Sure Things For The Bucs’ Draft: No. 3

May 5th, 2014

History is telling

Joe continues with his educational series.

No. 3 will surprise some fans.

No. 3: The Bucs will add a legitimate pass rush prospect

Translation: Look at Lovie Smith’s history with the Bears. In 2012, the Bears’ first pick was a defensive end. In 2011, their second pick was a defensive tackle. In 2010, a DE was snagged in the second round. In 2009, two of Chicago’s first three picks were defensive linemen. In 2008, the Bears took a DT in the third round. The train was rolling in 2007, when a DE was taken at No. 62 overall. In 2006, Lovie was at it in the third round.

Yes, Lovie did not draft a D-lineman high in 2005, but that was after drafting defensive tackles Tommie Harris and Tank Johnson in the first- and second-rounds of 2004.

It’s hard to argue with that kind of data, especially with DaQuan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn in their contract years and no backup for Gerald McCoy. Would Lovie draft a “run stuffer?” No, if you ask Lovie, he’ll tell you pass rushing is the most important skill for any successful defensive lineman.

18 Responses to “Sure Things For The Bucs’ Draft: No. 3”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    We are running out of picks here…..Joe wants a QB…we need reciever(s)….Oline, replacement for Watson & Lorig on special teams….now D-line…..just how many picks do we have?

    Lets trade down and get some extra picks….then we can do this!!!

  2. T in Orlando Says:

    @ TBBFan

    6 Picks

    1 QB
    2 WR
    2 OL
    1 DE

    As far as ST help, that can come from the WRs and DE (especially if it’s a pass rush specialist in the later rounds). Also, UFAs can provide help for ST.

    That being said, I’m all for trading down for more picks.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ T in Orlando

    That’s right…I forgot…you can actually play special teams and hold down a position….I suspect Joe has overlooked some help we are probably getting from the multitude of FA acquisitions from L&L…

    I’d like to add a LB & blociing TE to your list…so we could use more picks.

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Predictions are not “educational”, Joe. Facts are educational, and in this case by definition something cannot be fact until it’s already happened. I understand you want to come across as an insider and “educate” us on what exactly the Bucs will do but come on. Calling your predictions educational is a bit of a reach wouldn’t you say?

    Considering this post is loaded with facts, Joe considers it educational. The use of the word was meant to be playful, but apparently you missed that–Joe

  5. passthebuc Says:

    @TBBFan. No problem. We send Joe off to become general manager of Dallas. Then we take Manzel at no. 7. We then trade him to Joe in Dallas for all of their draft picks plus a 1st and 2nd next year.
    Problem solved we no can trade Dallas’s first round this year and their 2nd next year to Philly for Phillys first this year.
    When Jones fires Joe and cuts Manzel in pre season, we pick him up off the waiver wire

    for all those with no sense of humor, this is Jest.

  6. You Go Joe Says:

    Can’t argue with Joe’s fact. A DE will be cheaper this years draft than resigning both Clayborn and/or Bowers. Plus Lovie would want to bring in his own DEs rather than work with previous regimes subpar players.

    Hoping and believing Clayborn and Bowers will do better is different than the fact, and fact is they have not done their values worth. Time to move on.

  7. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    I’ll go out on a real limb and guess #2 on Joe’s list will be OT and #1 QB? Anticipation is making us wait.

  8. Jim Walker Says:

    There are too many holes to fill and not enough picks. Its going to be a rough season.

  9. unbelievable Says:


    I was gonna post that on the other thread, with #3 of course being DL / Pass rusher. LOL. This top 5 is not surprising anyone.

    Joe(s), the rest of your work is great, keep it up!

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    For a Tampa 2 defense to work, it must be able to apply constant pressure with the front 4.
    I hope we can somehow draft Donald of Pittsburgh, who led the nation in sacks last year.

  11. Dick2111 Says:

    Still believe that we won’t see a QB in this draft. I’m betting that Lovie will go with a WR & OL in the 1st & 2nd rounds, then DL & LB in the 3rd & 5th. Last 2 rounds will go to offense (probably another WR & OL).

  12. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Logan Thomas and Coleman, draft whomever else you want with the rest. I think there’s a 6’6 DL so trade down and pick-up these player’s in the latter rounds.

  13. Bucsfanamongstthebirds Says:


    All you do is run your mouth. Go to another site. Were tired of you.



  14. RustyRhino Says:

    Speak for yourself bucfanamonstthe birds. I do not agree with everything everyone says here on joebucsfan but I do respect the posters right to believe what they want to believe and post on those beliefs.
    Everyone here including you have a voice and joe’s give us a place here to voice it. I have been on this blog since nearly the beginning of it and I have read plenty of bad posts from posters. I have also seen joe’s ban some posters. For my money joe’s do not need your assistance. Tell it like you see it Flboyindallas.

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’m actually thinking we might look more for the 1-technique NT type to compete with Akeem Spence. Not “specifically” a run stuffer, although that is a good part of the role. But more of a “run stuffer that can get some push up the middle and force a QB to our DEs” type of NT. More pressure inside will help the DEs we have as well as the outside blitzers like LVD and our Safeties.

  16. Predmore Says:

    I actually like Aaron Donald at 7 if available and then the best WR in rd 2. Unless of course Watkins is miraculously available at 7 then he’s the pick and Jernigan from FSU in rd 2. I’m not sold on any of the available qbs and tampa 2 needs pressure with 4.

  17. Robert Says:

    Khalil Mack or Aaron Barr

  18. canadian bucsfan Says:

    @ bucsfanamongstthebirds
    Attay boy. Way to say what we were all thinking. A Lot of people have good input but then there is a lot of childish b*tching and joe bashing. Go else where if you don’t like what you read cause a lot of us do like it.