McCoy Plays Clueless On Contract Talks

May 27th, 2014


Big news over Memorial Day weekend claimed Bucs general manager Jason Licht reached out to Gerald McCoy’s agent to talk about a new contract. Tampa Bay Times beat writer Rick Stroud broke the news.

Well, today McCoy threw cold water on the notion.

Speaking at One Buc Palace after practice, McCoy, with a bit of a twinkle in his eye, said he “don’t know nothing about a contract” and said he only “talks to coaches and teammates.”

Asked about his agent’s comments, McCoy said, “I didn’t talk to him, either.”

Joe can’t say with certainty whether McCoy was joking or not. Joe would lean that way, though. However, McCoy did make it clear he has no interest in talking about his contract until he has a new one to talk about.

10 Responses to “McCoy Plays Clueless On Contract Talks”

  1. pablo Says:

    Pablo thinks McCoy was just yanking your leg .

  2. louden Says:

    Dude, this isn’t a message board. –Joe

  3. Buc Wilder Says:

    McCoy’s all business on the field. Stay focused on football, my man. Let your agent and the FO worry about the finances.

  4. louden Says:

    i am sorry Joe, i was focosinng on some other stuff..

    Hmmm, hard to tell if McCoy was joking or not. He certainly knows sth. is going on, so he is not naive.
    Is he stubborn or clueless? well i dont know. But i SURELY KNOW FOR DAMN SURE (and i am just using these words when I SURELY KNOW FOR DAMN SURE) – that V-Jacks is either naive, misinformed – yeah, you could call that brainwashed, stubborn, or clueless..

    Brainwashed wouldn´t be his fault..

  5. louden Says:

    did joe cut my post? Yes, Joe cut your post. Joe didn’t even look at the link. Joe isn’t here to drive readers away from his page, especially for non-football stuff. This is not a message board. –Joe

  6. louden Says:

    KellenWinslow once said, that he was a soldier.. i like that – the metapher..

    Its funny, because GMC truly is a good player/soldier/US-Man – but i don´t like him to get paid.

    in the essence: every human being and even animals and things, are all brothers and sisters; family.. one world.. made by the stuff on earth, and kept alive by them.

    McCoy/soldier beats up the sons of the daddy, from my sister, and should make big money for that? okay i mean he is good at what he does, like an atomic-bomb 😉 crushing through many many lines of people..

    And even if he gets paid like the General(military) that he is for the team, there are many other bodys (think guys like Keith Tandy) that hang in there, eventually are ruined for life by nerve damage (getting hit by a BULLET-tackler, using his helmet) and they get nearly no money for that.

    Its like some people have BIG TIME CASH and some have just enough, if not, not-enough.

    And the bosses, call them Owners (of the country or football club) dont even make their hands dirty. Wearing suits.
    They have guys they could fire and replace with others, because lots of people would like to do these jobs (politcans/coaches/GM´s) – there you can actually do something – but you don´t have the OVERALL-POWER..

    And you can say stuff in the Media – that makes you look important and full of knowledge that others lack – the people will think – Oh well, they get paid to do this and i dont have the amount of time to think about it completely – heck – they will know what to do and are way smarter than i am… well, yeah, they realy might know stuff you SHOULDN´T know..

    So no GMC our soldier, shouldn´t get paid to destroy his brothers.
    Some of his teammates will be out of work and will have NOTHING while the BIG BOSSES (media types, political team decicsion makers, owners of the -football-INDUSTRY- )do literally nothing, just sending hope to the fans/masses – while good players/soldiers believe to fight for the right thing; destroying other familiys lifes – just to make some money, if at all..

    And the right thing they fight/play for (glorry, stardom, memorial day, money) is nothing more then the engine – of the cruel economic motor. Its blood money.

    Thats why i think V-Jacks should start to re-think what he is preaching about.

    Does he want more familiys to lose their Dad´s (player soldiers) for a perverse violent egoistic game – not about football here, well even if there are hits and cheerleaders…

    –Just so that the NFL-Government gets bigger and bigger and the essence of that, the nation so to speak, the fans??
    well they get the bigger ticket prices (taxes, because war is expensive).

    No! i dont want to pay bigger ticket prices to watch the news saying: bucs got potential, and then they get slaughtered, while also killing some of the other teams..

    I hope the message comes through..

  7. clafollett Says:

    Dude, give it up. They all know the consequences of their choice.

    GMC needs paid. Pay the man!

  8. Dougy balls Says:

    After louden comments yesterday ( see his post on Joe’s comments for memorial day) I would love the opportunity to meet his tree hugging a$$ and strangle the last breath out of him. You sir are a disgrace

  9. Dougy balls Says:

    I hope joe bans your comments from here on out you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me and every other hard working American . Louden can walk the plank so we can all take turns FIRING THE CANNONS

  10. Joe Says:

    I hope joe bans your comments from here on out

    Won’t be long.