Observe Memorial Day

May 26th, 2014

Joe hopes it’s easy for all his readers to take at least a few minutes to remember what today’s holiday is all about — remembering those who died while serving in the United States armed forces.

It doesn’t take long. It doesn’t take much. Heck, it’s great if you can devote the day to it or attend a memorial event, but the spirit of the day is met with any meaningful observance.

20 Responses to “Observe Memorial Day”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Ill take this opportunity to thank Vincent Jackson for his “Jackson in Action” charity that helps military familes.
    Vincent is a great Buccaneer!!!

  2. louden Says:

    Heck, whoever goes to war and gets killed – its their own will to go there.

    And that doesn’t discount their service or sacrifice. And what of the Revolutionary War on our soil? There has been good and evil since the beginning of time. –Joe

    The bibel says the world once was a paradise – anything could be.
    The world can become a paradise again – everything is possible.

    Imagine there politics and media say: time for war – but not one person is going to shoot another one – no one picking up fight gear – all people just going about everyday life.

    No more war-economy (people making money, because other people kill each other very brutal)

    No more tax money put into a system, which makes profit of people killing each other – no more damaged familiys, because of people killing each other, in order that “the big ones” get bigger and the small people hungrier…

    In the first place:

    if there are only people who want to live together and try to make it work – who live by realy good-hearted way; there would be peace and there is no war – there would be no need for a memorial day..

    no need for Dad´s to die and leaving this world, with their familiys left.
    no Moms that will loose their young and/or older sons.
    No need for the little daughter to be left alone with her mom and no security..
    no need for that all – just so that a corrupt system can withstand – the richer get richer and the poor man fight each other or die under bad circumstances.

  3. Schlomie Bupkes-Mohel Says:

    Thank you current and past veterans. Unfortunately, there are those veterans that can only be with us in spirit today. Hopefully, at some point today people will take a moment to contemplate and be appreciative of their sacrifices.

  4. JWBucs Says:

    Being a USMC Vet I want to wish all my brothers a happy Memorial Day! I gave some but some gave all. God Bless You All!

  5. OB Says:

    Joe – Thanks for this.

    I agree with Tampabaybucfan for hi words on VJAX.

    Now Louden is a different matter. Obviously he was in the fog of some king on 9/11 or the Oklahoma City bombing when all the innocent men, women, and children were killed or injured or let him say what he wants in any of the numerous countries were the innocents are slaughtered because they don’t have any one to protect his rights. He probably thinks that law enforcement isn’t necessary also.

    My version of the Bible has the section what HE states “An eye for an eye” If he would only look at the history of the people of Jewish religion who did what he said leading up to the start of WWII, millions of them got a free train ride to their death because they did not believe in force.

    If he doesn’t want to pay taxes for the freedom of speech, he can fly, sail, or drive to another country where he can live the way he wants.

    Now I am told that he would enjoy North Korea with his thoughts because he would not have to pay taxes since he would not have any money but he would not need it because they, while all getting along famously, have no food or very much power. He may have a problem talking about the government though but since he is getting along peacefully with his neighbors in a good hearted way.

    Adios My Friend

  6. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Those veterans giving up their lives made the ultimate sacrifice. Did they die for a just cause or did they die in vain? They died serving their country, or what they thought their country stood for. They died for lies in wars of aggression for the most part, my father was one of them. Rest in peace faithful soldiers.

  7. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Thanks to all those who have fought and sacrificed in service to our nation and the cause of Liberty! God Bless!

    P.s. What’s going on at our VA hospitals is a national disgrace and needs to be fixed ASAP! Our nations vets deserve better!

  8. finishers Says:

    thanks for giving your life’s so we can live in freedom!!!

  9. finishers Says:

    it’s not everybodys will to go to war and die dumb ass! millions of people were drafted from world war 1 world war 2 and Vietnam!!! they had no choice!!!!

  10. lightningbuc Says:

    Thanks to all the brave men and women who’ve served to give all of us here in America, even d.oucheb.ags like Louden, so many freedoms!

    It’s one thing for someone to say something idiotic about football, but when someone makes light of a veteran’s service as “it was their will so what’s the big deal that they died”, then that person can go F themselves.

  11. RastaMon Says:

    finishers Says: being drafted… it is called ..Duty…
    27th MASH ChuLai
    95th Evac Hosp Danang
    Memorial Day… is always a melancholy day

  12. Tristan Berry Says:

    Thanks, Joe.

  13. Dougy balls Says:

    Great post joe. To louden my middle finger salutes you a$$ hole. My dad served 2 tours in Vietnam. 3rd division marine . I wanted to join the military but he asked me not to because of all the a$$ holes like you that don’t appreciate the sacrifices that are made for your freedom . And today I will be by his side to thank him and help him remember the sacrifice he made along with every other military personnel . You sir make me sick

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    Rastaman – thanks for your service.

    Dougy balls – don’t worry about idiots like Louden and enjoy time with your dad today. thank him for his service for me.

  15. owlykat Says:

    My Father gave up his engineering college courses and volunteered for WWII and served under General Patton in the Battle of the Bulge. I likewise volunteered during the Vietnam war and took my chance of dying for my country but lived to tell about it. Glad everyone weren’t pacifists like one of our posters here back in WWII or we would all be goose stepping now and saluting our flag with the big black swastica on it! Our Freedoms are not free and were earned by blood and guts of many Americans who gave all for us. What happened to the Romans when they got soft and would rather depend on paid soldiers from their conquered countries to defend them rather than Citizen Soldiers? The hordes conquered them. Do you want your children conquered by Islamist extremists who would kill or kidnap girls trying to get an education? REALLY?

  16. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    God bless all of our Vets- both past and present.
    This country is the land of the Free, only because it’s the Home of the brave!
    Thank all of you who have served. Your sacrifices are the reason this country is the most sought after destination of the poor and oppressed. This country is truely free, and gives everyone the opportunity to succeed.

    Unfortunately, every intelligent citizen here has learned- freedom isn’t free. Thank everyone who has stood in harms way, to defend that freedo.

    Loudon- you have never been outside the borders of this country. Only someone who has always lived in the luxury of a free, safe country- would espouse such childish idealism.
    I have been all over the world. And every time I’ve left- I couldn’t wait to get back.
    Take a trip to Central America. Or Africa.or the Middle east. There are millions of people there, that will kill you for the money in your pocket. And the police/ military are so corrupt or inept- that you death will go totally unnoticed. Or worse- you will be kidnapped and tortured on video- which will be sent to your family for ransom. You will be killed as soon as the video is done.
    Or get got in one of dozens of ongoing rebellions/coups. You are going to be killed, simply because you are in the wrong place.

    You would end up hiding in a hole in the ground, praying a marine finds you.
    I suggest you travel a bit, and spred your doctrine to the places i mentioned.
    But don’t expect the truth to set you free! Lol

  17. Back, from Davie Jones Locker Says:

    And God Bless Vincent Jackson, for his great services to our Vets.
    He is truly a great representative for the Tampa Bay Area.
    Fantastic player, tremendous human being. On a team that prides it’s self on good character( Finally!), Jackson still stands out!

    My favorite Buc. The kind of player I want my kids to look up to!

  18. louden Says:

    @back from some guys lokcer:

    The problems other countrys have and you write about are used by economic leaders to get cheaper workers and cheaper resources.
    Some of these industries are based in Russia, China, Europe, guess what – also in the US.

    Our money system in itself is way more corrupt than all those countrys combined.
    Modern day slavery.
    Look at the city of Detroit: is Osama-Bin-Laden the reason that our neighborhoods are hungry and have no jobs? Or is there another reason? Hmmmmm?

    If you want an answer, tell me – if you want to dig yourself – GREAT – if you still believe the BS that is fed to you (by the way, one of real big cruelity makers is actually the FED 🙂 ) than just keep it up..
    Help is there, but if you refuse or you dont mind – then nevermind..

    spread the word: as of right now, we are still one world! Seperated by knowledge.. and a system

  19. louden Says:

    the system is shhh
    so treat it – like it is,
    like shhhh,
    at least a little bit

    All those talking about “defending freedom” – i am not scared about africans who will suddenly come over to the US, to make us their slaves(years after US military is completely brought back into our country).

    To those talking about defending democracy:
    which democracy?
    No matter who will be elected as president, the bigger things still stay the same – but people are blinded and do not see the forrest – because of all the trees 😉

    Rich getting Richer – the poor hungrier – the masses angrier – WAR..
    Media illustrates how other countrys are the force of evil – while not explaining what is wrong with the politics decicions indoors..

    False Media – False Education – False Thinking – still the good Heart – engine to the false programed brain..

  20. louden Says:

    its realy hard to comment on your comment because its sooo stuborn..
    You simply telling a lie. Saying that i said something, that i didn´t say. You are either on the bad side – or you lack intelligence – IMO…on many occasions..

    Vietnam is the perfect example – was all the bad things needed?
    Easy anwser (and equaly right one) would be: Hell no!!!

    Do you like “testing” bombs on inocent people (but in the name of the US government) Government should do things the nation wants them to do – but they don´t. instead they make stuff for the few elites living in the world, in order to make profit (war economy, resources for industry).. so that they can sleep a lot more than us and make more money for 4-5 generations of their familiys, instead to get the needed money for the people who realy need it in the present..

    “Do you want your children conquered by Islamist extremists who would kill or kidnap girls trying to get an education?”

    Neither would i like christian in the US living priests to rape my daughter, no matter if he is black/white – and @JOE: who is the closest at the real problem: in my theory, there wasn´t good and bad in the beginning. There was just the goodies and parts turned bad..

    That´s the reason, why some people (politician and those guys who actually make the politics; people at the top of our current system and so on) don´t care when WE kill each other – as long as they can enjoy life.

    Economic leaders with big money/power to controll/convince politicians and the media, who is just part of the economics and private interrests (not public = real state interest) selling lies..

    It doesn´t matter for me one bit, as long as these people live on this/our earth planet, if they are from the US, Afghanistan, China, Germany, tschimbutku or sth. else, simply put:



    look: the people in the US are not equaly thinking the same about the death sentence, so they discuss wether its right or wrong.
    Yet – they believe they got to interrupt stuff that is going on in foreign countrys?

    Then decide to make war there (for FALSE reasons – they even admit that reasons for some wars were made up(!!) )
    Take resources from there – and leave the countrys in a far more bad situation, than they were before the US “intervention”..

    Same goes to Russia, but western media makes it look like, the countrys with democracy are doing good things and russia is bad – then in reality both do the same – killing people, to make life easier for own country, even if not for the whole population, because rich get richer – poor get hungrier, therefore more aggresive, therefore ready for war – and it goes on and on and on…

    in the essence: every human being and even animals and things, are all brothers and sisters; family.. one world..
    So why should i salute a one brother for shooting the dad of my sister??