Licht “Shocked” By Offensive Creativity

June 18th, 2014
Creative genius"

Creative genius?

So you think you can put a finger on the mysterious Jeff Tedford offense? Think again.

The Buccaneers general manager admits Tedford even has him doing doubletakes in multiple areas.

Licht weighed in this evening with Steve Duemig on WDAE-AM 620.

“Coach Tedford and actually [quarterbacks coach] Marcus Arroyo, his entire staff, they’re really creative. I’ve been really, really shocked and surprised,” Licht said. “I knew they were good football coaches, but just how detailed and how creative he is.”

The GM explained that Tedford’s style is ideal for teaching a new offensive system — quickly.

“Being a longtime college coach, he’s got a way about him that he’s able to relay the message a little bit different and a little bit easier to comprehend,” Licht said of Tedford. “Even [with] the veterans sometimes, that’s a refreshing thing. Everybody seems to be on the same page already. From an early part of OTAs, we had very few mental errors. And that was something that really shocked me.”

Joe can’t wait to be shocked, too. But will it happen in preseason? Doubtful.

Joe thinks Lovie was true to his word at the NFL Owners meetings when he said the Bucs offense largely will be kept under wraps until the Bucs kick off against the reigning NFC South champs in September.

26 Responses to “Licht “Shocked” By Offensive Creativity”

  1. Eric Says:

    A few touchdowns in the second half and more than 150-200 passing yards for entire games would be a refreshing change.

  2. Louis Friend Says:

    Any offense that doesn’t specialize in 3 and out – or – 3rd and long – is one I could watch. Last year, oh my god. Last year was so wretched.

    Tedford has a very low set of expectations among fans here. I truly hope he exceeds it.

  3. Dougy balls Says:

    Lots of weapons to use . Hope it lives up to the hype

  4. DallasBuc Says:

    I seem to remember a rookie GM getting excited this time of year about a rookie NFL OC plucked from the college ranks. Let’s hope this isn’t the Dominick/Jagodzinski show redux!

  5. Dick2111 Says:

    Any fan (and especially season-ticket holders) has to be excited with all that’s happened since Lovie was named head coach of the Bucs. Watching all of the games at Ray-Jay these last 2 years was gut-wrenching. If the Bucs were ahead, you just knew the defense was going to blow it (happened too many times). If the Bucs were behind, you just knew they’d come close, but no cigar.

    This year, things JUST FEEL DIFFERENT. Hard to explain perhaps, but there’s a sense of optimism that just hasn’t been there in awhile. Not even some of the ‘Chicken Little’ columns by various Tampa Bay sports writers have been able to dampen that optimism (the sky really isn’t falling, although many of them are waiting for that to happen).

    Can’t wait for the season to start. I’m actually even looking forward to the pre-season games for the first time in years.

    Go Bucs!

  6. Kevin Says:

    I’ve got a great feeling about Tedford. Not that optimistic feeling where you just have high hopes, but that feeling like you already know it’s gonna happen. Very different from other off seasons. I heard Tedford in an interview earlier this offseason speaking of how much he can’t wait to just get back to play calling, and only play calling. Getting the chance to concentrate on being creative and playing a chess match with the opposing defense. Ever since I saw that I’ve been really looking forward to how unpredictable his coaching will be. I’m hoping he like’s just play calling so much that he would stay long term with Lovie if he pan’s out in this league. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Buc the Haters Says:


  8. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    I might just go to a preseason game. Go Bucs!!!

  9. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    I might just go to a preseason game this year. Go Bucs!!!

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Hurry up Bucs, get this juggernaut a rolling. Many fans sense it is on the horizon and are getting antsy waiting for it. I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Bucs love is all around me, and so the feeling grows. Go Bucs!

  11. Eric Says:

    Damn good poem!

    Kick the damn pigskin already! Who needs camp were ready now!

  12. owlykat Says:

    Tedford is going to be just as creative as Kelly, and while I am sure Tedford will be original for the most part, there is one idea he needs to adopt from Kelly. Kelly raised some eyebrows in the NFL when he hired a Sports Medicine Coach, however, he had an aging. OL that was older than the Bucs. Normally an aging OL has a lot more injuries than a young one, but Kelly’s OL had the least lost days to injuries of any OL in the NFL and they did a great job last season and he is going to start most of them this year too! The way injuries devastated the Bucs’ OL, WRs, and RBs, that is worth a close look. Might be something for Joe to write about too. Hint. Hint.

  13. DallasBuc Says:

    Eric- bucfan37 is just really into chick flick ‘Love Actually’!!!

  14. Buc the Haters Says:

    I agree that the Team needs a sports medicine guy or at least a sports nutritionist like myself. @ Joe, write a story… I’ll give you a few quotes about some things the Bucs could be doing but aren’t doing, nutritionally & supplementally (if that’s even a word). I guarantee I could drastically improve our team’s performance & endurance with a targeted supplement regimen & moderate dietary guidelines. And when it comes to supplements, I’m a super-pure naturalist, unlike a sports medicine guy would be… Trust me, I would be wayyy more effective

  15. John23 Says:


  16. Thomas Says:

    Thank Josh Mccown also, for the secret practices and helping the offense learn the new playbook. And for taking as many people under his wing to bring along and show how pro’s do things. i hope it rubs off on them. i hope they have a great year!

  17. ESPO IS MY B!#CH Says:

    As good as this offense can be, I think the defense will be even better.

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Sure. Inexperienced OC is going to have no problem adjusting his playbook to the speed of the game. There is a reason many college plays do not work in the nfl.

    I see a lot of people buying into hype. It’s good to have team pride, but what happens when things do not turn out as good as your expectations? You people are setting yourselves up for a depressing, high blood pressure season.

    Before you buy into everything, how about test driving it first? Kick the tires. See if the front end shimmies.

    Before you buy the car.

  19. Tom Edrington Says:

    The only thing that really counts is that at least eight other teams leave the field in a state of shock when the game ends.

  20. scubog Says:

    Brought back some memories of my days at University of Tampa with the words from that old Trogs’ tune from the late 60’s Bucfan37.

    Bonzai: Back in the John McKay days I always chuckled when someone in the stands would remark that the Buccaneers ran “college plays”. I then would challenge them to explain the difference to me by drawing up a college play and a NFL play. No one ever accommodated my query. The old coach’s “28 pitch” worked pretty well as did the I-formation and the 3-4 defense that at one time was considered a “college defense.” Hmmmmm, wonder where that popular zone-read gimmick was hatched.

  21. bee Says:

    Detailed and creative. Two words I don’t think have been used to describe the Bucs offense…ever. At least we know he can’t do worse. I’m optimistic, can’t wait to see this offense in motion.

  22. biff barker Says:

    Most telling is Licht’s comments on Tedford’s communication with rooks and vets alike. It sounds like they are coming together as a unit.
    He’ll be creative by many accounts and that’s good. But it’s not so much faking the other guys out of their jocks as it is playing well as a unit. Eliminate mistakes, execute, sustain drives, (ahem, don’t go JTF) and don’t leave massive amounts of points on the field.

  23. The Don Says:

    wow, this is exciting news. i think he is telling the truth too. LIcht

  24. Buccfan37 Says:

    Dallas Buc… No, I never heard of the movie. “Love is all around” is a 60’s song by The Troggs, who also sang “Wild Thing”. I just changed a couple words around to give some love to the budding Bucs. By the way, you are not embarrassed to include that evil despised hole called dallas in your moniker?

  25. Discount08 Says:

    BUCS are going to COMPETE this year. That will be the difference, they didn’t compete last year. We will compete this year, we will have the pro bowlers and the top 100 players list players, we will have it all just like last year. But, the difference maker is going to be the Coaching staff and that we will be competing in games. Shiano lost that in his players last year by treating them like they were college kids and not full grown men “adults”. Lovie is a better coach and better players coach. Shiano was a Owners Coach, Lovie AKA Father Dungy Jr. is a Players Coach.

  26. BoJim Says:

    Buccfan37 Said:

    “By the way, you are not embarrassed to include that evil despised hole called dallas in your moniker?”

    Hey! You’re talking about Texas. Tread softly.