“BS Meter”

May 25th, 2014
Chris Burke of SI.com seems to imply if you peek behind the smoke, Mike Glennon is your starting Bucs quarterback.

Glennon to start? Glennon to be traded? Chris Burke of SI.com says there’s plenty of Lovie Smith smoke to peek behind.

What a rollercoaster it has been for Bucs fans, and Mike Glennon himself, the past few months.

No one sung the praises of Glennon more than former Bucs commander Greg Schiano. Why, Schiano had a crush on Glennon and pined for him since the lanky righty was a high school pup.

Then came the hiring of Lovie Smith, followed shortly thereafter by the signing of quarterback Josh McCown, presumably as the starting quarterback.

Along the way, Lovie did not deny the team would consider drafting a quarterback, and then teams attempted to trade for Glennon around the draft. These inquiries evidently were met with Bucs general manager Jason Licht hanging up the phone as if someone was trying to sell him aluminum siding or claiming to be raising money for firefighters.

About the same time, Glennon was told by Bucs brass he was basically the messiah in waiting.

Man, no wonder Glennon could be seen at a trendy Tampa watering hole on a Saturday night playing with building blocks (yes, Joe got the photos — and has since deleted them; purely innocent photos of Glennon and his girlfriend playing with building blocks). Joe would head to a bar, too, after an up-and-down spring.

(Column intermission rant I: What is it with building blocks at a bar? Joe used to go to a trendy craft beer joint in downtown St. Petersburg to relax and have a few cold ones when — CRASH!!! — the building blocks would all fall down. Can’t people use Legos, which barely make any noise, thus, not scaring people half to death, causing polite customers to spill costly beer?)

(Column intermission rant II: Joe is not anti-craft beer, completely. There are some good craft beers on draft. Keyword: draft. Virtually every craft beer Joe has tried in a bottle, or worse, a can, is rank. Joe is tired of paying top shelf prices for skunky beer and has had it with these wild goose chases with a blindfold of trying craft beers in bottle or can. Unless it’s a bar where craft beer is on tap, Joe’s staying with a mass-produced beverage brewed out of St. Louis. At least he doesn’t get a rude surprise and has to find a sap to take away a rotten beer that costs $5 a bottle. Joe’s days of getting swindled by overpriced swill with a weird name, often from a strange town, are over.)

But Chris Burke of SI.com doesn’t buy what Lovie is selling at quarterback. He still smells smoke and implies Lovie has not been forthright, and that Glennon could be anything from summer trade bait or the opening day starter.

BS meter: 7. The idea of starting McCown for a year while Glennon (the lone non-rookie discussed here) takes a step back is a prudent one, on paper. Perhaps that is indeed what Smith had planned all along.

Nevertheless, this situation has been an extremely hard one to get a grasp on so far. Was the talk of possibly drafting a quarterback a smokescreen? Or is the recent pump-up of Glennon’s stock the true misdirection, with Tampa Bay hoping to trade him somewhere during the preseason?

Somewhere along the line, Smith bent the truth.

Well, here is what we know: The Bucs hired Lovie. In turn, Lovie signed Josh McCown to a two-year, $10 million contract, $5 million guaranteed.

This is not disputable. (Joe suggests you read Burke’s full piece linked above.)

What Joe would love to know is, what did L&L see on tape that spooked them with Glennon and motivated them to go out and drop serious cash in McCown’s lap? Only to seemingly get a tinge of buyer’s remorse, proclaiming Glennon the quarterback of the future? If Glennon really is their man, why wait? Glennon started more games last year than McCown has through his last five seasons.

Yes, yes, yes. Lovie said he didn’t know Glennon but did know McCown, and Joe understands and respects that. But Lovie also didn’t know bratty Jay Cutler when the Bears traded for him, either. That didn’t stop Lovie from starting Cutler, did it?

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  1. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I had a post yesterday similar to this line of thinking. I’m not sold on Lovie’s love for MG at all. Since we did’nt get the details about exactly who was interested in MG and what was offered during the draft, something seems fishy about MG’s actual status with the team. Or maybe it is just my imagination.

  2. NY Buc Says:

    $5M guaranteed isn’t really a king’s ransom for an experienced QB in today’s NFL. Seems like a low risk investment for a guy Lovie had some familiarity with vs. a Glennon who all he had was film on. After meeting with Mike and getting to know him personally and professionally it probably gave Lovie and Licht the confidence in Glennon to move forward with him as their future guy. It’s not really all that far fetched to accept that Lovie simply wanted to get to know Mike before trusting him with his coaching future, and so he brought in a known commodity (to him) in Josh McCown beforehand.

  3. pablo Says:

    Pablo also like building blocks but anyways back on topic, Pablo doesn’t think it will hurt Glennon to sit a year, but Pablo doesn’t get why he should sit a year?? McCown is a jorneyman who benefited from playing in Marc Trestman’s QB friendly offense..

  4. stratobuc Says:

    Joe doesn’t know where the swill he thinks is beer is brewed.

  5. Atlbuc40 Says:

    I’m assuming you haven’t seen the pics from Vegas this weekend;) I’m Happy our QB of the future is hanging out with his girlfriend in town.. just say’n

  6. mpmalloy Says:


    Red Sox mad.

    They sooo mad

  7. Harry Says:

    “…Why, Schiano had a crush on Glennon and pined for him since the lanky righty was a high school pup…”

    Really Joe? Do you really want to open this door? LOL

  8. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Oh, I thought on the commercial when they say “Grab some Buds” that would be a great line for cannabis legalization.

  9. Winepeddler Says:

    Skunky beer was a marketing term. When a producer started dating their product, it gave them an opportunity to introduce the concept that “out of date” and all competitive beers were

    Skunky is in your head and any beer that is not a product of St. Louis is not for you. At least you have the comfort of knowing that wherever you order a beer, they’ll have yours in stock.

    Lovie has made it abundantly clear that he is going to play the best player he can find and that makes perfect sense to me.

    You might consider hitting your reset button and losing some opinions you’ve been holding that are clearly erroneous.

    I think Lovie has demonstrated that those who think that what Lovie has done in the past is what he is going to do in the future are without a clue.

    It’s sort of like what you hear when you buy a mutual fund…”past performance in not an indicator of future results”.

    I’m thrilled that for the first time since I’ve since I’ve been a Bucs fan (1986) there is clearly a plan and it’s being followed to stock this team. I can’t wait to see what Lovie puts on the field.

  10. Cannuckbuc Says:

    Hey Joe I get what your saying about expensive beer,just to let you know my fav beer is MGD Canadian made at $48.00 per case of 24,expensive but great beer but when I go States side that beer sucks.Could you suggest something better?

  11. Bee Says:

    I guess we’ll find out soon enough. But the QB position is still a huge question mark no matter who starts. Can McCown stay healthy and duplicate the production he had last year? Can Glennon improve and lead a team now that he has weapons and competent coaching? I’m not sure of either honestly. But my guess is the coaches are using this season to find out. Either way I hope we draft a QB next year unless Glennon turns out to be the second coming. Which I doubt… but I hope he proves me wrong…

  12. BoJim Says:

    NY Buc

    I agree.

    The blocks you find at some bars is a game called Jenga. Usually a game for hipsters or young QB’s in waiting.

  13. teacherman777 Says:


    “Drop serious cash?”

    McCown costs 5 million. Which is what Vick got.

    Our QB situation is cheap! Glennon costs less than a million.

    Combined that 6 million.

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

    Mich better than payng Sam Bradford 20 million!!

  14. lurch Says:

    If Glennon really is their man, why wait? Maybe because they want him to develop a little bit before throwing him back out on the field. Even Arron Rodgers had to sit on the bench and learn for a couple seasons. I am 100% certain that Lovie know more about football than you and every other nut job that are still butt hurt that they didn’t take Johnny Drunk a**. So how about going back to the bar having a few drinks and get the hell over yourself.

  15. JBuc Says:


    I am not sure what is so hard to get here. They came into the situation with a lot of unknowns. I thought Glennon played surprisingly well considering the circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean I say with all certainty “Here are the keys, it’s all yours!” Any sensible person would come in and cover your bets with someone with a wealth of experience until you have a better read of the situation.

    There were a lot of problems with this team last year. You can watch film all day, but until you get around the players in the facility, it is impossible to truly know what you have. This is really pretty basic stuff. Don’t get your stance on this.

  16. JBuc Says:

    By the way, you should support local and drink Cigar City. It’s great beer for those that know beer.

  17. dick2111 Says:

    I prefer to believe that Lovie means what he says (as opposed to blowing ‘smoke’ as Chris Burke contended). Lovie wants competition at ALL positions, including quarterback. I have no doubts that Mike Glennon will have ample opportunity to beat out Josh McCown in training camp. My bet is that he won’t, and that Josh will at least open the season at QB. Whether he can hold onto the position is going to depend on how well he performs. Simple.

    I was at all the games last year, and guess what … Mike Glennon looked like a rookie. Why? Because he was. Simple. Folks can talk about his stats vs other rookie QBs of years past until they’re blue in the face, but he was still a rookie, and played like one.

    Aaron Rodgers sat 3 years on the bench before getting his big opportunity, and I don’t think it hurt him one bit. Mike Glennon has a fantastic opportunity right now to learn from an excellent QB in Josh McCown. And it sounds like he’s taking advantage of that opportunity. If he beats out Josh in head-to-head competition, that’s awesome. Know who benefits? His coaches and teammates … and all of us Bucs fans, that’s who.

  18. Harry Says:

    I’ve said it all along, and I will continue to say it. Its not that I don’t like MG8, but I just don’t see anything special in him and no one has convinced me otherwise. When they anoint The Cannon the starter – and not by default – then I will concede I was wrong. Until then I think its just smoke.

    L&L had 13 NFL game tapes to watch – WTH did they need to get in front of MG8 to determine they liked what they saw? Thats so stupid. So how did they assess they needed to cut Penn, etc? Game tape!

  19. Andrew 1 Says:

    It’s simple folks. McCown is a reliable starting band-aid at QB, and Glennon is the default “QB of the future” until we find the real “QB of the future”. The end.

  20. doubting thomas Says:

    Funny that 5 million is serious cash for a QB, but we should have kept a CB demanding 16 million.

  21. SteveK Says:

    SteveK knows that If Schiano can do one thing, it is recognizing/developing NFL talent.

    Noes’s notion that Schiano has been “crushing hard” on Glennon since he was a “lanky righty high school pup”.

    Freeman was “crushed on hard” by too darn many, and it was Schianp that saw the light ante knew he couldn’t play.

    Schiano’s opinion on NFL talent is held in high regard.

    Go Bucs!

    Cannon is the future! Long live the MGM.

  22. JBuc Says:


    With Penn they had years of game tape, a large salary to consider, and a know quantity at the downside of his career. With Glennon, it’s still too early to tell. I would agree it is hard to tell if he is special or not. However, I would like a larger sample size with real talent around him.

  23. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Joe

    “What Joe would love to know is, what did L&L see on tape that spooked them with Glennon and motivated them to go out and drop serious cash in McCown’s lap.”

    Inexperience. Surely one has learned more by being a back up in the league for 5 years vs a rookie who’s only started 13 games his entire NFL career.

  24. Architek Says:

    This is totally reaching for straws! Let the football be football people.

  25. Architek Says:

    No one and I mean NO ONE on this site or any site has the insight or intel on what the Bucs plan to do.

    Reaching for stuff just makes everyone look stupid.

    Truth of the matter is L&L are accountable for the repercussions of their decisions so who are we to make up stuff coming off 4-12.

    Any move they make should be trusted versus what we’ve seen the past 6 years.

  26. JBuc Says:


  27. Chef Paul Says:

    I think they liked Glennon all along. They went and got McCown, because they knew the young man needs some mentoring yet. They told McCown he would be the starter to get him to sign. He has to lie to us to make McCown believe it wasn’t a lie. Then Glennon will win the QB competition in camp, and McCown wont be bitter and still give 100% mentoring the youngster. And why do I believe that? The same reason everyone believes what they believe. It fits my argument.

  28. Harry Says:

    IMO I don’t think MF8 is even at Freeman’s level. Free had the physical tools, he just didn’t have the computer to run the hardware. This is probably the opposite of The Cannon – great mind, good work ethic, but one cannot coach athletic talent thats not there. He is a great backup, but not a starter, IMO

    As far as game tape goes, 13 games is plenty to figure out if MG8 has “potential”, again, IMO. I admit, it took the Bucs 3.25 years to figure out Free was not it. But I just don’t think The Cannon is anywhere close to what Free could do physically.

    Maybe we can take the two of them and make a QB?! Cut off MG8’s head and put it on Free’s body! We can call him “Freeglen”

  29. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Architek

    Very true. It would be annoying though to start every comment off with this in my opinion, so it should automatically be taken as just that- an opinion.

  30. Harry Says:

    When was the last successful QB who had to sit going into his 2nd year? First year, sometimes, but not often anymore. 2nd year? I don’t know of any. On top of that, The Cannon had 13 games of experience that is invaluable. With that, if he is starter material, he should be ready to start his 2nd year in the league. NOT have the team go spend $10M on a career backup. Its silly to me the the MGM still thinks MG8 is starter material when he is on the bench his 2nd year.

  31. Chef Paul Says:


    He hasn’t sat on the bench during a game in his second year yet. Remember, my theory is that Lovie lied about McCown being the starter. So that point is moot. It’s just a thought that goes through my mind, from time to time. It’s no crazier than any other theory.

  32. phattitudes Says:

    There is one person whose head is where the sun don’t shine. JoeJohnnyFan just can’t drop it. McCown is the anointed starter because he is thought to be safe and capable of managing the offense planned. Lovie’s plan is defense rules. The offense is there to take advantage of turnovers and minimize turnovers of their own. Lovie has seen McCown do just that and trusts him. What is so hard to understand? Glennon is the QB of future because the Bucs did not see anyone in the draft that offered them anything better. He showed some positive stats last year with no line, no receivers and no running backs supporting him. He is tauted as a quick study who is determined to master this offense. As for QB of the future, that does not translate to Payton Manning, it translates to the QB that MANAGE THIS OFFENSE in the future with minimal mistakes. Joe you tripped and fell when the Bucs went after McCown. To you it translated as Glennon is out and Johnny can and will be the Prince in waiting. In your own cloud of Johnny mania you missed what has been a fairly strait forward set of logical decisions. The starter job is McCown’s to lose and the QB of “future” is Glennon

    Yawn. If you say so, then it must be true. –Joe

  33. Chef Paul Says:

    The reason I’m not convinced Lovie was totally truthful on that, is because the words he chose to use, left too much interpretation to be had.

  34. JBuc Says:


    I would say that Glennon is every bit the athlete that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Curt Warner, Dan Marino, etc… Athleticism at the QB position, while nice, isn’t a must have. He can make up for defeciencies based on leadership, command of the offense, and accuracy. Those are usually qualities, with the exception of accuracy, that don’t show up on tape right away. He is not a finished product. Warner was bagging groceries and Brady lasted til the 5th round. Let’s let this play out.

  35. Kevin Says:

    I agree with NYBuc…it’s only 5 mil guaranteed. That is NOTHING!!!!! That is worth paying to see if last year was a fluke or not. If it was you cut him next year or restructure and start Glennon. Low risk investment. Don’t see why everyone is making it sound like McCown just got a boatload of money on an NFL scale. I like the move. He’s better than Cutler I’ll bet that and look at the money he’s making!!!

  36. Kevin Says:

    Tedford is the X Factor

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Controversy…..all media thrive on it….with 24/7/365 and unlimited Internet space….what could you possibly fill it with without some controversy?
    There is no QB controversy in Tampa…..McCown is the starting QB & Glennon is the backup….or….Glennon could win the starting job…or McCown could stink it up or get hurt.,…then Glennon starts.
    As for a possible trade…I think even GMC & LVD could be traded for the right price….how bout 3 first rounders, 2 second rounders and a 4th, 5th & 6th along with a probowl plaer to boot?
    So…sure, maybe there is a trading partner out there for Glennon….perhaps one for McCown…..so what?

  38. Orca Says:

    Joe’s opinions on beer are ignorant.

  39. JBuc Says:



  40. MadMax Says:

    Couldnt make it through most of the stories or comments….just wanted to say GO GLENNON! MG8!

  41. Orca Says:

    Joe has the outline of the issue right, but some of your details/explanations are bogus.

    1. Signing McCown did not mean they didn’t like Glennon. It means they like McCown better and felt he could be a quality starter for a fraction of what other starters in the league are being paid. Reports thus far from OTAs support this decision.

    Spin away!–Joe

    2. Of course L&L are going to leave the Glennon question up in the air leading up to the draft. Who wouldn’t? It’s a poker game.

    It’s still poker no matter how you play it or what you say. –Joe

    3. It’s entirely possible that they *were* willing to trade Glennon during the draft if they could’ve drafted someone they liked better. This points to Bortles maybe being the QB they wanted, since they had an opportunity to take any of the others. Maybe.

    Every Buccaneer, except maybe one or two, was tradeable for the right price. Of course they were willing to trade Glennon. –Joe

    4. Declaring Glennon the QB of the future is also a smart move. It supports the team, which you always want to do, and it builds the esteem of the player around the league in case they ever decide to trade him. Glennon is a good player, a good teammate, well respected in the locker room, a hard worker, intelligent, and *at worst* a quality backup. Why wouldn’t you talk this guy up?

    Of course they would talk him up. “Quarterback of the future” is as unclear a statement as one could deliver. –Joe

    5. Glennon is the QB of the future until he’s not. That means he may be, but if they see someone else they love, they will probably draft him… So the QB drafting question will probably continue next year, especially if the Bucs tank this year (but I don’t think they will).

    I don’t see why Joe needs to make this out to be controversial. Everything you need to know about the situation is enumerated here…

    Glad you have all the angles covered. –Joe

    And your opinions on craft brew suck. Stick to football.

  42. Jbeachbuc Says:

    @ NY

    Hmmmm, sounds like a spot on observation to me.

  43. JBuc Says:


    Well put.

  44. Harry Says:

    Thats one thing we can agree on – Lovie is full of… Smoke. I would love to bet you on whether or not The Cannon is on the bench for at least the 1st game, or more. I think the only way he starts is if McCown gets hurt. Or we are late in the season with a poor record and L&L want more game tape on The Cannon.

  45. Nybucsfan Says:

    Glennon sucks by far the worst QB in the NFC south. So in my eyes that’s our biggest hole. Even the MGM can’t make a case for him anywhere but dead last in NFC south QB race.

  46. Tom Says:

    Joe you should head down to Cigar City Brewery and try their stuff on tap. Some of the best beer I’ve had, and I used to live in Wisconsin

  47. Harry Says:

    @JBuc says:
    “…Athleticism at the QB position, while nice, isn’t a must have. He can make up for defeciencies based on leadership, command of the offense, and accuracy…”

    Athleticism is not a big deal – I would take Manning, Marino, etc over Vick, Manziel, etc. ever time. MG8 can provide leadership, command of the offense, and accuracy. But what I feel he lacks that these other QBs have and what makes them special is their ability to ready defenses, understand the game to the point that the game is NOT bigger then them, nor is it too fast. IMO, it this is not the case with MF8. The QBs you use in your argument – you could see this in them their as rookies. I am not saying they were awesome as rookies, but you could see something special. Please tell me in what game The Cannon had a glimpse of WOW, of looking like Payton.

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it. What QB gets benched his 2nd year in the league so he can “learn” behind a journeyman? On top of that, he is behind a journeyman QB that if MG8 had what all the MGM says he does – he should be able to beat him out. As you said, we just have to let it play out.

  48. Harry Says:

    @Tom Says:
    “…Joe you should head down to Cigar City Brewery…”

    I agree Tom. I think we get some of that stuff here in Orlando. I love their beer. Top quality.

  49. Atlbuc40 Says:

    Seattle game, before the conservative coaching took over. IMO

  50. Andrew 1 Says:

    The “QB of the future” statement is a pretty clear one to me. It means they see Glennon as the starting QB of this team after McCown’s tenure. The only question i have about that statement is, is that what they truly believe about Glennon? Only time will tell. imo its only half true.

    True in the sense that as of right now, yes, Glennon would be the starter. But untrue in the sense that as soon as they find someone they would rather have starting over Glennon.

  51. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Matt Ryan 2013 67.4 26/17 89.6 rtg W/L 4-12
    Mike Glennon 2013 59.4 19/9 83.0 rtg W/L 4-9

    I’m not saying that Glennon is as good as Ryan…but to say he is “by far” the worst in the division is arguable.
    Glennon was a rookie with limited weapons….Ryan showed that even an experienced “elite” QB can struggle when injuries occur to his teamates.
    I’d like to see what Glennon can do with better coaching…some weapons…and more experience.

  52. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    Interesting. I dont think people are calling Matt Ryan “elite” just yet, but still very interesting. You make a good point.

  53. White Tiger Says:

    Well – where to start:

    Lovie Smith (i.e., NFL head coach) has not been forthcoming? SHOCKA!

    You may actually be the only joe that doesn’t realize Gruden didn’t invent using the local and national media to “sell” something (reports state Belichick may have beat him to the punch on that one, despite the people of Bahstahn’s stubborn affection for him, it’s like they know he uses subterfuge to make his team better…what, are they stupid or somethin)?

    Next, the complete WILLFUL ignorance of Glennonites is astounding. You can’t see the reasons as to why L&L would dare try to start McCown over Glennon, really? I mean other than he’s a statue, has the slowest release of ANY starting QB in the NFL, and only functioned adequately because the coaching staff stripped down the offense so he could “get” it, and basically told him to “check down” whenever he got into trouble. Not to mention his extreme slight build.

    This is a team attempting to salvage something from the wasted 3rd round pick. Nothing against Glennon, if the kid could have time to develop he might pull a Brad Johnson – if he worked as hard at improving his release, and his release points, worked for years on his footwork, and gained about 75 pounds…oh yeah, and got to play every day in Germany for a couple of years, like Brad and Kurt Warner). The problem with the developmental status is that – due to the way the NFLPA (read union) protects it’s players from braking a sweat at practices – there is not a lot of time to get a back-up QB ready to play in this league. Say what you want, he didn’t make a lot of good reads last year, proof that he still needs to learn the class room stuff.

    And lets not forget the fact that the kid does NOT fit the style of offense we play very well. His immobility can be hidden when facing some teams – but his slow foot speed and slow release would be severely exploited by most of the better teams – because we don’t have an offensive line set up for pass-protection of a basically stationary QB.

    The misdirection talk about L&L turning down multiple trade offers during the draft tells me that the offers were too low. There are teams set up for QB’s with similar skills to Glennon, that may find him more attractive AFTER their starting QB (or back-up QB) goes down to an injury in TC or early on in the season (before the trading deadline).

    I think the problems you’re having understanding the mixed signals are from the idea that you believed what you heard from the head coach in the off-season…

    …you should probably never do that, ever again. It makes the rest of us really tired when we have to keep explaining football to you…

  54. BucFanIn Arkansas Says:

    I have no idea who Lovie will pick to be the starter, but it will be fun watching it unfold. That said, it’s pretty funny reading Joe’s (pretty accurate) rants against “craft beers” below a banner paid for by Hooter’s… championing their NEW CRAFT BEERS.

  55. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Perhaps not elite….but I wonder how good some of the other QBs in the division would have performed with our offense…
    We will never know, of course, and we may not get a chance to find out how Schiano likely throttled Glennon…I am convinced that’s why he took so many sacks, threw more short passes and threw the ball away….to avoid turnovers at any cost….I just don’t think that’s his nature….watching him in college…seemed more of a gunslingler then.

  56. Andrew 1 Says:

    Yea. He had some big play ability in him. Look I’m all for keeping Glennon on the roster. but there’s one thing that McCown has that give him an edge over Glennon, and that’s experience. And who knows, maybe with a couple more years of experience, Glennon could be as good if not better than McCown. But right now, I dont think he is ready, and to be honest it was unfair to throw him in as the starting QB last year too.

  57. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Oh….I agree entirely on the McCown pickup……he brings some experience & mobility to the job & Tedford/Lovie/Licht wanted him…..no problem at all.
    I just think all the Glennon bashing continuing after he has been made a backup is unwarranted…..I have never seen so much criticism over a backup…
    I think many blame Glennon for Freeman and then not drafting a QB and are taking out their Schiano/Dominick frustrations on him…..he hasn’t done anything to deserve any of that….just stepped in when asked…and now stepping back with class!!!

  58. Orca Says:

    Nybucsfan Says:
    May 25th, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Glennon sucks by far the worst QB in the NFC south. So in my eyes that’s our biggest hole. Even the MGM can’t make a case for him anywhere but dead last in NFC south QB race.

    Maybe you’re out biggest hole.

  59. Orca Says:

    Joe Says:
    May 25th, 2014

    Glad you have all the angles covered. –Joe

    You’re welcome. There’s no reason to make it out to be a controversy when all the facts are laid out there for us to see. It’s not like I have insights that aren’t available to anyone who is paying attention (and not jumping to questionable conclusions, as Joe is prone to do).

  60. ToesOnTheLine Says:


    Thanks for pointing that out though I’m sure the anti-Glennon faction will dismiss it. McCown may have also been brought in since it seems like most young QB’s suffer a sophomore slump. Why wouldn’t Lovie cover all bases in case MG8 experiences one? Licht said Glennon has the traits he looks for in a QB, so it’s just a matter of time before MG8 takes over and never looks back

  61. Andrew 1 Says:

    lol you could right, but there’s nothing anyone can do about the haters, except prove them wrong. And if Glennon deserves to be the future QB then he will prove them wrong, so no worries there. I think what all bucs fans need to remember though is that it would be a great thing for the bucs if he comes through, so its probably best to root for him not against him.

  62. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Absolutely….he’s under contract for 2 more years after this at 3rd round salary…..at the very least a very good backup.
    Glennon is the whipping boy for all the malcontents & whiners who do nothing but complain. I choose to be hopeful and optimistic….have had to be that way since ’76.

  63. Mike Says:

    MG8 is getting more attention then Tim Tebow did when he was a back up. The kid played 13 games last year with no talent around him. He is a back up QB right now. If he does well enough to beat Mcown out then cool, but until then let’s be excited about the rest of the moves we made. JF is going to be playing behind another career back up and I don’t see him beating him out. I would take MG8 over any rookie QB in this years draft. I never really cared about Glennon too much, but after reading all these articles and listening to Big Dog I hope he becomes the next Tom Brady……….guys who though Freeman was the man!

  64. biff barker Says:

    The only thing that’s not BS is MCCown is going to start unless he tanks it in camp.

  65. cubarican84 Says:

    Sir, why would Joe possibly publish something so hate-filled and inaccurate. –Joe

  66. Andrew 1 Says:

    I mean take myself for instance. I’m not really a Glennon believe. I think he could be a good backup, but not a good starting QB. Now having said that I hope that I am wrong, because it would only mean that the bucs would be on there way to a championship a lot sooner, a heck of a lot sooner. So If that’s the case, then go Glennon.

  67. Chef Paul Says:

    Harry, I have an idea for a bet if you are really interested.

    If Glennon does not start week 1, for one week, Ill start every post with “Harry is smarter than me…”

    If Glennon is the starter, for one week, you start every post with “Chef Paul is smarter than me…”

    If, heaven forbid, McCown gets injured before hand, neither of us win.


  68. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    hmmmmmmm, the QB’s that are better than mike glennon:
    colin Kap.
    russell wilson
    carson palmer
    sam bradford
    drew brees
    matt ryan
    cam newton
    a. rodgers
    jay cutler
    matt stafford
    tony romo
    eli manning
    nick foles

  69. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Chef Paul

    If Harry does not want to take that bet, then I would like to be next in line. Not hating on Glennon, Just think McCown will be the starter. Have a feeling we would both forget by the time the season roles around though.

  70. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Chef Paul

    I’ll start every post that “Harry & Chef Paul are smarter than Pablo”

  71. owlykat Says:

    Let’s talk about what a great judge of talent Schiano is. Who was the idiot who kept starting a DE last year with only one sack all year, and kept Gholston on the bench til the end of the season when Gholston put up three sacks and would have been a double digit sacker if started all year? Who gave away a thousand yard rusher to the Pats only to watch him star in their playoffs? Who cut another thousand yard rusher who is still a valued member of the Giants RB stable? Who cut the Most Valuable Player from the Redskins Preseason game who now is needed to play MLB and had the speed to cover passers in the deep seam and was a great Buc LB against the run? Who annointed Glennon the savior of his season only to watch him flop and ignored that he had a veteran on the roster wth the highest completion percentage last year and the year before? That idiot was Shiano who can’t find a NFL job now.

  72. mcBuc Says:

    The Favre Rodgers situation is so far from McCown and glennon that it is ridiculous to make the comparison.

  73. Harry Says:

    Its a deal, bets on!

    That is easy to say, LMAO, poor Pablo….

  74. TRUE Bucs Fan Says:

    You are supposed to be a Pro Bucs web site and I feel you are doing such a disservice to Bucs fans that I can’t keep quiet any longer. Your unabashed hatred for Mike Glennon has reached obscene proportions. I think you need to get over your Johnny Football man crush and realize that he’s not here and won’t be coming here. Mike Glennon has not done anything but come here under horrible circumstances and perform his A– off for the organization. He’s watched a new regime come in here and plug in another starting QB over him and what has he done? He’s continued to say all the right things, show up for work every day and promise to do everything he can to help this team win as either the starter or the backup. Sounds like someone we should rally around, not try to run out of town like the plague. Is he a franchise QB? We don’t know. Can he become one? We don’t know that either. But he’s earned our respect and the opportunity to show what he has. Give him a break, stop with all the ‘Witch Hunt’ articles and try focusing on some things that might give us hope going into 2014. I mean that’s what a real team site would do.

    Yawn. Joe loves the Bucs every bit as much as you do. Don’t tell Joe how to be a fan and how to yearn for his team. Nobody’s trying to run Glennon out of town. Stop reading between the lines. –Joe

  75. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ Owlykat

    Flip side to all that is Schiano was the guy responsible for teaching McCoy how to tackle better and go from potential bust to pro bowler, or having Martin properly hold the football to avoid fumbling, or being the guy who helped bring in David, Martin, Golston, Glennon, Barron, Banks, Spence, and others to help create a young roster that made it possible for Lovie to come in and have a decent foundation to work with. Maybe not ready to be an NFL HC but knew what NFL talent in the draft looks like unlike his predecessor.

  76. Jim Walker Says:

    I just rewatched the St Louis game. Glennon looked lost. He doesn’t even know where the first down marker is. Clayborne took the game off. Our entire defense except McCoy gave up on the double reverse. Clayborne just stood there and watched the play go by him. What a horror show.

  77. Nybucsfan Says:


    You Are so smart and witty. Your a MGM fool!! That’s all you can come up with non football bullshit. You choose to ignore reality

  78. PRBucFan Says:

    Pro Head coach material maybe not but you look like an idiot denying Schiano’s eye for talent on draft day.

    Say whatever retort you want about the choices he made once the season began, doesn’t change who he brought to the Bucs.

  79. PRBucFan Says:

    And Glennon better start taking those ballet lessons cause being a master in the pocket is the only way the kid is going to succeed.

    I want him to succeed, but I for one am not looking for an instant sack anytime someone breaks past a lineman.

  80. BucfanLou Says:

    Qb of the future nap dynamite is gone! Revis and M Williams were suppose to be staying because of a Lovie endorsement. MG8 should be packing. like the barber said “Thanks for coming!”

  81. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    So… aside from getting hits because it was about Glennon,.. what was the point?

  82. owlykat Says:

    @Glennon Mob, yes Schiano had a hand in picking Martin because he wanted an RB like his small star who still plays for Baltimore but show me your proof he picked all the players you mentioned, because that was done by DOM and not Schiano. That was the job of the GM, not Schiano, but you try to reinvent history to help promote a losing QB. If I am wrong on that prove it! Did he even win the championship of a weak conference in eleven years as Rutger’s Coach? NO!!! And Glennon never won the ACC either, just one lucky big game with FSU. Schiano should have one championship if he was such a guru of picking talent, but he isn’t.

  83. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes because Dom’s eye fpr talent conveniently got that much better as soon as Schiano got there…

    Great coincidence.

    People want to use the fact that Schiano controlled every aspect of the Bucs while he was here to tear him down EXCEPT when it comes to the Draft, one of the most vital determinants of any HC’s success.

    Right… A man with that kind of need for control was going to just let Dom pick his team for him. Your kidding yourself dude.

  84. PRBucFan Says:

    And who the hell cares what he did in college? What does that have to do with him bringing the guys HE WANTED on draft day.

    Its also a coincidence that there was a large rise in Rutgers players joining this team while he was here too right?

    Yup all Dom… lol

  85. Tnew Says:

    Yawn, joe publishes another article slanted against Glennon.

    Yawn, there’s no slant here. –Joe

  86. buc4lyfe Says:


    You sound insane….held in high regard But can’t get a job over college coaches and he had interviews….Freeman showed more flashed than Glennon did in his rookie year please. Stepping up in the pocket is kinda fundamental, until Schiano stopped the guy from running. Captain checkdown hadn’t had one comeback victory yet in fact he played worse in the second half of games. Cannon lol you’ve got to be kidding

  87. Pierce Says:

    I’m wondering if the Bucs wanted Bortles and when he was off the board they decided to stick with MG.

  88. buc4lyfe Says:

    Yep pierce I’m with ya…they wanted a qb like Bortles or Carr but not at 5, rolled the dice an lost then no choice but tho say Glennon is our guy

  89. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    LOL, Joe thinks that some backup making 5 million is a guaranted ” starter ” .

  90. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucfan#37 Says
    “I’m not sold on Lovie’s love for MG at all.”

    I never was either. I kept telling myself it couldn’t be, because Lovie is a smart guy.

    If he is sold on Glennon, it raises serious doubts as to where this teams offense is going. MGMers can talk all they want. Time is their enemy and they do not even know it.

    They want Glennon to start, but when he does, their hopes and dreams (and bragging) will come to an abrupt end. But will they take responsibility? Heck no. They will blame the team staff and pretend they never wanted it that way.

  91. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The_Buc_Realist Says
    LOL, Joe thinks that some backup making 5 million is a guaranted ” starter ” .

    LOL, Buc Realist thinks that some backup making 5 million isn’t guaranteed the starting role this year.

  92. Tristan Berry Says:

    I like Glennon and I hope he turns into a really good quarterback. I also hope we end up with a great quarterback that scares people. I doubt they’re the same guy, but I’ve been wrong before about TB QBs: Freeman, King, Dilfer, Williams, etc…

  93. Hawk Says:

    Personally, I don’t believe we’ve seen anything close to the ceiling on Glennon. But when he gets his his chance to play, with REAL coaching, mentoring, and support players, we will then see if he can be a force in the NFL. If after another 16 starts, he doesn’t seem to be getting better, then it’s time to look elsewhere.
    *I* do not believe that Lovies’ support of Glennon is a smokescreen. The most important question you have to ask is ,”If Glennon is traded during the preseason, who becomes the backup to McCown?”. IIRC, McCown has never played a full season, is almost as old as dirt, and has a highly questionable O-line in front of him. If he goes down and Glennon isn’t there, the rest of the season is truly lost.
    The best scenario, that I see, is that Glennon gets to start, somewhere in the early part of the season. If he doesn’t show Lovie/Licht want they want, then they’ll draft a QB next year. If he looks good…

  94. Jbyrd Says:

    You’re drinking the wrong beers. Jai Alai by Cigar City in can is fantastic.

  95. Vico Says:

    Chef Paul, if Lovie is spending 15M in a smokescreen he should be fired.

  96. phil Says:

    Lovie will trade Glennon as soon as the price is right