, he was stuck in dink-and-dunk offense?”

78 Responses to “Mike Glennon And The Shotgun”

  1. Harry Says:

    Bad scheme, no quality WRs, bad coaching, no blocking, full moon every time he played, etc. Its not his fault. MG8 is the next Tom B_rady, Drew Breeze…

  2. Nybucsfan Says:

    Glennon stink all his numbers last year stink and it was not everyone’s falt but Glennon like the MGM would like to believe

  3. biff barker Says:

    It’s all moot. There are a myriad of reasons for the poor numbers, including MG being a pedestrian QB, So let’s see how the Cannon does in the new scheme.

    McCown is the better option at this point.

  4. Bucnjim Says:

    When your lone deep threat is covered like a blanket; the only alternative is the TE and to dink & dunk to the RB’s out of the back field. Stretching the field is easier said then done with only one WR. Not an excuse for Glennon just a fact. Seems as though L&L agree with that since every player we drafted this year was on offense.

  5. knucknbuc Says:

    Mgm’s not gonna like this……cue the blame it on everyone else but glennon excuse in 3…2…..1

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    When you team is down to two weapons only; doesn’t matter who the QB is! Ask Matt Ryan how he likes playing without weapons. Not saying Glennon is anywhere near as good, but the end results show the Falcons because of injuries finished with a worse record. Limited weapons will always = limited offense no matter who the QB is!

  7. Louis Friend Says:

    I don’t care which QB is lining up as long as the passes get caught, ENOUGH yards are gained and the defense is kept fresh. AND they score enough points to win. That’s all I want, really. That’s it.

    Time of possession

    Can either QB deliver that? If Perez Hilton could do it, I’d want him back there.

  8. d-money Says:

    “Then again, like Joe heard over the weekend from a trusted NFL personnel man, “What else did you expect from Glennon, he was stuck in dink-and-dunk offense”

    Gald to see you write this Joe. I’m not a memmer of the MGM just a maybe the Glennon of the month club.

    I like him, i think he did well in the situation he was in and I beleive that numbers llike these prove that he was being told by Shciano and friends to check down unless he saw very specific things.

    Im not ready to annoint him I just want to see what he can do with real coaching.

  9. Louis Friend Says:

    And I think every MGM and McCown fan can agree with the above post. One of them will be starting, and I’m going to root harder than I ever have for them to succeed. I truly do not care anymore. Just win the damn game!

  10. berserker Says:

    Tom Brady succeeds with any receiving corps. MG8 should never be compared to Brady

  11. robert8 Says:

    shotgun when we have no RB any D is scared of is one thing. add to that 1 WR and scrubs and it gets worse. lol all they had to cover was V jax and the could use beer men to cover the rest

  12. warrenfb12 Says:

    I am not going to be a Glennonpologist here, but I think discounting the amount of time Glennon had in the pocket is premature.

    Clearly there were huge issues on tape. Jason and Lovie came in and completely overhauled the offensive line, and did so with pass blocking specialists.

    It is obvious to me that offensive line overhaul was job number one. I am assuming this comes from the glennon hating joe, not the more objective one(s)?

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    Here’s the thing. I’m the type of person that is not afraid to change his mind when more info is brought to the table. I would rather get it right, than to be right. But I just can’t get past the play calling, coaching, and rest of the offense. I just cant. I’m not saying a rookie QB didn’t have his own faults, but I cant just ignore the elephant in the room that is coaching. Could I be wrong about Glennon? Sure could. But if someone could convince me that the predictable play calling, and crappy coaching didn’t hinder him, I would be more than happy to change my stance.

    I’ve never played a down of organized football in my life. Admittedly, if I were to watch film, I’d have no idea what I’m looking for. And even I knew before hand most of the plays before they were played. Just looking at the down and distance is enough to know what the predictable play would be.

  14. Louis Friend Says:

    Hell, I don’t think Joe hates Glennon or any one player. I think the offense made him and most of the rest of us vomit last year. I want to be as far away from that as possible, but I hold out hope that Glennon can improve enough to show some increased quality in YPA and fewer check downs (which I think he was under orders to do).

  15. Louis Friend Says:

    But I wonder with this new offense if our line is suspect that we’re going to be reduced to throwing lots of check downs under pressure? It may not be pretty if that line doesn’t hold up.

  16. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    I agree with Joe.

    IMO McCown is our best bet at QB. We should see the real Glennon in preseason. He has a real QB coach + Tedford & McCown to improve from last year. This season everything that surrounds Glennon should help him improve. I’m eager to see him in this new scheme. I would not be surprise to see him be successful with us after McCown contract is over.

    McCown might surprise a lot of people with better performance than last year. The guy is athletic and healthy. His body has not received full-time pounding through his career. Improvement for him is still possible. His willingness to work with our coaches and positive attitude can take him a couple of more years with decent performance. After that “The Cannon” will take over…

  17. 941bucsfan4life Says:

    At the end of the day..he was a rookie, rookies struggle, and I think we always overlook that.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    Duh, dink and dunk, what else can a QB do if he has little time and protection after the snap? He’s not a gazelle that can fly like the wind. And no, I don’t get upset when MG is not the topic of conversation.

  19. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Louis Friend Says:
    June 5th, 2014 at 9:20 am

    I don’t care which QB is lining up as long as the passes get caught, ENOUGH yards are gained and the defense is kept fresh. AND they score enough points to win. That’s all I want, really. That’s it. ”

    Precisely. May the best guy win in training camp, and then let’s everybody get behind him. We gave the last guy 4+ plus years.

  20. William Says:

    Come on Joe. Those numbers reflect nothing and are misleading. Glennon took those three seconds because his receivers could not get open which in turn lead him to holding onto the ball longer than usual. Had his receivers been able to seperate on a regular basis Glennon would not have been in the over three second club. Glennon in time will become a very good NFL QB. His ceiling is very hi.

  21. The Ether Says:

    Let’s say it was the coaching, scheme, lack of WRs, OL, RBs, average D, etc.. which is why Glennon had horrible 2nd & 3rd down numbers (as Joe posted 2 days ago), which is why he couldn’t score and win games in the 3rd & 4th quarter, which is why (as Joe shows in this article) just how terrible he was out of the shotgun (he was ranked 29th on that stat sheet).

    And of course, he was surrounded by the 32nd ranked offense… So how in the hell is there EVEN an MGM? This is what boggles my mind.. I don’t dislike Glennon, I think he has a future but needs time to sit and learn more… I just cant take the small-shafted, always-right, stubborn azz MGMers…who are probably circle-jerking to some films of Glennons 4 good plays last year.

    I actually remember when the MGM was born.. It was forged out the hatred towards Freeman (around this time last year), and as Freemans downward spiral continued, the MGM kept growing. But not cause they liked Glennon or that he was any better, it was just out spite. Simple as that.. and now theyve taken over JBF, and try to justify their allegiance everynight.

    Anyways, sorry for the rant. McCown is our day 1 starter, Glennon will sit out the year barring injury. End of story.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “And it is not as if Glennon was rushed that much. Of all the quarterbacks the spreadsheeters tracked, only nine quarterbacks averaged over three seconds to unload the ball, and one was Glennon…” – Joe

    I remembering pointing out last year that the offensive line was playing well enough to allow Glennon to hold onto the ball longer. One of my main complaints, and one the MGM seem to ignore, was that Mike holds onto the ball too long when under pressure.

    No offensive line can keep blocking everyone forever.

    To be fair to Glennon though, he was a rookie and I’m sure Schiano was telling him not to make any mistakes at all…which may have made him gun shy.

    However, even if there was a reason, Mike Glennon has yet to prove he can overcome that deficiency and others. So, regardless of what the MGM thinks, he has not earned their praises yet. He doesn’t deserve being labelled as the future either.

    And, btw, when Lovie said that, he was probably thinking McCown would get injured at some point and have to go in. That would still make him “the future” and it really doesn’t mean anything else.

    Otherwise, Lovie would have said Mike Glennon is our franchise QB who just needs a little time to grow.

  23. chargedcbh Says:

    I think Josh had better numbers from the shotgun too, whoever starts, just be consistent.

  24. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    What we will see in McCown will be his ceiling. this is it this is his last chance to start. Glennon has his whole Career to improve. Glennon will need to improve in the coming years like a great NFL players do. But unlike Freeman, Glennon is dedicated and will put in the work to improve.

  25. b.Bruce Says:

    mike glennon is th next tom brady.tampaaaa

  26. lightningbuc Says:

    If only Lovie and Licht were aware of these shotgun stats when the 7th pick rolled around to the Bucs in the draft – what could have been.


  27. biff barker Says:

    William, Glennon was a rookie in a difficult spot and he played like one too.

    Frankly, I think his ceiling is higher than Joe’s but am taking the pragmatic view here.

    MCCown should give us the best chance to win given his experience and leadership capabilities. Meanwhile, the MGM crowd should be grateful that he has the time to learn the offense and develop without the pressure or expectations. It’s a great environment for the Cannon because L&L have set it up that way.

    That said, while doubtful, everything could change come camp and preseason.

  28. Drew Says:

    Joe… Give it a break. It’s reached the point of who cares. Like the boy who cried wolf too many times. People stopped listening and we all know how this turned out.

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Ether Says
    “I actually remember when the MGM was born.. It was forged out the hatred towards Freeman (around this time last year), and as Freeman’s downward spiral continued, the MGM kept growing. But not cause they liked Glennon or that he was any better, it was just out spite. Simple as that.”

    Rant away, Ether, because you nailed it.

    The MGM wasn’t born because of anything Glennon did. It was born because of what Freeman failed to do.

    And Glennon still hasn’t done anything. There are plenty of excuses out there though…like those you mentioned. It is always someone else’s fault with the MGM.

    Schiano was “the worst coach in Buccaneer history” (not actually true), yet he turned around the entire team. He had the team moving in the right direction.

    Consider these points:
    . The Glazers insisted Morris and Dominick draft a QB in the first round.
    . Flash forward a few years, and Schiano is hired with a mandate…fix the lack of discipline and get the most out of the Glazers franchise QB. He wasn’t permitted to move on from Freeman at all. He was also informed he had a great offensive line.
    . In his first off season, he cleaned up the obvious issues and drafted well.
    . In his second year, he saw there were a lot of holes to fill, and minimum opportunities to do so. Afterall, you can only draft so many players and there are only so many free agents worth signing.
    . He knew Freeman was not the answer off the bat, but he wasn’t allowed to replace him. In his second draft though, he was able to draft a QB to replace Dan-O (who had been cut at the time). He got the best QB available for where he picked.
    . Also in that draft, he had no first round pick because of Revis…a deal Mark Dominick made.
    . And yet, Greg Schiano hit on 100% of that draft class…practically unheard of.
    . Lovie and Licht have not cut players Schiano brought in. The haters talk about how Lovie blew apart Schiano’s team….but he really hasn’t.

    Who is to say Schiano would not have come into this year doing many of the same things in regards to players? He was an excellent talent evaluator.

    If Schiano is as bad as people claim, Lovie would have had nothing to work with. Lovie is just continuing what Greg started.

    The Glazer’s saw a chance to get Lovie in….a guy with solid roots in Tampa. After a season that spiraled out of control because of Freeman (a guy forced on Schiano) and the MRSA (something that had NOTHING to do with Schiano), it provided an excuse to get Lovie.

    No one knows if Schiano would not have turned the team around this year. Heck, no one knows that Lovie will turn it around technically.

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Drew… Give it a break. It’s reached the point of who cares. Like the boy who cried wolf too many times. People stopped listening and we all know how this turned out.

    The same statement applies to MGMers.

  31. Trey83 Says:

    I am tired of quarterback talk. At least this article seems less biased and more factual.

    I am ready for some football already.

  32. biff barker Says:

    I really don’t see any bias, just stats and an opinion based on those stats.
    That’s football.

  33. utahbucsfan Says:

    Jackson < Marshall
    Underwood < Jeffery
    Wright < Bennett
    James/Rainy < Forte
    You put mccown with our team last year then let's compare people…

  34. Joe Says:

    I am ready for some football already.

    Hope mandatory minicamp helps you.

  35. Kevin422 Says:

    Comparing a Rookie QB performance to our future expectation of where we want him to be in his development is ridiculous. How did Glennon perform versus what is expected of a Rookie QB? Compare Glennon’s 1st year to any elite QB and then lets see how he compares.

    That would only be a start though …. because you have to consider all the injuries last year. Take any current elite QB in the league today, take away their #2 WR, their top 2 RB’s, give them no real WR replacement, take away 1-2 top O-Linemen and then see how their numbers fall.

    I don’t know if Glennon will be the “future” QB Buc’s fans want but still way too early to start saying he isn’t.

  36. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    So what were the great defenses that McCown lit up anyhow??

  37. Mike Says:

    @ Bonzai,
    I don’t agree with your views often, but your last 2 takes were cash! I couldn’t agree more sir!

  38. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Ether and Bonzai, points well made. I agree with the both of you.

  39. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    I thought the Line took waaay to much heat last year.
    They sure where getting James and Rainey plenty of room to Run.
    And Rainey isn’t Adrian Petersen

    Glennons terrible numbers in the Shotgun pretty Nauseating , then don’t look at his second half production!

  40. kevin Says:

    Both of these qbs will be just fine under this coaching staff….nothing to worry about.

  41. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Bonzai- You bring up some very valid points with regards to Schiano and Glennon.
    1st- I felt like Schiano should’ve gotten another year. 2 years is not enough time to turn around a horrendous football team. Add to that the Freeman meltdown, it’s almost unfair. And, he did, as you say, improve the team, last year’s offense aside.
    2nd- Glennon was never expected to start. Look at the year Freeman had and there’s no coach in the league who starts a 3rd round draft pick over him. Glennon is still a relative “green-horn” who needs to learn a few things. That, to me, is where the excuses can just end; he was a rookie.
    Sure, they did not have some of their weapons, the play-calling was suspect(to say the least!), and we had o-line issues, but who didn’t have issues?!
    The blame game is stupid to me. Schiano and Glennon get too much credit and too much blame. It’s like blaming Joe Maddon for Longo’s lack of hitting. Both are responsible. Statistics can be made to support whatever you want them to support. So, by saying Glennon had more time than most, you say it was Glennon. You can also flip that statement and say that because nobody was open, he had to hold onto the ball longer.
    Who cares?! We were 4-12 last year, LAST YEAR! Hindsight is 20-20. This is a new year and hopefully we can build from our mistakes and improve. That’s my expectation; IMPROVEMENT.
    I know this much, I’m ready for some football!

  42. Pierce Says:

    ‘Stuck in a dink and dunk offense’ with a over-controlling coach. And he was a rookie. It’ll be interesting to see (if we ever do) what Tedford can get out of him.

  43. joe$ucfan Says:

    Brady has not been to a SB in 10 years, according to Joe he would not want him as his QB today because he has not taken the team to the SB and likely will not get there again. Flacco did not look so good at first. As great as Manning is i think he has only gone to two SBs in all his years.

  44. Rich Says:

    I can’t believe you Glennonites and your rationalizations: “He was a rookie”, etc. If any of you had taken the time to read the evaluation provided by our astute host(s), you would realize that Glennon performed a bonafide NFL miracle last year when he – in just 13 games as a rookie – fully demonstrated his developmental upside, and it can be ascertained now with absolute certainty that he is not good enough.

    Get your koolaid-drinking heads out of his “cannon” barrel and come back to reality! His ceiling is fully known and has been recognized by none other than the most successful Bucs blogger(s) on earth. Why would you listen to coaches, scouts or professional analysts that may suggest otherwise? What a bunch of giraffe-loving morons!

  45. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ bonsai

    We may not agree on Glennon but your take on Shiano mirrors my own thoughts. Fanbase and media outrage spooked the Glazers into hiring a coach like Lovie, and so far I like a lot of the moves Lovie has made. I do feel Schiano should have gotten a third year, but it is what it us. Might as well back Lovie as long as he has the HC gig

  46. Harry Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    “…opportunities to do so. Afterall, you can only draft so many players and there are only so many free agents worth signing….

    . Also in that draft, he had no first round pick because of Revis…a deal Mark Dominick made…”

    Bonzai, this is exactly the problem I have with the “Schiano knows NFL talent”, and “Dominck is an idiot” POV that sooooo many ppl try to claim.

    Just as you are doing, Dom gets the blame for all the picks and trades fans don’t like, and Schiano gets credit for good picks. Please explain how the heck this works. What, are they doing, flipping a coin as to who’s turn it is to pick?

    My personal opinion is that Dom was in charge of drafting and trades, but that he correctly worked hard to work with Schiano to pick/trade the type of player Schiano wanted. This, IMO, correlates with all the deals the Bucs made. Letting Bennett go – if Schiano did not want him, why keep him?. Trading for Revis – Schiano was on record for building the D backwards: making the DB’s the most important part of the structure, hence the trading for Revis

  47. Orca Says:

    Sure, some of his numbers were bad. He was a ROOKIE on a bad team with a revolving door at receiver and running back, a questionable OL, and a subpar scheme. The Joes don’t seem to cut rookies any slack. Being a starting rookie NFL QB has got to be one of the bigger challenges in sports. Impatience doesn’t make any sense.

  48. Couch Fan Says:

    Joe cuts rookies slack all the time. Just never when it comes to Glennon. I understand the haters fear. Change is a scary thing. But you will all be believers soon, except the ones still humping Fruity Freeman’s leg. McCown will be an excellent back up for Glennon.


  49. buc4lyfe Says:

    If your gonna use the he was a rookie excuse then he’s gonna take 3 years to develop because if that’s the excuse he can’t be compared to any franchise qb except Nick foles and that’s not what I wanna hear, you can easily say the new coach and scheme saved him from career back up status in Philly

  50. OAR Says:

    So the MGM was forged because of what Freeman couldn’t do? I see, so if Glennon never was a Buc, it would have been the DOM (Dan Orlovsky Mob) that was born. Wrong! Reason for MGM is exactly opposite. Glennon showed he was way better than Freeman was or will ever be.
    BTW Which one is still on a team roster?

  51. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    Bonzai on one hand writes an entire monologue, with quotes and all… THEN, in the very next comment, he tells someone to give it a rest, no one cares.

    I thought he was answering to his own rant.

    TLDR @ Bonzai

  52. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    The MGM was born because Glennon offered real “hope and change” for (most) Bucs fans 🙂

  53. dan Says:

    I have to wonder how many divorces Joe has gone through being the kind of guy who constantly pushes buttons.

  54. Jim Says:

    The MGM keeps preaching how wonderful his stats were last year for a rookie. I need some convincing before I buy into ‘cement shoes’ being the QB of the future.

    What was his completion percentage on passes under ten yards vs over ten yards? I question if the ‘Dinkaneers’ can get the job done with Glennon at the controls.

  55. JasonBucsFan Says:

    I can’t believe people actually wanted Schiano back… Guy was the biggest joke in the league according to everyone but Billicheck.

    As for Mike Glennon; the guy didn’t do anything spectacular whatsoever last year. He didn’t take over any games at any point. He didn’t lead any big comebacks. All our wins were pretty much on defense and a good running game. Maybe he can become a good QB but I don’t understand what makes people so confident in him.

    The same people arguing that the dink and dunk offense of Schiano limited him; would be the same people to point out his 19 TDs to 9 Interceptions.

    You ever think that he only threw 9 picks because he didn’t take many chances? You think if he took more chances and played more aggressively he wouldn’t have thrown more interceptions? It’s dumb arguing these things but I’m bored

  56. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    This is what The Bucs QB coach said about Mike Glennon.

    “Then you get on the field and he’s got a strong arm, can put the ball in different places, good touch, good feel, good eyes and good rhythm.

    “Quick release. Strong arm. Leadership traits. Body language, as a quarterback some of that stuff is innate and you can see it in guys. Some of the stuff I thought would translate in the meeting room translated in the meeting room. On the field, he can make decisions with the ball. He’s obviously youthful and has experience in the NFL, but he’s got some things we can build on.’’

  57. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Glennon is terrible! I hope he does well enough in pre-season to get a 3rd round pick or higher for him. So keep it up MGM clan, drive Glennon’s value up with your over-hyped dribble. He has no mobility, no strong arm (cannon), lacks awareness, etc. His only asset is his height

  58. buc4lyfe Says:

    Still blind even with stats staring you into the face. I mean seriously what’s it gonna be because you guys are pathetic and over the top with the Mike glennon hype to the point you don’t seem to realize the only reason he looks somewhat decent is because you keep comparing him to Josh Freeman….franchise quarterback no one can tell me he showed that last year, he sucked in the second half of every game but oh that was Schiano fault right. Against saints and jets Freeman went to the bench with the lead in the last second, glennon has be able to say that before he gets any shine

  59. Couch Fan Says:

    But yet he is the QB of the Bucs future. Your hate for him doesn’t and wont change that. 😉

  60. lightningbuc Says:


  61. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    The more he cries, the more I laugh.

  62. stevek Says:

    Mike Glennon is the “QB of the future”.

    Mike Glennon has a “cannon”.

    Mike Glennon had a 19/9 TD/INT ratio in 13 games a rookie.

    Mike Glennon averaged nearly 6 more points per game than Josh Freeman, in the same offense.

    Mike Glennon is a hard worker, with leadership and will only get better.

    Mike Glennon gives the Buc faithful hope, because his committed to improving his craft.

    Mike Glennon angers a lot of Freemanites, and I enjoy it very much.

    Mike Glennon is going to be our starting QB, and will be a darn good one.

    Can’t wait to see all of the hate!

    Mike Glennon’s rookie numbers are right on track with some HOF quality QBs.

    Josh Freeman tried to sink our ship after 61 starts. Freewee and his agent leaked information, and then tried to pin it on Greg Schiano.

    Freewee couldn’t audible, show up for meetings, show up for kid camps, miss the team bus on ocassion, and he publicly cited “miscommunications” as to the reason why he kept missing WIDE OPEN recievers.

    The Buc faithful are ecstatic to have a young QB, committed to his craft and a true student of the game. No longer are we held captive by one of the most phyically gifted and uncommitted professional athletes of this era.

    Say what you will, Freemanites, Freeman and his agent are rats for leaking info to publicly smear Schiano.

    Glennon earned the opportunity has taken a lot of crap from bitter bitter bitter fans that can’t let go of the truth: Freewee blew it.

  63. Andrew 1 Says:

    you forgot one Stevek

    Mike Glennon is the backup.

  64. JBSkiff Says:

    OAR Says:
    June 5th, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    So the MGM was forged because of what Freeman couldn’t do?

    Why the answer is ask? After “the moon walker” QB lost his Captain-ship and we had started so badly, the local press picked up the course that the Dog, Freeman’s Best Bud, was singing. I have been unable to figure out why the “members of the pen and mike club”, as Joe likes to call them, are so reluctant to go against him. Even the Competition,I’m no fan, picked up the song sung by the Singing Polka Lover. It wasn’t long before some started to make fun of his looks and such, bald head, ” Napoleon Dynamite ” and now “Cannon(noodle) Arm check the last tape. Others have written very eloquently about his not being a chance as a rookie and being held to higher standard than Freeman or other rookies. The argument,”forth worse Quarterback in our division, is like saying Joes radio partner is the x worst radio station in our market due to the Arbitron ratings. Check it you will see the disparaging ratings with other stations here in Tampa area. Why this, little dogs going around sniffing the big dog (ya right there), is anyone guess. I said it before and I will say it again, If McCowen is the starter and Lovey say’s he is, Give Glennon a rest (unless there is fear that Glennon will do so well in Camp and Preseason that Lovey will put him in). OH NOOOO!

  65. buc4lyfe Says:

    Win win for me if he’s not a franchise quarterback I can say I told you so, if he’s great well I’m a bucs fan but you idiots lol to call an average qb a fixture for the next 10 years after having the worst offense in the league…..I’d rather be bitter than delusional

    Never heard of a franchise quarterback taking a back seat to a career backup. That’s just epic

  66. Jim Says:

    stevek, comparing Glennon to HOF players? The only way ‘cement shoes’ get into the HOF is to purchase a ticket!

  67. OAR Says:

    Don’t worry my friend, according to chemistry – alcohol is a solution and not a problem.
    Have another.

  68. Tony Says:

    How many of those shotgun snaps were taken when we were down by multiple scores trying comeback? You’re right Joe, the eyeball test says he was pretty good out of the shotgun because he was. Throw those late game stats out the window. I remember a few games where his numbers were pretty good late, but the last few drives killed the completion percentage.

  69. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    This is not good for The Cannon:

    Mike Glennon was horrible under pressure, and one of the worst players in the NFL against the blitz, by Pro Football Focus

    If the status of the o-line does not change Glennon is holding a clipboard this season…

  70. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Josh McCown lead the league in most major categories under pressure. He topped the league in Pro Football Focus Grade (+8.9), QB Rating (112.2), Accuracy Percentage (79.7%), and yards per attempt (8.6).

    Josh will do best. This really makes me wonder if there will be any additions on the o-line…

  71. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Schiano is undercover. Schiano is the only MGM member. I hate to let you know the temperature is way above 68 degrees….

  72. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Harry Says
    “Bonzai, this is exactly the problem I have with the “Schiano knows NFL talent”, and “Dominck is an idiot” POV that sooooo many ppl try to claim.

    Just as you are doing, Dom gets the blame for all the picks and trades fans don’t like, and Schiano gets credit for good picks. Please explain how the heck this works. What, are they doing, flipping a coin as to who’s turn it is to pick?”

    The reason you see that is the track record set forth by Mark Dominick. How many good picks were made during the Dominick/Morris era?

    Then compare the picks made in the Dominic,/Schiano era.

    What changed that made the differences between the two? What didn’t change?

    Dominic, was the constant. Morris and Schiano were the variables.

    Morris was inexperienced. At the time, so was Dominick. The two started off at the same time and grew together. One bad draft in such circumstances is understandable. Two is not.

    When did the drafts improve in quality? When the Glazers hired Greg Schiano and gave him the mandate to improve the discipline, the secondary, and don’t touch the QB and Oline.

    Did Schiano play a role in getting Revis? Sure. You won’t find a single coach turn down the possibility of getting the best player in the league at a position on the side of the ball the coach specializes in.

    BUT…Greg Schiano, as with ANY head coach, did not do the contract, did not negotiate. That was Mark Dominick’s job.

    So, to sum up. Dominick drafts sucked before Schiano came along. They improve when Schiano arrived.

    Schiano was the variable that improved the drafts. Simple Math.

  73. Buccfan37 Says:

    After reading comments on all articles that talk about Glennon. those who oppose MG outnumber his supporters. Still having anger issues over MG not being traded during the draft? Great!, tell us again how horrible MG is and will be and how good McCown will be this season, because you know you know.

  74. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    “He gave us hope”

    Yeah, nothing like that last placed offense
    Or last place in total yards
    Or last place in passing yards
    Or 30th in points scored
    Or 31st in 3rd down conversion
    Or the worst second half production in recordable history

    My heart is overflowing with enthusiasm
    My spirit soars with the Eagle
    Glennon is the Spring, from which all hope flows!

    We should build a statue to “Beginin’ Glennon”
    Of course, you couldn’t deferintiate it from the real thing!
    I watched the wretched Rams game yesterday- just to see if I had missed some”hidden Jewel” talent in this guy.


    I swear, he looked like he had Narcolepsy. He would drop back, and just sorta nod off- until the D-Line dogs would gnaw his gangly, stick like limbs to the ground. This kid has nothing. Every player/Team/coordinator could shut him down by halftime.

    If Glennon is your”hope”, then you should immediately be declared mentally Handicapped, and your posting writes Revoked. You should then all be herded into some kinda ” detainment Center”, until we can decide if you are a threat to decent people.
    And you should all be beaten. Regularly and severely- for annoying those of us who aren’t rediculiously clueless

  75. JBSkiff Says:

    OAR Says:
    June 5th, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Don’t worry my friend, according to chemistry – alcohol is a solution and not a problem.
    Have another
    Sorry Roy, I was just using your question as a lead in. I just don’t understand why some people can be so angry and cruel to a guy not for who & what he has done to them but because he was drafted by a certain coach and replaced their favorite player even though he was slipping badly in every way.

  76. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    Another comment- lost in the twilight zone

  77. Surf Buc Says:

    don’t you think people are advocating for Glennon because it’s the best QB option there is to root for??

    I’m not in the MGM. I really like some of the plays he made last season but there were a couple of games that it seemed obvious to me that he wasnt ‘ the guy’ for us. But in this deficient QB situation the only other choice to hope for is McCown??

    I’m glad there is positive comments made for McCown because I need something to hope for about this guy. But come on. you say this guy had a good season with the Bears because he won 5 games? so if he has a good season this year we’re going to be 5- 11?

    so I think people are rooting for Glennon not because he’s the next Tom Brady, but because he’s the best thing we’ve got at the moment.

  78. BoJim Says:

    Hey haters. Why are your stats better than ours. Oh I get it. You guys are cool. pfft.